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DL'96: Proceedings of the 1st ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:1st ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries
Editors:Edward A. Fox; Gary Marchionini
Location:Bethesda, Maryland
Dates:1996-Mar-20 to 1996-Mar-23
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-830-4; ACM Order Number 606961; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DL96
  1. Keynote Address
  2. Multimedia Digital Libraries
  3. Library and Information Science Perspectives
  4. Human-Computer Interaction: Browsing and Visualization
  5. Keynote Address
  6. Human-Computer Interaction: Images and Spatial Organization
  7. Documents
  8. Information Retrieval
  9. Document Indexing and Analysis
  10. D-Lib Working Session 1A
  11. D-Lib Working Session 1B
  12. D-Lib Working Session 2A
  13. D-Lib Working Session 2B
  14. D-Lib Working Session 3A
  15. D-Lib Working Session 3B
  16. Panels -- Abstracts
  17. Posters
  18. Workshops -- Abstracts

Keynote Address

Interoperability Issues in Digital Libraries BIBPDF 1
  Barry M. Leiner

Multimedia Digital Libraries

Building a Digital Library: The Perseus Project as a Case Study in the Humanities BIBAPDF 3-10
  Gregory Crane
Towards the Digital Music Library: Tune Retrieval from Acoustic Input BIBAKPDF 11-18
  Rodger J. McNab; Lloyd A. Smith; Ian H. Witten; Clare L. Henderson; Sally Jo Cunningham
VISION: A Digital Video Library BIBAKPDF 19-27
  Wei Li; Susan Gauch; John Gauch; Kok Meng Pua

Library and Information Science Perspectives

The Role of Intermediary Services in Emerging Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 29-35
  Allen Brewer; Wei Ding; Karla Hahn; Anita Komlodi
Toward the Bibliographic Control of Works: Derivative Bibliographic Relationships in an Online Union Catalog BIBAPDF 36-43
  Gregory H. Leazer; Richard P. Smiraglia

Human-Computer Interaction: Browsing and Visualization

Graphical Table of Contents BIBAPDF 45-53
  Xia Lin
Visual Relevance Analysis BIBAPDF 54-62
  Mountaz Hascoet-Zizi; Nikos Pediotakis
A Browsing Tool of Multi-Lingual Documents for Users without Multi-Lingual Fonts BIBAPDF 63-71
  Tetsuo Sakaguchi; Akira Maeda; Takehisa Fujita; Shigeo Sugimoto; Koichi Tabata

Keynote Address

How Will We Know When It Is a Library? BIBPDF 72
  Ann S. Okerson

Human-Computer Interaction: Images and Spatial Organization

User Controlled Overviews of an Image Library: A Case Study of the Visible Human BIBAKPDF 74-82
  Chris North; Ben Shneiderman; Catherine Plaisant
A Spatial Approach to Organizing and Locating Digital Libraries and Their Content BIBAKPDF 83-89
  Jason Orendorf; Charles Kacmar


Index Structures for Structured Documents BIBAPDF 91-99
  Yong Kyu Lee; Seong-Joon Yoo; Kyoungro Yoon; P. Bruce Berra
Toward Active, Extensible, Networked Documents: Multivalent Architecture and Applications BIBAPDF 100-108
  Thomas A. Phelps; Robert Wilensky
Physical Objects in the Digital Library BIBAPDF 109-115
  Richard Furuta; Catherine C. Marshall; Frank M., III Shipman; John J. Leggett

Information Retrieval

Natural Language Information Retrieval in Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 117-125
  Tomek Strzalkowski; Jose Perez-Carballo; Mihnea Marinescu
Interactive Term Suggestion for Users of Digital Libraries: Using Subject Thesauri and Co-Occurrence Lists for Information Retrieval BIBAPDF 126-133
  Bruce R. Schatz; Eric H. Johnson; Pauline A. Cochrane; Hsinchun Chen
Information Product Evaluation as Asynchronous Communication in Context: A Model for Organizational Research BIBAPDF 134-142
  Lisa D. Murphy

Document Indexing and Analysis

Text to Hypertext: Can Clustering Solve the Problem in Digital Libraries? BIBAPDF 144-150
  Robert B. Kellogg; Madhan Subhas
Indexing Handwriting Using Word Matching BIBAPDF 151-159
  R. Manmatha; Chengfeng Han; E. M. Riseman; W. B. Croft
Building a Scalable and Accurate Copy Detection Mechanism BIBAPDF 160-168
  Narayanan Shivakumar; Hector Garcia-Molina

D-Lib Working Session 1A

Metadata to Describe Information in Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 170
  Terence R. Smith

D-Lib Working Session 1B

User Needs Assessment and Evaluation BIBAPDF 170
  Nancy A. Van House; David Levy

D-Lib Working Session 2A

Social Aspects of Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 170-171
  Christine L. Borgman

D-Lib Working Session 2B

Repository Interactions BIBAPDF 171
  William L. Scherlis

D-Lib Working Session 3A

Digitization and Conversion BIBAPDF 171-172
  M. Stuart Lynn

D-Lib Working Session 3B

Naming Objects in the Digital Library BIBAPDF 172
  William Y. Arms

Panels -- Abstracts

Agricultural Network Information Center (AgNIC) A Model for Access to Distributed Resources BIBPDF 174
  Richard E. Thompson
Knowledge-Based Biomedical Information Retrieval BIBPDF 175
  Alexa T. McCray


SEPTEMBER -- Secure Electronic Publishing Trial BIBAPDF 177
  Jack Brassil
MITRE Information Discovery System BIBAPDF 177
  Raymond J. D'Amore; Daniel J. Helm; Puck-Fai Yan; Stephen A. Glanowski
Creating a Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library BIBAPDF 177-178
  James R. Davis
The Common Ground Surrounding Access: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives BIBAPDF 178
  Geri Gay; June P. Mead
Digital Libraries and Impacts on Scientific Careers BIBAPDF 178-179
  Richard Giordano
An Object-Oriented Hypermedia System for Structured Documents BIBAPDF 179
  Hyunki Kim; Hakgene Shin; Jaewoo Chang
The Cultural Heritage Information Online Project: Demonstrating Access to Distributed Cultural Heritage Museum Information BIBAPDF 179-180
  William E. Moen; John Perkins
Inverse Mapping in the Handle Management System BIBAPDF 180
  Varna Puvvada; Roy H. Campbell
The Electronic Reserve System at Penn State U. BIBAPDF 180-181
  Joan A. Reyes
Providing Multiple Levels of Difficulty in EarthLab's Digital Library BIBAPDF 181
  Ruth A. Ross; Lois F. Kelso; Gary R. Broughton; Edward J. Hopkins
A Framework for Pricing Services in Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 181
  J. Sairamesh; Y. Yemini; D. F. Ferguson; C. Nikolaou
Establishing Computer-Based Information Services in the School Library BIBAPDF 182
  Mag. Werner Schoggl
MESL Project Description BIBAPDF 182
  J. Trant

Workshops -- Abstracts

The Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines and Their Applications to Building Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 184-185
  Nancy Ide; Judith Klavans
User Needs Assessment and Evaluation: Issues and Methods BIBAPDF 186
  Ann Bishop; Barbara Buttenfield; David Levy; Nancy Van House