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Proceedings of ACM CSCW'98 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM CSCW'98 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Steve Poltrock; Jonathan Grudin; Christine Neuwirth; Saul Greenberg; David Durand
Location:Seattle, Washington
Dates:1998-Nov-14 to 1998-Nov-18
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-009-0; ACM Order Number 612980; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CSCW98
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  1. Awareness of Others and Their Actions
  2. Organizational Culture: Memory and Change
  3. Concurrency and Consistency
  4. Supporting Customer and Health-Care Service Workers
  5. Infrastructures for Collaboration
  6. Mirrors to the Future: New Interaction Paradigms
  7. Infrastructures for Collaboration
  8. Shared Visual Spaces
  9. Primitives for Building Flexibile Groupware Systems
  10. Asynchronous Communication
  11. From Single-Display Groupware to Mobility
  12. Finding and Sustaining Relationships
  13. Social Filtering, Social Influences
  14. Supporting Design Activity: Observations and Requirements
  15. Panels
  16. Workshops
  17. Doctoral Colloquium
  18. Videos
  19. Tutorials
  20. Demonstrations
  21. Opening Plenary
  22. Closing Plenary

Awareness of Others and Their Actions

OfficeWalker: A Virtual Visiting System Based on Proxemics BIBAKPDF 1-10
  Akihiko Obata; Kazuo Sasaki
Evaluating Image Filtering Based Techniques in Media Space Applications BIBAKPDF 11-18
  Qiang Alex Zhao; John T. Stasko
Interlocus: Workspace Configuration Mechanisms for Activity Awareness BIBAKPDF 19-28
  Takahiko Nomura; Koichi Hayashi; Tan Hazama; Stephan Gudmundson

Organizational Culture: Memory and Change

The Long and Winding Road: Collaborative IT and Organisational Change BIBAKPDF 29-38
  Helena Karsten; Matthew Jones
Considering an Organization's Memory BIBAKPDF 39-48
  Mark S. Ackerman; Christine Halverson
Diaries at Work BIBAKPDF 49-58
  Mikko Kovalainen; Mike Robinson; Esa Auramaki

Concurrency and Consistency

Operational Transformation in Real-Time Group Editors: Issues, Algorithms, and Achievements BIBAKPDF 59-68
  Chengzheng Sun; Clarence (Skip) Ellis
Operation Transforms for a Distributed Shared Spreadsheet BIBAKPDF 69-78
  Christopher R. Palmer; Gordon V. Cormack
Responsiveness and Consistency Tradeoffs in Interactive Groupware BIBAKPDF 79-88
  Sumeer Bhola; Guruduth Banavar; Mustaque Ahamad

Supporting Customer and Health-Care Service Workers

Designing for the Dynamics of Cooperative Work Activities BIBAKPDF 89-98
  Jakob Bardram
Collaborative Customer Services Using Synchronous Web Browser Sharing BIBAKPDF 99-108
  Makoto Kobayashi; Masahide Shinozaki; Takashi Sakairi; Maroun Touma; Shahrokh Daijavad; Catherine Wolf
Talking to Customers on the Web: A Comparison of Three Voice Alternatives BIBAKPDF 109-117
  Qiping Zhang; Catherine G. Wolf; Shahrokh Daijavad; Maroun Touma

Infrastructures for Collaboration

Out of This World: An Extensible Session Architecture for Heterogeneous Electronic Landscapes BIBAKPDF 119-128
  Jonathan Trevor; Tom Rodden; Gareth Smith
Ubiquitous Collaboration via Surface Representations BIBAKPDF 129-138
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Scott E. Hudson; Matt Phelps; Jeremy Heiner; Thom Verratti
Rapidly Building Synchronous Collaborative Applications by Direct Manipulation BIBAKPDF 139-148
  Guruduth Banavar; Sri Doddapaneni; Kevan Miller; Bodhi Mukherjee

Mirrors to the Future: New Interaction Paradigms

HyperMirror: Toward Pleasant-to-Use Video Mediated Communication System BIBAKPDF 149-158
  Osamu Morikawa; Takanori Maesako
Meme Tags and Community Mirrors: Moving from Conferences to Collaboration BIBAKPDF 159-168
  Richard Borovoy; Fred Martin; Sunil Vemuri; Mitchel Resnick; Brian Silverman; Chris Hancock
Tangible Interfaces for Remote Collaboration and Communication BIBAKPDF 169-178
  Scott Brave; Hiroshi Ishii; Andrew Dahley

Infrastructures for Collaboration

COCA: Collaborative Objects Coordination Architecture BIBAKPDF 179-188
  Du Li; Richard R. Muntz
Artefact: A Framework for Low-Overhead Web-Based Collaborative Systems BIBAKPDF 189-196
  Jeff Brandenburg; Boyce Byerly; Tom Dobridge; Jinkun Lin; Dharmaraja Rajan; Timothy Roscoe

Shared Visual Spaces

Supporting Flexible Roles in a Shared Space BIBAKPDF 197-206
  Randall B. Smith; Ronald Hixon; Bernard Horan
Design for Individuals, Design for Groups: Tradeoffs between Power and Workspace Awareness BIBAKPDF 207-216
  Carl Gutwin; Saul Greenberg
Fragmented Interaction: Establishing Mutual Orientation in Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 217-226
  Jon Hindmarsh; Mike Fraser; Christian Heath; Steve Benford; Chris Greenhalgh

Primitives for Building Flexibile Groupware Systems

Exploring the Design Space for Notification Servers BIBAKPDF 227-235
  Devina Ramduny; Alan Dix; Tom Rodden
Re-Coupling Tailored User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 237-246
  Gareth Smith; Jon O'Brien
Flexible Meta Access-Control for Collaborative Applications BIBAKPDF 247-256
  Prasun Dewan; HongHai Shen

Asynchronous Communication

The Dynamics of Mass Interaction BIBAKPDF 257-264
  Steve Whittaker; Loren Terveen; Will Hill; Lynn Cherny
Envisioning Communication: Task-Tailorable Representations of Communication in Asynchronous Work BIBAKPDF 265-274
  Christine M. Neuwirth; James H. Morris; Susan Harkness Regli; Ravinder Chandhok; Geoffrey C. Wenger
Coordination, Overload and Team Performance: Effects of Team Communication Strategies BIBAKPDF 275-284
  Susan R. Fussell; Robert E. Kraut; F. Javier Lerch; William L. Scherlis; Matthew M. McNally; Jonathan J. Cadiz

From Single-Display Groupware to Mobility

Collaboration Using Multiple PDAs Connected to a PC BIBAKPDF 285-294
  Brad A. Myers; Herb Stiel; Robert Gargiulo
Tailorable Domain Objects as Meeting Tools for an Electronic Whiteboard BIBAKPDF 295-304
  Thomas P. Moran; William van Melle; Patrick Chiu
Mobility in Collaboration BIBAKPDF 305-314
  Paul Luff; Christian Heath

Finding and Sustaining Relationships

Just Talk to Me: A Field Study of Expertise Location BIBAKPDF 315-324
  David W. McDonald; Mark S. Ackerman
Sustaining Mentoring Relationships On-line BIBAKPDF 325-334
  D. Kevin O'Neill; Louis M. Gomez
Cooperative Knowledge Work and Practices of Trust: Sharing Environmental Planning Data Sets BIBAKPDF 335-343
  Nancy A. Van House; Mark H. Butler; Lisa R. Schiff

Social Filtering, Social Influences

Using Filtering Agents to Improve Prediction Quality in the GroupLens Research Collaborative Filtering System BIBAKPDF 345-354
  Badrul M. Sarwar; Joseph A. Konstan; Al Borchers; Jon Herlocker; Brad Miller; John Riedl
Evaluating Emergent Collaboration on the Web BIBAKPDF 355-362
  Loren Terveen; Will Hill
MUSICFX: An Arbiter of Group Preferences for Computer Supported Collaborative Workouts BIBAKPDF 363-372
  Joseph F. McCarthy; Theodore D. Anagnost

Supporting Design Activity: Observations and Requirements

Designing Groupware for Congruency in Use BIBAKPDF 373-382
  Wolfgang Prinz; Gloria Mark; Uta Pankoke-Babatz
Representing Fieldwork and Articulating Requirements through VR BIBAKPDF 383-392
  James Pycock; Kevin Palfreyman; Jen Allanson; Graham Button
Recomposition: Putting It All Back Together Again BIBAKPDF 393-402
  Rebecca E. Grinter


An Internet Paradox: A Social Medium That May Undermine Sociability BIBAPDF 403-404
  Sara Kiesler; Robert Kraut; Judith Donath; Barry Wellman; Howard Rheingold
Everyone is Talking about Knowledge Management BIBAPDF 405-406
  Irene Greif
Six Readings of a Single Text: A Videoanalytic Session BIBAPDF 407-409
  Timothy Koschmann; Anne Anderson; Rogers Hall; Christian Heath; Curtis LeBaron; Judith Olson; Lucy Suchman
Cooperative Buildings: Integrating Information, Organization, & Architecture BIBAPDF 411-413
  Norbert Streitz; Volker Hartkopf; Hiroshi Ishii; Simon Kaplan; Thomas P. Moran


Methodologies for Evaluation BIBACSCWPDF 415
  Jean Scholtz; Laurie Damianos; Andrew Greenberg; Robyn Kozierok
Towards Adaptive Workflow Systems BIBAHTMLPDF 415
  Mark Klein; Chrysanthos Dellarocsa; Abraham Bernstein
Identifying Constraints in Design BIBAHTMLPDF 415
  Todd Cherkasky; David Levinger
Understanding Professional Work and Technology in Domestic Environments BIBAFull-TextPDF 415-416
  Jon O'Brien; Konrad Tollmar; Stefan Junestrand
Changing Work Practice in Technology-Mediated Learning Environments BIBAHTMLPDF 416
  Toni Robertson; Sue Fowell; Penny Collings
Internet-based Groupware for User Participation in Product Development BIBAIGROUPPDF 416
  Monica Divitini; Babak A. Farshchian; Tuomo Tuikka
Designing Across Borders: The Community Design of Community Networks BIBAHTMLPDF 416
  Doug Schuler
Handheld CSCW BIBAWeb PagePDF 416
  Hans-W. Gellersen
Collaborative and Cooperative Information Seeking in Digital Information Environments BIBAWeb PagePDF 416-417
  Elizabeth Churchill; Dave Snowdon; Gene Golovchinsky
Connectivity: Human and Technical BIBAWeb PagePDF 417
  Jolene Galegher
Designing Virtual Communities for Work BIBAWeb PagePDF 417
  Lori Toomey; John C. Tang; Gloria Mark; Lia Adams
User-Centered Design in Practice -- Problems and Possibilities BIBAWeb PagePDF 417-418
  Jan Gulliksen; Ann Lantz; Inger Boivie

Doctoral Colloquium

The Effect of Proxemic Information in Video Mediated Communication BIBAPDF 419
  David Grayson
Computer Mediated Communication Across Divergent Research Networks BIBAPDF 419
  Jenny Fry
A Comparison of Video-Mediated, Face-to-Face and Audio-Only Group Communications BIBAPDF 419-420
  Emma France
Communication and Co-ordination through Public Representations BIBAPDF 420
  Christer Garbis
An Investigation of Multi-user Design Tools for Collaborative 3-D Modeling BIBAPDF 420
  Tek-Jin Nam
EVOLVE: EVOLutionary Aspects of Vidoeconferencing Explored BIBAPDF 420
  Marike Hettinga
Concurrency Control for Real-Time Diagramming BIBAPDF 420-421
  Jeffrey D. Campbell
Supporting Dynamic Recommendations in Organizational Information Systems BIBAPDF 421
  David McDonald
Designing the DomeCityMOO Collaboratory: A Multi-User Simulation in a Text-Based Networked Virtual Environment That Supports Non-Scripted Interactions Toward Intercultural Understanding BIBAPDF 421
  Elaine M. Raybourn
High-Level Requirements Analysis for Systems in Complex Work Settings BIBAPDF 421-422
  Mark Bergman


A Demonstration of Awareness Driven Video Quality of Service BIBA 423
  Gail Reynard; Chris Greenhalgh; Steve Benford
i-LAND: An Interactive Landscape for Creativity and Innovation BIBAHTML 423
  Torsten Holmer; Laurent Lacour; Norbert Streitz
Insight Lab: A Team Workspace BIBA 423
  James Meyers; Beth Lange; Mark Jones
The Mirror: Reflections on Inhabited TV BIBA 423-424
  Andrew McGrath; Amanda Oldroyd; Graham Walker
GestureLaser: Supporting Hand Gestures in Remote Instruction BIBA 424
  Hideaki Kuzuoka; Shinya Oyama; Hiroshi Kato; Hideyuki Suzuki; Keiichi Yamazaki; Akiko Yamazaki; Hiroyuki Miki
Hypermirror: Mirror Reflections Representing Users As If They Are All in the Same Room BIBA 424
  Osamu Morikawa; Takanori Maesako
Crisis in Ragan: Orbit at Work BIBA 424
  Richard Taylor; Tim Mansfield; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
GAZE: Visual-Spatial Attention in Communication BIBA 425
  Roel Vertegaal
The SubCam: An Insight into the Phenomenal Flow of Office Life BIBA 425
  Anne-Laure Fayard; Saadi Lahlou
Enabling Personal Tele-Embodiment BIBA 425
  Eric Paulos; John Canny
Focus and Awareness in Groupware BIBA 425-426
  Carl Gutwin; Saul Greenberg


A Grand Tour of CSCW Research BIBAPDF 427
  Jonathan Grudin; Steven E. Poltrock; John Patterson
A Technical Overview of CSCW BIBAPDF 427
  Presun Dewan
Activity Theory: Basic Concepts and Applications BIBAPDF 427
  Victor Kaptelinin; Bonnie Nardi
The Theory and Practice of Fieldwork for System Development BIBAPDF 427
  Dave Randall; Mark Rouncefield
Contextual Inquiry: Gathering Customer Data for System Development BIBAPDF 428
  Karen Holtzblatt
Virtual Humans in Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs) BIBAPDF 428
  Nadia Magnenat Thalmann; Daniel Thalmann
Computer Support for Community Work: Designing and Building Systems for the "Real World" BIBAPDF 428
  Doug Schuler
Building Computer-Based Shared Information Systems BIBAPDF 428
  John Mariani
Avoiding Damn Lies: Understanding Statistics BIBAPDF 428-429
  Alan Dix
Working through Collaboration: A Framework for Designing Technology Support BIBAPDF 429
  John L. Bennett; John Karat
Developing Collaborative Applications on the World Wide Web BIBAPDF 429
  Andreas Girgensohn; Alison Lee
An Introduction to Distributed Cognition: Analyzing the Organizational, the Social, and the Cognitive for Designing and Implementing CSCW Applications BIBAPDF 429-430
  Christine Halverson; Yvonne Rogers
Behavioral Evaluation of CSCW Systems BIBAPDF 430
  Thomas A. Finholt
XML: Modeling Data and Metadata BIBAPDF 430
  Rohit Khare; Adam Rifkin
Workflow Management: Concepts, Architecture, Implementation and Deployment BIBAPDF 430
  Christoph Bussler
Using Social Network Analysis to Study Computer Networks: Theory, Methods and Substantive Findings BIBAPDF 430
  Barry Wellman
Theoretical Foundations of CSCL: How Do We Learn in Collaborative Settings? BIBAPDF 430-431
  Timothy Koschmann
The World Wide Laboratory: Conducting Experiments on the Internet BIBAPDF 431
  Daniel B. Horn; Elena Rocco; Paul Resnick


TeamWave Workplace BIBA --
  Mark Roseman
WebGuide: Guiding Cooperative Work on the Web with Perspectives and Negotiation Support BIBA --
  Gerry Stahl; Rogerio dePaula; Thomas Herrmann; Kai-Uwe Loser
ToolSpace: A Next Generation Computing Environment BIBA --
  T. Goddard; V. S. Sunderam
Patient Support Using the World Wide Web BIBA --
  John E. Lester; Deirdre M. Norris; Daniel B. Hoch
WebShaman -- Collaborative Virtual Prototyping in the World Wide Web for Product Designers BIBA --
  Pertti Repo; Jarmo Sarkkinen; Tuomo Tuikka; Marko Salmela
The Hummingbird: Mobile Support for Group Awareness BIBA --
  Lars Erik Holmquist; Joakim Wigstrom; Jennica Falk
WebPath: Synchronous Collaborative Browsing BIBA --
  Paul Moody
Alice: Easy to Learn Interactive 3D Graphics BIBA --
  Angela M. Saval; Dan Maynes-Aminzade; Steve Audia; Kevin Christiansen; Dennis Cosgrove; Shawn Lawson; Dan Moskowitz; Jeffrey Pierce; Jason Pratt; Randy Pausch
The SubCam: A Video Tool for Analyzing Cooperative Work BIBA --
  Saadi Lahlou; Anne-Laure Fayard
CLIVE: Collaborative Live Interactive Voice Environment BIBA --
  Maroun Touma; Shahrokh Daijavad; Catherine Wolf; Alison Lee; Tong Fin; Tetsu Fujisaki; Eric Roffman; Makoto Kobayashi; Masahide Shinozaki; Takashi Sakairi
InTouch: A Tangible Interpersonal Communication Medium BIBA --
  Hiroshi Ishii; Scott Brave; Victor Su; Phil Frei; Andrew Dahley
An Awareness Tool for Asynchronous, Distributed Workgroups BIBA --
  J. J. Cadiz; R. E. Kraut; F. J. Lerch; S. R. Fussell; M. M. McNally; W. L. Scherlis
Demonstration of JCS: A Collaboration Architecture and Toolkit BIBA --
  Jeff Kurtz
Selective Dissemination of Information in a Colleague Awareness Application BIBA --
  Mark Day; Steve Foley
Creating and Managing Shared Concept Maps through SMART Ideas BIBA --
  David Martin; Tom Fukushima; Rob Kremer
The GAZE Groupware System: Mediating Attention in Multiparty Communication and Collaboration BIBA --
  Roel Vertegaal
Simple Collaboration with Java BIBA --
  Derek S. Morris
Incident Report Information System (IRIS) BIBA --
  Steve T. Jones
Virtual Places: A Heterogeneous Network Environment for Individual and Collaborative Work BIBA --
  Robert B. Kozma; Ruth E. Lang; Martin W. Fong
Dynamic Virtual Playground BIBA --
  Richard May; Scott Decker; Lauren Bricker; Bruce Campbell; Anne Schur; Irene Schwarting; Paul Schwartz; Tom Furness; Kori Inkpen
QuickSet: Multimodal Collaboration from Handheld to Wall-Sized BIBA --
  David R. McGee
Orbit-Amethyst BIBA --
  David Arnold; Andrew Loch; Tim Mansfield; Ted Phelps; Simon Kaplan
Rapidly Building Synchronous Collaborative Applications by Direct Manipulation BIBA --
  Guruduth Banavar; Sri Doddapaneni; Kevan Miller; Bodhi Mukherjee
TTR: A Task-tailorable System for Envisioning Asynchronous Communication BIBA --
  Christine M. Neuwirth; James H. Morris; Susan Harkness Regli; Ravinder Chandhok; Geoffrey C. Wenger
NetMeeting and Flatland BIBA --
  Deborah Dubrow; Anoop Gupta
MOMO: Cooperative and Collaborative Workflow Modeling BIBA --
  Stefan Horn; Stefan Jablonksi; Michael Schlundt

Opening Plenary

Collective IQ and a Framework for Bootstrapping our Society BIB --
  Douglas Engelbart

Closing Plenary

The Design Studio of the Future BIBA --
  William J. Mitchell