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EP Tables of Contents: 90

Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Document Manipulation & Typography

Fullname:EP90: Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Document Manipulation & Typography
Editors:Richard Furuta
Location:Gaithersberg, Maryland
Dates:1990-Sep-18 to 1990-Sep-20
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-40286-8; hcibib: EP90
Issues and Tradeoffs in Document Preparation Systems BIBA 1-16
  Brian W. Kernighan
Towards Document Engineering BIBAK 17-29
  Vincent Quint; Marc Nanard; Jacques Andre
Managing Properties in a System of Cooperating Editors BIBAK 31-46
  Donald D. Chamberlin
A Logic Grammar Foundation for Document Representation and Document Layout BIBAK 47-64
  Allen L., Jr. Brown; Howard A. Blair
Structured Editing - Hypertext Approach: Cooperation and Complementarity BIBAK 65-78
  Anne-Marie Vercoustre
An ODA Page Planner for Professional Publishing BIBA 79-92
  Giovanni Guardalben; Mose Giacomello
flo -- A Language for Typesetting Flowcharts BIBAK 93-106
  Anthony P. Wolfman; Daniel M. Berry
Design of Hypermedia Publications: Issues and Solutions BIBAK 107-124
  Paul Kahn; Julie Launhardt; Krzysztof Lenk; Ronnie Peters
Strengths and Weaknesses of Database Models for Textual Documents BIBAK 125-138
  B. N. Rossiter; M. A. Heather
A Structured Document Database System BIBA 139-151
  Pekka Kilpelainen; Greger Linden; Heikki Mannila; Erja Nikunen
The Integration of Structured Documents into DBMS BIBAK 153-168
  Jose Valdeni De Lima; Henri Galy
Electronic Publishing -- Practice and Experience BIBAK 169-182
  David F. Brailsford; David R. Evans; Geeti Granger
ADAPT: Automated Document Analysis Processing and Tagging BIBAK 183-192
  John Handley; Stuart Weibel
Recognition Processing for Multilingual Documents BIBAK 193-205
  A. Lawrence Spitz
Editing Images of Text BIBAK 207-220
  Gary E. Kopec; Steven C. Bagley
Automatic Generation of Gridfitting Hints for Rasterization of Outline Fonts or Graphics BIBA 221-234
  Sten F. Andler
Chinese Fonts and Their Digitization BIBA 235-248
  Y. S. Moon; T. Y. Shin
Documents as User Interfaces BIBAK 249-262
  Eric A. Bier; Aaron Goodisman
An Extensible, Object-Oriented System for Active Documents BIBA 263-276
  Paul M. English; Ethan S. Jacobson; Robert A. Morris; Kimbo B. Mundy; Stephen D. Pelletier; Thomas A. Polucci; H. David Scarbro
The Role of a Descriptive Markup Language in the Creation of Interactive Multimedia Documents for Customized Electronic Delivery BIBAK 277-290
  Gil C. Cruz; Thomas H. Judd