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Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:ECSCW 2013: Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Olav W. Bertelsen; Luigina Ciolfi; Maria Antonietta Grasso; George Angelos Papadopoulos
Location:Paphos, Cyprus
Dates:2013-Sep-21 to 2013-Sep-25
Publisher:Springer London
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4471-5346-7 hcibib: ECSCW13; ISBN: 978-1-4471-5345-0 (print), 978-1-4471-5346-7 (online)
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"How Many Bloody Examples Do You Want?" Fieldwork and Generalisation BIBAFull-Text 1-20
  Andy Crabtree; Peter Tolmie; Mark Rouncefield
Understanding Mobile Notification Management in Collocated Groups BIBAFull-Text 21-44
  Joel E. Fischer; Stuart Reeves; Stuart Moran; Chris Greenhalgh; Steve Benford; Stefan Rennick-Egglestone
Temporality in Planning: The Case of the Allocation of Parking Areas for Aircrafts BIBAFull-Text 45-62
  Ilaria Redaelli; Antonella Carassa
Calendars: Time Coordination and Overview in Families and Beyond BIBAFull-Text 63-81
  Susanne Bødker; Erik Grönvall
The Collaborative Work of Heritage: Open Challenges for CSCW BIBAFull-Text 83-101
  Luigina Ciolfi
"Drops Hollowing the Stone": Workarounds as Resources for Better Task-Artifact Fit BIBAFull-Text 103-122
  Federico Cabitza; Carla Simone
Physicians' Progress Notes BIBAFull-Text 123-142
  Jørgen Bansler; Erling Havn; Troels Mønsted; Kjeld Schmidt; Jesper Hastrup Svendsen
Moving Healthcare to the Home: The Work to Make Homecare Work BIBAFull-Text 143-162
  Tone Bratteteig; Ina Wagner
Dwelling in Software: Aspects of the Felt-Life of Engineers in Large Software Projects BIBAFull-Text 163-180
  Richard Harper; Christian Bird; Thomas Zimmermann; Brendan Murphy
What You See is What I Need: Mobile Reporting Practices in Emergencies BIBAFull-Text 181-206
  Thomas Ludwig; Christian Reuter; Volkmar Pipek
The Social Life of Tunes: Representing the Aesthetics of Reception BIBAFull-Text 207-228
  Norman Makoto Su
Achieving Continuity of Care: A Study of the Challenges in a Danish and a US Hospital Department BIBAFull-Text 229-247
  Naja L. Holten Møller
Fostering Collaborative Redesign of Work Practice: Challenges for Tools Supporting Reflection at Work BIBAFull-Text 249-268
  Michael Prilla; Viktoria Pammer; Birgit Krogstie
The Challenges of Microfinance Innovation: Understanding 'Private Services' BIBAFull-Text 269-286
  Muhammad Adeel; Bernhard Nett; Turkan Gurbanova; Volker Wulf; David Randall
Motivation-Targeted Personalized UI Design: A Novel Approach to Enhancing Citizen Science Participation BIBAFull-Text 287-297
  Oded Nov; Ofer Arazy; Kelly Lotts; Thomas Naberhaus