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Proceedings of the ECHT'90 European Conference on Hypertext

Fullname:ECHT'90: European Conference on Hypertext
Note:Hypertext: Concepts, Systems and Applications
Editors:Antoine Rizk; Norbert Streitz; Jacques Andre
Location:Versailles, France
Dates:1990-Nov-27 to 1990-Nov-30
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Standard No:ISBN 0-521-40517-3; hcibib: ECHT90
  1. Keynote Address
  2. Toolkits for Hypermedia Applications
  3. Formal Models and Query Languages
  4. Databases, Indices and Normative Knowledge
  5. Argumentation, Design and Knowledge Acquisition
  6. Turning Text into Hypertext
  7. Designing and Reading Hyperdocuments
  8. Navigation and Browsing
  9. Building Hypertext Applications
  10. Panels

Keynote Address

Assessing the Quality of Hypertext Documents BIBAK 1-12
  P. J. Brown

Toolkits for Hypermedia Applications

Building Hypertext on a Multimedia Toolkit: An Overview of Andrew Toolkit Hypermedia Facilities BIBAK 13-24
  Mark Sherman; Wilfred J. Hansen; Michael McInerny; Tom Neuendorffer
The Toolkit Approach to Hypermedia BIBAK 25-37
  J. J. Puttress; N. M. Guimaraes
Scenario-Based Hypermedia: A Model and a System BIBAK 38-51
  Ryuichi Ogawa; Hiroaki Harada; Asao Kaneko

Formal Models and Query Languages

A Hypertext Model Supporting Query Mechanisms BIBAK 52-66
  Foto Afrati; Constantinos D. Koutras
A Logical Query Language for Hypertext Systems BIBAK 67-80
  Catriel Beeri; Yoram Kornatzky
A Model for Hypertext-Based Information Retrieval BIBAK 81-94
  Dario Lucarella

Databases, Indices and Normative Knowledge

HyperBase: A Hypermedia Engine Based on a Relational Database Management System BIBAK 95-108
  Helge A. Schutt; Norbert A. Streitz
Hyperindices: A Novel Aid for Searching in Hypermedia BIBAK 109-122
  Peter D. Bruza
Intelligent Hypertext for Normative Knowledge in Engineering BIBAK 123-136
  Daniel Schwabe; Bruno Feijo; Werther G. Krause

Argumentation, Design and Knowledge Acquisition

Author's Argumentation Assistant (AAA): A Hypertext-Based Authoring Tool for Argumentative Texts BIBAK 137-151
  Wolfgang Schuler; John B. Smith
PHIDIAS: Integrating CAD Graphics into Dynamic Hypertext BIBAK 152-165
  Raymond J. McCall; Patrick R. Bennett; Peter S. D'Oronzio; Jonathan L. Ostwald; Frank M., III Shipman; Nathan F. Wallace
An Integrated Approach of Knowledge Acquisition by the Hypertext System CONCORDE BIBAK 166-179
  Martin Hofmann; Uwe Schreiweis; Horst Langendorfer

Turning Text into Hypertext

Hierarchy, Composition, Scripting Languages, and Translators for Structured Hypertext BIBAK 180-193
  P. David Stotts; Richard Furuta
Links and Structures in Hypertext Databases for Law BIBAK 194-211
  Eve Wilson
An Apprentice that Discovers Hypertext Links BIBAK 212-223
  Mark Bernstein

Designing and Reading Hyperdocuments

Towards an Aesthetics of Hypertext Systems. A Semiotic Approach BIBAK 224-237
  Peter B. Andersen
Linking Considered Harmful BIBAK 238-249
  Laura De Young
Interactive Text Processing by Inexperienced (Hyper-) Readers BIBAK 250-360
  Jean-Francois Rouet

Navigation and Browsing

Non-Intrusive Hypertext Anchors and Individual Colour Markings BIBAK 261-273
  W. J. Irler; G. Barbieri
SaTellite: Hypermedia Navigation by Affinity BIBA 274-287
  Xavier Pintado; Dennis Tsichritzis
Browsing in Hyperdocuments with the Assistance of a Neural Network BIBAK 288-297
  Frederique Biennier; Michel Guivarch; Jean-Marie Pinon

Building Hypertext Applications

MICROCOSM: An Open Model for Hypermedia with Dynamic Linking BIBAK 298-311
  Andrew M. Fountain; Wendy Hall; Ian Heath; Hugh C. Davis
Inside Macintosh as Hypertext BIBAK 312-323
  Brian L. Bechtel
Hypertext from the Data Point of View: Paths and Links in the Perseus Project BIBAK 324-336
  Elli Mylonas; Sebastian Heath


How Should Hypermedia Authoring Systems for Computer Aided Instruction Look Like? BIB 337-342
  Peter A. Gloor; Michael R. Kibby; Ray McAleese; Max Mulhauser; Gerald C. Nelson; Daniel Russel
The Advantages of Hypertext for Large Information Spaces; Where Are the Big Systems? BIB 343-346
  Patricia Baird; Jacqueline Covo; Ben Shneiderman; Ian Williams; Renee Deter
Hypertext and Electronic Publishing BIBAK 347-353
  Richard Furuta; Heather Brown; Steven R. Newcomb; Roberto Minio; Vincent Quint; Roy Rada; Laurence A. Welsch
What's Specific about User-Interfaces for Hypertext Systems? BIB 354-361
  Norbert A. Streitz; Janet Walker; John A. Waterworth; Patricia Wright; Randall H. Trigg
Hypertext and Information Retrieval: What are the Fundamental Concepts? BIBA 362-366
  W. Bruce Croft; Nicholas Belkin; Marie-France Bruandet; Rainer Kuhlen; Tim Oren
Strategic Issues in European Hypertext Research and Development BIB 367-369
  Flavio Argentesi; N. Streitz; R. Hansen; G. Degli Antoni; A. Cicu