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Empirical Studies of Programmers: Fourth Workshop

Fullname:Empirical Studies of Programmers: Fourth Workshop
Editors:Jurgen Koenemann-Belliveau; Thomas G. Moher; Scott P. Robertson
Location:New Brunswick, NJ
Dates:1991-Dec-07 to 1991-Dec-09
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISBN 0-89391-857-1 (paper); 0-89391-856-3 (cloth); hcibib: ESP91
  1. Panels
  2. Papers


The Best of ESP BIB 1-2
  Stu Zweben; Bill Curtis; Ben Shneiderman
Tutors and Environments for Novice Programmers BIB 3-4
  Wayne D. Gray; John R. Anderson; Brian Reiser; Elliot Soloway; James C. Spohrer


Reasoning from a Schema and from an Analog in Software Code Reuse BIBA 5-22
  Francoise Detienne
A Feasibility Study of Early Class Hierarchy Construction in Object-Oriented Development BIBA 23-35
  Joseph L. Dvorak; Thomas G. Moher
Analyzing Distributed Cognition in Software Teams: A Case Study of Team Programming During Perfective Software Maintenance BIBA 36-64
  Nick V. Flor; Edwin L. Hutchins
An Investigation of Procedure and Variable Names as Beacons during Program Comprehension BIBA 65-81
  Edward M. Gellenbeck; Curtis R. Cook
Does Signaling Help Professional Programmers Read and Understand Computer Programs? BIBA 82-98
  Edward M. Gellenbeck; Curtis R. Cook
Use of Structure Editing Tools by Novice Programmers BIBA 99-120
  Dennis R. Goldenson; Bing Jyun Wang
Comprehensibility of Visual and Textual Programs: A Test of Superlativism Against the 'Match-Mismatch' Conjecture BIBA 121-146
  T. R. G. Green; M. Petre; R. K. E. Bellamy
How Experts Infer Novice Programmer Expertise: A Protocol Analysis of LISP Code Evaluation BIBA 147-155
  Thomas Mastaglio; John Rieman
Transfer of Training Between Programming Subtasks: Is Knowledge Really Use Specific? BIBA 156-176
  Nancy Pennington; Robert Nicolich
What Do Expert Programmers Communicate by Means of Descriptive Commenting? BIBA 177-195
  R. Douglas Riecken; Jurgen Koenemann-Belliveau; Scott P. Robertson
Psychological Design Rationale for an Intelligent Tutoring System for Smalltalk BIBA 196-209
  Mark K. Singley; John M. Carroll; Sherman R. Alpert
An Empirical Study of the Effects of Design/Documentation Formats on Expert System Modifiability BIBA 210-226
  Kathleen M. Swigger; Robert P. Brazile
Strategy Selection and Change in PASCAL Programming BIBA 227-238
  Quanfeng Wu; John R. Anderson