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Proceedings of DIS'97: Designing Interactive Systems 1997-08-18

Fullname:Symposium on Designing Interactive Systems: Processes, Practices, Methods, & Techniques
Editors:Gerrit van der Veer; Austin Henderson; Susan Coles
Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dates:1997-Aug-18 to 1997-Aug-20
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-863-0 ACM Order Number 608971; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DIS97
Enhancing Communication, Facilitating Shared Understanding, and Creating Better Artifacts by Integrating Physical and Computational Media for Design BIBAKPDF 1-12
  Ernesto Arias; Hal Eden; Gerhard Fischer
Mahler, Mondriaan, and Bauhaus: Using Artistic Ideas to Improve Application Usability BIBAKPDF 13-21
  Jonathan Seth Arnowitz; Ruurd Priester; Eric Willems; Laura Faber
Sound Design for Brain Opera's Mind Forest: Audio for a Complex Interactive System BIBAKPDF 23-25
  Maribeth J. Back
A Teleradiology System Design Case BIBAKPDF 27-30
  Erik Boralv; Bengt Goransson
Active Design Documents BIBAKPDF 31-36
  Guy A. Boy
Designing More Deeper: Integrating Task Analysis, Process Simulation, & Object Definition BIBAKPDF 37-54
  Keith A. Butler; Chris Exposito; Dan Klawitter
Requirements Development: Stages of Opportunity for Collaborative Needs Discovery BIBAKPDF 55-64
  John M. Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson; George Chin; Jurgen Koenemann
Design as Interaction with Computer Based Materials BIBAKPDF 65-71
  Soren Christensen; Jens Baek Jorgensen; Kim Halskov Madsen
The Application of Process Models of Information Seeking During Conceptual Design: The Case of an Intranet Resource for the Re-Use of Multimedia Training Material in the Motor Industry BIBAKPDF 73-81
  Martin Colbert; Christof Peltason; Rolf Fricke; Mariana Sanderson
Designing the OpenDoc Human Interface BIBAKPDF 83-95
  Dave Curbow; Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson
User Involvement in Concept Creation BIBAKPDF 97-99
  Peter Dixon; Ben H. M. Vaske; Paul C. Neervoort
A Comparison of Usability Techniques for Evaluating Design BIBAKPDF 101-110
  Ann Doubleday; Michele Ryan; Mark Springett; Alistair Sutcliffe
The Role of User Studies in the Design of OpenDoc BIBAKPDF 111-120
  Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson; Dave Curbow
Design @ Carnegie Mellon: A Web Story BIBAKPDF 121-124
  Shannon Ford; Dan Boyarski
Triangles: Design of a Physical/Digital Construction Kit BIBAKPDF 125-128
  Matthew G. Gorbet; Maggie Orth
Using Organizational Learning Techniques to Develop Context-Specific Usability Guidelines BIBAKPDF 129-136
  Scott Henninger; Charisse Lu; Candace Faith
Involving Remote Users in Continuous Design of Web Content BIBAKPDF 137-145
  William C. Hill; Loren G. Terveen
Designing with Ethnography: A Presentation Framework for Design BIBAPDF 147-158
  John A. Hughes; Jon O'Brien; Tom Rodden; Mark Rouncefield; Steve Blythin
Quick But Not So Dirty Web Design: Applying Empirical Conceptual Clustering Techniques to Organise Hypertext Content BIBAKPDF 159-162
  Charles M. Hymes; Gary M. Olson
IBIS -- Convincing Concept ... But a Lousy Instrument? BIBAKPDF 163-172
  Severin Isenmann; Wolf D. Reuter
Designing Support for Remote Intensive-Care Telehealth Using the Locales Framework BIBAKPDF 173-184
  Simon M. Kaplan; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Bridging the Analysis of Work Practice and System Redesign in Cooperative Workshops BIBAKPDF 185-195
  Helena Karasti
Expected Usability and Product Preference BIBAKPDF 197-204
  Turkka Keinonen
On the Inevitable Intertwining of Analysis and Design: Developing Systems for Complex Cooperations BIBAKPDF 205-213
  Anita Krabbel; Ingrid Wetzel; Heinz Zullighoven
Network Design: Tasks & Tools BIBAKPDF 215-222
  Kyle S. Kuczun; Mark D. Gross
HCI, Natural Science and Design: A Framework for Triangulation Across Disciplines BIBAKPDF 223-234
  Wendy E. Mackay; Anne-Laure Fayard
Experiences with Adding New Input Modalities to PC Desktop Computing BIBAKPDF 235-238
  Rainer Malkewitz; Bernhard Ristow
Better or Just Different? On the Benefits of Designing Interactive Systems in Terms of Critical Parameters BIBAKPDF 239-245
  William M. Newman
Interactive Systems in Domestic Environments BIBAKPDF 247-259
  Jon O'Brien; Tom Rodden
The Singing Tree: Design of an Interactive Musical Interface BIBAKPDF 261-264
  William Oliver; John Yu; Eric Metois
Interface to Architecture: Integrating Technology into the Environment in the Brain Opera BIBAKPDF 265-275
  Maggie Orth
Design in the POLITeam Project: Evaluating User Needs in Real Work Practice BIBAKPDF 277-287
  Uta Pankoke-Babatz; Gloria Mark; Konrad Klockner
Collaborative Design for Virtual Team Collaboration: A Case Study of Jostling on the Web BIBAKPDF 289-300
  U. Patel; M. J. D'Cruz; C. Holtham
Design Case: Building Community in a Design Effort in a Decentralized, Individualistic Setting BIBAKPDF 301-304
  Judith Ramey; David Farkas
The AVANTI Project: Prototyping and Evaluation with a Cognitive Walkthrough Based on the Norman's Model of Action BIBAKPDF 305-309
  Antonio Rizzo; Enrica Marchigiani; Alessandro Andreadis
Technology Design and Mimicry BIBAKPDF 311-313
  Duncan Sanderson
Designing as the World Turns BIBAKPDF 315-321
  Paulo J. Santos; Esin O. Kiris; Cheryl L. Coyle
Designing User-Adapted Interfaces: The Unified Design Method for Transformable Interactions BIBAKPDF 323-334
  A. Savidis; A. Paramythis; D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis
A New Approach to Human-Computer Interaction -- Synchronous Modelling in Real and Virtual Spaces BIBAKPDF 335-344
  Kai Schafer; Volker Brauer; Willi Bruns
Design of a One to Many Collaborative Product BIBAKPDF 345-348
  Jean C. Scholtz
Comparing Interaction Design Techniques: A Method for Objective Comparison to Find the Conceptual Basis for Interaction Design BIBAKPDF 349-357
  Mark van Setten; Gerrit C. van der Veer; Sjaak Brinkkemper
The Flower Model for Multidisciplinary Teamwork on a New Product-Market Combination -- In This Case E-Mail-on-TV BIBAKPDF 359-363
  Marc Steen
How to Make Software Softer -- Designing Tailorable Applications BIBAKPDF 365-376
  Oliver Stiemerling; Helge Kahler; Volker Wulf
A Case Study in Interactive Narrative Design BIBAKPDF 377-380
  Carol Strohecker
A Designer's Nightmare: Designing a Reusable Information Retrieval Class Library in a Multinational Consortium BIBAKPDF 381-383
  Alistair Sutcliffe
Simple, But Cumbersome BIBAKPDF 385-394
  Kari Thoresen
Searching Requirements for a System to Support Cooperative Concept Design in Product Development BIBAKPDF 395-403
  Tuomo Tuikka
Capturing What is Needed in Multi-User System Design: Observations from the Design of Three Healthcare Systems BIBAKPDF 405-415
  Catherine G. Wolf; John Karat
A Framework for Assessing Group Memory Approaches for Software Design Projects BIBAKPDF 417-426
  Beatrix Zimmermann; Albert M. Selvin