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Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ECSCW'93 European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Giorgio De Michelis; Carla Simone; Kjeld Schmidt
Location:Milan, Italy
Dates:1993-Sep-13 to 1993-Sep-17
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishers
Standard No:ISBN 0-7923-2447-1; hcibib: ECSCW93
Links:Online Proceedings
Do Categories Have Politics? The Language/Action Perspective Reconsidered BIBA 1-14
  Lucy Suchman
COLA: A Lightweight Platform for CSCW BIBA 15-30
  Jonathan Trevor; Tom Rodden; Gordon Blair
Sharing To-Do Lists with a Distributed Task Manager BIBA 31-46
  Thomas Kreifelts; Elke Hinrichs; Gerd Woetzel
Supporting the Design Process within an Organisational Context BIBA 47-59
  Bob Anderson; Graham Button; Wes Sharrock
Improving Software Quality through Computer Supported Collaborative Review BIBA 61-76
  Philip M. Johnson; Danu Tjahjono
Design for Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing Environments BIBA 77-92
  Victoria Bellotti; Abigail Sellen
The Designers' Notepad: Supporting and Understanding Cooperative Design BIBA 93-108
  Michael Twidale; Tom Rodden; Ian Sommerville
A Spatial Model of Interaction in Large Virtual Environments BIBA 109-124
  Steve Benford; Lennart Fahlen
Culture and Control in a Media Space BIBA 125-137
  Paul Dourish
TOSCA: Providing Organisational Information to CSCW Applications BIBA 139-154
  Wolfgang Prinz
Unpacking Collaboration: The Interactional Organisation of Trading in a City Dealing Room BIBA 155-170
  Christian Heath; Marina Jirotka; Paul Luff; Jon Hindmarsh
Analyzing Cooperative Work in a Urban Traffic Control Room for the Design of a Coordination Support System BIBA 171-186
  Genevieve Filippi; Jacques Theureau
Design for Unanticipated Use..... BIBA 187-202
  Mike Robinson
Low Overhead, Loosely Coupled Communication Channels in Collaboration BIBA 203-218
  Dorab Patel; Scott D. Kalter
A Model for Semi-(a)Synchronous Collaborative Editing BIBA 219-231
  Sten Minor; Boris Magnusson
Informed Opportunism as Strategy: Supporting Coordination in Distributed Collaborative Writing BIBA 233-248
  Eevi E. Beck; Victoria M. E. Bellotti
Support for Collaborative Authoring via Email: The MESSIE Environment BIBA 249-264
  Martina Angela Sasse; Mark James Handley; Shaw Cheng Chuang
Participation Equality and Influence: Cues and Status in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Groups BIBA 265-279
  Suzanne Weisband; Sherry Schneider; Terry Connolly
The Use of Breakdown Analysis in Synchronous CSCW System Design BIBA 281-293
  Silvia Ponguta Urquijo; Stephen A. R. Scrivener; Hilary K. Palmen
An Ethnographic Study of Graphic Designers BIBA 295-309
  Dianne Murray
Building Shared Graphical Editors Using the Abstraction-Link-View Architecture BIBA 311-324
  Tom Brinck; Ralph D. Hill
Beyond Videophones: TeamWorkStation-2 for Narrowband ISDN BIBA 325-340
  Hiroshi Ishii; Kazuho Arita; Takashi Yagi
Bringing Media Spaces into the Real World BIBA 341-356
  Daniele S. Pagani; Wendy E. Mackay