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Empirical Studies of Programmers: Sixth Workshop

Fullname:Empirical Studies of Programmers: Sixth Workshop
Editors:Wayne D. Gray; Deborah A. Boehm-Davis
Location:Alexandria, Virginia
Dates:1996-Jan-05 to 1996-Jan-07
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISBN 1-56750262-8 (paperback); ISBN 1-56750263-6 (hardcover); hcibib: ESP96
  1. Keynote Addresses
  2. Papers
  3. Panels
  4. Tutorial
  5. Posters

Keynote Addresses

Deconstraining Users: Weakening the Strategy Implications of Programming Environments BIB --
  Thomas Green
Empirical Research on Object-Oriented Design: From Individuals to Teams BIB --
  Francoise Detienne


Techniques for Exploring Program Comprehension BIBK 3-38
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Jean E. Fox; Brian H. Philips
Evaluating the Effect of Inheritance on the Maintainability of Object-Oriented Software BIBK 39-58
  John Daly; Andrew Brooks; James Miller; Marc Roper; Murray Wood
Display-Based Problem Solving Strategies in Computer Programming BIBK 59-76
  Simon P. Davies
The "Right" Tool for the Task: An Investigation of External Representations, Program Abstractions and Task Requirements BIBK 77-98
  Judith Good
Prototyping Tools for Expert and Novice Application Development BIBK 99-108
  Helen Hasan; Colin Jones; Edward Gould
When, Why and How Do Novice Programmers Reuse Code? BIBK 109-130
  Christopher M. Hoadley; Marcia C. Linn; Lydia M. Mann; Michael J. Clancy
Evaluating Program Representation in a Demonstrational Visual Shell BIBK 131-146
  Francesmary Modugno; Albert T. Corbett; Brad A. Myers
An Empirical Evaluation of TEd, A Techniques Editor for Prolog Programming BIBK 147-162
  Thomas C. Ormerod; Linden J. Ball
System Structure and Design BIBK 163-194
  Robert S. Rist
Learning about the Algebraic Specification of Abstract Data Types BIBK 195-218
  Judith Segal
The Pitfalls of Changing Programming Paradigms BIBK 219-232
  Jawed Siddiqi; Rick Osborne; Chris Roast; Babak Khazaei
Adaptation of Programming Plans in Transfer Between Programming Languages: A Developmental Approach BIBK 233-255
  Susan Wiedenbeck


The Use of Designed Experiments in Software Engineering Organizers: Dennis R. Goldenson and Robert W. Stoddard BIBK 256-258
  Victor R. Basili; Khaled El Emam; Carmen J. Trammell
Empirical Studies of Programming Organizations BIBK 259-262
  Thea Turner; Bill Curtis; Jim Herbsleb; Mike Atwood


A Cognitive Architecture for Programming Design: Zippy's TOE BIBK 263-266
  Robert Rist


An Empirical Evaluation of Object-Oriented Practitioners' Experiences BIBK 267-268
  John Daly; James Miller; Andrew Brooks; Marc Roper; Murray Wood
Using Observations to Inform the Design of Remoter Collaboration Tools for Programming BIBK 269-270
  Nick V. Flor
Empirical Studies of Algorithm Animation for the Selection Sort BIBK 271-272
  Vicki Fix; Padma Sriram
Programming and Transferable Thinking Skills: Some Field Experimental Results BIBK 273-274
  Dennis R. Goldenson
Iterative Development of Early Usability Evaluation Methods for Software Visualizations BIBK 275-276
  Darryn Lavery; Gilbert Cockton
Computer Program Comprehension Processes: The Effect of Application Domain Knowledge BIBK 277-278
  Teresa M. Shaft; Iris Vessey