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DL'00: Proceedings of the 5th ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:5th ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries
Location:San Antonio, Texas, USA
Dates:2000-Jun-02 to 2000-Jun-07
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-231-X; ACM Order Number 606001; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DL00
  1. Full Papers
  2. Short Papers
  3. Keynote
  4. Panels

Full Papers

The Psychology of Multimedia Databases BIBAKPDF 1-9
  Mark G. L. M. van Doorn; Arjen P. de Vries
Browsing the Structure of Multimedia Stories BIBAKPDF 11-18
  Robert B. Allen; Jane Acheson
Effects of Annotations on Student Readers and Writers BIBAKPDF 19-26
  Joanna L. Wolfe
Beyond 2D Images: Effective 3D Imaging for Library Materials BIBAKPDF 27-36
  Michael S. Brown; W. Brent Seales
Server Selection on the World Wide Web BIBAKPDF 37-46
  Nick Craswell; Peter Bailey; David Hawking
Compus: Visualization and Analysis of Structured Documents for Understanding Social Life in the 16th Century BIBAKPDF 47-55
  Jean-Daniel Fekete; Nicole Dufournaud
Visualizing Digital Library Search Results with Categorical and Hierarchical Axes BIBAKPDF 57-66
  Ben Shneiderman; David Feldman; Anne Rose; Xavier Ferre Grau
Re-Engineering Structures from Web Documents BIBAKPDF 67-76
  Chuang-Hue Moh; Ee-Peng Lim; Wee-Keong Ng
Knowledge-Based Metadata Extraction from PostScript Files BIBAKPDF 77-84
  Giovanni Giuffrida; Eddie C. Shek; Jihoon Yang
Snowball: Extracting Relations from Large Plain-Text Collections BIBAKPDF 85-94
  Eugene Agichtein; Luis Gravano
Live from the Stacks: User Feedback on Mobile Computers and Wireless Tools for Library Patrons BIBAKPDF 95-102
  Michael L. W. Jones; Robert H. Rieger; Paul Treadwell; Geri K. Gay
A Study of User Behavior in an Immersive Virtual Environment for Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 103-111
  Fernando A. Das Neves; Edward A. Fox
Greenstone: A Comprehensive Open-Source Digital Library Software System BIBAKPDF 113-121
  Ian H. Witten; Stefan J. Boddie; David Bainbridge; Rodger J. McNab
A Mediation Infrastructure for Digital Library Services BIBAKPDF 123-132
  Sergey Melnik; Hector Garcia-Molina; Andreas Paepcke
Asynchronous Information Space Analysis Architecture using Content and Structure-Based Service Brokering BIBAKPDF 133-142
  Ke-Thia Yao; In-Young Ko; Ragy Eleish; Robert Neches
Developing Services for Open Eprint Archives: Globalisation, Integration and the Impact of Links BIBAKPDF 143-151
  Steve Hitchcock; Les Carr; Zhuoan Jiao; Donna Bergmark; Wendy Hall; Carl Lagoze; Stevan Harnad
Patron-Augmented Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 153-163
  Dion Goh; John Leggett
A Speech Interface for Building Musical Score Collections BIBAKPDF 165-173
  Lloyd A. Smith; Eline F. Chiu; Brian L. Scott
Preserving Digital Information Forever BIBAKPDF 175-184
  Andrew Waugh; Ross Wilkinson; Brendan Hills; Jon Dell'oro
Revolutionizing Name Authority Control BIBAKPDF 185-194
  M. M. M. Snyman; M. Jansen van Rensburg
Content-Based Book Recommending using Learning for Text Categorization BIBAKPDF 195-204
  Raymond J. Mooney; Loriene Roy
Acrophile: An Automated Acronym Extractor and Server BIBAKPDF 205-214
  Leah S. Larkey; Paul Ogilvie; M. Andrew Price; Brenden Tamilio
Scalable Browsing for Large Collections: A Case Study BIBAKPDF 215-223
  Gordon W. Paynter; Ian H. Witten; Sally Jo Cunningham; George Buchanan

Short Papers

Document Overlap Detection System for Distributed Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 226-227
  Krisztian Monostori; Arkdy Zaslavsky; Heinz Schmidt
Building Quality into a Digital Library BIBAKPDF 228-229
  Hussein Suleman; Edward A. Fox; Marc Abrams
Automatic Title Generation for EM BIBAKPDF 230-231
  Paul E. Kennedy; Alexander G. Hauptmann
MiBiblio: Personal Spaces in a Digital Library Universe BIBAKPDF 232-233
  Lourdes Fernandez; J. Alfredo Sanchez; Alberto Garcia
Extracting and Visualizing Semantic Structures in Retrieval Results for Browsing BIBAKPDF 234-235
  Katy Borner
Learning the Shape of Information: A Longitudinal Study of Web-News Reading BIBAKPDF 236-237
  Misha W. Vaughan; Andrew Dillon
Purpose and Usability of Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 238-239
  Yin Leng Theng; Norliza Mohd-Nasir; Harold Thimbleby
Automatic Hypermedia Generation for Ad Hoc Queries on Semi-Structured Data BIBAKPDF 240-241
  Geert-Jan Houben; Paul De Bra
KeyLinking: Dynamic Hypertext in a Digital Library BIBAKPDF 242-243
  Bob Pritchett
Digital Library Access for Chinese Visually Impaired BIBAKPDF 244-245
  Robert Luk; Daniel Yeung; Qin Lu; Eric Leung; S. Y. Li; Fred Leung
User Effort in Query Construction and Interface Selection BIBAKPDF 246-247
  Paul Gerwe; Charles L. Viles
Evaluating the Use of a Geographic Digital Library in Undergraduate Classrooms: ADEPT BIBAKPDF 248-249
  Gregory H. Leazer; Anne J. Gilliland-Swetland; Christine L. Borgman
Generating and Reintegrating Geospatial Data BIBAKPDF 250-251
  Robert F. Chavez
New Technology and New Roles: The Need for "Corpus Editors" BIBAKPDF 252-253
  Gregory Crane; Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox
Relationship Among Copyright Holders for Use and Reuse of Digital Contents BIBAKPDF 254-255
  Masayuki Kumazawa; Hironori Kamada; Atsushi Yamada; Hiroshi Hoshino; Yahiko Kambayashi; Mukesh Mohania
A Licensing Model for Scholarly Textbases BIBAKPDF 256-257
  Julia Flanders; Elli Mylonas
The Open Video Project: Research-Oriented Digital Video Repository BIBAKPDF 258-259
  Gary Geisler; Gary Marchionini
A Digital Museum of Taiwanese Butterflies BIBAKPDF 260-261
  Jen-Shin Hong; Herng-Yow Chen; Jieh Hsiang
Experience in Implementing a Document Delivery Service BIBAKPDF 262-263
  Francesco Gennai; Laura Abba; Marina Buzzi; Maria G. Balestri; Silvana Mangiaracina
Growth and Server Availability of the NCSTRL Digital Library BIBAKPDF 264-265
  Allison L. Powell; James C. French
Designing a Children's Digital Library With and For Children BIBAKPDF 266-267
  Yin Leng Theng; Norliza Mohd-Nasir; Harold Thimbleby; George Buchanan; Matthew Jones


"It's Infrastructure All the Way Down" BIBAPDF 271
  Susan Leigh Star


Implementing Digital Libraries BIBAPDF 275
  Rebecca Wesley; Dan Greenstein; David Millman; Margery Tibbetts; Gregory Zick
Digital Library Use: Social Practice in Design and Evaluation BIBAKPDF 276-277
  Ann P. Bishop; Clifford Lynch; Christine L. Borgmen; Catherine C. Marshall; Susan Leigh Star; Geoffrey C. Bowker