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Proceedings of the ECHT'94 European Conference on Hypermedia Technologies

Fullname:Proceedings of ECHT'94 the ACM European Conference on Hypermedia TechnologyECHT94XACM ECHT'94 -- Demonstrations, Posters, Videos
Location:Edinburgh, UK
Dates:1994-Sep-18 to 1994-Sep-23
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-640-9 ACM Order Number 614940; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ECHT94 ; hcibib: ECHT94X
Papers:30; 36
Pages:280; NA
  1. Papers
  2. Technical Briefings
  3. Panels
  4. Demonstrations
  5. Demonstrations/Posters
  6. Posters
  7. Videos


Coexistence and Transformation of Informal and Formal Structures: Requirements for More Flexible Hypermedia Systems BIBAKPDF 1-12
  Jorg M. Haake; Christine M. Neuwirth; Norbert A. Streitz
VIKI: Spatial Hypertext Supporting Emergent Structure BIBAKPDF 13-23
  Catherine C. Marshall; Frank M., III Shipman; James H. Coombs
Fixed or Fluid? Document Stability and New Media BIBAKPDF 24-31
  David M. Levy
Extending the Microcosm Model to a Distributed Environment BIBAKPDF 32-40
  Gary Hill; Wendy Hall
Light Hypermedia Link Services: A Study of Third Party Application Integration BIBAKPDF 41-50
  Hugh C. Davis; Simon Knight; Wendy Hall
Adding Networking to Hypertext: Can it be Done Transparently? BIBAKPDF 51-58
  Peter Brown
Composites in a Dexter-Based Hypermedia Framework BIBAKPDF 59-69
  Kaj Grønbæk
Adding Multimedia Collections to the Dexter Model BIBAKPDF 70-80
  Franca Garzotto; Luca Mainetti; Paolo Paolini
Under CoVer: The Implementation of a Contextual Version Server for Hypertext Applications BIBAKPDF 81-93
  Anja Haake
Chimera: Hypertext for Heterogeneous Software Environments BIBAKPDF 94-107
  Kenneth M. Anderson; Richard N. Taylor; E. James, Jr. Whitehead
SIROG -- A Responsive Hypertext Manual BIBAKPDF 108-116
  Lothar Simon; Jochen Erdmann
Repertory Hypergrids: An Application to Clinical Practice Guidelines BIBAKPDF 117-125
  David Madigan; C. Richard Chapman; Jonathan Gavrin; Ole Villumsen; John Boose
Accessing Hyperdocuments through Interactive Dynamic Maps BIBAKPDF 126-135
  Mountaz Zizi; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
Interactive Clustering for Navigating in Hypermedia Systems BIBAKPDF 136-145
  Sougata Mukherjea; James D. Foley; Scott E. Hudson
Frame-Axis Model for Automatic Information Organizing and Spatial Navigation BIBAKPDF 146-157
  Yoshihiro Masuda; Yasuhiro Ishitobi; Manabu Ueda
Backtracking in a Multiple-Window Hypertext Environment BIBAKPDF 158-166
  Michael Bieber; Jiangling Wan
An Interaction Engine for Rich Hypertexts BIBAKPDF 167-176
  Kasper Østerbye; Kurt Normark
The Hypermedia Authoring Research Toolkit (HART) BIBAKPDF 177-185
  John Robertson; Erik Merkus; Athula Ginige
Querying Structured Documents with Hypertext Links using OODBMS BIBAKPDF 186-197
  V. Christophides; A. Rizk
Querying Typed Hypertexts in Multicard/O2 BIBAKPDF 198-205
  Bernd Amann; Michel Scholl; Antoine Rizk
Where No Mind Has Gone Before: Ontological Design for Virtual Spaces BIBAKPDF 206-216
  Nancy Kaplan; Stuart Moulthrop
Aesthetic and Rhetorical Aspects of Linking Video in Hypermedia BIBAKPDF 217-223
  Gunnar Liestol

Technical Briefings

Music in Time-Based Hypermedia BIBAKPDF 224-227
  Jacco van Ossenbruggen; Anton Eliens
Experience with the Use of Acrobat in the CAJUN Publishing Project BIBAPDF 228-232
  David F. Brailsford
An Editor's Workbench for an Art History Reference Work BIBAKPDF 233-238
  Lothar Rostek; Wiebke Mohr
Representation and Manipulation of Conceptual, Temporal and Geographical Knowledge in a Museum Hypermedia System BIBAKPDF 239-244
  Carl Taylor; Douglas Tudhope; Paul Beynon-Davies


HTML -- Poison or Panacea? BIBAPDF 245-246
  Robert Glushko; Dale Dougherty; Eliot Kimber; Antoine Rizk; Daniel Russell; Kent Summers
Does Multimedia Make a Difference? BIBAPDF 247
  Paolo Paolini; Robert Glushko; Dale Dougherty; Eliot Kimber; Antoine Rizk; Daniel Russell; Kent Summers
CEC Briefing: Information Engineering and Telematics BIBPDF 248-249
  Geoffrey Stevenson; Lindsey Holman; Chris Adie; Roberto Minio
Private Sector Perspectives on Advances in Hypermedia BIBAPDF 250
  W. G. Nisen; Jeff von Limback; Scott Johnson; Kent Summers; Maurice Shephard


DHM -- Dexter-Based Hypermedia Systems BIBA
  Kaj Grønbæk; Jens A. Hem
Hypermedia Applications for Children Educators BIBA
  Lucia Amante; Lina Morgado
DarkStar -- Studying Hypertext Creation by Naive Authors BIBA
  Margit Pohl; Andreas Dieberger; Peter Purgathofer
CastingNet: A Hypermedia System Based on Frame-Axis Model BIBA
  Yasuhiro Ishitobi; Yoshihiro Masuda; Manabu Ueda
  Roberto Fasciani
Intelligent Navigation in a Hypertext Network BIBA
  Martin Subbotin; Dmitry Subbotin
Contexts for Hypermedia Links BIBA
  Lynda Hardman; Guido van Rossum; Jack Jansen; Sjoerd Mullender; Dick Bulterman
Hypermedia Authoring Research Toolkit (HART) Demonstration BIBA
  John Robertson
Legal Documentation and Hypermedia BIBA
  Roberto Colotti; Rosa Maria DiGiorgi; Roberta Nannucci
Content-Based Navigation within Microcosm for Multimedia Documents BIBA
  Robert J. Wilkins; S. R. Griffiths; P. H. Lewis; Wendy Hall; Hugh Davis
  Ray McGuigan
Microcosm: The Next Generation BIBA
  Nick Beitner; Simon Knight; Hugh Davis; Wendy Hall
Hypermedia Othello and Otello: A Study and Comparison of Shakespeare's Play with Verdi's Opera BIBA
  Albert O. Cordell
Computer-Based Learning Resources for Instruction in Software Engineering BIBA
  John Wilson; Andrew McGettrick; Alan Spence
HyperScape: The Hypertext and Information Management Environment for the Macintosh BIBA
  Adrian Vanzyl


Glasgow University Library TILT Project BIBA
  Linda Creanor
Active Information Seeking BIBA
  Fay Mark; Ellen Campbell
A Large-Scale Industrial Application of an Open Hypermedia System BIBA
  R. Bernard; R. Crowder; Ian Heath; Wendy Hall
HOME: Hypermedia Object Management Environment BIBA
  Erik Duval; Henk Olivie
Hypermedia Based Learning Environments in Mathematics: Authoring and Learning BIBA
  Jari Multisilta; Seppo Pohjolainen


Studio Tour -- Capturing Requirements for Large Multimedia Systems BIBA
  David England; John Patterson
Automatic Generation of Electronic Books BIBA
  Jean-Louis Vuldy
Information Gardening with Hypertext: A Working Environment for Knowledge Elicitation BIBA
  Sylvain Fraisse; Thi-Lien-Nga Duong; Marion Jaeger Amieux; Lysiane Randazzo; Jose R. Dos Santos; Marc Nanard; Jocelyne Nanard
Navigation in Spatial Information Environments: User Interface Design Issues for Hypertext and VR Systems BIBA
  Andreas Dieberger
Applying Discourse Theory to Aid Hypertext Navigation BIBA
  Robert Inder; Jon Oberlander
Cooperative Working in X-Cosm BIBA
  Mylene Melly
GraphCards: Hypertext for Graph Theory BIBA
  Rojal Pradhan
Computer-Assisted Generation of Hypermedia Documents in a HyperCard Environment BIBA
  M. Miralles; J. J. Sancho; O. Garcia; F. Sanz
Distributed Hypermedia Link Service on WAN BIBA
  Antoine Rizk; Francis Malezieux; Alain Leger


Hypertext Campus Project BIBA
  David Slater; Vicki Brown; Hassan Khan
  Su White; Wendy Hall
Street Kid: Hypertext Branching in Cyberspace BIBA
  Sascha Becker; George Landow
CMIFed: a Transportable Hypermedia Authoring System BIBA
  Lynda Hardman
Hypertext at Brown: Campaign for Libraries of the Future BIBA
  George Landow
  Roberto Fasciani
At Home on the Web BIBA
  Borre Ludvigsen