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Proceedings of the Seventh European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ECSCW'01 European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Wolfgang Prinz
Location:Bonn, Germany
Dates:2001-Sep-16 to 2001-Sep-20
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishers
Standard No:ISBN 0-7923-7162-3; hcibib: ECSCW01
Links:Online Proceedings
Cooperation in massively distributed information space BIB 1-18
  O. W. Bertelsen; S. Bødker
Adaptability of classification schemes in cooperation: What does it mean? BIB 19-38
  C. Simone; M. Sarini
Finding patterns in the fieldwork BIB 39-58
  D. Martin; T. Rodden; M. Rouncefield; I. Sommerville; S. Viller
Team automata for spatial access control BIB 59-78
  M. H. T. Beek; C. A. Ellis; J. Kleijn; G. Rozenberg
Supporting distributed software development by modes of collaboration BIB 79-98
  T. Schummer; J. M. Haake
Flexible support for application-sharing architecture BIB 99-118
  G. Chung; P. Dewan
Creating coherent environments for collaboration BIB 119-138
  C. Heath; P. Luff; H. Kuzuoka; K. Yamazaki
Spaces of practice BIB 139-158
  M. Buscher; P. Mogensen; D. Shapiro
Collaboratively improvising magic: An approach to managing participation in an on-line drama BIB 159-178
  A. Drozd; J. Bowers; S. Benford; C. Greenhalgh; M. Fraser
Music sharing as a computer supported collaborative application BIB 179-198
  B. Brown; A. J. Sellen; E. Geelhoed
PolyLens: A recommender system for groups of user BIB 199-218
  M. O. Connor; D. Cosley; J. A. Konstan; J. Riedl
y do tngrs luv 2 txt msg? BIB 219-238
  R. E. Grinter; M. Eldridge
Coordinating heterogeneous work: Information and representation in medical care BIB 239-258
  M. C. Reddy; P. Dourish; W. Pratt
Cognitive properties of a whiteboard: A case study in a trauma centre BIB 259-278
  Y. Xiao; C. Lasome; J. Moss; C. F. Mackenzie; S. Faraj
On finding things out: Situating organisational knowledge in CSCW BIB 279-298
  K. Groth; J. Bowers
The effects of network delays on group work in real-time groupware BIB 299-318
  C. Gutwin
Community support and identity management BIB 319-338
  M. Koch; W. Worndl
Reducing interference in single display groupware through transparency BIB 339-358
  A. Zanella; S. Greenberg
Harnessing complexity in CSCW BIB 359-378
  S. Kaplan; L. Seebeck
Decentralizing the control room: Mobile work and institutional order BIB 379-398
  O. Juhlin; A. Weilenmann
When worlds collide: Molecular biology as interdisciplinary collaboration BIB 399-418
  V. L. O. Day; A. Adler; A. Kuchinsky; A. Bouch