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ECDL 2002: Proceedings of the European Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:ECDL 2002: Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: 6th European Conference
Editors:Maristella Agosti; Costantino Thanos
Location:Roma, Italy
Dates:2002-Sep-16 to 2002-Sep-18
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2458
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/3-540-45747-X; ISBN: 978-3-540-44178-6 (print), 978-3-540-45747-3 (online); hcibib: ECDL02
Links:Online Proceedings | DBLP Contents
  1. Web Archiving
  2. e-Book
  3. Collection Building
  4. Web Technologies
  5. OAI Applications
  6. Case Studies
  7. Navigation / Query Language
  8. Audio / Video Retrieval
  9. Architecture I
  10. IR
  11. Architecture II
  12. Evaluation
  13. Multimedia / Mixed Media
  14. Preservation / Classification / User Studies
  15. Architecture III
  16. Humanities
  17. Demos and Posters

Web Archiving

A First Experience in Archiving the French Web BIBAFull-Text 1-15
  Serge Abiteboul; Gregory Cobena; Julien Masanès; Gerald Sedrati
Austrian Online Archive Processing: Analyzing Archives of the World Wide Web BIBAKFull-Text 16-31
  Andreas Rauber; Andreas Aschenbrenner; Oliver Witvoet


Conversion of eBook Documents Based on Mapping Relations BIBAFull-Text 32-46
  Seung-Kyu Ko; Myoung-Soo Kang; Won-Sung Sohn; Soon-Bum Lim; Yoon-Chul Choy
Guidelines for Designing Electronic Books BIBAFull-Text 47-60
  Ruth Wilson; Monica Landoni; Forbes Gibb

Collection Building

Personalized Classification for Keyword-Based Category Profiles BIBAFull-Text 61-74
  Aixin Sun; Ee-Peng Lim; Wee Keong Ng
Statistical Analysis of Bibliographic Strings for Constructing an Integrated Document Space BIBAFull-Text 75-90
  Atsuhiro Takasu
Focused Crawls, Tunneling, and Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 91-106
  Donna Bergmark; Carl Lagoze; Alex Sbityakov

Web Technologies

Goal-Oriented Requirements Specification for Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 107-117
  Davide Bolchini; Paolo Paolini
OntoLog: Temporal Annotation Using Ad Hoc Ontologies and Application Profiles BIBAFull-Text 118-128
  Jon Heggland
An XML Log Standard and Tool for Digital Library Logging Analysis BIBAFull-Text 129-143
  Marcos André Gonçalves; Ming Luo; Rao Shen; Mir Farooq Ali; Edward A. Fox

OAI Applications

Notes from the Interoperability Front: A Progress Report on the Open Archives Initiative BIBAFull-Text 144-157
  Herbert Van de Sompel; Carl Lagoze
Dynamic Generation of Intelligent Multimedia Presentations through Semantic Inferencing BIBAFull-Text 158-175
  Suzanne Little; Joost Geurts; Jane Hunter
Technical Report Interchange through Synchronized OAI Caches BIBAFull-Text 176-189
  Xiaoming Liu; Kurt Maly; Mohammad Zubair; Rong Tang; Mohammed Imran Padshah; George Roncaglia; JoAnne Rocker; Michael L. Nelson; William von Ofenheim; Richard Luce; Jacqueline Stack; Frances Knudson; Beth Goldsmith; Irma Holtkamp; Miriam Blake; Jack Carter; Mariella Di Giacomo; Major Jerome Nutter; Susan Brown; Ron Montbrand; Sally Landenberger; Kathy Pierson; Vince Duran; Beth Moser

Case Studies

Functional Requirements for Online Tools to Support Community-Led Collections Building BIBAFull-Text 190-203
  Michael Khoo; Holly Devaul; Tamara Sumner
A Study on the Evaluation Model for University Libraries in Digital Environments BIBAKFull-Text 204-217
  Byeong Heui Kwak; Woochun Jun; Le Gruenwald; Suk-ki Hong
Renardus: Following the Fox from Project to Service BIBAFull-Text 218-229
  Lesly Huxley
From Digital Archive to Digital Library -- A Middleware for Earth-Observation Data Management BIBAFull-Text 230-237
  Stephan Kiemle

Navigation / Query Language

Navigating in Bibliographic Catalogues BIBAFull-Text 238-250
  Trond Aalberg
Foundations of a Multidimensional Query Language for Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 251-265
  Donatella Castelli; Carlo Meghini; Pasquale Pagano

Audio / Video Retrieval

The TREC2001 Video Track: Information Retrieval on Digital Video Information BIBAFull-Text 266-275
  Alan F. Smeaton; Paul Over; Cash Costello; Arjen P. de Vries; David S. Doermann; Alexander G. Hauptmann; Mark E. Rorvig; John R. Smith; Lide Wu
Automated Alignment and Annotation of Audio-Visual Presentations BIBAFull-Text 276-291
  Gareth J. F. Jones; Richard J. Edens

Architecture I

OpenDLib: A Digital Library Service System BIBAFull-Text 292-308
  Donatella Castelli; Pasquale Pagano
Prototyping Digital Library Technologies in zetoc BIBAKFull-Text 309-323
  Ann Apps; Ross MacIntyre
Employing Smart Browsers to Support Flexible Information Presentation in Petri Net-Based Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 324-337
  Unmil Karadkar; Jin-Cheon Na; Richard Furuta


On the Use of Explanations as Mediating Device for Relevance Feedback BIBAFull-Text 338-345
  Ian Ruthven
Qualitative Evaluation of Thesaurus-Based Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 346-361
  Dorothee Blocks; Ceri Binding; Daniel Cunliffe; Douglas Tudhope
Meta-data Extraction and Query Translation. Treatment of Semantic Heterogeneity BIBAFull-Text 362-373
  Robert Strötgen

Architecture II

MetaDL: A Digital Library of Metadata for Sensitive or Complex Research Data BIBAFull-Text 374-389
  Fillia Makedon; James Ford; Li Shen; Tilmann Steinberg; Andrew J. Saykin; Heather Wishart; Sarantos Kapidakis
Importing Documents and Metadata into Digital Libraries: Requirements Analysis and an Extensible Architecture BIBAFull-Text 390-405
  Ian H. Witten; David Bainbridge; Gordon W. Paynter; Stefan J. Boddie
The Mellon Fedora Project BIBAHTML 406-421
  Sandra Payette; Thornton Staples


Hybrid Partition Inverted Files: Experimental Validation BIBAFull-Text 422-431
  Wensi Xi; Ohm Sornil; Ming Luo; Edward A. Fox
Digital Library Evaluation by Analysis of User Retrieval Patterns BIBAFull-Text 432-447
  Johan Bollen; Somasekhar Vemulapalli; Weining Xu
Interactive Search Results BIBAFull-Text 448-462
  Ioannis Papadakis; Ioannis Andreou; Vassilios Chrissikopoulos

Multimedia / Mixed Media

An Investigation of Mixed-Media Information Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 463-478
  Gareth J. F. Jones; Adenike M. Lam-Adesina
Alignment of Performances with Scores Aimed at Content-Based Music Access and Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 479-492
  Nicola Orio
Alternative Surrogates for Video Objects in a Digital Library: Users' Perspectives on Their Relative Usability BIBAFull-Text 493-507
  Barbara M. Wildemuth; Gary Marchionini; Todd Wilkens; Meng Yang; Gary Geisler; Beth Fowler; Anthony Hughes; Xiangming Mu
Word Alignment in Digital Talking Books Using WFSTs BIBAFull-Text 508-515
  António Joaquim Serralheiro; Diamantino Caseiro; Hugo Meinedo; Isabel Trancoso

Preservation / Classification / User Studies

Migration on Request, a Practical Technique for Preservation BIBAFull-Text 516-526
  Phil Mellor; Paul Wheatley; Derek M. Sergeant
Information Alert in Distributed Digital Libraries: The Models, Languages, and Architecture of DIAS BIBAFull-Text 527-542
  Manolis Koubarakis; T. Koutris; Christos Tryfonopoulos; Paraskevi Raftopoulou
DSpace: An Institutional Repository from the MIT Libraries and Hewlett Packard Laboratories BIBAFull-Text 543-549
  MacKenzie Smith
User Behavior Tendencies on Data Collections in a Digital Library BIBAFull-Text 550-559
  Michalis Sfakakis; Sarantos Kapidakis
Student Comprehension of Classification Applications in a Science Education Digital Library BIBAKFull-Text 560-567
  Jane Greenberg; Kristen A. Bullard; M. L. James; Evelyn Daniel; Peter White

Architecture III

Designing Protocols in Support of Digital Library Componentization BIBAFull-Text 568-582
  Hussein Suleman; Edward A. Fox
Exploring Small Screen Digital Library Access with the Greenstone Digital Library BIBAFull-Text 583-596
  George Buchanan; Matt Jones; Gary Marsden
Daffodil: An Integrated Desktop for Supporting High-Level Search Activities in Federated Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 597-612
  Norbert Fuhr; Claus-Peter Klas; André Schaefer; Peter Mutschke


Using Human Language Technology for Automatic Annotation and Indexing of Digital Library Content BIBAFull-Text 613-625
  Kalina Bontcheva; Diana Maynard; Hamish Cunningham; Horacio Saggion
Cultural Heritage Digital Libraries: Needs and Components BIBAFull-Text 626-637
  Gregory Crane
Visualization of Variants in Textual Collations to Analyze the Evolution of Literary Works in the Cervantes Project BIBAFull-Text 638-653
  Carlos Monroy; Rajiv Kochumman; Richard Furuta; Eduardo Urbina; Eréndira Melgoza; Arpita Goenka

Demos and Posters

Alinari Online: Access Quality through a Cultural Photographic Heritage Site BIBAFull-Text 654-655
  Andrea de Polo; Sam H. Minelli
An Access Control System for Digital Libraries and the Web: The MaX Prototype Demonstration BIBAFull-Text 656-657
  Elisa Bertino; Elena Ferrari; Andrea Perego
Human Language Technology for Automatic Annotation and Indexing of Digital Library Content BIBAFull-Text 658
  Kalina Bontcheva; Hamish Cunningham
The IntraText Digital Library: XML-Driven Online Library Based on High Accessibility, Lexical Hypertextualization and Scholarly Accuracy in Philological / Textual Notations BIBAFull-Text 659
  Nicola Mastidoro
The Metae Project -- Automated Digitisation of Books and Journals BIBAFull-Text 660
  Günter Mühlberger; Birgit Stehno
COVAX: A Contemporary Culture Virtual Archive in XML BIBAFull-Text 661-662
  Luciana Bordoni