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Proceedings of DIS'00: Designing Interactive Systems 2000-08-17

Fullname:Symposium on Designing Interactive Systems: Processes, Practices, Methods, & Techniques
Location:Brooklyn, NY, USA
Dates:2000-Aug-17 to 2000-Aug-19
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-219-0 ACM Order Number 608002; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DIS00
  1. Plenary Speakers
  2. New Directions for Design
  3. Design Methods
  4. Design Cases
  5. Mixed Reality Design
  6. Ethnography and Participatory Design
  7. New Perspectives on Usability
  8. Pattern Languages
  9. Design Tools
  10. User Experience
  11. Panel Sessions

Plenary Speakers

Design as Common Ground BIBAPDF 3
  Shelley Evenson
Making Use: Scenarios and Scenario-Based Design BIBAPDF 4
  John M. Carroll
Looking and Leaping BIBAPDF 5
  Bill Gaver
Wrapping Up: Commentary on DIS 2000 BIBAPDF 6
  Malcolm McCullough

New Directions for Design

The Social Life of Engineering Authorizations BIBAKPDF 9-19
  William A. Stubblefield; Karen S. Rogers
Using a Technique from Graphic Designers to Develop Innovative System Designs BIBAKPDF 20-26
  Catalina Danis; Stephen Boies
Taking the Best from a Company History -- Designing with Interaction Styles BIBAKPDF 27-38
  Trond Are Oritsland; Jacob Buur
MoMA and the Three-Legged Stool: Fostering Creative Insight in Interactive System Design BIBAKPDF 39-47
  Lauretta Jones; Sharon L. Greene
Touch Me, Hit Me and I Know How You Feel: A Design Approach to Emotionally Rich Interaction BIBAKPDF 48-52
  Stephan Wensveen; Kees Overbeeke; Tom Djajadiningrat

Design Methods

Beyond the Snapshot from Speculation to Prototypes in Audiophotography BIBAKPDF 55-65
  Heather Martin; Bill Gaver
Interaction Relabelling and Extreme Characters: Methods for Exploring Aesthetic Interactions BIBAKPDF 66-71
  J. P. Djajadiningrat; W. W. Gaver; J. W. Fres
Video Artifacts for Design: Bridging the Gap between Abstraction and Detail BIBAKPDF 72-82
  Wendy E. Mackay; Anne V. Ratzer; Paul Janecek
Virtually Living Together BIBAKPDF 83-91
  Konrad Tollmar; Stefan Junestrand; Olle Torgny

Design Cases

Designing StoryRooms: Interactive Storytelling Spaces for Children BIBAKPDF 95-104
  Houman Alborzi; Allison Druin; Jaime Montemayor; Michele Platner; Jessica Porteous; Lisa Sherman; Angela Boltman; Gustav Taxen; Jack Best; Joe Hammer; Alex Kruskal; Abby Lal; Thomas Plaisant Schwenn; Lauren Sumida; Rebecca Wagner; Jim Hendler
Browsers with Changing Parts: A Catalog Explorer for Philip Glass' Website BIBAKPDF 105-115
  Harry Hochheiser
The Design of the Xi-Hu Historical Landscape and Culture in Media BIBAKPDF 116-121
  Takashi Kiriyama; Ling Chen
Javelin: A Personal Communication Device Demo BIBAKPDF 122-128
  Annette Wagner
Design of a Social Interaction Environment for Electronic Marketplaces BIBAKPDF 129-136
  Younghee Jung; Alison Lee
Just-in-Time Design in a Fast-Paced Product Group BIBAKPDF 137-144
  Margo Lustig Ezekiel
Two-Dimensional Spatial Positioning as a Means for Reflection in Design BIBAKPDF 145-154
  Kumiyo Nakakoji; Yasuhiro Yamamoto; Shingo Takada; Brent N. Reeves
Tightly Coupling Authoring and Evaluation in an Integrated Tool to Support Iterative Design of Interactive Hypermedia Educational Manuals BIBAKPDF 155-164
  Selma Holmquist; N. Hari Narayanan
The Jam-O-Drum Interactive Music System: A Study in Interaction Design BIBAKPDF 165-173
  Tina Blaine; Tim Perkis
Sound: An Emotional Element of Interactions a Case Study of a Microwave Oven BIBAKPDF 174-182
  Cheong-Hyun Lee; Soony Kim; Choong-Seong Chae; Kook-Hyun Chung

Mixed Reality Design

Augmented Reality as a Design Tool for Mobile Interfaces BIBAKPDF 185-192
  Olav W. Bertelsen; Christina Nielsen
On the Move with a Magic Thing: Role Playing in Concept Design of Mobile Services and Devices BIBAKPDF 193-202
  Giulio Iacucci; Kari Kuutti; Mervi Ranta
Mapping the Physical World to Psychological Reality: Creating Synthetic Environments BIBAKPDF 203-207
  Ronald W. Noel; Claudia M. Hunter
Bridge for Buttons -- A GUI Design Methodology Applied in Non-GUI Consumer Product Design BIBAKPDF 208-215
  Simo Sade; Katja Battarbee
PaperButtons: Expanding a Tangible User Interface BIBAKPDF 216-223
  Elin Ronby Pedersen; Tomas Sokoler; Les Nelson

Ethnography and Participatory Design

Informing the Design of an Information Management System with Iterative Fieldwork BIBAKPDF 227-237
  Victoria Bellotti; Ian Smith
The Development of Cooperation: Five Years of Participatory Design in the Virtual School BIBAKPDF 239-251
  John M. Carroll; George Chin; Mary Beth Rosson; Dennis C. Neale
Creativity, Cooperation and Interactive Design BIBAKPDF 252-261
  Susanne Bødker; Christina Nielsen; Marianne Graves Petersen
Sitemaps, Storyboards, and Specifications: A Sketch of Web Site Design Practice BIBAKPDF 263-274
  Mark W. Newman; James A. Landay
Case Study: User Research to Inform the Design and Development of Integrated Wearable Computers and Web-Based Services BIBAKPDF 275-279
  Jodi Forlizzi; Margaret McCormack
Rapid Ethnography: Time Deepening Strategies for HCI Field Research BIBAKPDF 280-286
  David R. Millen

New Perspectives on Usability

On the Contributions of Different Empirical Data in Usability Testing BIBAKPDF 289-296
  Maria R. Ebling; Bonnie E. John
From Usability Lab to "Design Collaboratorium": Reframing Usability Practice BIBAKPDF 297-307
  Jacob Buur; Susanne Bødker
A Case Study for Evaluating Interface Design through Communicability BIBAKPDF 308-316
  Raquel O. Prates; Simone D. J. Barbosa; Clarisse S. de Souza
Improving Electronic Guidebook Interfaces Using a Task-Oriented Design Approach BIBAKPDF 319-325
  Paul M. Aoki; Allison Woodruff
Task Based Groupware Design: Putting Theory into Practice BIBAKPDF 326-337
  Gerrit van der Veer; Martijn van Welie
Designs Conducive to the Use of Efficient Strategies BIBAKPDF 338-345
  Suresh K. Bhavnani
Communicating a Task Analysis with Task Layer Maps BIBAKPDF 346-353
  Jonathan Arnowitz; Duco Fijma; Jouke Verlinden

Pattern Languages

Lingua Francas for Design: Sacred Places and Pattern Languages BIBAKPDF 357-368
  Thomas Erickson
A Pattern Approach to Interaction Design BIBAKPDF 369-378
  Jan O. Borchers

Design Tools

Performance Targets, Models and Innovation in Interactive System Design BIBAKPDF 381-387
  William M. Newman; Alex S. Taylor; Christopher R. Dance; Stuart A. Taylor
Contextual Prototyping of User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 388-395
  Chris Stary
Meta-Design: Design for Designers BIBAKPDF 396-405
  Gerhard Fischer; Eric Scharff
A Dimension Space for the Design of Interactive Systems Within their Physical Environments BIBAKPDF 406-416
  T. C. Nicholas Graham; Leon A. Watts; Gaelle Calvary; Joelle Coutaz; Emmanuel Dubois; Laurence Nigay

User Experience

The Building Blocks of Experience: An Early Framework for Interaction Designers BIBAKPDF 419-423
  Jodi Forlizzi; Shannon Ford
Experience Prototyping BIBAKPDF 424-433
  Marion Buchenau; Jane Fulton Suri
User-Driven Design of a Tangible Awareness Landscape BIBAKPDF 434-440
  Simon Lock; Jennifer Allanson; Peter Phillips

Panel Sessions

Mergers and Acquisitions: The Changing Practice of HCI and Design BIBAKPDF 442-443
  Margaret McCormack; Nico Macdonald; Christopher Pacione
Panel: Teaching Tangible Interaction Design BIBAKPDF 444-445
  Keiichi Sato; William Verplank
Stories and Storytelling in the Design of Interactive Systems BIBAKPDF 446-447
  Dan Gruen
The Trialectical Architecture of Buildings, Intranets and Organisations BIBAKPDF 449
  Karen Mahony; Andrew Yeoh
Reflecting on Design Practice: Exploring Video Documentary of Designers in Action BIBKPDF 450-451
  Jacob Buur; Thomas Binder; Trond Are Oritsland
Envisioning the E-Quarium: Strategic Design Planning for the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Web site BIBAKPDF 452-454
  Lauralee Alben; Michael Rigsby