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DHM 2013: 4th International Conference on Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics, and Risk Management, Part I: Healthcare and Safety of the Environment and Transport

Fullname:DHM 2013: 4th International Conference on Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics, and Risk Management, Part I: Healthcare and Safety of the Environment and Transport
Note:Volume 22 of HCI International 2013
Editors:Vincent G. Duffy
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Dates:2013-Jul-21 to 2013-Jul-26
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8025
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-39173-6 hcibib: DHM13-1; ISBN: 978-3-642-39172-9 (print), 978-3-642-39173-6 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. DHM 2013-07-21 Volume 1
    1. Driving and Aviation Safety
    2. Human Factors and Digital Human Modeling in Healthcare
    3. Safety of the Human Environment

DHM 2013-07-21 Volume 1

Driving and Aviation Safety

Human Centered Design of a Pre-collision System BIBAKFull-Text 3-10
  Hirofumi Aoki; Hiroyuki Takahashi; Satoshi Udaka; Toshinori Okita; Hiroyasu Ichida; Masami Aga
Causal Attribution and Control: Between Consciousness and Psychical Half-Shadow Application to Flight Operations BIBAKFull-Text 11-20
  Bruno Berberian; Jean-Cristophe Sarrazin; Laurent Chaudron
Attentional Biases during Steering Behavior BIBAKFull-Text 21-27
  Hans-Joachim Bieg; Heinrich H. Bülthoff; Lewis L. Chuang
A Validation Approach for Complex NextGen Air Traffic Control Human Performance Models BIBAKFull-Text 28-37
  Brian F. Gore; Paul Milgram
Personality and Attitudes as Predictors of Risky Driving Behavior: Evidence from Beijing Drivers BIBAKFull-Text 38-44
  Jun Kong; Kan Zhang; Xuefeng Chen
Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Pilot's Cognitive Behavior in Flight Simulation BIBAKFull-Text 45-54
  Zhong-Qi Liu; Qian-Xiang Zhou; Fang Xie
Towards Early Status Warning for Driver's Fatigue Based on Cognitive Behavior Models BIBAKFull-Text 55-60
  Yanfei Liu; Yu Zhang; Junsong Li; Jing Sun; Feng Fu; Jiangsheng Gui
Simulating the Impact of Mental Models on Human Automation Interaction in Aviation BIBAFull-Text 61-69
  Sebastien Mamessier; Karen Feigh
Ergonomics Study of Direct and Indirect Visibility Evaluation at Uncontrolled Intersections Based on Three-Dimensional Computer Simulation BIBAKFull-Text 70-77
  Midori Mori; Noboru Kubo
Prediction of Drowsy Driving Using Behavioral Measures of Drivers -- Change of Neck Bending Angle and Sitting Pressure Distribution BIBAKFull-Text 78-87
  Atsuo Murata; Taiga Koriyama; Takuya Endoh; Takehito Hayami
Effectiveness of Automotive Warning System Presented with Multiple Sensory Modalities BIBAKFull-Text 88-97
  Atsuo Murata; Michihiro Kanbayashi; Takehito Hayami
Proposal of Automotive 8-directional Warning System That Makes Use of Tactile Apparent Movement BIBAKFull-Text 98-107
  Atsuo Murata; Susumu Kemori; Makoto Moriwaka; Takehito Hayami
Evaluation of Drivers Interaction with Assistant Systems Using Criticality Driven Guided Simulation BIBAKFull-Text 108-117
  Stefan Puch; Bertram Wortelen; Martin Fränzle; Thomas Peikenkamp
Effects of Spaceflight Operation Complexity and Training on Operation Error BIBAKFull-Text 118-125
  Meng Wang; Yijing Zhang; Bin Wu; Pengjie Li; Shanguang Chen; Jinwu Zhang; Min Liu
Predicating the Safety of Airport Approaches Using a Cognitive Pilot Model BIBAKFull-Text 126-133
  Changpeng Yang; Tangwen Yin; Shan Fu
Pilot Performance Models BIBAKFull-Text 134-140
  Xiaoyan Zhang; Hongjun Xue

Human Factors and Digital Human Modeling in Healthcare

Supporting Conversation for People with Dementia by Introducing a Computer-Based Third Element to the Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 143-149
  Norman Alm; Arlene Astell; Gary Gowans; Maggie Ellis; Phillip Vaughan; Richard Dye
"Using Digital Interactive Television to Promote Healthcare and Wellness Inclusive Services" BIBAKFull-Text 150-156
  André Baptista; Ágata Dourado Sequeira; Iolanda Veríssimo; Célia Quico; Mário Cardoso; Manuel José Damásio
Homecare Risk Management: Nursing Issues Related to Technology BIBAFull-Text 157-162
  Juliana J. Brixey; James P. Turley
Facilitators' Intervention Variance and Outcome Influence When Using Video Games with Fibromyalgia Patients BIBAKFull-Text 163-172
  Anthony L. Brooks; Eva Petersson Brooks
The Causal Analysis of Requested Alterations for Pressure Garments BIBAKFull-Text 173-182
  Chia-Fen Chi; Chih-Hsiang Lin; Hung-Wei Cheng
Towards Enhancing the Acoustic Models for Dysarthric Speech BIBAFull-Text 183-188
  Kuruvachan K. George; C. Santhosh Kumar
Supporting a Participant-Centric Management of Obesity via a Self-improving Health Game BIBAFull-Text 189-196
  Philippe J. Giabbanelli; Penny Deck; Lisa Andres; Thecla Schiphorst; Diane T. Finegood
Feedback-Based Self-training System of Patient Transfer BIBAKFull-Text 197-203
  Zhifeng Huang; Ayanori Nagata; Masako Kanai-Pak; Jukai Maeda; Yasuko Kitajima; Mitsuhiro Nakamura; Kyoko Aida; Noriaki Kuwahara; Taiki Ogata; Jun Ota
A Comparative Analysis of the Educational Effectiveness of Leaflet and Website for Low-Literate Patients -- A Case Study of Immigrant Mothers in Taipei BIBAKFull-Text 204-213
  Yah-Ling Hung; Kai-Ren Chen; Catherine Stones; Thomas Cassidy
Effect Evaluation of Recreational Coloring Carried Out at Pay Nursing Home BIBAKFull-Text 214-222
  Shinichiro Kawabata; Nasu Maki; Akiyoshi Yamamoto; Yoshiyuki Kida; Noriaki Kuwahara; Akihiko Goto; Hiroyuki Hamada
A Study for Conducting Waves by Using the Multi-channel Surface EMG BIBAKFull-Text 223-231
  Tomohiro Kosuge; Naoaki Itakura; Kazuyuki Mito
Implementing Scenarios as an Evaluation Method of the Patient-Physician Interaction in Decision Aids BIBAKFull-Text 232-239
  Curtis V. Lauterbach; Jeremiah D. Still
Plantar Pressure Gradient Angles to Evaluate Risk of Diabetic Foot Ulcer BIBAKFull-Text 240-247
  Chi-Wen Lung; Ben-Yi Liau; Yih-Kuen Jan
Explicit Tracking in the Diagnostic Process for Hand Dermatological Practices BIBAFull-Text 248-257
  Luca Mazzola; Sara Marceglia; Stefano Bonacina; Francesco Pinciroli; Fabio Ayala; Ornella De Pitá; Paolo Pigatto
Ideal Mode Selection of a Cardiac Pacing System BIBAKFull-Text 258-267
  Dominique Méry; Neeraj Kumar Singh
Development of a Measurement and Evaluation System for Bed-Making Activity for Self-training BIBAKFull-Text 268-275
  Ayanori Nagata; Zhifeng Huang; Masako Kanai-Pak; Jukai Maeda; Yasuko Kitajima; Mitsuhiro Nakamura; Kyoko Aida; Noriaki Kuwahara; Taiki Ogata; Jun Ota
Usability Problems in Patient- and Clinician-Oriented Health Information Systems: What Are They and How Do They Differ? BIBAKFull-Text 276-285
  Dinara Saparova; Josipa Basic; Yunhui Lu; Francis Kibaru; Yanfei Ma; Borchuluun Yadamsuren

Safety of the Human Environment

AmI-Technology at Work -- A Sociological Perspective Covering Aspects of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) BIBAKFull-Text 289-296
  Michael Bretschneider-Hagemes
Bayesian Affordance-Based Agent Model for Wayfinding Behaviors in Evacuation Problems BIBAKFull-Text 297-306
  Moise Busogi; Namhun Kim; Dongmin Shin; Hokyoung Blake Ryu; Arm Yoo; Dongchul Kim
A Sustainable Human Centered Design Framework Based on Human Factors BIBAKFull-Text 307-315
  H. Onan Demirel; Vincent G. Duffy
Putting in Perspective Human-Machine System Theory and Modeling: From Theoretical Biology to Artifacts Integrative Design and Organization BIBAKFull-Text 316-325
  Didier Fass
Friction Measurements in a Hand Tool Factory BIBAKFull-Text 326-331
  Kai Way Li; Ching Chung Chen; Liwen Liu; Chih-Yong Chen
Development of Human Balance Assessment System with Continuous Center of Gravity Tracking BIBAKFull-Text 332-337
  Ben-Yi Liau; Chi-Wen Lung; Yih-Kuen Jan
Constructing Ergonomic Safety Modelling for Evaluating New Designs of Child Car Seats BIBAKFull-Text 338-347
  Che-Yu Lu; Hsin-Hsi Lai
How Could This Have Happened? Unintentional Injuries of Young Children at Home BIBAKFull-Text 348-354
  Rani Lueder
Usability of Portable Fire Extinguisher: Perspectives of Ergonomics and Intuitive Use BIBAKFull-Text 355-364
  Maria Lucia Okimoto; Maicon Puppi; Sabrina Oliveira; Vanessa Macedo
Adaptive User-Centered Design for Safety and Comfort of Physical Human Nursing -- Care Robot Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 365-372
  Minghui Sun; Hiromichi Nakashima; Shinya Hirano; Kazuya Matsuo; Ming Ding; Chang'an Jiang; Toshiharu Mukai; Guihe Qin
Investigation of an Agent-Based Modeling on Crowd Evacuation and Its Application to Real Buildings BIBAKFull-Text 373-382
  Fujio Yamamoto