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DL'98: Proceedings of the 3rd ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:3rd ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries
Editors:Ian Witten; Rob Akscyn; Frank M. Shipman, III
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Dates:1998-Jun-23 to 1998-Jun-26
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-965-3; ACM Order Number 606981; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DL98
Information Space Representation in Interactive Systems: Relationship to Spatial Abilities BIBAKPDF 1-10
  Bryce Allen
Comparing Feature-Based and Clique-Based User Models for Movie Selection BIBAKPDF 11-18
  Joshua Alspector; Aleksander Kolcz; Nachimuthu Karunanithi
An Extensible Constructor Tool for the Rapid, Interactive Design of Query Synthesizers BIBAKPDF 19-28
  Michelle Baldonado; Seth Katz; Andreas Paepcke; Chen-Chuan K. Chang; Hector Garcia-Molina; Terry Winograd
Digital Libraries and Knowledge Disaggregation: The Use of Journal Article Components BIBAKPDF 29-39
  Ann Peterson Bishop
Technologies for Repository Interoperation and Access Control BIBAKPDF 40-48
  Shirley Browne; Jack Dongarra; Jeff Horner; Paul McMahan; Scott Wells
Conjunctive Constraint Mapping for Data Translation BIBAKPDF 49-58
  Chen-Chuan K. Chang; Hector Garcia-Molina
Automatic Subject Indexing Using an Associative Neural Network BIBAKPDF 59-68
  Yi-Ming Chung; William M. Pottenger; Bruce R. Schatz
Archival Storage for Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 69-78
  Arturo Crespo; Hector Garcia-Molina
Considerations for Information Environments and the NaviQue Workspace BIBAKPDF 79-88
  George W. Furnas; Samuel J. Rauch
CiteSeer: An Automatic Citation Indexing System BIBAKPDF 89-98
  C. Lee Giles; Kurt D. Bollacker; Steve Lawrence
Page and Link Classifications: Connecting Diverse Resources BIBAKPDF 99-107
  Stephanie W. Haas; Erika S. Grams
Axis-Specified Search: A Fine-Grained Full-Text Search Method for Gathering and Structuring Excerpts BIBAKPDF 108-117
  Yasusi Kanada
Key Frame Preview Techniques for Video Browsing BIBAKPDF 118-125
  Anita Komlodi; Gary Marchionini
Metadata Visualization for Digital Libraries: Interactive Timeline Editing and Review BIBAKPDF 126-133
  Vijay Kumar; Richard Furuta; Robert B. Allen
Making Global Digital Libraries Work: Collection Services, Connectivity Regions, and Collection Views BIBAKPDF 134-143
  Carl Lagoze; David Fielding; Sandra Payette
An Integrated Reading and Editing Environment for Scholarly Research on Literary Works and their Handwritten Sources BIBAKPDF 144-151
  E. Lecolinet; L. Likforman-Sulem; L. Robert; F. Role; J-L. Lebrave
Heroic Measures: Reflections on the Possibility and Purpose of Digital Preservation BIBAKPDF 152-161
  David M. Levy
Making Metadata: A Study of Metadata Creation for a Mixed Physical-Digital Collection BIBAKPDF 162-171
  Catherine C. Marshall
Beyond SGML BIBAKPDF 172-181
  Roger Price
Query Performance for Tightly Coupled Distributed Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 182-190
  Berthier A. Ribeiro-Neto; Ramurti A. Barbosa
Practical Application of Existing Hypermedia Standards and Tools BIBAKPDF 191-199
  Lloyd Rutledge; Jacco van Ossenbruggen; Lynda Hardman; Dick C. A. Bulterman
SONIA: A Service for Organizing Networked Information Autonomously BIBAKPDF 200-209
  Mehran Sahami; Salim Yusufali; Michelle Q. W. Baldonado
An Agent-Based Approach to the Construction of Floristic Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 210-216
  J. Alfredo Sanchez; Cristina A. Lopez; John L. Schnase
Digital Library Information Appliances BIBAKPDF 217-226
  Bill N. Schilit; Morgan N. Price; Gene Golovchinsky
Herbarium Specimen Browser: A Tool for Accessing Botanical Specimen Collections BIBAKPDF 227-234
  Erich R. Schneider; John J. Leggett; Richard K. Furuta; Hugh D. Wilson; Stephan L. Hatch
BUS: An Effective Indexing and Retrieval Scheme in Structured Documents BIBAKPDF 235-243
  Dongwook Shin; Hyuncheol Jang; Honglan Jin
Global Digital Museum: Multimedia Information Access and Creation on the Internet BIBAKPDF 244-253
  Junichi Takahashi; Takayuki Kushida; Jung-Kook Hong; Shigeharu Sugita; Yasuyuki Kurita; Robert Rieger; Wendy Martin; Geri Gay; John Reeve; Rowena Loverance
Ontology-Based Metadata: Transforming the MARC Legacy BIBAKPDF 254-263
  Peter C. Weinstein
Database Selection Techniques for Routing Bibliographic Queries BIBAKPDF 264-273
  Jian Xu; Yinyan Cao; Ee-Peng Lim; Wee-Keong Ng
A Hierarchical Access Control Scheme for Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 275-276
  Chaitanya Baru; Arcot Rajasekar
A Web Art Gallery BIBPDF 277-278
  Murat Bayraktar; Chang Zhang; Bharadwaj Vadapalli; Neill A. Kipp; Edward A. Fox
Collaborative Information Agents on the World Wide Web BIBAKPDF 279-280
  James R. Chen; Nathalie Mathe; Shawn Wolfe
Experimenting a 3D Interface for the Access to a Digital Library BIBAKPDF 281-282
  Pierre Cubaud; Claire Thiria; Alexandre Topol
Efficient Searching in Distributed Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 283-284
  James C. French; Allison L. Powell; Walter R., III Creighton
Using Decision Theory to Order Documents BIBAPDF 285-286
  Eric J. Glover; William P. Birmingham
Topic Labeling of Broadcast News Stories in the Informedia Digital Video Library BIBAKPDF 287-288
  Alexander G. Hauptmann; Danny Lee
Failure Analysis in Query Construction: Data and Analysis from a Large Sample of Web Queries BIBAKPDF 289-290
  Bernard J. Jansen; Amanda Spink; Tefko Saracevic
Dynamic Query Result Previews for a Digital Library BIBAKPDF 291-292
  Steve Jones
Usage Analysis of a Digital Library BIBAKPDF 293-294
  Steve Jones; Sally Jo Cunningham; Rodger McNab
Preserving Electronic Documents BIBAKPDF 295-296
  Douglas A. Kranch
Querying Structured Web Resources BIBAPDF 297-298
  Ee-Peng Lim; Cheng-Hai Tan; Boon-Wan Lim; Wee-Keong Ng
Searching for Content-Based Addresses on the World-Wide Web BIBAKPDF 299-300
  Joel D. Martin; Robert Holte
An Image-Capable Audio Internet Browser for Facilitating Blind User Access to Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 301-302
  Thierry Pun; Patrick Roth; Lori Petrucci; Andre Assimacopoulos
Information Forage Through Adaptive Visualization BIBAKPDF 303-304
  Dmitri Roussinov; Marshall Ramsey
A Graphical Interface for Speech-Based Retrieval BIBAKPDF 305-306
  Laura Slaughter; Douglas W. Oard; Vernon L. Warnick; Julie L. Harding; Galen J. Wilkerson
An Interactive WWW Search Engine for User-Defined Collections BIBAKPDF 307-308
  Robert G., Jr. Sumner; Kiduk Yang; Bert J. Dempsey
Site Outlining BIBAKPDF 309-310
  Koichi Takeda; Hiroshi Nomiyama
Digital Library for Education and Medical Decision Making BIBAKPDF 311-312
  Mark C. Tsai; Kenneth L. Melmon
Internet Access to Scanned Paper Documents BIBAKPDF 313-314
  Marcel Worring; Arnold W. M. Smeulders