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Proceedings of the 2003 ACM Conference on Universal Usability

Fullname:CUU 2003 ACM Conference on Universal Usability
Editors:Mary Zajicek; Alistair Edwards
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dates:2003-Nov-10 to 2003-Nov-11
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-701-X; ACM Order Number 608039; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CUU2003
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  1. Keynote
  2. Communities
  3. The ageing user
  4. Design
  5. User involvement
  6. Applications
  7. Panel
  8. Posters


Promoting universal usability with multi-layer interface design BIBAFull-Text 1-8
  Ben Shneiderman


Community portals through communitization BIBAFull-Text 9-14
  Vanessa Donnelly; Roland Merrick
Design studies for a financial management system for micro-credit groups in rural India BIBAFull-Text 15-22
  Tapan Parikh; Kaushik Ghosh; Apala Chavan
SPAM on the menu: the practical use of remote messaging in community care BIBAFull-Text 23-29
  Keith Cheverst; Karen Clarke; Dan Fitton; Mark Rouncefield; Andy Crabtree; Terry Hemmings

The ageing user

Web usability and age: how design changes can improve performance BIBAFull-Text 30-37
  Ann Chadwick-Dias; Michelle McNulty; Tom Tullis
How universal is good design for older users? BIBAFull-Text 38-45
  Dan Hawthorn
Toward achieving universal usability for older adults through multimodal feedback BIBAFull-Text 46-53
  V. Kathlene Emery; Paula J. Edwards; Julie A. Jacko; Kevin P. Moloney; Leon Barnard; Thitima Kongnakorn; Francois Sainfort; Ingrid U. Scott
Patterns for encapsulating speech interface design solutions for older adults BIBAFull-Text 54-60
  Mary Zajicek


Challenging interfaces/redesigning users BIBAFull-Text 61-68
  Anna Dickinson; Roos Eisma; Peter Gregor
Countering design exclusion through inclusive design BIBAFull-Text 69-76
  Simeon Keates; P. John Clarkson
Abstract user interface representations: how well do they support universal access? BIBAFull-Text 77-84
  Shari Trewin; Gottfried Zimmermann; Gregg Vanderheiden
Theoretical and architectural support for input device adaptation BIBAFull-Text 85-92
  Jingtao Wang; Jennifer Mankoff

User involvement

Understanding patients: participatory approaches for the user evaluation of vital data presentation BIBAFull-Text 93-97
  Karl A. Stroetmann; Michael Pieper; Veli N. Stroetmann
Involving young girls in product concept design BIBAFull-Text 98-105
  Minna Isomursu; Pekka Isomursu; Kaisa Still
Context-aware communication for severely disabled users BIBAFull-Text 106-111
  Adriane B. Davis; Melody M. Moore; Veda C. Storey
Insights from the aphasia project: designing technology for and with people who have aphasia BIBAFull-Text 112-118
  Joanna McGrenere; Rhian Davies; Leah Findlater; Peter Graf; Maria Klawe; Karyn Moffatt; Barbara Purves; Sarah Yang


Making chalk and talk accessible BIBAFull-Text 119-125
  S. Bennett; J. Hewitt; D. Kraithman; C. Britton
Applying heuristics to perform a rigorous accessibility inspection in a commercial context BIBAFull-Text 126-133
  Claire Paddison; Paul Englefield
Towards the creation of accessibility agents for non-visual navigation of the web BIBAFull-Text 134-141
  K. Kottapally; C. Ngo; R. Reddy; E. Pontelli; T. C. Son; D. Gillan
Designing a universal keyboard using chording gloves BIBAFull-Text 142-147
  Seongil Lee; Sang Hyuk Hong; Jae Wook Jeon


Designing cognitive technologies for people with disabilities -- perspectives for theory and practice BIBAFull-Text 148-149
  Jim Sullivan; Joanna McGrenere


Helping to avoid e-discrimination in UK tertiary education BIBAFull-Text 150-151
  David Sloan; Lawrie Phipps
Designing accessible auditory drag and drop BIBAFull-Text 152-153
  Fredrik Winberg; Sten Olof Hellstrom
A study in reading comprehension improvement BIBAFull-Text 154-155
  Rodica Waivio
Designing an interface usable by people with dementia BIBAFull-Text 156-157
  Norman Alm; Richard Dye; Gary Gowans; Jim Campbell; Arlene Astell; Maggie Ellis