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JCDL'01: Proceedings of the 1st ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
Location:Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Dates:2001-Jun-24 to 2001-Jun-28
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-456-6; ACM Order Number 606012; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DL01
  1. Methods for Classifying & Organizing Content in Digital Libraries
  2. Digital Libraries for Education: Technology, Services, & User Studies
  3. Panel
  4. Approaches to Interoperability Among Digital Libraries
  5. Digital Libraries and the Web: Technology and Trust
  6. Panel
  7. Tools for Constructing and Using Digital Libraries
  8. Systems Design and Evaluation for Undergraduate Learning Environments
  9. Panel
  10. Studying the Users of Digital Libraries: Formative and Summative Evaluations
  11. Digital Library Collections: Policies and Practices
  12. Panel
  13. Studying the Users of Digital Libraries: Qualitative Approaches
  14. Techniques for Managing Distributed Collections
  15. Panel
  16. The Sound of Digital Libraries: Audio, Music, and Speech
  17. Information Search and Retrieval in Digital Libraries
  18. Panel
  19. Digital Video Libraries: Design and Access
  20. Systems Design and Architecture for Digital Libraries
  21. Panel
  22. Digital Preservation: Technology, Economics, and Policy
  23. Scholarly Communication and Digital Libraries
  24. Panel
  25. Designing Digital Libraries for Education: Technology, Services and User Studies
  26. Applications of Digital Libraries in the Humanities
  27. Panel
  28. Demonstrations
  29. Posters
  30. Tutorials
  31. Workshops

Methods for Classifying & Organizing Content in Digital Libraries

Integrating Automatic Genre Analysis into Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 1-10
  Andreas Rauber; Alexander Muller-Kogler
Text Categorization for Multi-Page Documents: A Hybrid Naive Bayes HMM Approach BIBAKPDF 11-20
  Paolo Frasconi; Giovanni Soda; Alessandro Vullo
Automated Name Authority Control BIBAKPDF 21-22
  James W. Warner; Elizabeth W. Brown
Automatic Event Generation from Multi-Lingual News Stories BIBAKPDF 23-24
  Kin Hui; Wai Lam; Helen M. Meng

Digital Libraries for Education: Technology, Services, & User Studies

Linked Active Content: A Service for Digital Libraries for Education BIBAKPDF 25-32
  David Yaron; D. Jeff Milton; Rebecca Freeland
A Component Repository for Learning Objects: A Progress Report BIBAKPDF 33-40
  Jean R. Laleuf; Anne Morgan Spalter
Designing E-Books for Legal Research BIBAKPDF 41-48
  Catherine C. Marshall; Morgan N. Price; Gene Golovchinsky; Bill N. Schilit


The Open Archives Initiative: Perspectives on Metadata Harvesting BIBAPDF 49
  James B. Lloyd; Tim Cole; Donald Waters; Caroline Arms; Simeon Warner; Jeffrey Young

Approaches to Interoperability Among Digital Libraries

Mapping the Interoperability Landscape for Networked Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 50-51
  William E. Moen
Distributed Resource Discovery: Using Z39.50 to Build Cross-Domain Information Servers BIBAKPDF 52-53
  Ray R. Larson
The Open Archives Initiative: Building a Low-Barrier Interoperability Framework BIBAKPDF 54-62
  Carl Lagoze; Herbert Van de Sompel
Enforcing Interoperability with the Open Archives Initiative Repository Explorer BIBAKPDF 63-64
  Hussein Suleman
Arc: An OAI Service Provider for Cross-Archive Searching BIBAKPDF 65-66
  Xiaoming Liu; Kurt Maly; Mohammad Zubair; Michael L. Nelson

Digital Libraries and the Web: Technology and Trust

Managing Change on the Web BIBAKPDF 67-76
  Luis Francisco-Revilla; Frank Shipman; Richard Furuta; Unmil Karadkar; Avital Arora
Measuring the Reputation of Web Sites: A Preliminary Exploration BIBAKPDF 77-78
  Greg Keast; Elaine G. Toms; Joan Cherry
Personalized Spiders for Web Search and Analysis BIBAKPDF 79-87
  Michael Chau; Daniel Zeng; Hsinchun Chen
Salticus: Guided Crawling for Personal Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 88-89
  Robin Burke


Different Cultures Meet: Lessons Learned in Global Digital Library Development BIBAPDF 90-93
  Ching Chen; Wen Gao; Hsueh-hua Chen; Li-Zhu Zhou; Von-Wun Soo

Tools for Constructing and Using Digital Libraries

Power to the People: End-User Building of Digital Library Collections BIBAPDF 94-103
  Ian H. Witten; David Bainbridge; Stefan J. Boddie
Web-Based Scholarship: Annotating the Digital Library BIBAKPDF 104-105
  Bruce Rosenstock; Michael Gertz
A Multi-View Intelligent Editor for Digital Video Libraries BIBAKPDF 106-115
  Brad A. Myers; Juan P. Casares; Scott Stevens; Laura Dabbish; Dan Yocum; Albert Corbett
VideoGraph: A New Tool for Video Mining and Classification BIBAPDF 116-117
  Jia-Yu Pan; Christos Faloutsos

Systems Design and Evaluation for Undergraduate Learning Environments

The Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype BIBAPDF 118-119
  Terence R. Smith; Greg Janee; James Frew; Anita Coleman
Iscapes: Digital Libraries Environments for the Promotion of Scientific Thinking by Undergraduates in Geography BIBAKPDF 120-121
  Anne J. Gilliland-Swetland; Gregory L. Leazer
Project ANGEL: An Open Virtual Learning Environment with Sophisticated Access Management BIBAKPDF 122-123
  John MacColl
NBDL: A CIS Framework for NSDL BIBAKPDF 124-125
  Joe Futrelle; Su-Shing Chen; Kevin C. Chang
Automatic Identification and Organization of Index Terms for Interactive Browsing BIBAKPDF 126-134
  Nina Wacholder; Dvid K. Evans; Judith L. Klavans


Digital Library Collaborations in a World Community BIBAPDF 135
  David Fulker; Sharon Dawes; Leonid Kalinichenko; Tamara Sumner; Constantino Thanos; Alex Ushakov

Studying the Users of Digital Libraries: Formative and Summative Evaluations

Public Use of Digital Community Information Systems: Findings from A Recent Study with Implications for System Design BIBAKPDF 136-143
  Karen E. Pettigrew; Joan C. Durrance
Evaluating the Distributed National Electronic Resource BIBAKPDF 144-145
  Peter Brophy; Shelagh Fisher
Collaborative Design with Use Case Scenarios BIBAKPDF 146-147
  Lynne Davis; Melissa Dawe
Human Evaluation of Kea, An Automatic Keyphrasing System BIBAKPDF 148-156
  Steve Jones; Gordon W. Paynter

Digital Library Collections: Policies and Practices

Community Design of DLESE's Collections Review Policy: A Technological Frames Analysis BIBAKPDF 157-164
  Michael Khoo
Legal Deposit of Digital Publications: A Review of Research and Development Activity BIBAKPDF 165-173
  Adrienne Muir
Comprehensive Access to Printed Materials (CAPM) BIBAKPDF 174-175
  G. Sayeed Choudhury; Mark Lorie; Erin Fitzpatrick; Ben Hobbs; Greg Chirikjian; Allison Okamura; Nicholas E. Flores
Technology and Values: Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe BIBAKPDF 176-177
  Nadia Caidi


A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress: Discussion of the LC21 Report and the Role of the Digital Library Community BIBAPDF 178
  Alan Inouye; Margaret Hedstrom; Dale Flecker; David Levy

Studying the Users of Digital Libraries: Qualitative Approaches

Use of Multiple Digital Libraries: A Case Study BIBAKPDF 179-188
  Ann Blandford; Hanna Stelmaszewska; Nick Bryan-Kinns
An Ethnographic Study of Technical Support Workers: Why We Didn't Build a Tech Support Digital Library BIBAKPDF 189-198
  Sally Jo Cunningham; Chris Knowles; Nina Reeves
Developing Recommendation Services for a Digital Library with Uncertain and Changing Data BIBAKPDF 199-200
  Gary Geisler; David McArthur; Sarah Giersch
Evaluation of DEFINDER: A System to Mine Definitions from Consumer-Oriented Medical Text BIBAKPDF 201-202
  Judith L. Klavans; Smaranda Muresan

Techniques for Managing Distributed Collections

Overview of the Virtual Data Center Project and Software BIBAKPDF 203-204
  Micah Altman; L. Andreev; M. Diggory; G. King; E. Kolster; A. Sone; S. Verba; Daniel Kiskis; M. Krot
Digital Libraries and Data Scholarship BIBAKPDF 205-206
  Bruce R. Barkstrom
SDLIP + STARTS = SDARTS A Protocol and Toolkit for Metasearching BIBAKPDF 207-214
  Noah Green; Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis; Luis Gravano
Database Selection for Processing k Nearest Neighbors Queries in Distributed Environments BIBAKPDF 215-222
  Clement Yu; Prasoon Sharma; Weiyi Meng; Yan Qin


The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee's February 2001 Digital Library Report and its Impact BIBAKPDF 223-225
  Sally E. Howe; David C. Nagel; Ching-chih Chen; Stephen M. Griffin; James Lightbourne; Walter L. Warnick

The Sound of Digital Libraries: Audio, Music, and Speech

Building Searchable Collections of Enterprise Speech Data BIBAKPDF 226-234
  James W. Cooper; Mahesh Viswanathan; Donna Byron; Margaret Chan
Transcript-Free Search of Audio Archives for the National Gallery of the Spoken Word BIBAKPDF 235-236
  John H. L. Hansen; J. R. Deller; Michael S. Seadle
Audio Watermarking Techniques for the National Gallery of the Spoken Word BIBAPDF 237-238
  J. R. Deller; Aparna Gurijala; Michael S. Seadle
Music-Notation Searching and Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 239-246
  Donald Byrd
Feature Selection for Automatic Classification of Musical Instrument Sounds BIBAKPDF 247-248
  Mingchun Liu; Chunru Wan
Adding Content-Based Searching to a Traditional Music Library Catalogue Server BIBAKPDF 249-250
  Matthew J. Dovey

Information Search and Retrieval in Digital Libraries

Locating Question Difficulty through Explorations in Question Space BIBAKPDF 251-252
  Terry Sullivan
Browsing by Phrases: Terminological Information in Interactive Multilingual Text Retrieval BIBAKPDF 253-254
  Anselmo Penas; Julio Gonzalo; Felisa Verdejo
Approximate Ad-Hoc Query Engine for Simulation Data BIBAKPDF 255-256
  Ghaleb Abdulla; Chuck Baldwin; Terence Critchlow; Roy Kamimura; Ida Lozares; Ron Musick; Nu Ai Tang; Byung S. Lee; Robert Snapp
Extracting Taxonomic Relationships from On-Line Definitional Sources using LEXING BIBAKPDF 257-258
  Judith Klavans; Brian Whitman
Hierarchical Indexing and Document Matching in BoW BIBAPDF 259-267
  Maayan Geffet; Dror G. Feitelson
Scalable Integrated Region-Based Image Retrieval using IRM and Statistical Clustering BIBAKPDF 268-277
  James Z. Wang; Yanping Du


The National SMETE Digital Library Program BIBAKPDF 278-281
  Brandon Muramatsu; Cathryn A. Manduca; Marcia Mardis; James H. Lightbourne; Flora P. McMartin

Digital Video Libraries: Design and Access

Cumulating and Sharing End Users Knowledge to Improve Video Indexing in a Video Digital Library BIBAKPDF 282-289
  Marc Nanard; Jocelyne Nanard
XSLT for Tailored Access to a Digtal Video Library BIBAKPDF 290-299
  Michael G. Christel; Bryan Maher; Andrew Begun
Design of a Digital Library for Human Movement BIBAKPDF 300-309
  Jezekiel Ben-Arie; Purvin Pandit; ShyamSundar Rajaram
A Bucket Architecture for the Open Video Project BIBAKPDF 310-311
  Michael L. Nelson; Gary Marchionini; Gary Geisler; Meng Yang
The Fischlar Digital Video System: A Digital Library of Broadcast TV Programmes BIBAPDF 312-313
  A. F. Smeaton; N. Murphy; N. E. O'Connor; S. Marlow; H. Lee; K. McDonald; P. Browne; J. Ye

Systems Design and Architecture for Digital Libraries

Design Principles for the Information Architecture of a SMET Education Digital Library BIBAKPDF 314-321
  Andy Dong; Alice M. Agogino
Toward a Model of Self-Administering Data BIBAKPDF 322-330
  ByungHoon Kang; Robert Wilensky
PERSIVAL, A System for Personalized Search and Summarization over Multimedia Healthcare Information BIBAKPDF 331-340
  Kathleen R. McKeown; Shih-Fu Chang; James Cimino; Steven Feiner; Carol Friedman; Luis Gravano; Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou; Steven Johnson; Desmond A. Jordan; Judith L. Klavans; Andre Kushniruk; Vimla Patel; Simone Teufel
An Approach to Search for the Digital Library BIBAKPDF 341-342
  Elaine G. Toms; Joan C. Bartlett
TilePic: A File Format for Tiled Hierarchical Data BIBAPDF 343-344
  Jeff Anderson-Lee; Robert Wilensky


High Tech or High Touch: Automation and Human Mediation in Libraries BIBAPDF 345
  David Levy; William Arms; Oren Etzioni; Diane Nester; Barbara Tillett

Digital Preservation: Technology, Economics, and Policy

Long Term Preservation of Digital Information BIBAKPDF 346-352
  Raymond A. Lorie
Creating Trading Networks of Digital Archives BIBAKPDF 353-362
  Brian Cooper; Hector Garcia
Cost-Driven Design for Archival Repositories BIBAPDF 363-372
  Arturo Crespo; Hector Garcia-Molina

Scholarly Communication and Digital Libraries

Hermes: A Notification Service for Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 373-380
  D. Faensen; L. Faultstich; H. Schweppe; A. Hinze; A. Steidinger
An Algorithm for Automated Rating of Reviewers BIBAPDF 381-387
  Tracy Riggs; Robert Wilensky
HeinOnline: An Online Archive of Law Journals BIBAKPDF 388-394
  Richard J. Marisa


Digital Libraries Supporting Digital Government BIBAPDF 395-397
  Gary Marchionini; Anne Craig; Larry Brandt; Judith Klavans; Hsinchun Chen

Designing Digital Libraries for Education: Technology, Services and User Studies

Designing a Digital Library for Young Children BIBAKPDF 398-405
  Allison Druin; Benjamin B. Bederson; Juan Pablo Hourcade; Lisa Sherman; Glenda Revelle; Michele Platner; Stacy Weng
Dynamic Digital Libraries for Children BIBAKPDF 406-415
  Yin Leng Theng; Norliza Mohd-Nasir; George Buchanan; Bob Fields; Harold Thimbleby; Noel Cassidy
Looking at Digital Library Usability from a Reuse Perspective BIBAKPDF 416-425
  Tamara Sumner; Melissa Dawe

Applications of Digital Libraries in the Humanities

Building a Hypertextual Digital Library in the Humanities: A Case Study on London BIBAKPDF 426-434
  Gregory Crane; David A. Smith; Clifford E. Wulfman
Document Quality Indicators and Corpus Editions BIBAKPDF 435-436
  Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox; Anne Mahoney; Gregory R. Crane
The Digital Atheneum: New Approaches for Preserving, Restoring and Analyzing Damaged Manuscripts BIBAKPDF 437-443
  Michael S. Brown; W. Brent
Towards an Electronic Variorum Edition of Don Quixote BIBAKPDF 444-445
  Richard Furuta; Shueh-Cheng Hu; Siddarth Kalasapur; Rajiv Kochumman; Eduardo Urbina; Ricardo Vivancos


Digital Music Libraries -- Research and Development BIBAPDF 446-448
  David Bainbridge; Gerry Bernbom; Mary Wallace; Andrew P. Dillon; Matthew Dovey; Jon W. Dunn; Michael Fingerhut; Ichiro Fujinaga; Eric J. Isaacson


Content Management for Digital Museum Exhibitions BIBAKPDF 450
  Jen-Shin Hong; Bai-Hsuen Chen; Jieh Hsiang; Tien-Yu Hsu
Demonstration of Hierarchical Document Clustering of Digital Library Retrieval Results BIBAKPDF 451
  C. R. Palmer; J. Pesenti; R. E. Valdes-Perez; M. G. Christel; A. G. Hauptmann; D. Ng; H. D. Wactlar
Indiana University Digital Music Library Project BIBAKPDF 452
  Jon W. Dunn; Eric J. Isaacson
Interactive Visualization of Video Metadata BIBAKPDF 453
  Mark Derthick
PERSIVAL Demo: Categorizing Hidden-Web Resources BIBPDF 454
  Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis; Luis Gravano; Mehran Sahami
PERSIVAL: Personalized Summarization Over Multimedia Health-Care Information BIBAPDF 455
  Noemie Elhadad; Min-Yen Kan; Simon Lok; Smaranda Muresan
View Segmentation and Static/Dynamic Summary Generation for Echocardiogram Videos BIBAPDF 456
  Shahram Ebadollahi; Shih-Fu Chang
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: A Dynamic Reference Work BIBAPDF 457
  Edward N. Zalta; Colin Allen; Uri Nodelman
A System for Adding Content-Based Searching to a Traditional Music Library Catalogue Server BIBAPDF 458
  Matthew J. Dovey
Using the Repository Explorer to Achieve OAI Protocol Compliance BIBAPDF 459
  Hussein Suleman


An Atmospheric Visualization Collection for the NSDL BIBAKPDF 463
  Christopher Klaus; Keith Andrew
Breaking the Metadata Generation Bottleneck: Preliminary Findings BIBAPDF 464
  Elizabeth D. Liddy; Stuart Sutton; Woojin Paik; Eileen Allen; Sarah Harwell; Michelle Monsour; Anne Turner; Jennifer Liddy
Building the Physical Sciences Information Infrastructure, A Phased Approach BIBAKPDF 465
  Judy C. Gilmore; Valerie S. Allen
Development of an Earth Environmental Digital Library System for Soil and Land-Atmospheric Data BIBAKPDF 466
  Eiji Ikoma; Taikan Oki; Masaru Kitsuregawa
Digital Facsimile Editions and On-Line Editing BIBAPDF 467
  Harry Plantinga
DSpace at MIT: Meeting the Challenges BIBAKPDF 468
  Michael J. Bass; Margret Branschofsky
Exploiting Image Semantics for Picture Libraries BIBAKPDF 469
  Kobus Barnard; David Forsyth
Feature Extraction for Content-Based Image Retrieval in DARWIN BIBPDF 470
  K. R. Debure; A. S. Russell
Guided Linking: Efficiently Making Image-to-Transcript Correspondence BIBAKPDF 471
  Cheng Jiun Yuan; W. Brent Seales
Integrating Digital Libraries by CORBA, XML and Servlet BIBAPDF 472
  Wing Hang Cheung; Michael R. Lyu; Kam Wing Ng
A National Digital Library for Undergraduate Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation and Professional Development BIBAKPDF 473
  Kimberly S. Roempler
Print to Electronic: Measuring the Operational and Economic Implications of an Electronic Journal Collection BIBAKPDF 474
  Carol Hansen Montgomery; Linda S. Marion
Turbo Recognition: Decoding Page Layout BIBPDF 475
  Taku A. Tokuyasu
Using Markov Models and Innovation-Diffusion as a Tool for Predicting Digital Library Access and Distribution BIBAKPDF 476
  Bruce R. Barkstrom
A Versatile Facsimile and Transcription Service for Manuscripts and Rare Old Books at the Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library BIBAPDF 477
  Alejandro Bia
The Virtual Naval Hospital: The Digital Library as Knowledge Management Tool for Nomadic Patrons BIBAKPDF 478
  Michael P. D'Alessandro; Richard S. Bakalar; Donna M. D'Alessandro; Denis E. Ashley; Mary J. C. Hendrix


Tutorial 1: Practical Digital Libraries Overview BIBPDF 479
  Edward A. Fox
Tutorial 2: Evaluating, Using, and Publishing eBooks BIBPDF 479
  Gene Golovchinsky; Cathy Marshall; Elli Mylonas
Tutorial 3: Thesauri and Ontologies BIBPDF 479
  Dagobert Soergel
Tutorial 4: How to Build a Digital Library Using Open-Source Software BIBPDF 480
  Ian H. Witten
Hands-On Workshop: Build Your Own Digital Library Collections BIBPDF 480
  Ian H. Witten; David Bainbridge
Tutorial 6: Building Interoperable Digital Libraries: A Practical Guide to Creating Open Archives BIBPDF 480
  Hussein Suleman


Workshop 1: Visual Interfaces to Digital Libraries -- Its Past, Present, and Future BIBAKPDF 482
  Katy Borner; Chaomei Chen
Workshop 2: The Technology of Browsing Applications BIBAPDF 483
  Nina Wacholder; Craig Nevill Manning
Workshop 3: Classification Crosswalks BIBAKPDF 484
  Paul Thompson; Traugott Koch; John Carter; Heike Neuroth; Ed O'Neill; Dagobert Soergel
Workshop 4: Digital Libraries in Asian Languages BIB --
  Su-Shing Chen; Ching-chih Chen
Workshop 5: Information Visualization for Digital Libraries: Defining a Research Agenda for Heterogeneous Multimedia Collections BIBAK --
  Lucy Nowell; Elizabeth Hetzler