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Proceedings of the 2005 Annual European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics

Fullname:Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics
Editors:Nicolas Marmaras; Tom Kontogiannis; Dimitris Nathanael
Location:Athens, Greece
Dates:2005-Sep-29 to 2005-Oct-01
Standard No:ISBN: 9-60254-656-5; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: ECCE05
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  1. On theories, methods and techniques
  2. Medical applications
  3. PhD forum

On theories, methods and techniques

Validating diagnostic design knowledge for air traffic management: a successful case-study BIBA 3-10
  John Long; Becky Hill
Applying the control adaptation method to a real-world system: hydropower system example BIBA 11-18
  Xilin Li; Rizah Memisevic; Penelope Sanderson; B.-L. William Wong; Sanjib Choudhury
Core-task analysis in requirements gathering for an adaptive batch process control interface BIBA 19-25
  Paula Savioja; Leena Norros; Leena Salo; Sauli Kivikunnas; Jari Karppinen
Adaptable task modelling and its application to job design for safety and productivity in process control BIBA 27-34
  Tom Kontogiannis
Safety culture assessment as crucial phase for tailoring human factors training: the case of an Italian refinery BIBA 35-42
  Mauro Marchitto
Countermeasures and barriers BIBA 43-50
  Johannes Petersen
The use of near miss information in the railway industry: a case study in the Netherlands BIBA 51-56
  Linda B. Wright
Music composition in the wild: from the horizon of creative cognition to the time & situation of inquiry BIBA 57-64
  Nicolas Donin; Jacques Theureau
Historical analysis as a means to uncover the dynamics of evolving practices BIBA 65-70
  Dimitris Nathanael; Nicolas Marmaras
Designing complex socio-technical systems: a heuristic schema based on cultural-historical psychology BIBA 71-81
  Antonio Rizzo; Simone Pozzi; Luca Save; Mark Sujan
Portable tool for finalizing freehand drawings: activity analysis and design requirements BIBA 83-90
  Christelle Boulanger; Françoise Decortis; Stéphane Safin
Grounding experience: relating theory and method to evaluate the user experience of smartphones BIBA 91-98
  David Swallow; Mark Blythe; Peter Wright
Engaging with artificial pets BIBA 99-106
  P. Marti; A. Pollini; A. Rullo; T. Shibata
Towards customized emotional design: an explorative study of user personality and user interface skin preferences BIBA 107-114
  Willem-Paul Brinkman; Nick Fine
Meaningful interactions for meaningful places: investigating the relationships between nomadic work, tangible artefacts and the physical environment BIBA 115-121
  Luigina Ciolfi; Iride Bartolucci; Darragh Murphy
Cognitive ergonomics, didactics and discourse analysis for the analysis of teachers' and trainers' activity BIBA 123-130
  Janine Rogalski
Cognitive analysis of collaboration as an activity BIBA 131-138
  Kaveh Nezamirad; Peter G. Higgins; Simon Dunstall
Comparing distributed cognition and course of action: an application to car driving BIBA 139-146
  Jean-Baptiste Haué
Perception enhancement system for automotive steering BIBA 147-153
  T. P. Berber-Solano; J. A. Giacomin
Assessing a driver support system by field test and subjective data analysis: the case of EUCLIDE anti-collision warning system BIBA 155-158
  L. Macchi; M. Martinetto; P. C. Cacciabue
Measuring the perceptual image quality of a sight effectiveness enhancement system for cars BIBA 159-166
  Kristin Due Hansen; Hans H. K. Andersen

Medical applications

Building a reporting and learning culture of medical failures in a healthcare system BIBA 169-173
  Sara Albolino; Tommaso Bellandi; Sebastiano Bagnara; Riccardo Tartaglia
Biases in a medical incident causation database: a quantitative evaluation using PRISMA-Medical BIBA 175-181
  Marieke Habraken; Tjerk van der Schaaf
Comparing two approaches to failure recovery: medication preparation versus chemical plants BIBA 183-189
  Lisette Kanse; Tjerk W. van der Schaaf; Nanco D. Vrijland; Heleen van Mierlo
Investigating the anaesthesiologists' practice through externalist and internalist approaches BIBA 191-195
  Bill Papantoniou; Nicolas Marmaras
Introducing vocal modality into electronic anaesthesia record systems: possible effects on work practices in the operating room BIBA 197-204
  Alexandre Alapetite; Vincent Gauthereau
The use of human factors and risk analysis in anesthesia in the Netherlands BIBA 205-211
  Charles T. L. M. Nyst; Tjerk W. van der Schaaf
System-based risk analysis in healthcare BIBA 213-216
  Ian P. Leistikow; Geert H. Blijham
Use of a professional electronic documentation by travel medicine experts and novices BIBA 217-224
  Hervé Chaudet; Liliane Pellegrin; Nathalie Bonnardel
Personal assistants for healthcare treatment at home BIBA 225-231
  Geert de Haan; Olivier Blanson Henkemans; Amy Aluwalia
Cooperation in healthcare -- theoretical and methodological issues: a study of two situations: hospital and home care BIBA 233-240
  Saliha Hamek; Françoise Anceaux; Sylvia Pelayo; Marie-Catherine Beuscart-Zéphir; Janine Rogalski
Event oriented representation for collaborative activities in an intensive care unit BIBA 241-248
  Liliane Pellegrin; Nathalie Bonnardel; Hervé Chaudet

PhD forum

Understanding users' experience of interaction BIBA 251-254
  Sascha Mahlke
Improving situation awareness in anaesthesiology BIBA 255-263
  Constanze Pott; Addie Johnson; Fokie Cnossen
Supporting critical operational conditions in an electricity distribution control room through ecological interfaces BIBA 263-270
  Sotiria Drivalou
Design for collaborative learning activities BIBA 271-275
  Giulio Toccafondi; Gabriele Molari; Jevon Brunk; Linda Napoletano; Erik Grönvall