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Proceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ECSCW'07 European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Liam Bannon; Ina Wagner; Carl Gutwin; Richard Harper; Kjeld Schmidt
Location:Limerick, Ireland
Dates:2007-Sep-24 to 2007-Sep-28
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishers
Standard No:ISBN 1-84800-030-8, 978-1-84800-030-8; hcibib: ECSCW07
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Home Page (defunct) | Publisher page
What Did I Miss? Visualizing the Past through Video Traces BIBAPDF 1-20
  Michael Nunes; Saul Greenberg; Sheelagh Carpendale; Carl Gutwin
Social bookmarking and exploratory search BIBAPDF 21-40
  David Millen; Meng Yang; Steven Whittaker; Jonathan Feinberg
Instrumental action: the timely exchange of implements during surgical operations BIBAPDF 41-60
  Marcus Sanchez Svensson; Christian Heath; Paul Luff
Prior-to-request and request behaviors within elderly day care: Implications for developing service robots for use in multiparty settings BIBAPDF 61-78
  Keiichi Yamazaki; Michie Kawashima; Yoshinori Kuno; Naonori Akiya; Matthew Burdelski; Akiko Yamazaki; Hideaki Kuzuoka
Designing Family Photo Displays BIBAPDF 79-98
  Alex S. Taylor; Laurel Swan; Abigail Durrant
The Awareness Network: To Whom Should I Display My Actions? And, Whose Actions Should I Monitor? BIBAPDF 99-117
  Cleidson R. B. de Souza; David Redmiles
"...and do it the usual way": fostering awareness of work conventions in document-mediated collaboration BIBAPDF 119-138
  Federico Cabitza; Carla Simone
A safe space to vent: Conciliation and conflict in distributed teams BIBAPDF 139-158
  Matt Billings; Leon A. Watts
Semi-Synchronous Conflict Detection and Resolution in Asynchronous Software Development BIBAPDF 159-178
  Prasun Dewan; Rajesh Hegde
Tag-Based Metonymic Search in an Activity-Centric Aggregation Service BIBAPDF 179-198
  Michael J. Muller; Werner Geyer; Beth Brownholtz; Casey Dugan; David R. Millen; Eric Wilcox
The Distributed Work of Local Action: Interaction amongst virtually collocated research teams BIBAPDF 199-218
  Dylan Tutt; Jon Hindmarsh; Muneeb Shaukat; Mike Fraser
Bringing Round-Robin Signature to Computer-Mediated Communication BIBAPDF 219-230
  Takeshi Nishida; Takeo Igarashi
Asymmetrical collaboration in print shop-customer relationships BIBAPDF 231-250
  Jacki O'Neill; David Martin; Tommaso Colombino; Jennifer Watts-Perotti; Mary Ann Sprague; Geoffrey Woolfe
Dressing up for School Work? Supporting a Collaborative Environment with Heterogeneous Technologies BIBAPDF 251-270
  Christina Brodersen; Ole Sejer Iversen
Exploring cooperation through a binder: A context for IT tools in elderly care at home BIBAPDF 271-290
  Alexandra Petrakou
Common Information Spaces along the illness trajectories of chronic patients BIBAPDF 291-310
  Glenn Munkvold; Gunnar Ellingsen
Gifts from friends and strangers: A study of mobile music sharing BIBAPDF 311-330
  Maria Håkansson; Mattias Rost; Lars Erik Holmquist
Making the Home Network at Home: Digital Housekeeping BIBAPDF 331-350
  Peter Tolmie; Andy Crabtree; Tom Rodden; Chris Greenhalgh; Steve Benford
Behaviours and Preferences when Coordinating Mediated Interruptions: Social and System influence BIBAPDF 351-370
  Natalia Romero; Agnieszka Matysiak Szóstek; Maurits Kaptein; Panos Markopoulos
Health Care Categories have Politics too: Unpacking the Managerial Agendas of Electronic Triage Systems BIBAPDF 371-390
  Pernille Bjørn; Ellen Balka
How-To Pages: Informal Systems of Expertise Sharing BIBAPDF 391-410
  Cristen Torrey; David W. McDonald; Bill N. Schilit; Sara Bly
Seeing Ethnographically: Teaching ethnography as part of CSCW BIBAPDF 411-430
  Barry Brown; Johan Lundin; Mattias Rost; Gustav Lymer; Lars Erik Holmquist
Cues to Common Knowledge BIBAPDF 431-447
  N. Bryan-Kinns; P. G. T. Healey; D. Papworth; A. Vaduuva