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ACM 17th International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:17th International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Tradition and Change in Documentation
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana
Dates:1999-Sep-12 to 1999-Sep-14
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-072-4; ACM Order Number 613990; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC99
Complex Queries in Information Visualizations: Distributing Instruction Across Documentation and Interfaces BIBAKPDF 1-8
  Barbara Mirel
The Role of Experience and Culture in Computer Graphing and Graph Interpretive Processes BIBAKPDF 9-15
  Lee Brasseur
Grappling with Distributed Usability: A Cultural-Historical Examination of Documentation Genres Over Four Decades BIBAKPDF 16-21
  Clay Spinuzzi
Constructing Usable Documentation: A Study of Communicative Practices and the Early Uses of Mainframe Computing in industry BIBAKPDF 22-25
  Mark Zachry
Information Technology and Organizational Change BIBAKPDF 26-35
  Patricia Carlson
Technical Communications as Knowledge Management: Evolution of a Profession BIBAKPDF 36-44
  Patti Anklam
SST: Using Single-Sourcing, SGML, and Teamwork for Documentation BIBAKPDF 45-52
  Carl Stieren
Dynamically Assembled Documentation BIBAKPDF 53-57
  Michael Priestley
Publication and Customization of Electronic Documents using PANDA BIBAKPDF 58-64
  Isabel F. Cruz; Gerard T. McGuire
One Step Further: Extending Electronic Submission into the Reviewing Process BIBAKPDF 65-69
  Jochen Bern; Christoph Meinel
Pulling Yourself up by Your Own Bootstraps: Strategies for Advancing your Documentation Team's Position in Your Company BIBAKPDF 70-71
  Jay Lesandrini
Creating Your Own Space: Strategies for Moving up in the Development Process BIBAKPDF 72-73
  C. Shannon Brown
From the Outside in: How to Become Part of the Internal Team BIBAKPDF 74-77
  Meredith Blackwelder
The Evolution of an Information Development Process BIBAKPDF 78-85
  Glenn M. D'Amore
Developing a User Information Architecture for Rational's ClearCase Product Family Documentation Set BIBAKPDF 86-92
  Mary Hunter Utt; Robert Mathews
Dynamic Views of SGML Tagged Documents BIBAKPDF 93-98
  B. Fraser; J. Roberts; G. Pianosi; P. Alencar; D. Cowan; D. German; L. Nova
ISO 9001: Traditions Before and After BIBAKPDF 99-104
  Debbie Hysell
Technical Documentation and Related Contractual Liability BIBAKPDF 105-109
  John W. Stamey; Thomas M. Roth
Preparing Technical Communicators for Future Workplaces: A Model that Integrates Teaming, Professional Communication Skills, and a Software Development Process BIBAKPDF 110-119
  Margaret R. Heil
A Database of E-Commerce Terms: Implementation and Benefits in Producing Internationalized Software BIBAKPDF 120-126
  Kara Warburton
Website Localization BIBAKPDF 127-130
  John W. Stanley; W. Scott Speights
A Rhetorical Approach to Understanding Images in the New 'Visual Age' BIBAKPDF 131-137
  Beverly B. Zimmerman
Paper to HTML - An Automatic, Seamless Process for Documentation Production BIBAKPDF 138-143
  Virginie Ahrens; Valerie Lecompte
The Developer-Documenter Relationship in Java Software Development BIBAKPDF 144-146
  Glenn McAllister
API Documentation from Source Code Comments: A Case Study of Javadoc BIBAKPDF 147-153
  Douglas Kramer
Information Design Considerations for Improving Situation Awareness in Complex Problem-Solving BIBAKPDF 154-158
  Michael J. Albers
Component-Based Software Development: Implications for Documentation BIBAKPDF 159-164
  Robin Green
Componentization of HTML-Based Online Help BIBAKPDF 165-168
  Luc Chamberland
CBT on the Fast Track BIBAKPDF 169-175
  Kay Palkhivala; Cynthia Bowllan; Thomas Barnwell
Unifying Documentation Teams BIBAKPDF 176-184
  Karl A. Hakkarainen
Groupware Support for Asynchronous Document Review BIBAKPDF 185-192
  James Miller; John D. Ferguson; Paul Murphy
Role-Based Access Control in Online Authoring and Publishing Systems vs. Document Hierarchy BIBAKPDF 193-198
  Z. Zhang; E. Haffner; A. Heuer; T. Engel; Ch. Meinel
There's More than One Way to Wire That: When Assembly Workers are Technically Writers BIBAKPDF 199-205
  Susan P. Hall; Lili Fox Velez
Software Demonstration: Professional Writing Online BIBAKPDF 206
  Jim Porter
Software Demo: A Transaction Processing Information Architecture BIBPDF 207
  Kathy Haramundanis
The CD Browser -- A New Documentation Vehicle BIBAKPDF 208-210
  Jack Massa
Intentional Learning in an Intentional World: New Perspectives on Audience Analysis and Instructional System Design for Successful Learning and Performance BIBAKPDF 211-220
  Margaret Martinez