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Proceedings of the 2006 Annual European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics

Fullname:Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics
Note:Trust and Control in Complex Socio-technical Systems
Editors:Antonio Rizzo; Gudela Grote; William Wong
Location:Zurich, Switzerland
Dates:2006-Jun-20 to 2006-Jun-22
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-906509-23-5; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ECCE06
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  1. Human-computer interaction
  2. Socio-technical systems design
  3. Conceptual issues
  4. Interactive posters & demonstrations
  5. Methods in design

Human-computer interaction

Analysis of user attitude and behaviour in evaluating a personalized search engine BIBAFull-Text 1-9
  Effie Lai-Chong Law; Toma Klobuèar; Matic Pipan
Information layering to de-clutter displays for emergency ambulance dispatch BIBAFull-Text 10-16
  Jared Hayes; Antoni Moore; B. L. William Wong
Trust, cognitive control, and control: the case of drivers using an Auto-Adaptive Cruise Control BIBAFull-Text 17-24
  Bako Rajaonah; Franoise Anceaux; Nicolas Tricot; Marie-Pierre Pacaux-Lemoine
3is Learning objects: organization of knowledge through the capture of narrative structures BIBAFull-Text 25-32
  Jevon Brunk; Maurizio Caporali; Antonio Rizzo; Elisa Rubegni

Socio-technical systems design

Driver coordination in complex traffic environments BIBAFull-Text 35-40
  Linda Renner; Björn Johansson
On learner control in e-learning BIBAFull-Text 41-48
  Chris Stary; Alexandra Totter
Building employer credibility in corporate intranet portals BIBAFull-Text 49-54
  Marcin Sikorski
Redefining task interdependence in the context of supply networks BIBAFull-Text 55-63
  Hannes Günter; Gudela Grote
Intermediation for trust-enabling networked decentralized exchange systems BIBAFull-Text 64-70
  David Parlanti; Dino Giuli; Maria Chiara Pettenati
Role-playing exercises to strengthen the resilience of command and control systems BIBAFull-Text 71-78
  Rogier Woltjer; Jiri Trnka; Jonas Lundberg; Björn Johansson

Conceptual issues

Experience as meaning: some underlying concepts and implications for design BIBAFull-Text 81-91
  Dhaval Vyas; Gerrit C. van der Veer
Affordance in interaction BIBAFull-Text 92-99
  Dhaval Vyas; Cristina M. Chisalita; Gerrit C. van der Veer
Mobile phone: a tool for expressing co-actualisation BIBAFull-Text 100-104
  Fariza H. A. Razak; Alan Dix
Tacit knowledge and frugal artifacts: a challenge for technology mediated collaboration BIBAFull-Text 105-108
  Monica Tavanti; Patrizia Marti; Marc Bourgois

Interactive posters & demonstrations

Individual and social needs motivating trust-enabling intermediation services BIBAFull-Text 111-112
  Dino Giuli; Maria Chiara Pettenati; David Parlanti
Online card sorting: as good as the paper version BIBAFull-Text 113-114
  Stefano Bussolon; Barbara Russi; Fabio Del Missier
Eye tracking to identify strategies used by readers seeking information from on-line texts BIBAFull-Text 115-116
  Susan Wilkinson; Stephen Payne
Facilitating socio-pleasure as mediated by ubiquitous technology BIBAFull-Text 117-118
  Marije Kanis; Willem-Paul Brinkman; Robert Macredie
Understanding the academic environments: developing personas from field-studies BIBAFull-Text 119-120
  Dhaval Vyas; Spencer de Groot; Gerrit C. van der Veer
Practises of process control in digital control room: possibilities and threats BIBAFull-Text 121-122
  Leena Salo; Paula Savioja
Programmer's mood and their performance BIBAFull-Text 123-124
  Iftikhar Ahmed Khan; Rob M. Hierons; Willem-Paul Brinkman
Vendor credibility in e-shops design in Poland: an empirical study BIBAFull-Text 125-126
  Igor Garnik

Methods in design

Developing an instrument to assess the impact of attitude and social norms on user selection of an interface design: a repertory grid approach BIBAFull-Text 129-136
  Willem-Paul Brinkman; Steve Love
Rich evaluations of entertainment experience: bridging the interpretational gap BIBAFull-Text 137-144
  Dhaval Vyas; Gerrit C. van der Veer
The persistency of psychological tools in air traffic management BIBAFull-Text 145-153
  Simone Pozzi; Antonio Rizzo
A cognitive systems engineering perspective on the design of mixed reality systems BIBAFull-Text 154-161
  Susanna Nilsson; Björn Johansson
Self-regulation as a central mechanism to collaboratively manage unexpected events in complex work environments BIBAFull-Text 162-169
  Tanja Manser; Steven K. Howard; David M. Gaba
From decisions in time to temporal decisions: two studies investigating temporal control behaviour BIBAFull-Text 170-177
  Michael Hildebrandt