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ACM 16th International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:16th International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Scaling the Heights: The Future of Information Technology
Location:Quebec City, Canada
Dates:1998-Sep-23 to 1998-Sep-26
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-004-X; ACM Order Number 613980; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC98
  1. Knowledge Management
  2. Training and Documentation
  3. Print vs Online Documentation
  4. Getting Feedback on your Web Site
  5. Document Design Concepts
  6. Help System Design Concepts
  7. Web Navigation
  8. Meeting Beginning and Advanced Users Needs
  9. Document Repositories and Retrieval
  10. Working with XML
  11. Year 2000
  12. Delivering Information for a World Audience
  13. Usability Testing Methods
  14. Online Help in a Distributed Environment
  15. Technical Communications Departments
  16. Redesigning for the Web
  17. Document Design and Production
  18. Professional Education
  19. Techniques for Web Design

Knowledge Management

The Evolution of Knowledge Management within NCR Corporation BIBAPDF 1-4
  Maria Babilon
Documentation Meets a Knowledge Base: Blurring the Distinction Between Writing and Consulting (A Case Study) BIBAKPDF 5-13
  Anne L. Jackson; Gregory Lyon; Janet Eaton
Building a Home-Grown Knowledge Base: Don't Wait for the Resources -- Build a Prototype BIBAPDF 14-17
  Susan Jones; Carol Wood

Training and Documentation

Combining Training and Customer Documentation into Modular, Reusable Information BIBAKPDF 18-22
  Mildred E. McGuire; Lee Anne Center; Gregory D. Henderson; Lori Ely; James M. Moran

Print vs Online Documentation

Customers' Use of Documentation: The Enduring Legacy of Print BIBAPDF 23-28
  Karl L. Smart; Kristen Bell DeTienne
Are Electrons Better than Papyrus (Or Can Adobe Acrobat Reader Files Replace Hardcopy?) BIBAKPDF 29-37
  Harold Henke

Getting Feedback on your Web Site

Designing and Developing Surveys on WWW Sites BIBAPDF 38-42
  Susan Feinberg; Peter Y. Johnson
Using Web Server Logs to Improve Site Design BIBAPDF 43-50
  M. Carl Drott

Document Design Concepts

Documentation Integrity for Safety-Critical Applications: The COHERE Project BIBAKPDF 51-57
  David G. Novick; Joel Juillet
Designing Usable Lists BIBAPDF 58-62
  Thomas Moran

Help System Design Concepts

Who Exactly is Trying to Help Us? The Ethos of Help Systems in Popular Computer Applications BIBAPDF 63-69
  Neil Randall; Isabel Pederson
Novel Help for On-Line Help BIBAPDF 70-79
  Cecile Paris; Nadine Ozkan; Flor Bonifacio

Web Navigation

Kiosk-Based User Testing of Online Books BIBAKPDF 80-86
  Jean Scholtz; Sharon Laskowski
A Comparison of Two Current E-Commerce Sites BIBAKPDF 87-92
  Roger Tilson; Jianming Dong; Shirley Martin; Eric Kieke

Meeting Beginning and Advanced Users Needs

Technical Documents Designed to Fit the Beginner: A Recursive Process BIBAPDF 93-97
  Monica Younger
A Wizard for Wizards: Decision Support for the New or Despairing User BIBAKPDF 98-102
  Michael Priestley
The Zen of Minimalism: Designing a Top-of-Class Manual for Beginners and Advanced Users BIBAPDF 103-112
  Carl Stieren

Document Repositories and Retrieval

Electronic Colloquia: Idea and Practice BIBAKPDF 113-119
  Jochen Bern; Christoph Meinel; Harald Sack
ESSQL: An Enhanced Semi-Structured Query Language for Composite Document Retrievals BIBAPDF 120-126
  Rei-Jo Yamashita; Tetsuro Ito; Hsiu-Hsen Yao

Working with XML

Managing Software Design Documents over the Internet with XML BIBAKPDF 127-136
  Junichi Suzuki; Yoshikazu Yamamoto
OpenTag: XML in the Localization Industry BIBAPDF 137-142
  William Burns; Walter Smith

Year 2000

Documenting a Year 2000 Testing Project BIBAPDF 143-152
  Mike Szczepanik
Writing for the Year 2000 BIBAKPDF 153-157
  Jim Ramsay

Delivering Information for a World Audience

Nudging a Global Glossary to the New Millennium BIBAKPDF 158-163
  Stephanie Brucker; P. J. Schemenaur
Meeting the Needs (and Preferences) of a Diverse World Wide Web Audience BIBAKPDF 164-172
  Debbie Hysell

Usability Testing Methods

Optimal Amount of Time for Obtaining Accurate Usability-Test Results BIBAKPDF 173-179
  Susan Harrison; Phillipa Mancey
Evaluating On-Line and Off-Line Searching Behavior Using Thinking-Aloud Protocols to Detect Navigation Barriers BIBAKPDF 180-183
  Luuk Van Waes

Online Help in a Distributed Environment

Help Design Challenges in Network Computing BIBAKPDF 184-193
  Ben Gelernter
Task-Oriented or Task-Disoriented: Designing a Usable Help Web BIBAKPDF 194-199
  Michael Priestley

Technical Communications Departments

Home Sweet Home: Where Do Technical Communication Departments Belong? BIBAPDF 200-205
  Nina Wishbow
Finding a Home for Technical Communication in the Academy BIBAPDF 206-213
  Michael Carver

Redesigning for the Web

Designing a WinHelp Application for Quick Conversion to Lowest-Common-Denominator HTML-Based Help: A Case Study BIBAKPDF 214-218
  Laurie Kantner; Larry Rusinsky
Productivity Tools for Web-Based Information BIBAPDF 219-226
  Robin Green
Creating an HTML Help System for Web-Based Products BIBAKPDF 227-233
  Laura Rintjema; Kara Warburton

Document Design and Production

Goal-Driven Task Analysis: Improving Situation Awareness for Complex Problem-Solving BIBAPDF 234-242
  Michael J. Albers
Applying the Act-Function-Phase Model to Aviation Documentation BIBAKPDF 243-249
  David G. Novick; Said Tazi
Managing a Third-Party Alliance Documentation Development Project BIBAKPDF 250-257
  Dawn Desplanque

Professional Education

"But What Did We Learn...?" Evaluating Online Learning as a Process BIBAPDF 258-264
  Paul Beam; Brian Cameron
Analysis of Student Web Browsing Behavior: Implications for Designing and Evaluating Web Sites BIBAPDF 265-270
  Eva M. Thury

Techniques for Web Design

Measuring the Usability Index of Your Web Site BIBAKPDF 271-277
  Benjamin Keevil
Using HTML Frames for Institutional Websites BIBAKPDF 278-285
  Glenn J. Broadhead
Creating an Interactive Tutorial for the Web-Based Project BIBAKPDF 286-291
  Samantha Shurety