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DPS Tables of Contents: 88

ACM Conference on Document Processing Systems

Fullname:ACM Conference on Document Processing Systems
Editors:Richard Beach
Location:Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dates:1988-Dec-05 to 1988-Dec-09
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-291-8; ACM Order Number 429882; hcibib: DPS88
  1. Document Processing Systems
  2. Hypertext
  3. Experience with Document Standards
  4. Document Standards
  5. Interactive Document Systems
  6. Electronic Manuals
  7. Writing Systems
  8. Document Access
  9. Documentation Graphics
  10. Document Recognition and Analysis
  11. Document Processing Research

Document Processing Systems

"Hypertext Engineering": Practical Methods for Creating a Compact Disc Encyclopedia BIB 11-19
  Robert J. Glushko; Mark D. Weaver; Thomas A. Coonan; Janet E. Lincoln
The LaserROM Project: A Case Study in Document Processing Systems BIB 21-29
  Mike Rafeld


Auto-Updating as a Technical Documentation Tool BIBAK 31-36
  George Towner
Conceptual Documents: A Mechanism for Specifying Active Views in Hypertext BIBA 37-42
  J. Nanard; M. Nanard; H. Richy
Adding Browsing Semantics to the Hypertext Model BIBAK 43-50
  P. David Stotts; Richard Furuta

Experience with Document Standards

Evolution of an SGML Application Generator BIBA 51-60
  Lynne A. Price; Joe Schneider
Translating among Processable Multi-Media Document Formats Using ODA BIB 61-70
  Jonathan Rosenberg; Mark S. Sherman; Ann Marks; Frank Giuffrida

Document Standards

Difficulties in Parsing SGML BIBA 71-77
  Jim Heath; Larry Welsch
A Window and Icon Based Prototype for Expert Assistance for Manipulation of SGML Document Type Definitions BIBA 79-84
  W. Timothy Polk; Lawrence E., III Bassham

Interactive Document Systems

Interactive Effectivity Control: Design and Applications BIB 85-91
  Richard Ilson
Incremental Document Formatting BIB 93-100
  Pehong Chen; Michael A. Harrison; Ikuo Minakata
An Adaptation of Dataflow Methods for WYSIWYG Document Processing BIB 101-109
  Donald D. Chamberlin

Electronic Manuals

Why Switch from Paper to Electronic Manuals? BIBA 111-116
  Cheryl A. Ventura

Writing Systems

The Role of Modularity in Document Authoring Systems BIBA 117-124
  Janet H. Walker

Document Access

The Design of a Document Database BIBA 125-134
  Chris Clifton; Hector Garcia-Molina; Robert Hagmann
Automatic Text Indexing Using Complex Identifiers BIBA 135-144
  Gerard Salton

Documentation Graphics

Formalizing the Figural: Aspects of a Foundation for Document Manipulation BIB 145-151
  David M. Levy; Daniel C. Brotsky; Kenneth R. Olson
A Library for Incremental Update of Bitmap Images BIBA 153-158
  David Dobkin; Eleftherios Koutsofios; Rob Pike
The Escher Document Imaging Model BIB 159-168
  S. N. Zilles; P. Lucas; T. M. Linden; J. B. Lotspiech; A. R. Harbury

Document Recognition and Analysis

Two Complementary Techniques for Digitized Document Analysis BIBA 169-176
  George Nagy; Junichi Kanai; Mukkai Krishnamoorthy; Mathews Thomas; Mahesh Viswanathan
Tracking Text in Mixed-Mode Documents BIBA 177-185
  J. Patrick Bixler

Document Processing Research

Topics in Document Research BIB 187-193
  David M. Levy