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Empirical Studies of Programmers: Fifth Workshop

Fullname:Empirical Studies of Programmers: Fifth Workshop
Editors:Curtis R. Cook; Jean C. Scholtz; James C. Spohrer
Location:Palo Alto, California
Dates:1993-Dec-03 to 1993-Dec-15
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISBN 0-56750-088-9 (cloth) 0-56750-089-7 (paper); hcibib: ESP93
  1. Keynote
  2. Panels
  3. Papers
  4. Posters


What is Software Interaction Design? BIB --
  Terry Winograd


End-User Programming BIBA 1-2
  Wayne D. Gray; Bonnie E. John; Bonnie A. Nardi; Marian Petre; James C. Spohrer; Althea A. Turner
Has of ESP Research Improved Programming Instruction? BIBA 3-5
  Marcia C. Linn; Michael J. Clancy; Lydia Mann; Philip Miller; Elliot Soloway


Beyond Program Understanding: A Look at Programming Expertise in Industry BIBA 6-25
  Lucy M. Berlin
The Collaboration Thread: A Formative Evaluation of Object-Oriented Education BIBA 26-41
  John M. Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson; Mark K. Singley
Externalising Information During Coding Activities: Effects of Expertise, Environment and Task BIBA 42-61
  Simon P. Davies
Mind Your Ps and Qs: Using Parentheses and Quotes in LISP BIBA 62-85
  Elizabeth A. Davis; Marcia C. Linn; Lydia M. Mann; Michael J. Clancy
Tales of Debugging From the Front Lines BIBA 86-112
  Marc Eisenstadt
Learning Computer Programming: A Route to General Reasoning Skills? BIBA 113-136
  Adrienne Y. Lee; Nancy Pennington
Comparing the Comprehensibility of Textual and Graphical Programs: The Case of Petri Nets BIBA 137-161
  Thomas G. Moher; David C. Mak; Brad Blumenthal; Laura M. Leventhal
Does Programming Knowledge or Design Strategy Determine Shifts of Focus in Prolog Programming? BIBA 162-186
  Thomas C. Ormerod; Linden J. Ball
An Analysis of Novice Programmers Learning a Second Language BIBA 187-205
  Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck
Positive Test Bias in Software Testing by Professionals: What's Right and What's Wrong BIBA 206-221
  Barbee Teasley; Laura Marie Leventhal; Diane S. Rohlman


Program Comprehension of Literate Programs by Novice Programmers BIBA 222
  Christopher F. Bertholf; Jeanne Scholtz
The Dynamic Construction of Work Organizations During Team Programming: Elements of a Process of Dynamic Organization BIBA 223
  Nick V. Flor
How Programmers Visualize Programs BIBA 224
  Lindsey Ford
Analysis of Experiences with Modifying Computer Programs BIBA 225
  Arun Lakhotia
Very High-Level Debugging: How Novice Ada Concurrent Programmers Respond to ADAT BIBAK 226
  Arthur V. Lopes; Rachelle S. Heller; Michael B. Feldman; Dianne C. Martin
Programmer Managed Using Lean Techniques BIBA 227
  Peter Middleton
A Scoring System for Software Designs BIBA 228
  Bob Rehder; Nancy Pennington; Adrienne Y. Lee
The Recognition of Concurrent Programming Plans by Novice and Expert Programmers: Implications for the Parsimony of the Plan Theory of Programming Expertise BIBA 229
  Vincent Shah; Ray Waddington; Tom Carey; Peter Buhr
Essential Competencies of Software Engineers Derived from Critical Incident Interviews BIBA 230
  Richard T. Turley; James M. Bieman
Concurrent Microlanguages: Demonstration of an Experimental Method for the Empirical Study of Concurrent Programming BIBA 231
  Ray Waddington