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Empirical Studies of Programmers: Seventh Workshop

Fullname:Empirical Studies of Programmers: Seventh Workshop
Editors:Susan Wiedenbeck; Jean Scholtz
Location:Alexandria, Virginia
Dates:1997-Oct-24 to 1997-Oct-26
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-992-0; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ESP97
An Experimental Evaluation of Quality Guidelines on the Maintainability of Object-Oriented Design Documents BIBAKPDF 1-19
  Lionel C. Briand; Christian Bunse; John W. Daly
A Bug's Eye View of Immediate Visual Feedback in Direct-Manipulation Programming Systems BIBAKPDF 20-41
  Curtis Cook; Margaret Burnett; Derrick Boom
Programming Complex Objects in Spreadsheets: An Empirical Study Comparing Textual Formula Entry with Direct Manipulation and Gestures BIBAKPDF 42-68
  Herkimer J. Gottfried; Margaret M. Burnett
How is the Designer Different from the User? -- Focusing on a Software Development Methodology BIBAKPDF 69-90
  Jinwoo Kim; Jungpil Hahn; F. Javier Lerch
Using a Fine-Grained Comparative Evaluation Technique to Understand and Design Software Visualization Tools BIBAKPDF 91-108
  Paul Mulholland
A Glimpse of Expert Programmers' Mental Imagery BIBAKPDF 109-123
  Marian Petre; Alan F. Blackwell
An Empirical Study of Novice Program Comprehension in the Imperative and Object-Oriented Styles BIBAKPDF 124-139
  Vennila Ramalingam; Susan Wiedenbeck
A Study of End-User Programming for Geographic Information Systems BIBAKPDF 140-156
  Carol Traynor; Marian G. Williams
Program Understanding Behavior During Debugging of Large Scale Software BIBAKPDF 157-179
  Anneliese von Mayrhauser; A. Marie Vans
Visual Programming: The Outlook from Academia and Industry BIBAKPDF 180-208
  K. N. Whitley; Alan F. Blackwell
A Study of Program Entry Time Predictions for Application-Specific Visual and Textual Languages BIBAKPDF 209-223
  Marian G. Williams; J. Nicholas Buehler
What Do We Know about Programming? BIBAKPDF 224-232
  Watts S. Humphrey
Problems versus Solutions: The Role of the Application Domain in Software BIBAKPDF 233-240
  Iris Vessey