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Empirical Studies of Programmers 1986-06-05

Fullname:Empirical Studies of Programmers
Editors:Elliot Soloway; Sitharama Iyengar
Location:Washington, DC
Dates:1986-Jun-05 to 1985-Jun-06
Publisher:Ablex Publishing Corporation
Standard No:ISBN 0-89391-388-X (cloth) 0-89391-463-0 (ppk); QA 76.6 W688; hcibib: ESP86
Empirical Studies of Programmers: The Territory, Paths, and Destinations BIBA 1-12
  Ben Shneiderman
Comprehension Differences in Debugging by Skilled and Novice Programmers BIBA 13-27
  Leo Gugerty; Gary M. Olson
Plans in Programming: Definition, Demonstration, and Development BIBA 28-47
  Robert S. Rist
Processes in Computer Program Comprehension BIBA 48-57
  Susan Wiedenbeck
Cognitive Processes in Program Comprehension BIBA 58-79
  Stanley Letovsky
Mental Models and Software Maintenance BIBA 80-98
  David C. Littman; Jeannine Pinto; Stanley Letovsky; Elliot Soloway
Design Activity in Developing Modules for Complex Software BIBA 99-116
  A. F. Norcio; L. J. Chmura
Different Logo Teaching Styles: Do They Really Matter BIBA 117-127
  Rachelle S. Heller
Programmer/Nonprogrammer Differences in Specifying Procedures to People and Computers BIBA 128-137
  Lisa A. Onorato; Roger W. Schvaneveldt
The Effects of Program-Dependent and Program-Independent Deletions on Software Cloze Tests BIBA 138-152
  Mark Thomas; Stuart Zweben
Experimental Evaluation of Program Quality Using External Metrics BIBA 153-167
  Fred G. Harold
An Empirical Study of the Effects of Modularity on Program Modifiability BIBA 168-186
  Timothy D. Korson; Vijay K. Vaishnavi
Experiments on Slicing-Based Debugging Aids BIBA 187-197
  Mark Weiser; Jim Lyle
A Model of Novice Debugging in LISP BIBA 198-212
  Claudius M. Kessler; John R. Anderson
Fragile Knowledge and Neglected Strategies in Novice Programmers BIBA 213-229
  D. N. Perkins; Fay Martin
Analyzing the High Frequency Bugs in Novice Programs BIBA 230-251
  James C. Spohrer; Elliot Soloway
A Plan for Empirical Studies of Programmers BIBA 252-255
  Victor R. Basili
By the Way, Did Anyone Study Any Real Programmers? BIBA 256-262
  Bill Curtis
What to Do Next: Meeting the Challenge of Programming-in-the-Large BIB 263-268
  Elliot Soloway