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JCDL'07: Proceedings of the 7th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
Note:Building and Sustaining the Digital Environment
Editors:Ray Larson; Edie Rasmussen; Shigeo Sugimoto; Elaine Toms
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dates:2007-Jun-18 to 2007-Jun-23
Standard No:ISBN 978-1-59593-644-8; ACM Order Number 606072; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DL07
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  1. Visualization
  2. Digital curation and preservation
  3. Information extraction 1
  4. Panel 1
  5. Information extraction 2
  6. Social networks
  7. Systems
  8. Educational digital libraries
  9. Information retrieval and extraction 1
  10. Panel 2
  11. Information extraction 3
  12. Models and case studies
  13. Architecture and ontologies
  14. Music digital libraries
  15. User studies and user interfaces
  16. Information retrieval and extraction 2
  17. Large-scale collections
  18. Metadata
  19. Historical digital libraries
  20. Automatic classification
  21. Search behavior and personalization
  22. Posters
  23. Demos


World explorer: visualizing aggregate data from unstructured text in geo-referenced collections BIBAFull-Text 1-10
  Shane Ahern; Mor Naaman; Rahul Nair; Jeannie Hui-I Yang
Categorization and analysis of text in computer mediated communication archives using visualization BIBAFull-Text 11-18
  Ahmed Abbasi; Hsinchun Chen
Delineating the citation impact of scientific discoveries BIBAFull-Text 19-28
  Chaomei Chen; Jian Zhang; Weizhong Zhu; Michael Vogeley

Digital curation and preservation

How to choose a digital preservation strategy: evaluating a preservation planning procedure BIBAFull-Text 29-38
  Stephan Strodl; Christoph Becker; Robert Neumayer; Andreas Rauber
Factors affecting website reconstruction from the web infrastructure BIBAFull-Text 39-48
  Frank McCown; Norou Diawara; Michael L. Nelson
Defining what digital curators do and what they need to know: the DigCCurr project BIBAFull-Text 49-50
  Christopher A. Lee; Helen R. Tibbo; John C. Schaefer
Generating best-effort preservation metadata for web resources at time of dissemination BIBAFull-Text 51-52
  Joan A. Smith; Michael L. Nelson

Information extraction 1

Document clustering using small world communities BIBAFull-Text 53-62
  Brant W. Chee; Bruce Schatz
Efficient summarization-aware search for online news articles BIBAFull-Text 63-72
  Wisam Dakka; Luis Gravano
Integrating data and text mining processes for digital library applications BIBAFull-Text 73-79
  Robert Sanderson; Paul Watry

Panel 1

The OAI-ORE effort: progress, challenges, synergies BIBAFull-Text 80
  Cliff Lynch; Savas Parastatidis; Neil Jacobs; Herbert Van de Sompel; Carl Lagoze

Information extraction 2

SlideSeer: a digital library of aligned document and presentation pairs BIBAFull-Text 81-90
  Min-Yen Kan
TableSeer: automatic table metadata extraction and searching in digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 91-100
  Ying Liu; Kun Bai; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles
CiteSearch: next-generation citation analysis BIBAFull-Text 101-102
  Kiduk Yang; Lokman Meho
Retrieval effectiveness of table of contents and subject headings BIBAFull-Text 103-104
  Youngok Choi; Ingrid Hsieh-Yee; Bill Kules
Mining a digital library for influential authors BIBAFull-Text 105-106
  David Mimno; Andrew McCallum

Social networks

Can social bookmarking enhance search in the web? BIBAFull-Text 107-116
  Yusuke Yanbe; Adam Jatowt; Satoshi Nakamura; Katsumi Tanaka
Task-based interaction with an integrated multilingual, multimedia information system: a formative evaluation BIBAFull-Text 117-126
  Pengyi Zhang; Lynne Plettenberg; Judith L. Klavans; Douglas W. Oard; Dagobert Soergel
Modeling personal and social network context for event annotation in images BIBAFull-Text 127-134
  Bageshree Shevade; Hari Sundaram; Lexing Xie
Longitudinal study of changes in blogs BIBAFull-Text 135-136
  Paul Logasa, II Bogen; Luis Francisco-Revilla; Richard Furuta; Takeisha Hubbard; Unmil P. Karadkar; Frank Shipman


SearchGen: a synthetic workload generator for scientific literature digital libraries and search engines BIBAFull-Text 137-146
  Huajing Li; Wang-Chien Lee; Anand Sivasubramaniam; Lee Giles
A retrospective look at Greenstone: lessons from the first decade BIBAFull-Text 147-156
  Ian H. Witten; David Bainbridge
A unified platform for archival description and access BIBAFull-Text 157-166
  Christopher J. Prom; Christopher A. Rishel; Scott W. Schwartz; Kyle J. Fox

Educational digital libraries

Children's interests and concerns when using the international children's digital library: a four-country case study BIBAFull-Text 167-176
  Allison Druin; Ann Weeks; Sheri Massey; Benjamin B. Bederson
Digital library education in computer science programs BIBAFull-Text 177-178
  Jeffrey Pomerantz; Sanghee Oh; Barbara M. Wildemuth; Seungwon Yang; Edward A. Fox
A study of how online learning resource are used BIBAFull-Text 179-180
  Mimi Recker; Sarah Giersch; Andrew Walker; Sam Halioris; Xin Mao; Bart Palmer
Standards or semantics for curriculum search? BIBAFull-Text 181-182
  Byron B. Marshall; René F. Reitsma; Martha N. Cyr
Information behavior of small groups: implications for design of digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 183-184
  Nan Zhou; Gerry Stahl

Information retrieval and extraction 1

Adaptive sorted neighborhood methods for efficient record linkage BIBAFull-Text 185-194
  Su Yan; Dongwon Lee; Min-Yen Kan; Lee C. Giles
Distributed web search efficiency by truncating results BIBAFull-Text 195-203
  Christopher T. Fallen; Gregory B. Newby
Adaptive graphical approach to entity resolution BIBAFull-Text 204-213
  Zhaoqi Chen; Dmitri V. Kalashnikov; Sharad Mehrotra

Panel 2

Cyberinfrastructure for the humanities and social sciences: advancing the humanities research agenda BIBAFull-Text 214
  Joyce Ray; Clifford Lynch; Brett Bobley; Gregory Crane; Steven Wheatley

Information extraction 3

FLUX-CIM: flexible unsupervised extraction of citation metadata BIBAFull-Text 215-224
  Eli Cortez; Altigran S. da Silva; Marcos André Gonçalves; Filipe Mesquita; Edleno S. de Moura
Measuring conference quality by mining program committee characteristics BIBAFull-Text 225-234
  Ziming Zhuang; Ergin Elmacioglu; Dongwon Lee; C. Lee Giles
Toward alternative measures for ranking venues: a case of database research community BIBAFull-Text 235-244
  Su Yan; Dongwon Lee

Models and case studies

A model for inclusive design of digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 245-246
  Sambhavi Chandrashekar; Nadia Caidi
Representing aggregate works in the digital library BIBAFull-Text 247-256
  George Buchanan; Jeremy Gow; Ann Blandford; Jon Rimmer; Claire Warwick
StoryBank: an indian village community digital library BIBAFull-Text 257-258
  Matt Jones; Will Harwood; George Buchanan; Mounia Lalmas
The gray lady gets a new dress: a field study of the times news reader BIBAFull-Text 259-268
  Catherine C. Marshall

Architecture and ontologies

Drowning in data: digital library architecture to support scientific use of embedded sensor networks BIBAFull-Text 269-277
  Christine L. Borgman; Jillian C. Wallis; Matthew S. Mayernik; Alberto Pepe
A practical ontology for the large-scale modeling of scholarly artifacts and their usage BIBAFull-Text 278-287
  Marko A. Rodriguez; Johan Bollen; Herbert Van de Sompel
A dynamic ontology for a dynamic reference work BIBAFull-Text 288-297
  Mathias Niepert; Cameron Buckner; Colin Allen

Music digital libraries

Preparing resource discovery for digitized music: an analysis of an australian application BIBAFull-Text 298-302
  Jennifer A. Thomas; Michael R. Middleton; Margaret Warren
Goal-directed evaluation for the improvement of optical music recognition on early music prints BIBAFull-Text 303-304
  Laurent Pugin; John Ashley Burgoyne; Ichiro Fujinaga
Annotation functionality for digital libraries supporting collaborative performance: an example of musical scores BIBAFull-Text 305-306
  Megan Winget
Toward an understanding of similarity judgments for music digital library evaluation BIBAFull-Text 307-308
  J. Stephen Downie; Jin Ha Lee; Anatoliy A. Gruzd; M. Cameron Jones

User studies and user interfaces

Agreeing to disagree: search engines and their public interfaces BIBAFull-Text 309-318
  Frank McCown; Michael L. Nelson
Static reformulation: a user study of static hypertext for query-based reformulation BIBAFull-Text 319-328
  Michael Huggett; Joel Lanir
A rich OPAC user interface with AJAX BIBAFull-Text 329-330
  Jesse Prabawa Gozali; Min-Yen Kan
Constructing digital library interfaces BIBAFull-Text 331-332
  David M. Nichols; David Bainbridge; Michael B. Twidale

Information retrieval and extraction 2

Retrieval in text collections with historic spelling using linguistic and spelling variants BIBAFull-Text 333-341
  Andrea Ernst-Gerlach; Norbert Fuhr
Efficient topic-based unsupervised name disambiguation BIBAFull-Text 342-351
  Yang Song; Jian Huang; Isaac G. Councill; Jia Li; C. Lee Giles
Using bilingual ETD collections to mine phrase translations BIBAFull-Text 352-353
  Ryan Richardson; Edward A. Fox
Evaluation of kernel-based link analysis measures on research paper recommendation BIBAFull-Text 354-355
  Masashi Shimbo; Takahiko Ito; Yuji Matsumoto

Large-scale collections

A new generation of textual corpora: mining corpora from very large collections BIBAFull-Text 356-365
  Gordon Stewart; Gregory Crane; Alison Babeu
Subject metadata enrichment using statistical topic models BIBAFull-Text 366-375
  David Newman; Kat Hagedorn; Chaitanya Chemudugunta; Padhraic Smyth
Organizing the OCA: learning faceted subjects from a library of digital books BIBAFull-Text 376-385
  David Mimno; Andrew McCallum


Trends in metadata practices: a longitudinal study of collection federation BIBAFull-Text 386-395
  Carole L. Palmer; Oksana L. Zavalina; Megan Mustafoff
Induced tagging: promoting resource discovery and recommendation in digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 396-397
  J. Alfredo Sánchez; Adriana Arzamendi-Pétriz; Omar Valdiviezo
Standards alignment for metadata assignment BIBAFull-Text 398-399
  Anne R. Diekema; Ozgur Yilmazel; Jennifer Bailey; Sarah C. Harwell; Elizabeth D. Liddy
Identifying personal photo digital library features BIBAFull-Text 400-401
  Sally Jo Cunningham; Masood Masoodian

Historical digital libraries

Locating thematic pinpoints in narrative texts with short phrases: a test study on Don Quixote BIBAFull-Text 402-410
  Jie Deng; Richard Furuta; Eduardo Urbina
Digital Donne: workflow, editing tools, and the reader.s interface of a collection of 17th-century english poetry BIBAFull-Text 411-412
  Carlos Monroy; Richard Furuta; Gary Stringer
A multilingual approach to technical manuscripts: 16th and 17th-century Portuguese shipbuilding treatises BIBAFull-Text 413-414
  Carlos Monroy; Richard Furuta; Filipe Castro
First class objects and indexes for chant manuscripts BIBAFull-Text 415-416
  Louis W. G. Barton; Peter G. Jeavons; John A. Caldwell; Koon Shan Barry Ng
Recommending related papers based on digital library access records BIBAFull-Text 417-418
  Stefan Pohl; Filip Radlinski; Thorsten Joachims

Automatic classification

Automatic patent classification using citation network information: an experimental study in nanotechnology BIBAFull-Text 419-427
  Xin Li; Hsinchun Chen; Zhu Zhang; Jiexun Li
Collaborative classifier agents: studying the impact of learning in distributed document classification BIBAFull-Text 428-437
  Weimao Ke; Javed Mostafa; Yueyu Fu
UpdateNews: a news clustering and summarization system using efficient text processing BIBAFull-Text 438-439
  Takaharu Takeda; Atsuhiro Takasu
Automatic syllabus classification BIBAFull-Text 440-441
  Xiaoyan Yu; Manas Tungare; Weiguo Fan; Manuel Perez-Quinones; Edward A. Fox; William Cameron; GuoFang Teng; Lillian Cassel

Search behavior and personalization

Effects of structure and interaction style on distinct search tasks BIBAFull-Text 442-451
  Robert Capra; Gary Marchionini; Jung Sun Oh; Fred Stutzman; Yan Zhang
Towards automatic conceptual personalization tools BIBAFull-Text 452-461
  Faisal Ahmad; Sebastian de la Chica; Kirsten Butcher; Tamara Sumner; James H. Martin
Mobile G-Portal supporting collaborative sharing and learning in geography fieldwork: an empirical study BIBAFull-Text 462-471
  Yin-Leng Theng; Kuah-Li Tan; Ee-Peng Lim; Jun Zhang; Dion Hoe-Lian Goh; Kalyani Chatterjea; Chew Hung Chang; Aixin Sun; Han Yu; Nam Hai Dang; Yuanyuan Li; Minh Chanh Vo


Highly structured scientific publications BIBAFull-Text 472
  Robert B. Allen
Cooperative collection building in NSDL MatDL pathway through IVIa data fountains BIBAFull-Text 473
  Laura M. Bartolo; Cathy S. Lowe; Johannes Ruscheinski; Diane Bisom
MESUR: usage-based metrics of scholarly impact BIBKFull-Text 474
  Johan Bollen; Marko A. Rodriguez; Herbert Van de Sompel
A publisher of last resort: enduring document access BIBAFull-Text 475
  George Buchanan
Educational application integration with digital repository BIBAFull-Text 476
  Robert Chavez; Anoop Kumar; Nikolai Schwertner
Blogger perceptions on digital preservation BIBAFull-Text 477
  Carolyn Hank; Songphan Choemprayong; Laura Sheble
Evolution of a data archive BIBKFull-Text 478
  Jonathan D. Crabtree; David Sheaves
Examining perception of digital information space BIBAFull-Text 479
  John A. D'Ignazio; Joseph D. Ryan; Sarah C. Harwell; Anne R. Diekema; Elizabeth D. Liddy
Tagging video: conventions and strategies of the YouTube community BIBAFull-Text 480
  Gary Geisler; Sam Burns
DRIADE: a data repository for evolutionary biology BIBAFull-Text 481
  Jed Dube; Sarah Carrier; Jane Greenberg
AlouetteCanada metadata toolkit BIBAKFull-Text 482
  Mark Jordan
Building a digital library of traditional mongolian historical documents BIBAFull-Text 483
  Garmaabazar Khaltarkhuu; Akira Maeda
Evaluating digital libraries with webmetrics BIBAFull-Text 484
  Michael Khoo; Robert A. Donahue
Tagging for health information organisation and retrieval BIBKFull-Text 485
  Margaret E. I. Kipp
Augmenting OAI-PMH repository holdings using search engine APIs BIBAFull-Text 486
  Martin Klein; Michael L. Nelson; Juliet Z. Pao
The cyberinfrastructure for scholars project: componentized architecture for sustainable scholarly portals BIBKFull-Text 487
  Aaron Krowne; Stacey Martin; Urvashi Gadi; Micah Wedemeyer; Martin Halbert
Social bookmarking in digital library systems: framework and case study BIBFull-Text 488
  Fiftarina Puspitasari; Ee-Peng Lim; Dion Hoe-Lian Goh; Chew-Hung Chang; Jun Zhang; Aixin Sun; Yin-Leng Theng; Kalyani Chatterjea; Yuanyuan Li
Automated collection strength analysis BIBAFull-Text 489
  Clare Lllewellyn; Robert Sanderson; Brian Rea
Digital library education: some international course structure comparisons BIBAFull-Text 490
  Yongqing Ma; Ann O'Brien; Warwick Clegg
PIM through a 5S perspective BIBKFull-Text 491
  Yi Ma; Edward A. Fox; Marcos A. Gonçalves
Use vs. access: design and use in educational digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 492
  Flora McMartin; Brandon Muramatsu
What do faculty need and want from digital libraries? BIBAFull-Text 493
  Flora P. McMartin; Alan Wolf; Ellen Iverson; Cathrynn Manduca; Glenda Morgan; Joshua Morrill
Building cross-browser interfaces for digital libraries with scalable vector graphics (SVG) BIBAFull-Text 494
  Francis Molina; Brian Sweeney; Ted Willard; André Winter
Understanding target users of a digital reference library BIBAFull-Text 495
  Daniela K. Rosner; John Mark Josling; Andrea Moed; Elisa Oreglia
Capturing relevant information for digital curation BIBKFull-Text 496
  Chirag Shah; Gary Marchionini
Merging the Norwegian gazetteer with the ADL gazetteer BIBAFull-Text 497
  Øyvind Vestavik; Ingeborg T. Sølvberg
Information system media education (ISM): cooperating for media literacy BIBKFull-Text 498
  Heike vom Orde
Digitizing & providing access to contextual cultural materials: the liner notes digitization project BIBAFull-Text 499
  Megan Winget
Use of online digital learning materials and digital libraries: comparison by discipline BIBAFull-Text 500
  Alan J. Wolf; Ellen R. Iverson; Cathryn Manduca; Flora McMartin; Glenda Morgan; Joshua Morrill


XML as the articulation between information retrieval and multimedia in a musical heritage dissemination BIBAFull-Text 501
  Rodolphe Bailly
Lightweight realistic books: the greenstone connection BIBKFull-Text 502
  Veronica Liesaputra; Ian H. Witten; David Bainbridge
Rapid document navigation for information triage support BIBAFull-Text 503
  George Buchanan
Fluid interaction for the document in context BIBAFull-Text 504
  Pierre Cubaud; Jérôme Dupire; Alexandre Topol
Demonstrating the semantic growbag: automatically creating topic facets for facetedDBLP BIBAFull-Text 505
  Jörg Diederich; Wolf-Tilo Balke; Uwe Thaden
The David L. Bassett stereoscopic atlas of human anatomy: developing a specialized collection within the stanford mediaserver digital library BIBAFull-Text 506
  Jeremy C. Durack; Amy L. Ladd; Shyh-Yuan Kung; Margaret Krebs; Robert A. Chase; Parvati Dev
Evalutron 6000: collecting music relevance judgments BIBKFull-Text 507
  Anatoliy A. Gruzd; J. Stephen Downie; M. Cameron Jones; Jin Ha Lee
VCenter: a digital video management system with mobile search service BIBAFull-Text 508
  Jen-Hao Hsiao; Yu-Zheng Wang
Creativity support: the mixed-initiative composition space BIBAFull-Text 509
  Andruid Kerne; Eunyee Koh
Visual understanding environment BIBAFull-Text 510
  Anoop Kumar
Mobile digital libraries for geography education BIBFull-Text 511
  Minh-Chanh Vo; Fiftarina Puspitasari; Ee-Peng Lim; Chew-Hung Chang; Yin-Leng Theng; Dion Hoe-Lian Goh; Kalyani Chatterjea; Jun Zhang; Aixin Sun; Yuanyuan Li
The internet public library: an online learning laboratory for digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 512
  Lorri Mon; Larry Dennis; Kyunghye Kim
5SQual: a quality assessment tool for digital libraries BIBKFull-Text 513
  Bárbara Lagoeiro Moreira; Marcos André Gonçalves; Alberto Henrique Frade Laender; Edward A. Fox
ContextMiner: a tool for digital library curators BIBKFull-Text 514
  Chirag Shah; Gary Marchionini
From kinescope to rich media: 50 years (ago) with Mike Wallace BIBAFull-Text 515
  Quinn Stewart; Grete Pasch; Rodrigo Arias