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Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology

Fullname:DESRIST 2015: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on New Horizons in Design Science: Broadening the Research Agenda
Editors:Brian Donnellan; Markus Helfert; Jim Kenneally; Debra VanderMeer; Marcus Rothenberger; Robert Winter
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Dates:2015-May-21 to 2015-May-22
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9073
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-18714-3 hcibib: DESRIST15; ISBN: 978-3-319-18713-6 (print), 978-3-319-18714-3 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. Design Science Research in Action
  2. Meta Perspectives
  3. Data Mining and Analytics
  4. Emerging Themes
  5. Design Practice and Design Thinking
  6. Prototypes
  7. Short Papers

Design Science Research in Action

Designing an Enterprise Social Questions and Answers Site to Enable Scalable User-to-User Support BIBAKFull-Text 3-18
  Oliver Gass; Gülcan Öztürk; Silvia Schacht; Alexander Mädche
Real Time Bidding in Online Digital Advertisement BIBAKFull-Text 19-38
  Shalinda Adikari; Kaushik Dutta
Information System Design Space for Sustainability BIBAKFull-Text 39-54
  Moyen Mohammad Mustaquim; Tobias Nyström
Visionary Design Research: Renewing e-government Support for Business Set Up BIBAFull-Text 55-70
  Göran Goldkuhl; Anders Persson; Annie Röstlinger
Design Science in Practice: Design and Evaluation of an Art Based Information System to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Schools BIBAKFull-Text 71-86
  Paul Rigger; Felix Wortmann; André Dahlinger
Designing a Report Recommendation Assistant: A First Design Cycle BIBAKFull-Text 87-103
  Martin Kretzer; Maximilian Kleinedler; Christian Theilemann; Alexander Mädche
Communication Artifacts for Requirements Engineering BIBAKFull-Text 104-118
  Miloslava Plachkinova; Ken Peffers; Greg Moody

Meta Perspectives

Entering Action Design Research BIBAKFull-Text 121-134
  Matthew T. Mullarkey; Alan R. Hevner
Proposal for Requirements Driven Design Science Research BIBAKFull-Text 135-151
  Richard Braun; Martin Benedict; Hannes Wendler; Werner Esswein
A Postmodern Perspective on Socio-technical Design Science Research in Information Systems BIBAKFull-Text 152-167
  Andreas Drechsler
Agile Design Science Research BIBAKFull-Text 168-180
  Kieran Conboy; Rob Gleasure; Eoin Cullina

Data Mining and Analytics

NavigTweet: A Visual Tool for Influence-Based Twitter Browsing BIBAKFull-Text 183-198
  Chiara Francalanci; Ajaz Hussain
A Continuous Markov-Chain Model of Data Quality Transition: Application in Insurance-Claim Handling BIBAKFull-Text 199-214
  Yuval Zak; Adir Even
Enabling Reproducible Sentiment Analysis: A Hybrid Domain-Portable Framework for Sentiment Classification BIBAKFull-Text 215-229
  Matthias Eickhoff
Improving Customer Centric Design for Self-service Predictive Analytics BIBAKFull-Text 230-245
  Colm Thornton; Brian O'Flaherty

Emerging Themes

The Front End of Innovation: Perspectives on Creativity, Knowledge and Design BIBAKFull-Text 249-263
  Shirley Gregor; Alan R. Hevner
Five and Ten Years on: Have DSR Standards Changed? BIBAKFull-Text 264-279
  John R. Venable
Projecting the Future for Design Science Research: An Action-Case Based Analysis BIBAFull-Text 280-291
  Richard Baskerville; Jan Pries-Heje

Design Practice and Design Thinking

Multi-criteria Selection in Design Science Projects -- A Procedure for Selecting Foresight Methods at the Front End of Innovation BIBAKFull-Text 295-310
  Patrick Brandtner; Markus Helfert; Andreas Auinger; Kurt Gaubinger
Design Science for Future AIS: Transferring Continuous Auditing Issues to a Gradual Methodology BIBAKFull-Text 311-326
  Andreas Kiesow; Novica Zarvic; Oliver Thomas
Unpacking the Artifact Knowledge: Secondary Data Analysis in Design Science Research BIBAKFull-Text 327-342
  Mateusz Dolata; Mehmet Kilic; Gerhard Schwabe
Artifact-Centered Planning and Assessing of Large Design Science Research Projects -- A Case Study BIBAKFull-Text 343-357
  Gerald Daeuble; Michael Werner; Markus Nuettgens


icebricks BIBAKFull-Text 361-365
  Jörg Becker; Nico Clever; Justus Holler; Maria Shitkova
Supporting LIFE: Mobile Health Application for Classifying, Treating and Monitoring Disease Outbreaks of Sick Children in Developing Countries BIBAKFull-Text 366-370
  Yvonne O' Connor; Victoria Hardy; Ciara Heavin; Joe Gallagher; John O' Donoghue
A Prototype for Supporting Novices in Collaborative Business Process Modeling Using a Tablet Device BIBAFull-Text 371-375
  Christian Ritter; Josef-Michael Schwaiger; Florian Johannsen
CollaborGeneous: A Framework of Collaborative IT-Tools for Heterogeneous Groups of Learners BIBAKFull-Text 376-380
  Amir Haj-Bolouri; Lennarth Bernhardsson; Patrik Bernhardsson
InsightGame: Designing a Market Research Game to Gain Better Insights into Purchase Decision Processes BIBAKFull-Text 381-385
  Silke Plennert; Susanne Robra-Bissantz
The Social Newsroom: Visual Analytics for Social Business Intelligence BIBAFull-Text 386-390
  Christopher Zimmerman; Ravi Vatrapu
A Mobile Cloud Workforce Management System for SMEs BIBAKFull-Text 391-395
  Leonard Heilig; Stefan Voß
Smart City App BIBAKFull-Text 396-400
  Joana Monteiro; Matthew Austin; Gaurav Mandilwar; Raj Sharman
Considering Risks in Planning and Budgeting Process -- A Prototype Implementation in the Automotive Industry BIBAKFull-Text 401-405
  Tobias Knabke; Sebastian Olbrich; Lars Biederstedt
ITSM ProcessGuide -- A Process Guidance System for IT Service Management BIBAKFull-Text 406-410
  Stefan Morana; Timo Gerards; Alexander Mädche

Short Papers

IS Success Awareness in Community-Oriented Design Science Research BIBAFull-Text 413-420
  Dominik Renzel; Ralf Klamma; Matthias Jarke
Decision Support for Succession Management Conferences Using Mobile Applications -- Results from the 3 rd Iteration of a Design Science Research Project BIBAKFull-Text 421-429
  Christian Tornack; Björn Pilarski; Matthias Schumann
Guidelines for Establishing Instantiation Validity in IT Artifacts: A Survey of IS Research BIBAKFull-Text 430-438
  Roman Lukyanenko; Joerg Evermann; Jeffrey Parsons
Analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Using Unsupervised and Supervised Text Data Mining BIBAKFull-Text 439-446
  Monica Chiarini Tremblay; Carlos Parra; Arturo Castellanos
Extending Battery Management Systems for Making Informed Decisions on Battery Reuse BIBAKFull-Text 447-454
  Markus Monhof; Daniel Beverungen; Benjamin Klör; Sebastian Bräuer
How Can We Design Products, Services, and Software That Reflect the Needs of Our Stakeholders? Towards a Canvas for Successful Requirements Engineering BIBAKFull-Text 455-462
  Christian Ruf; Andrea Back
Impact of Text Mining Application on Financial Footnotes Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 463-470
  Maryam Heidari; Carsten Felden
Empirical Grounding of Design Science Research Methodology BIBAKFull-Text 471-478
  Stefan Cronholm; Hannes Göbel
Supporting Participatory Innovation Through Introductory Tools BIBAKFull-Text 479-487
  Muhammad Mustafa Hassan; Andrés Moreno; Erkki Sutinen; Abdul Aziz
Development of Augmented Reality Application on Android OS BIBAKFull-Text 488-495
  Ondrej Bilek; Ondrej Krejcar
Toward a Taxonomy of Wearable Technologies in Healthcare BIBAKFull-Text 496-504
  Mayda Alrige; Samir Chatterjee