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ACM 14th International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:14th International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Marshalling New Technological Forces: Building a Corporate, Academic, and User-Oriented Triangle
Location:Research Triangle Park, NC
Dates:1996-Oct-20 to 1996-Oct-23
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-799-5; ACM Order Number 613960; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC96
  1. 1: Student-Based Student Learning
  2. 2: Accessing and Customizing Our Tools
  3. 3: Writing for Virtual Audiences
  4. 4: Managing Projects and Processes
  5. 5: Structuring Documentation
  6. 6: Building Documentation Architectures
  7. 7: Evaluating Our Tools
  8. 8: Reusing Documentation, One More Time
  9. 9: Moving Print Online
  10. 10: Communicating Visually
  11. 11: Anticipating Online Audiences
  12. 12: Managing Change, Introducing Innovation
  13. 13: Reusing Documentation, One More Time (II)
  14. 14: Controlling Information Online
  15. 15: Designing New Information Theories
  16. 16: Designing Web Materials for Multiple Audiences

1: Student-Based Student Learning

Working with Academe BIBAPDF 1-2
  Stephanie Copp
Multiple Media Publishing in SGML BIBAPDF 3-9
  Paul Prescod
Navigational Issues and Strategies in Non-Linear Online Education BIBAPDF 11-15
  Beth Woof
Learning from a Distance BIBAPDF 17-22
  Kern R. Pageau

2: Accessing and Customizing Our Tools

Rethinking the Reference Manual: Using Database Technology on the WWW to Provide Complete, High-Volume Reference Information Without Overwhelming Your Readers BIBAPDF 23-28
  Michael Priestley; Luc Chamberland; Julian Jones
Customizing Tools to Manage Complex Online Help Development BIBAPDF 29-34
  Darren Carlton; Margaret E. Harmsen

3: Writing for Virtual Audiences

Technical Writing on the Web -- Distributed SGML-Based Learning BIBPDF 35-41
  Paul Beam; Peter Goldsworthy
Documenting Virtual Communities BIBAKPDF 43-49
  Scott R. Tilley; Dennis B. Smith

4: Managing Projects and Processes

Like Topsy, It Just Grew: Students and Staff Make a Collaborative Documentation Project Work BIBAPDF 51-56
  Elwin N., Jr. McKellar; Ginga K. Dwyer; Gaylin J. Walli; Patricia L. Calomeni
Decision Making: A Missing Facet of Effective Documentation BIBAPDF 57-65
  Michael J. Albers
Process Constraints in the Management of Technical Documentation BIBAPDF 67-74
  Bill Albing

5: Structuring Documentation

A Real World Conversion to SGML BIBAPDF 75-86
  Dee Stribling; Tim Hunter; Len Olszewski; Anne Corrigan; Randy Mullis; Lloyd Allen

6: Building Documentation Architectures

OpenDoc -- Building Help for a Component-Oriented Architecture BIBAKPDF 87-94
  Melissa E. Sleeter

7: Evaluating Our Tools

A Formative Evaluation of a Computer-Based Instruction Tutorial with Application to Electronic Performance Support Systems BIBAPDF 95-109
  Gloria A. Reece; Linda Bol; Gary R. Morrison

8: Reusing Documentation, One More Time

Vision 2000: Multimedia Electronic Support Systems BIBAPDF 111-114
  Mary Cantando
Developing Usable Online Information for a Web Authoring Tool BIBAKPDF 115-123
  Mark Chignell; Benjamin Keevil

9: Moving Print Online

Shared Techniques between Print and Online Documentation BIBAPDF 125-129
  Shish Aikat; Deb Aikat
From Hardcopy to Online: Changes to the Editor's Role and Process BIBAPDF 131-138
  Betsy Brown; Karen Collier; Chuck Farr; Betty Littrell; Sharon Slagle; Deborah Stratton

10: Communicating Visually

Examining the Role of Visual Discourse Analysis in Multimedia Instructional Design BIBAPDF 139-148
  Brian J. Pedell
A Seven-Dimensional Approach to Graphics BIBAPDF 149-160
  Danny Dowhal

11: Anticipating Online Audiences

Manufacturing Documents in a Visual Warehouse BIBAKPDF 161-166
  Tom Banfalvi; Peter Sturgeon; Christina L. K. Walsh
Mining for Gems in an Information Overload BIBAKPDF 167-178
  Darice M. Lang; Monica Luketich
Concept Mapping: A Job-Performance Aid for Hypertext Developers BIBAPDF 179-186
  Candace Soderston; Naomi Kleid; Thomas Crandell

12: Managing Change, Introducing Innovation

Providing Education Electronically to Non-Institutional Sites: New Delivery to a New Audience BIBAPDF 187-193
  Nancy C. McAllister; David F. McAllister
An Electronic Publishing Spectrum: A Framework for Text Modules BIBAPDF 195-203
  Nancy S. Kneece

13: Reusing Documentation, One More Time (II)

Developing Single-Source Documentation for Multiple Formats BIBAPDF 205-212
  Cindy Roposh; Hanna Schoenrock
Information Access: Single Source, Multiple Use BIBAPDF 213-220
  Dana Gillihan; Thyra Rauch

14: Controlling Information Online

SSQL: A Semi-Structured Query Language for SGML Document Retrievals BIBAPDF 221-228
  Lin-Ju Yeh; Hsiu-Hsen Yao; Yuan-Kuo Chen
Object-Oriented, Single-Source, On-Line Documents that Update Themselves BIBAPDF 229-237
  Susan Korgen
Online Help Systems: Technological Evolution or Revolution BIBAPDF 239-242
  Kathryn L. Turk; Michelle Corbin Nichols

15: Designing New Information Theories

Academia, Privacy and Modern Information Technology: Partnering with Industry to the Modern Economy BIBAPDF 243-245
  Bryan P. Bergeron
Producing a Graduate of Advanced Studies in the Area of Online Information Design BIBAPDF 247-256
  Naomi F. Glasscock
Readers' Expectations and Writers' Goals in the Late Age of Print BIBAKPDF 257-266
  Charles A. Hill; Brad Mehlenbacher

16: Designing Web Materials for Multiple Audiences

Customer Analysis in the Wired Age BIBAPDF 267-270
  R. Stanley Dicks
Designing Two Nonprofit Web Sites on Less Than $350 US per Year Each BIBAPDF 271-280
  Carl Stieren; Zbigniew (Paul) Rachniowski
Designing a Leading-Edge World Wide Web Site BIBAPDF 281-283
  Mary Anne Jackson