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Empirical Studies of Programmers: Second Workshop

Fullname:Empirical Studies of Programmers: Second Workshop
Editors:Gary M. Olson; Sylvia Sheppard; Elliot Soloway
Location:Washington, DC
Dates:1987-Dec-07 to 1987-Dec-08
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISBN 0-89391-461-4 (cloth) 0-89391-462-2 (ppk); HD 8039 D37 E46; hcibib: ESP87
Programming and Algebra Word Problems: A Failure to Transfer BIBA 1-13
  Gary M. Olson; Richard Catrambone; Elliot Soloway
Understanding Procedures as Objects BIBA 14-32
  Michael Eisenberg; Mitchel Resnick; Franklyn Turbak
Mental Representations of Programs for Student and Professional Programmers BIBA 33-46
  Robert W. Holt; Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Alan C. Schultz
Communication Breakdowns and Boundary Spanning Activities on Large Programming Projects BIBA 47-64
  Herb Krasner; Bill Curtis; Neil Iscoe
Breakdowns and Processes During the Early Activities of Software Design by Professionals BIBA 65-82
  Raymonde Guindon; Herb Krasner; Bill Curtis
A Methodology for Studying Software Design Teams: An Investigation of Conflict Behaviors in the Requirements Definition Phase BIBA 83-99
  Diane B. Walz; Joyce J. Elam; Herb Krasner; Bill Curtis
Comprehension Strategies in Programming BIBA 100-113
  Nancy Pennington
Graphical vs. Textual Representation: An Empirical Study of Novices' Program Comprehension BIBA 114-131
  Nancy Cunniff; Robert P. Taylor
Parsing and Gnisrap: A Model of Device Use BIBA 132-146
  T. R. G. Green; R. K. E. Bellamy; J. M. Parker
Improving Children's Debugging Skills BIBA 147-171
  Sharon McCoy Carver; Sally Clarke Risinger
An Analysis of the On-Line Debugging Process BIBA 172-184
  Murthi Nanja; Curtis R. Cook
Change-Episodes in Coding: When and How Do Programmers Change Their Code? BIBA 185-197
  Wayne D. Gray; John R. Anderson
Advancing the Study of Programming with Computer-Aided Protocol Analysis BIBA 198-216
  Carolanne Fisher
Strategies in Programming Programmable Controllers: A Field Study on a Professional Programmer BIBA 217-230
  Willemien Visser
A Cognitive Analysis of a Code Inspection BIBA 231-247
  Stanley Letovsky; Jeannine Pinto; Robin Lampert; Elliot Soloway
Can Principles of Cognition Lower the Barriers to Programming? BIBA 248-263
  Clayton Lewis; Gary M. Olson