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ECDL 2000: Proceedings of the European Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:ECDL 2000: Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: 4th European Conference
Editors:José Borbinha; Thomas Baker
Location:Lisbon, Portugal
Dates:2000-Sep-18 to 2000-Sep-20
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1923
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/3-540-45268-0; ISBN: 978-3-540-41023-2 (print), 978-3-540-45268-3 (online); hcibib: ECDL00
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  1. Optical Recognition
  2. Information Retrieval
  3. Metadata
  4. Frameworks
  5. Multimedia
  6. Users
  7. Papers Complementing Invited Talks
  8. Multimedia
  9. Users in Digital Libraries
  10. Information Retrieval
  11. Internet Cataloguing
  12. Technical Collections
  13. Cases 1
  14. Cases 2
  15. Cases 3
  16. Special Workshop

Optical Recognition

Automatic Feature Extraction and Recognition for Digital Access of Books of the Renaissance BIBAFull-Text 1-13
  Fernando Muge; Isabel Granado; M. Mengucci; Pedro Pina; Vitorino Ramos; N. Sirakov; João Rogério Caldas Pinto; A. Marcolino; Mário Ramalho; Pedro Vieira; A. Maia do Amaral
Content Based Indexing and Retrieval in a Digital Library of Arabic Scripts and Calligraphy BIBAFull-Text 14-23
  Suliman Al-Hawamdeh; Gul N. Khan
Ancient Music Recovery for Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 24-34
  João Rogério Caldas Pinto; Pedro Vieira; Mário Ramalho; M. Mengucci; Pedro Pina; Fernando Muge
Probabilistic Automaton Model for Fuzzy English-Text Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 35-44
  Manabu Ohta; Atsuhiro Takasu; Jun Adachi

Information Retrieval

Associative and Spatial Relationships in Thesaurus-Based Retrieval BIBAFull-Text 45-58
  Harith Alani; Christopher B. Jones; Douglas Tudhope
Experiments on the Use of Feature Selection and Negative Evidence in Automated Text Categorization BIBAFull-Text 59-68
  Luigi Galavotti; Fabrizio Sebastiani; Maria Simi
The Benefits of Displaying Additional Internal Document Information on Textual Database Search Result Lists BIBAFull-Text 69-82
  Offer Drori
Interactive-Time Similarity Search for Large Image Collections Using Parallel VA-Files BIBAFull-Text 83-92
  Roger Weber; Klemens Böhm; Hans-Jörg Schek


Dublin Core Metadata for Electronic Journals BIBAKFull-Text 93-102
  Ann Apps; Ross MacIntyre
An Event-Aware Model for Metadata Interoperability BIBAFull-Text 103-116
  Carl Lagoze; Jane Hunter; Dan Brickley
QUEST -- Querying Specialized Collections on the Web BIBAFull-Text 117-126
  Martin Heß; Christian Mönch; Oswald Drobnik
Personal Data in a Large Digital Library BIBAFull-Text 127
  José Manuel Barrueco Cruz; Markus J. R. Klink; Thomas Krichel


Implementing a Reliable Digital Object Archive BIBAFull-Text 128-143
  Brian F. Cooper; Arturo Crespo; Hector Garcia-Molina
Policy-Carrying, Policy-Enforcing Digital Objects BIBAFull-Text 144-157
  Sandra Payette; Carl Lagoze
INDIGO -- An Approach to Infrastructures for Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 158-167
  Christian Mönch
Scalable Digital Libraries Based on NCSTRL/Dienst BIBAFull-Text 168-179
  Kurt Maly; Mohammad Zubair; Hesham Anan; Dun Tan; Yunchuan Zhang


OMNIS/2: A Multimedia Meta System for Existing Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 180-189
  Günther Specht; Michael G. Bauer
Modeling Archival Repositories for Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 190-205
  Arturo Crespo; Hector Garcia-Molina
Implementation and Analysis of Several Keyframe-Based Browsing Interfaces to Digital Video BIBAFull-Text 206-218
  Hyowon Lee; Alan F. Smeaton; Catherine Berrut; Noel Murphy; Seán Marlow; Noel E. O'Connor
Functional and Intentional Limitations of Interactivity on Content Indexing Topics: Possible Uses of Automatic Classification and Contents Extraction Systems, in Order to Create Digital Libraries Databases BIBAFull-Text 219-228
  Florent Pasquier


Interaction Profiling in Digital Libraries through Learning Tools BIBAFull-Text 229-238
  Giovanni Semeraro; Floriana Esposito; Nicola Fanizzi; Stefano Ferilli
DEBORA: Developing an Interface to Support Collaboration in a Digital Library BIBAFull-Text 239-248
  David M. Nichols; Duncan Pemberton; Salah Dalhoumi; Omar Larouk; Claire Belisle; Michael Twidale
Children as Design Partners and Testers for a Children's Digital Library BIBAFull-Text 249-258
  Yin Leng Theng; Norliza Mohd-Nasir; Harold W. Thimbleby; George Buchanan; Matt Jones; David Bainbridge; Noel Cassidy
Evaluating a User-Model Based Personalisation Architecture for Digital News Services BIBAFull-Text 259-268
  Alberto Díaz Esteban; Pablo Gervás Gómez-Navarro; Antonio García Jiménez

Papers Complementing Invited Talks

Aging Links BIBAFull-Text 269-279
  Claudia Niederée; Ulrike Steffens; Joachim W. Schmidt; Florian Matthes
Core Elements of Digital Gazetteers: Placenames, Categories, and Footprints BIBAFull-Text 280-290
  Linda L. Hill
The Application of an Event-Aware Metadata Model to an Online Oral History Archive BIBAFull-Text 291-304
  Jane Hunter; Darren James
From the Visual Book to the WEB Book: The Importance of Good Design BIBAFull-Text 305-314
  Monica Landoni; Ruth Wilson; Forbes Gibb


Topic Detection in Read Documents BIBAFull-Text 315-318
  Rui Amaral; Isabel Trancoso
Map Segmentation by Colour Cube Genetic K-Mean Clustering BIBAFull-Text 319-323
  Vitorino Ramos; Fernando Muge
Spoken Query Processing for Information Access in Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 324-327
  Fabio Crestani
A Metadata Model for Historical Documentary Films BIBAFull-Text 328-331
  Giuseppe Amato; Donatella Castelli; Serena Pisani
Image Description and Retrieval Using MPEG-7 Shape Descriptors BIBAFull-Text 332-335
  Carla Zibreira; Fernando Pereira
A Large Scale Component-Based Multi-media Digital Library System BIBAFull-Text 336-339
  Hiroshi Mukaiyama

Users in Digital Libraries

Personalised Delivery of News Articles from Multiple Sources BIBAFull-Text 340-343
  Gareth J. F. Jones; David J. Quested; Katherine E. Thomson
Building a Digital Library of Web News BIBAFull-Text 344-347
  Nuno Maria; Mário J. Silva
Automatically Detecting and Organizing Documents into Topic Hierarchies: A Neural Network Based Approach to Bookshelf Creation and Arrangement BIBAFull-Text 348-351
  Andreas Rauber; Michael Dittenbach; Dieter Merkl
Daffodil: Distributed Agents for User-Friendly Access of Digital Libraries BIBAFull-Text 352-355
  Norbert Gövert; Norbert Fuhr; Claus-Peter Klas
An Adaptive Systems Approach to the Implementation and Evaluation of Digital Library Recommendation Systems BIBAFull-Text 356-359
  Johan Bollen; Luis Mateus Rocha
Are End-Users Satisfied by Using Digital Libraries? BIBAFull-Text 360-363
  Mounir A. Khalil

Information Retrieval

CAP7: Searching and Browsing in Distributed Document Collections BIBAFull-Text 364-367
  Norbert Fuhr; Kai Großjohann; Stefan Kokkelink
Representing Context-Dependent Information Using Multidimensional XML BIBAFull-Text 368-371
  Yannis Stavrakas; Manolis Gergatsoulis; Theodoros Mitakos
AQUA (Advanced Query User Interface Architecture) BIBAFull-Text 372-375
  László Kovács; András Micsik; Balázs Pataki; István Zsámboki
Fusion of Overlapped Result Sets BIBAKFull-Text 376-379
  Joaquim Macedo; António Costa; Vasco Freitas
ActiveXML: Compound Documents for Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources BIBAFull-Text 380-384
  João P. Campos; Mário J. Silva
newsWORKS©, the Complete Solution for Digital Press Clippings and Press Reviews: Capture of Information in an Intelligent Way BIBAFull-Text 385-388
  Begoña Aguilera Caballero; Richard Lehner

Internet Cataloguing

Effects of Cognitive and Problem Solving Style on Internet Search Tool BIBAFull-Text 389-394
  Lim Tek Yong; Tang Enya Kong
Follow the Fox to Renardus: An Academic Subject Gateway Service for Europe BIBAFull-Text 395-398
  Lesly Huxley
CORC: Helping Libraries Take a Leading Role in the Digital Age BIBAFull-Text 399-402
  Kay Covert
Automatic Web Rating: Filtering Obscene Content on the Web BIBAFull-Text 403-406
  Konstantinos Chandrinos; Ion Androutsopoulos; Georgios Paliouras; Constantine D. Spyropoulos
The Bibliographic Management of Web Documents in Digital and Hybrid Libraries BIBAFull-Text 407-412
  Wallace C., Jr. Koehler

Technical Collections

The Economic Impact of an Electronic Journal Collection on an Academic Library BIBAFull-Text 413-417
  Carol Hansen Montgomery; John A. Bielec
A Comparative Transaction Log Analysis of Two Computing Collections BIBAFull-Text 418-423
  Malika Mahoui; Sally Jo Cunningham
ERAM -- Digitisation of Classical Mathematical Publications BIBAFull-Text 424-427
  Hans Becker; Bernd Wegner
The Electronic Library in EMIS -- European Mathematical Information Service BIBAFull-Text 428-431
  Bernd Wegner
Model for an Electronic Access to the Algerian Scientific Literature: Short Description BIBAFull-Text 432-436
  Bakelli Yahia

Cases 1

A Digital Library of Native American Images BIBAFull-Text 437-440
  Elaine Peterson
China Digital Library Initiative and Development BIBAFull-Text 441-444
  Michael Bailou Huang; Guohui Li
Appropriation of Legal Information: Evaluation of Data Bases for Researchers BIBAFull-Text 445-448
  Céline Hembise
Publishing 30 Years of the Legislation of Brazil's São Paulo State in CD-ROM and Internet BIBAFull-Text 449-451
  Paulo Leme; Dilson da Costa; Ricardo Baccarelli; Maurício Barbosa; Andréa Bolanho; Ana Reis; Rose Bicudo; Eduardo F. Barbosa; Márcio Nunes; Innocêncio Pereira Filho; Guilherme Plonski; Sérgio Kobayashi
Electronic Dissemination of Statistical Information at Local Level: A Cooperative Project between a University Library and Other Public Institutions BIBAFull-Text 452-455
  Eugenio Pelizzari

Cases 2

Building Archaeological Photograph Library BIBAFull-Text 456-460
  Rei Atarashi; Masakazu Imai; Hideki Sunahara; Kunihiro Chihara; Tadashi Katata
EULER -- A DC-Based Integrated Access to Library Catalogues and Other Mathematics Information in the Web BIBAFull-Text 461-466
  Bernd Wegner
Decomate: Unified Access to Globally Distributed Libraries BIBAFull-Text 467-470
  Thomas Place; Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers
MADILIS, the Microsoft Access-Based Digital Library System BIBAFull-Text 471-474
  Scott Herrington; Philip Konomos
Leveraging Electronic Content: Electronic Linking Initiatives at Arizona State University BIBAFull-Text 475-480
  Dennis Brunning

Cases 3

Asian Film Connection: Developing a Scholarly Multilingual Digital Library -- A Case Study BIBAFull-Text 481-484
  Marianne Afifi
Conceptual Model of Children's Electronic Textbook BIBAFull-Text 485-489
  Norshuhada Shiratuddin; Monica Landoni
An Information Food Chain for Advanced Applications on the WWW BIBAFull-Text 490-493
  Stefan Decker; Jan Jannink; Sergey Melnik; Prasenjit Mitra; Steffen Staab; Rudi Studer; Gio Wiederhold
An Architecture for a Multi Criteria Exploration of a Documents Set BIBAFull-Text 494-497
  Patricia Dzeakou; Jean-Claude Derniame
An Open Digital Library Ordering System BIBAFull-Text 498-501
  Sarantos Kapidakis; Kostas Zorbadelos

Special Workshop

Special NKOS Workshop on Networked Knowledge Organization Systems BIBAFull-Text 502-505
  Martin Doerr; Traugott Koch; Douglas Tudhope; Repke de Vries
Implementing Electronic Journals in the Library and Making them Available to the End-User: An Integrated Approach BIBAFull-Text 506-510
  Gerrit Alewaeters; Serge Gilen; Paul Nieuwenhuysen; Stefaan Renard; Marc Verpoorten