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Proceedings of the 2000 ACM Conference on Universal Usability

Fullname:CUU 2000 ACM Conference on Universal Usability
Editors:Jean Scholtz; John C. Thomas
Location:Arlington, Virginia, USA
Dates:2000-Nov-16 to 2000-Nov-17
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-314-6; ACM Order Number 608009; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CUU2000
Links:Conference Home
  1. Opening Speech
  2. Panels
  3. Architecture and Experience
  4. The Design Process
  5. Panels
  6. Age before Beauty
  7. Reaching Diverse Communities
  8. Easy Access and The Web
  9. Posters
  10. Keynote
Welcome to the ACM Conference on Universal Usability BIBHTML viii
  Ben Shneiderman

Opening Speech

Creating Digital Opportunity BIBAHTML --
  Tom Kalil


Report from the CUU Fellow Workshop BIBPPT --
  Joelle Coutaz

Architecture and Experience

The FirstSearch User Interface Architecture: Universal Access for any User, in many Languages, on any Platform BIBAKPDFPDFPowerPoint Presentation 1-8
  Gary Perlman
Configuration Agents, Control and Privacy BIBAKPDF 9-16
  Shari Trewin
Reducing the Gap Between What Users Know and What They Need to Know BIBAKPDF 17-23
  Ron Baecker; Kellogg Booth; Sasha Jovicic; Joanna McGrenere; Gale Moore

The Design Process

Usability and Public Administration: Experiences of a Difficult Marriage BIBAKPDF 24-31
  Tiziana Catarci; Giacinto Matarazzo; Gianluigi Raiss
Fundamental Principles and Priority Setting for Universal Usability BIBAKPDF 32-37
  Gregg Vanderheiden
"User Sensitive Inclusive Design" -- In Search of a New Paradigm BIBAKPDF 39-44
  Alan F. Newell; Peter Gregor
Towards a Practical Inclusive Design Approach BIBAKPDF 45-52
  Simeon Keates; P. John Clarkson; Lee-Anne Harrison; Peter Robinson
Participant Stakeholder Evaluation as a Design Process BIBAKPDF 53-60
  Richard Giordano; David Bell


Dimensions of Diversity in Design of Telerehabilitation Systems for Universal Usability BIBAKPDF 61-62
  M. Rosen; D. Brennan; C. Trepagnier; B. Tran; D. Lauderdale; C. Lathan
From Equal Access to Differential Invitation: Creating Collaborative Cultures that Provide Equal Access and Encourage Equal Participation BIBAKPDF 63-64
  Lynn Henderson; Neil G. Scott; Isabelle Gingras; Richard Adler; Victoria Plaut; Vanessa Fleming; Charles Merritt

Age before Beauty

Increasing the Opportunities for Aging in Place BIBAKPDF 65-71
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Irfan Essa; Wendy Rogers
The ELDeR Project: Social, Emotional, and Environmental Factors in the Design of Eldercare Technologies BIBAKPDF 72-79
  Tad Hirsch; Jodi Forlizzi; Elaine Hyder; Jennifer Goetz; Jacey Stroback; Chris Kurtz
Designing for Context: Usability in a Ubiquitous Environment BIBAKPDF 80-84
  Jenna Burrell; Paul Treadwell; Geri K. Gay
The Beauty of Simplicity BIBAKPDF 85-90
  Kristiina Karvonen

Reaching Diverse Communities

Intelligent Speech for Information Systems: Toward Bilteracy and Trilingualism BIBAKPDF 91-95
  Helen M. Meng
Accessible Accessibility BIBAKPDF 96-101
  David Sloan; Peter Gregor; Murray Rowan; Paul Booth
Usability Testing with Screen Reading Technology in a Windows Environment BIBAKPDF 102-109
  Kitch Barnicle
Mixing Oil and Water: Transcending Method Boundaries in Assistive Technology for Traumatic Brain Injury BIBAKPDF 110-117
  Eamon Doherty; Gilbert Cockton; Chris Bloor; Dennis Benigno

Easy Access and The Web

The Development of a Simple, Low Cost Set of Universal Access Features for Electronic Devices BIBAKPDF 118-123
  Chris Law; Gregg Vanderheiden
Aurora: A Conceptual Model for Web-Content Adaptation to Support the Universal Usability of Web-Based Services BIBAKPDF 124-131
  Anita W. Huang; Neel Sunderson
Extending User Understanding of Federal Statistics in Tables BIBAKPDF 132-138
  Gary Marchionini; Carol Hert; Liz Liddy; Ben Shneiderman
Barriers to Use: Usability and Content Accessibility on the Web's Most Popular Sites BIBAKPDF 139-144
  Terry Sullivan; Rebecca Matson


Animated Icons: Re-Inventing Visual Cues for the Visually Impaired Computer User BIBAKPDF 145-146
  Stephanie Ludi
Computer Head Control Software to Compensate for Neck Movement Limitations BIBAKPDF 147-148
  Edmund LoPresti; David M. Brienza; Jennifer Angelo
Development of an Information Kiosk with a Sign Language Recognition System BIBAKPDF 149-150
  Hirohiko Sagawa; Masaru Takeuchi
An Empirical Study on the Usability of an Information Navigation Aid BIBAKPDF 151-152
  David Ribeiro Lamas; Jennifer Jerrams-Smith; David Heathcote; Feliz Ribeiro Gouveia
An Inclusive Design of Remittance Services for the Blind Users' Operation of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) BIBAKPDF 153-154
  Iwao Kobayashi; Akihiro Iwazaki; Katsuhiro Sasaki
The IUSR Project and the Common Industry Reporting Format BIBAKPDF 155-156
  Emile L. Morse
Mathematical Modeling of Age Differences in Hierarchical Navigation Systems BIBAKPDF 157-158
  Panayiotis Zaphiris; Darin Ellis
A Rule of Thumb of Icons' Visual Distinctiveness BIBAKPDF 159-160
  Sri Hastuti Kurniawan
A Tool to Evaluate Universal Web Accessibility BIBAKPDF 161-162
  Leonard R. Kasday


Raising Awareness of the Economic Advantages of Universal Design BIBAHTMLPDF 163
  Michael Burks
Listening to the Future: A 22nd Century Retrospective BIBAPDF 164
  Paula Underwood