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Proceedings of ECIR'03, the 2003 European Conference on Information Retrieval

Fullname:ECIR 2003: Advances in Information Retrieval: 25th European Conference on IR Research
Editors:Fabrizio Sebastiani
Location:Pisa, Italy
Dates:2003-Apr-14 to 2003-Apr-16
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2633
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/3-540-36618-0 hcibib: ECIR03; ISBN: 978-3-540-01274-0 (print), 978-3-540-36618-8 (online)
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  1. Invited Papers
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Invited Papers

Document Retrieval: Shallow Data, Deep Theories; Historical Reflections, Potential Directions BIBAFull-Text 1-11
  Karen Spärck Jones
Annotation and Retrieval of Structured Video Documents BIBAFull-Text 12-25
  Marco Bertini; Alberto Del Bimbo; Walter Nunziati


Improving the Evaluation of Web Search Systems BIBAFull-Text 25-40
  Cathal Gurrin; Alan F. Smeaton
When Are Links Useful? Experiments in Text Classification BIBAFull-Text 41-56
  Michelle Fisher; Richard Everson
Hierarchical Classification of HTML Documents with WebClassII BIBAFull-Text 57-72
  Michelangelo Ceci; Donato Malerba
Hierarchical Indexing and Flexible Element Retrieval for Structured Document BIBAFull-Text 73-87
  Hang Cui; Ji-Rong Wen; Tat-Seng Chua
Construction of a Test Collection for the Focussed Retrieval of Structured Documents BIBAFull-Text 88-103
  Gabriella Kazai; Mounia Lalmas; Jane Reid
User Behaviour in the Context of Structured Documents BIBAFull-Text 104-119
  Karen Finesilver; Jane Reid
Attaining Fast and Successful Searches in E-commerce Environments BIBAFull-Text 120-134
  Raz Lin; Sarit Kraus; Jeffrey Tew
Learning User Similarity and Rating Style for Collaborative Recommendation BIBAKFull-Text 135-145
  Lily F. Tian; Kwok-Wai Cheung
Spoken Information Extraction from Italian Broadcast News BIBAFull-Text 146-160
  Vanessa Sandrini; Marcello Federico
Taming Wild Phrases BIBAKFull-Text 161-176
  Cornelis H. A. Koster; Mark Seutter
Stemming and Decompounding for German Text Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 177-192
  Martin Braschler; Bärbel Ripplinger
Question Answering System for Incomplete and Noisy Data BIBAFull-Text 193-206
  Lili Aunimo; Oskari Heinonen; Reeta Kuuskoski; Juha Makkonen; Renaud Petit; Otso Virtanen
Term Proximity Scoring for Keyword-Based Retrieval Systems BIBAFull-Text 207-218
  Yves Rasolofo; Jacques Savoy
Propositional Logic Representations for Documents and Queries: A Large-Scale Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 219-234
  David E. Losada; Alvaro Barreiro
From Uncertain Inference to Probability of Relevance for Advanced IR Applications BIBAFull-Text 235-250
  Henrik Nottelmann; Norbert Fuhr
Topic Detection and Tracking with Spatio-Temporal Evidence BIBAFull-Text 251-265
  Juha Makkonen; Helena Ahonen-Myka; Marko Salmenkivi
Clustering and Visualization in a Multi-lingual Multi-document Summarization System BIBAFull-Text 266-280
  Hsin-Hsi Chen; June-Jei Kuo; Tsei-Chun Su
A Hybrid Relevance-Feedback Approach to Text Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 281-293
  Zhao Xu; Xiaowei Xu; Kai Yu; Volker Tresp
Experiments with Document Archive Size Detection BIBAFull-Text 294-304
  Shengli Wu; Forbes Gibb; Fabio Crestani
Using Kullback-Leibler Distance for Text Categorization BIBAFull-Text 305-319
  Brigitte Bigi
Discretizing Continuous Attributes in AdaBoost for Text Categorization BIBAFull-Text 320-334
  Pio Nardiello; Fabrizio Sebastiani; Alessandro Sperduti
Combining Naive Bayes and n-Gram Language Models for Text Classification BIBAFull-Text 335-350
  Fuchun Peng; Dale Schuurmans
WebDocBall: A Graphical Visualization Tool for Web Search Results BIBAFull-Text 351-362
  Jesús Vegas; Pablo de la Fuente; Fabio Crestani
Relevance feedback for content-based image retrieval: what can three mouse clicks achieve? BIBAFull-Text 363-376
  Daniel C. Heesch; Stefan Rüger
Query-Based Document Skimming: A User-Centred Evaluation of Relevance Profiling BIBAFull-Text 377-392
  David J. Harper; Ivan Koychev; Yixing Sun
Representative Sampling for Text Classification Using Support Vector Machines BIBAFull-Text 393-407
  Zhao Xu; Kai Yu; Volker Tresp; Xiaowei Xu; Jizhi Wang
Chinese Text Categorization Based on the Binary Weighting Model with Non-binary Smoothing BIBAFull-Text 408-419
  Xue Dejun; Sun Maosong
A Study on Optimal Parameter Tuning for Rocchio Text Classifier BIBAFull-Text 420-435
  Alessandro Moschitti
Optimization of Restricted Searches in Web Directories Using Hybrid Data Structures BIBAFull-Text 436-451
  Fidel Cacheda; Victor Carneiro; Carmen Guerrero; Angel Viña
Similarity Join in Metric Spaces BIBAFull-Text 452-467
  Vlastislav Dohnal; Claudio Gennaro; Pasquale Savino; Pavel Zezula
An Efficient Compression Code for Text Databases BIBAKFull-Text 468-481
  Nieves R. Brisaboa; Eva L. Iglesias; Gonzalo Navarro; José R. Paramá


Compressing Semistructured Text Databases BIBAKFull-Text 482-490
  Joaquín Adiego; Gonzalo Navarro; Pablo de la Fuente
Vertical Searching in Juridical Digital Libraries BIBAKFull-Text 491-501
  Maria de Lourdes da Silveira; Berthier Ribeiro-Neto; Rodrigo de Freitas Vale; Rodrigo Tôrres Assumpção
Corpus-Based Thesaurus Construction for Image Retrieval in Specialist Domains BIBAFull-Text 502-510
  Khurshid Ahmad; Mariam Tariq; Bogdan Vrusias; Chris Handy
Generating Extracts with Genetic Algorithms BIBAFull-Text 511-519
  Enrique Alfonseca; Pilar Rodríguez
The ITC-irst News on Demand Platform BIBAFull-Text 520-527
  Nicola Bertoldi; Fabio Brugnara; Mauro Cettolo; Marcello Federico; Diego Giuliani; Erwin Leeuwis; Vanessa Sandrini
Evaluating Peer-to-Peer Networking for Information Retrieval within the Context of Meta-searching BIBAFull-Text 528-536
  Iraklis A. Klampanos; James J. Barnes; Joemon M. Jose
Parallel Computing for Term Selection in Routing/Filtering BIBAFull-Text 537-545
  Andy MacFarlane; Stephen E. Robertson; Julie A. McCann
A Weighting Scheme for Star-Graphs BIBAFull-Text 546-554
  Jean Martinet; Iadh Ounis; Yves Chiaramella; Philippe Mulhem
Phrase-Based Hierarchical Clustering of Web Search Results BIBAFull-Text 555-562
  Irmina Maslowska
Aggregated Feature Retrieval for MPEG-7 BIBAFull-Text 563-570
  Jiamin Ye; Alan F. Smeaton
Document Retrieval in the Context of Question Answering BIBAFull-Text 571-579
  Christof Monz
A Study of the Usefulness of Institutions' Acronyms as Web Queries BIBAFull-Text 580-587
  Sándor Dominich; Júlia Góth; Adrienn Skrop
Building a Hierarchy of Events and Topics for Newspaper Digital Libraries BIBAKFull-Text 588-596
  Aurora Pons-Porrata; Rafael Berlanga-Llavori; José Ruiz-Shulcloper
A Machine Learning Approach for the Curation of Biomedical Literature BIBAFull-Text 597-604
  Min Shi; David S. Edwin; Rakesh Menon; Lixiang Shen; Jonathan Y. K. Lim; Han Tong Loh; S. Sathiya Keerthi; Chong Jin Ong
Automatic Construction of Theme Melody Index from Music Database for Fast Content-Based Retrievals BIBAFull-Text 605-612
  Chang-Hwan Shin; Kyong-I Ku; KiChang Kim; Yoo-Sung Kim
A Personalized Information Search Process Based on Dialoguing Agents and User Profiling BIBAFull-Text 613-621
  Giovanni Semeraro; Marco Degemmis; Pasquale Lops; Ulrich Thiel; Marcello L'Abbate