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DL'97: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:2nd ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dates:1997-Jul-23 to 1997-Jul-26
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-868-1; ACM Order Number 606971; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DL97
  1. Keynote Address
  2. Images and Multimedia
  3. Knowledge Representation
  4. Agents
  5. System Issues
  6. Plenary Session
  7. Digital Scholarship
  8. Digital Library Workstyles
  9. Digital Library Collections
  10. Databases
  11. User Communities
  12. Navigation and Browsing
  13. Posters
  14. Demonstrations
  15. Panels
  16. D-Lib Panels on Interoperability
  17. Workshops

Keynote Address

Digital Libraries in the Media Industry BIB 1
  Jim Reimer

Images and Multimedia

Finding Text in Images BIBAKPDF 3-12
  Victor Wu; R. Manmatha; Edward M. Riseman
Organization and Retrieval in a Pictorial Digital Library BIBAPDF 13-20
  Yuri Quintana
Multimedia Abstractions for a Digital Video Library BIBAKPDF 21-29
  Michael G. Christel; David B. Winkler; C. Roy Taylor
Using Words and Phonetic Strings for Efficient Information Retrieval from Imperfectly Transcribed Spoken Documents BIBAPDF 30-35
  Michael J. Witbrock; Alexander G. Hauptmann

Knowledge Representation

Evaluating Dewey Concepts as a Knowledge Base for Automatic Subject Assignment BIBAPDF 37-46
  Roger Thompson; Keith Shafer; Diane Vizine-Goetz
Metadata for Digital Libraries: Architecture and Design Rationale BIBAKPDF 47-56
  Michelle Baldonado; Chen-Chuan K. Chang; Luis Gravano; Andreas Paepcke
Hypertext Construction using Statistical and Semantic Similarity BIBAPDF 57-63
  Dongwook Shin; Sejin Nam; Munseok Kim


Shopping Models: A Flexible Architecture for Information Commerce BIBAPDF 65-74
  Steven P. Ketchpel; Hector Garcia-Molina; Andreas Paepcke
AGS: Introducing Agents as Services Provided by Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 75-82
  J. Alfredo Sanchez; John J. Leggett; John L. Schnase
Seed Ontologies: Growing Digital Libraries as Distributed, Intelligent Systems BIBAPDF 83-91
  Peter Weinstein; Gene Alloway

System Issues

Multiple Search Engines in Database Merging BIBAPDF 93-102
  Ellen M. Voorhees; Richard M. Tong
Evaluating the Cost of Boolean Query Mapping BIBAPDF 103-112
  Chen-Chuan K. Chang; Hector Garcia-Molina

Plenary Session

Copyright and Digital Libraries BIB 113
  Pamela Samuelson

Digital Scholarship

Citation Linking: Improving Access to Online Journals BIBAKPDF 115-122
  S. Hitchcock; L. Carr; S. Harris; J. M. N. Hey; W. Hall
Secure Distribution of Watermarked Images for a Digital Library of Ancient Papers BIBAPDF 123-130
  Christian Rauber; Joe O. Ruanaidh; Thierry Pun
Annotation: From Paper Books to the Digital Library BIBAKPDFPDF 131-140
  Catherine C. Marshall

Digital Library Workstyles

The Digital Library Integrated Task Environment (DLITE) BIBAKPDF 142-151
  Steve B. Cousins; Andreas Paepcke; Terry Winograd; Eric A. Bier; Ken Pier
Web-Based Collaborative Library Research BIBAPDF 152-160
  Scott Robertson; Sherif Jitan; Kathy Reese
Understanding Complex Information Environments: A Social Analysis of Watershed Planning BIBAPDF 161-168
  Lisa R. Schiff; Nancy A. Van House; Mark H. Butler

Digital Library Collections

LDC Online: A Digital Library for Linguistic Research and Development BIBAPDF 170-174
  Zhibiao Wu; Mark Liberman
Managing a Digital Library of Legislation BIBAPDF 175-183
  Timothy Arnold-Moore; Philip Anderson; Ron Sacks-Davis


CONTENT: A Practical, Scalable, High-Performance Multimedia Database BIBAPDF 185-192
  Lawrence Yapp; Craig Yamashita; Gregory Zick
TINTIN: A System for Retrieval in Text Tables BIBAPDF 193-200
  Pallavi Pyreddy; W. Bruce Croft

User Communities

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: Reading and Attention in Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 202-211
  David M. Levy
Content + Connectivity => Community: Digital Resources for a Learning Community BIBAPDF 212-220
  Gary Marchionini; Victor Nolet; Hunter Williams; Wei Ding; Josephus, Jr. Beale; Anne Rose; Allison Gordon; Ernestine Enomoto; Lynn Harbinson
Talking in the Library: Implications for the Design of Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 221-228
  Andy Crabtree; Michael B. Twidale; Jon O'Brien; David M. Nichols

Navigation and Browsing

Browsing in Digital Libraries: A Phrase-Based Approach BIBAPDF 230-236
  Craig G. Nevill-Manning; Ian H. Witten; Gordon W. Paynter
Lexical Navigation: Visually Prompted Query Expansion and Refinement BIBAPDF 237-246
  James W. Cooper; Roy J. Byrd
Auto-Adaptive Illustration through Conceptual Evocation BIBAKPDF 247-254
  Michel Crampes


Quantitative Analysis and Visualization Regarding Interactive Learning with a Digital Library in Computer Science BIB 256
  Ghaleb Abdulla; Winfield S. Heagy; Edward A. Fox
GeoScience Self-Organizing Map and Concept Space BIBPDF 257
  Hsinchun Chen; Terry R. Smith; Tobun Dorbin Ng
Internet Browsing and Searching: User Evaluations of Category Map and Concept Space Techniques BIBPDF 257
  Hsinchun Chen; Bruce R. Schatz; Andrea L. Houston; Robin R. Sewell; Tobun Dorbin Ng; Chienting Lin
The Itsy Bitsy Spider BIBPDF 258
  Hsinchun Chen; Bruce R. Schatz; Marshall Ramsey; Y-Ming Chung
Medical Information Retrieval BIBPDF 258
  Hsinchun Chen; Bruce R. Schatz; Susan M. Hubbard; Tamas E. Doszkocs; Andrea L. Houston; Robin R. Sewell; Kristin M. Tolle; Tobun D. Ng
LIBClient: A Tool for Legal Research on the Web BIBPDF 258-259
  Bert J. Dempsey; Robert C. Vreeland
An Information Retrieval Application for Simulated Annealing BIBPDFPDF 259-260
  Bernard J. Jansen
Cognitive Load Effects and Design of Computer Based Instruction BIBPDF 260
  Slava Kalyuga
Packaging Digitized Images for Access from an OPAC BIBPDFPDF 260-261
  Virginia Kerr; Claire Dougherty
Storage Structures in Digital Libraries: JSTOR BIBPDF 261
  Amy J. Kirchhoff; Mark Ratliff
Branch Libraries for Multimedia Repositories BIBPDFPDF 261-262
  Michael Kozuch; Wayne Wolf; Andrew Wolfe; Don McKay
Exporting a BRS/Search Structured Database to an Access Database on a Web Accessible Windows NT Server BIBPDF 262
  Jeffrey Meyer; Charles Cooper; Stephanie Normann
Building Multi-Discipline Digital Libraries BIBPDFPDF 262-263
  Michael L. Nelson; Kurt Maly; Stewart N. T. Shen
Distinguishing the Picture Captions on the World Wide Web BIBPDF 263
  Neil C. Rowe; Brian Frew
On Page Coherence for Dynamic HTML Pages BIBPDFPDF 263-264
  Antonio Si; Hong Va Leong
Neighboring Graphs as Alternative Organizations for Information Retrieval BIBPDF 264
  Fei Song
Bibliographic Integration in Digital Document Libraries BIBPDFPDF 264-265
  Atsuhiro Takasu
Connecting Citizens to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure via Local Libraries BIBPDF 265
  Derek Thompson; Jeffrey Burka; Gary Marchionini
Multilingual Newspaper Clippings Image Database BIBPDF 266
  Susanna S. Y. Tsang


  Edward Galloway
Lexical Navigation System BIB 267
  James Cooper
USIA Digital Library BIB 267
  Cynthia Borys
Accessing Statistical Information Via the Internet BIB 267
  Cathryn Dipp


Digital Libraries in Museums and Galleries BIBA 268
  Joseph A. Busch; Jim Blackaby; Robin Dowden; Joseph Busch; Beth Sandore

D-Lib Panels on Interoperability

NCSTRL: Experience with a Global Digital Library BIB 269
  Carl Lagoze
NDLF: A Shared Architecture for Research Libraries BIB 269
Issues in Metadata BIB 269
  Stuart Weibel
Infobus: Experience in Linking Heterogeneous Systems BIB 269


Thesauri and Metadata BIBA 271
  Joseph A. Busch
Education and Curriculum Development for Multimedia, Hypertext and Information Access: Focus on Digital Libraries and Information Retrieval BIBA 271
  Edward Fox
Collaboration in the Digital Library BIBA 272
  Michael Twidale; David Nichols; Jon O'Brien; Bob Sandusky