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Proceedings of the First European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ECSCW'89 European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:John Bowers; Steve Benford
Dates:1989-Sep-13 to 1989-Sep-15
Publisher:Computer Sciences Company Computer Sciences House Brunel Way Slough, SL1 1XL UK
Standard No:hcibib: ECSCW89
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. Human Sciences and Empirical Methods
  2. Applications
  3. Organisational Issues in CSCW
  4. Underlying Technologies
  5. General Issues in CSCW
  6. Paper Fair

Human Sciences and Empirical Methods

Preliminary experiments with a distributed, multi-media, problem solving environment BIBA 19-34
  R. B. Smith; T. O'Shea; C. O'Malley; E. Scanlon; J. Taylor
Mechanisms of cognitive change in peer interaction: Implications for the design of computer supported cooperative learning environments BIBA 35-44
  R. Joiner; A. Blaye
The dynamics of small group decision making over the e-mail channel BIBA 45-58
  D. Fafchamps; D. Reynolds; A. Kuchinsky
Co-operatives in the USSR BIBA 59-62
  A. Vershkov; A. Roussakov
Automatic information processes in document reading. A study of information handling in two intensive care units. BIBA 63-72
  E. Pettersson
Working in harmony: An examination of computer technology in air traffic control BIBA 73-86
  R. R. Harper; J. A. Hughes; D. Z. Shapiro
Experiences in designing the Hohenheim CATeam room BIBA 87-101
  T. Ferwagner; Y. Wang; H. Lewe; H. Krcmar
Group working in the DHSS large demonstrator project BIBA 102-120
  G. Storrs
Adding audio and video to an office environment BIBA 121-130
  S. Gale


AI techniques for supporting human to human communication in CHAOS BIBA 133-147
  C. Bignoli; C. Simone
Supporting the design of office procedures in the domino system BIBA 148-159
  F. Victor; E. Sommer
The activity model environment: An object-oriented framework for describing organisational communication BIBA 160-173
  H. T. Smith; P. A. Hennessy; G. A. Lunt
The impact of case tools on teamwork of information systems developers BIBA 174-189
  S. Wrycza
Building conversations using mailtrays BIBA 190-203
  R. Rodden; I. Sommerville
A design tool for autonomous group agents BIBA 204-214
  T. Kreifelts; F. Victor; G. Woetzel; M. Woitass
Experiences in building a configurable CSCW system BIBA 215-225
  J. Dollimore; S. Wilbur
CoAUTHOR: A hypermedia group authoring environment BIBA 226-244
  U. Hahn; M. Jarke; K. Kreplin; M. Farusi; F. Pimpinelli

Organisational Issues in CSCW

Aspects of cooperation in a distributed problem solving environment BIBA 247-260
  A. Nylund
Inter-organizational information systems as a tool for computer supported cooperative work BIBA 261-275
  R. Suomi
Requirements of activity management BIBA 276-286
  S. Benford

Underlying Technologies

Relevance of the X.500 directory to CSCW applications BIBA 289-302
  W. Prinz; P. Pennelli
Conference toolkit: A framework for real time conferencing BIBA 303-316
  A. Bonfiglio; G. Malatesta; F. Tisato
Knowledge based office automation and CSCW BIBA 317-327
  M. Tueni; J. Li

General Issues in CSCW

Information domains in CSCW BIBA 331-342
  P. Hennessy
Cooperative prototyping experiments BIBA 343-357
  S. Bødker; K. Grønbæk
CSCW: Four characters in search of a context BIBA 358-372
  L. J. Bannon; K. Schmidt
The psychology of cooperation - consequences of descriptions BIBA 373-385
  U. Holand; T. Danielsen

Paper Fair

The elementary pragmatic model: A possible approach for setting up user model BIBA 389-401
  I. Bison; L. Colazzo
CoNeX Coordination and negotiation support for expert teams in project managementModelling group communication structures: Analysing four European projects BIBA 402-405
  U. Hahn; M. Jarke
Modelling group communication structures: Analysing four European projects BIBA 406-420
  P. Hennessy; S. Benford; J. Bowers
Considerations for a framework for CATeam research BIBA 421-435
  H. Krcmar
Computer aided modelling of costs in the road haulage transport BIBA 436-448
  B. Kubiak
Approaching group communication by means of an office building metaphor BIBA 449-460
  C. M. Madsen
A theory of document processing machines - praxiological and cybernetical approach to information systems BIBA 461-468
  T. Rawinki
Multimedia conference across wide-area networks BIBA 469-475
  J. Rugelj; A. Endrizzi
The 'laboratory for cooperation technologies' and italian initiatives on computer-supported cooperative work BIBA 476-488
  T. Schal; B. Zeller
Identifying decision makers for large-scale group decisions BIBA 489-496
  C. Stary