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Proceedings of ECIR'07, the 2007 European Conference on Information Retrieval

Fullname:ECIR 2007: Advances in Information Retrieval: 29th European Conference on IR Research
Editors:Giambattista Amati; Claudio Carpineto; Giovanni Romano
Location:Rome, Italy
Dates:2007-Apr-02 to 2007-Apr-05
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4425
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-71496-5 hcibib: ECIR07; ISBN: 978-3-540-71494-1 (print), 978-3-540-71496-5 (online)
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  1. Keynote Talks
  2. Theory and Design
  3. Efficiency
  4. Peer-to-Peer Networks (In Memory of Henrik Nottelmann)
  5. Result Merging
  6. Queries
  7. Relevance Feedback
  8. Evaluation
  9. Classification and Clustering
  10. Filtering
  11. Topic Identification
  12. Expert Finding
  13. XML IR
  14. Web IR
  15. Multimedia IR
  16. Short Papers
  17. Posters

Keynote Talks

The Next Generation Web Search and the Demise of the Classic IR Model BIBAFull-Text 1
  Andrei Broder
The Last Half-Century: A Perspective on Experimentation in Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2
  Stephen Robertson
Learning in Hyperlinked Environments BIBAFull-Text 3
  Marco Gori

Theory and Design

A Parameterised Search System BIBAFull-Text 4-15
  Roberto Cornacchia; Arjen P. de Vries
Similarity Measures for Short Segments of Text BIBAFull-Text 16-27
  Donald Metzler; Susan Dumais; Christopher Meek
Multinomial Randomness Models for Retrieval with Document Fields BIBAFull-Text 28-39
  Vassilis Plachouras; Iadh Ounis
On Score Distributions and Relevance BIBAFull-Text 40-51
  Stephen Robertson
Modeling Term Associations for Ad-Hoc Retrieval Performance Within Language Modeling Framework BIBAKFull-Text 52-63
  Xing Wei; W. Bruce Croft


Static Pruning of Terms in Inverted Files BIBAFull-Text 64-75
  Roi Blanco; Álvaro Barreiro
Efficient Indexing of Versioned Document Sequences BIBAFull-Text 76-87
  Michael Herscovici; Ronny Lempel; Sivan Yogev
Light Syntactically-Based Index Pruning for Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 88-100
  Christina Lioma; Iadh Ounis
Sorting Out the Document Identifier Assignment Problem BIBAFull-Text 101-112
  Fabrizio Silvestri
Efficient Construction of FM-index Using Overlapping Block Processing for Large Scale Texts BIBAKFull-Text 113-123
  Di Zhang; Yunquan Zhang; Jing Chen

Peer-to-Peer Networks (In Memory of Henrik Nottelmann)

Performance Comparison of Clustered and Replicated Information Retrieval Systems BIBAKFull-Text 124-135
  Fidel Cacheda; Victor Carneiro; Vassilis Plachouras; Iadh Ounis
A Study of a Weighting Scheme for Information Retrieval in Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer Networks BIBAFull-Text 136-147
  Massimo Melucci; Alberto Poggiani
A Decision-Theoretic Model for Decentralised Query Routing in Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer Networks BIBAFull-Text 148-159
  Henrik Nottelmann; Norbert Fuhr
Central-Rank-Based Collection Selection in Uncooperative Distributed Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 160-172
  Milad Shokouhi

Result Merging

Results Merging Algorithm Using Multiple Regression Models BIBAKFull-Text 173-184
  George Paltoglou; Michail Salampasis; Maria Satratzemi
Segmentation of Search Engine Results for Effective Data-Fusion BIBAFull-Text 185-197
  Milad Shokouhi


Query Hardness Estimation Using Jensen-Shannon Divergence Among Multiple Scoring Functions BIBAFull-Text 198-209
  Javed A. Aslam; Virgil Pavlu
Query Reformulation and Refinement Using NLP-Based Sentence Clustering BIBAFull-Text 210-221
  Frédéric Roulland; Aaron Kaplan; Stefania Castellani; Claude Roux; Antonietta Grasso; Karin Pettersson; Jacki O'Neill
Automatic Morphological Query Expansion Using Analogy-Based Machine Learning BIBAKFull-Text 222-233
  Fabienne Moreau; Vincent Claveau; Pascale Sébillot
Advanced Structural Representations for Question Classification and Answer Re-ranking BIBAFull-Text 234-245
  Silvia Quarteroni; Alessandro Moschitti; Suresh Manandhar; Roberto Basili

Relevance Feedback

Incorporating Diversity and Density in Active Learning for Relevance Feedback BIBAFull-Text 246-257
  Zuobing Xu; Ram Akella; Yi Zhang
Relevance Feedback Using Weight Propagation Compared with Information-Theoretic Query Expansion BIBAKFull-Text 258-270
  Fadi Yamout; Michael Oakes; John Tait


A Retrieval Evaluation Methodology for Incomplete Relevance Assessments BIBAFull-Text 271-282
  Mark Baillie; Leif Azzopardi; Ian Ruthven
Evaluating Query-Independent Object Features for Relevancy Prediction BIBAFull-Text 283-294
  Andres R. Masegosa; Hideo Joho; Joemon M. Jose

Classification and Clustering

The Utility of Information Extraction in the Classification of Books BIBAKFull-Text 295-306
  Tom Betts; Maria Milosavljevic; Jon Oberlander
Combined Syntactic and Semantic Kernels for Text Classification BIBAFull-Text 307-318
  Stephan Bloehdorn; Alessandro Moschitti
Fast Large-Scale Spectral Clustering by Sequential Shrinkage Optimization BIBAFull-Text 319-330
  Tie-Yan Liu; Huai-Yuan Yang; Xin Zheng; Tao Qin; Wei-Ying Ma
A Probabilistic Model for Clustering Text Documents with Multiple Fields BIBAFull-Text 331-342
  Shanfeng Zhu; Ichigaku Takigawa; Shuqin Zhang; Hiroshi Mamitsuka


Personalized Communities in a Distributed Recommender System BIBAFull-Text 343-355
  Sylvain Castagnos; Anne Boyer
Information Recovery and Discovery in Collaborative Web Search BIBAFull-Text 356-367
  Maurice Coyle; Barry Smyth
Collaborative Filtering Based on Transitive Correlations Between Items BIBAFull-Text 368-380
  Alexandros Nanopoulos
Entropy-Based Authorship Search in Large Document Collections BIBAFull-Text 381-392
  Ying Zhao; Justin Zobel

Topic Identification

Use of Topicality and Information Measures to Improve Document Representation for Story Link Detection BIBAFull-Text 393-404
  Chirag Shah; Koji Eguchi
Ad Hoc Retrieval of Documents with Topical Opinion BIBAFull-Text 405-417
  Jason Skomorowski; Olga Vechtomova

Expert Finding

Probabilistic Models for Expert Finding BIBAFull-Text 418-430
  Hui Fang; ChengXiang Zhai
Using Relevance Feedback in Expert Search BIBAFull-Text 431-443
  Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis


Using Topic Shifts for Focussed Access to XML Repositories BIBAFull-Text 444-455
  Elham Ashoori; Mounia Lalmas
Feature- and Query-Based Table of Contents Generation for XML Documents BIBAFull-Text 456-467
  Zoltán Szlávik; Anastasios Tombros; Mounia Lalmas

Web IR

Setting Per-field Normalisation Hyper-parameters for the Named-Page Finding Search Task BIBAFull-Text 468-480
  Ben He; Iadh Ounis
Combining Evidence for Relevance Criteria: A Framework and Experiments in Web Retrieval BIBAKFull-Text 481-493
  Theodora Tsikrika; Mounia Lalmas

Multimedia IR

Classifier Fusion for SVM-Based Multimedia Semantic Indexing BIBAFull-Text 494-504
  Stéphane Ayache; Georges Quénot; Jérôme Gensel
Search of Spoken Documents Retrieves Well Recognized Transcripts BIBAFull-Text 505-516
  Mark Sanderson; Xiao Mang Shou

Short Papers

Natural Language Processing for Usage Based Indexing of Web Resources BIBAFull-Text 517-524
  Anne Boyer; Armelle Brun
Harnessing Trust in Social Search BIBAFull-Text 525-532
  Peter Briggs; Barry Smyth
How to Compare Bilingual to Monolingual Cross-Language Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 533-540
  Franco Crivellari; Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio; Nicola Ferro
Multilingual Text Classification Using Ontologies BIBAFull-Text 541-548
  Gerard de Melo; Stefan Siersdorfer
Using Visual-Textual Mutual Information and Entropy for Inter-modal Document Indexing BIBAKFull-Text 549-556
  Jean Martinet; Shin'ichi Satoh
A Study of Global Inference Algorithms in Multi-document Summarization BIBAFull-Text 557-564
  Ryan McDonald
Document Representation Using Global Association Distance Model BIBAFull-Text 565-572
  José E. Medina-Pagola; Ansel Y. Rodríguez; Abdel Hechavarría; José Hernández Palancar
Sentence Level Sentiment Analysis in the Presence of Conjuncts Using Linguistic Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 573-580
  Arun Meena; T. V. Prabhakar
PageRank: When Order Changes BIBAFull-Text 581-588
  Massimo Melucci; Luca Pretto
Model Tree Learning for Query Term Weighting in Question Answering BIBAFull-Text 589-596
  Christof Monz
Examining Repetition in User Search Behavior BIBAFull-Text 597-604
  Mark Sanderson; Susan Dumais
Popularity Weighted Ranking for Academic Digital Libraries BIBAKFull-Text 605-612
  Yang Sun; C. Lee Giles
Naming Functions for the Vector Space Model BIBAFull-Text 613-620
  Yannis Tzitzikas; Yannis Theoharis
Effective Use of Semantic Structure in XML Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 621-628
  Roelof van Zwol; Tim van Loosbroek
Searching Documents Based on Relevance and Type BIBAFull-Text 629-636
  Jun Xu; Yunbo Cao; Hang Li; Nick Craswell; Yalou Huang
Investigation of the Effectiveness of Cross-Media Indexing BIBAFull-Text 637-644
  Murat Yakici; Fabio Crestani
Improve Ranking by Using Image Information BIBAKFull-Text 645-652
  Qing Yu; Shuming Shi; Zhiwei Li; Ji-Rong Wen; Wei-Ying Ma
N-Step PageRank for Web Search BIBAFull-Text 653-660
  Li Zhang; Tao Qin; Tie-Yan Liu; Ying Bao; Hang Li
Authorship Attribution Via Combination of Evidence BIBAFull-Text 661-669
  Ying Zhao; Phil Vines


Cross-Document Entity Tracking BIBAFull-Text 670-673
  Roxana Angheluta; Marie-Francine Moens
Enterprise People and Skill Discovery Using Tolerant Retrieval and Visualization BIBAFull-Text 674-677
  Jan Brunnert; Omar Alonso; Dirk Riehle
Experimental Results of the Signal Processing Approach to Distributional Clustering of Terms on Reuters-21578 Collection BIBAKFull-Text 678-681
  Marta Capdevila Dalmau; Oscar W. Márquez Flórez
Overall Comparison at the Standard Levels of Recall of Multiple Retrieval Methods with the Friedman Test BIBAFull-Text 682-685
  José M. Casanova; Manuel A. Presedo Quindimil; Álvaro Barreiro
Building a Desktop Search Test-Bed BIBAFull-Text 686-690
  Sergey Chernov; Pavel Serdyukov; Paul-Alexandru Chirita; Gianluca Demartini; Wolfgang Nejdl
Hierarchical Browsing of Video Key Frames BIBAFull-Text 691-694
  Gianluigi Ciocca; Raimondo Schettini
Active Learning with History-Based Query Selection for Text Categorisation BIBAFull-Text 695-698
  Michael Davy; Saturnino Luz
Fighting Link Spam with a Two-Stage Ranking Strategy BIBAFull-Text 699-702
  Guang-Gang Geng; Chun-Heng Wang; Qiu-Dan Li; Yuan-Ping Zhu
Improving Naive Bayes Text Classifier Using Smoothing Methods BIBAFull-Text 703-707
  Feng He; Xiaoqing Ding
Term Selection and Query Operations for Video Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 708-711
  Bouke Huurnink; Maarten de Rijke
An Effective Threshold-Based Neighbor Selection in Collaborative Filtering BIBAFull-Text 712-715
  Taek-Hun Kim; Sung-Bong Yang
Combining Multiple Sources of Evidence in XML Multimedia Documents: An Inference Network Incorporating Element Language Models BIBAFull-Text 716-719
  Zhigang Kong; Mounia Lalmas
Language Model Based Query Classification BIBAFull-Text 720-723
  Andreas Merkel; Dietrich Klakow
Integration of Text and Audio Features for Genre Classification in Music Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 724-727
  Robert Neumayer; Andreas Rauber
Retrieval Method for Video Content in Different Format Based on Spatiotemporal Features BIBAFull-Text 728-731
  Xuefeng Pan; Jintao Li; Yongdong Zhang; Sheng Tang; Juan Cao
Combination of Document Priors in Web Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 732-736
  Jie Peng; Iadh Ounis
Enhancing Expert Search Through Query Modeling BIBAFull-Text 737-740
  Pavel Serdyukov; Sergey Chernov; Wolfgang Nejdl
A Hierarchical Consensus Architecture for Robust Document Clustering BIBAFull-Text 741-744
  Xavier Sevillano; Germán Cobo; Francesc Alías; Joan Claudi Socoró
Summarisation and Novelty: An Experimental Investigation BIBAFull-Text 745-748
  Simon Sweeney; Fabio Crestani; David E. Losada
A Layered Approach to Context-Dependent User Modelling BIBAKFull-Text 749-752
  Elena Vildjiounaite; Sanna Kallio
A Bayesian Approach for Learning Document Type Relevance BIBAFull-Text 753-756
  Peter C. K. Yeung; Stefan Büttcher; Charles L. A. Clarke; Maheedhar Kolla