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Proceedings of ACM CSCW'96 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM CSCW'96 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Note:Cooperating Communities
Editors:Kate Ehrlich; Chris Schmandt; Gary Olson; Judy Olson; Mark Ackerman
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
Dates:1996-Nov-16 to 1996-Nov-20
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-765-0; ACM Order Number 612960; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CSCW96
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  1. Workshops
  2. Tutorials
  3. Video Program
  4. Language Support for Groupware
  5. Synchronous Work I
  6. Learning from Space and Place
  7. Filtering & Sharing
  8. Protocols for Groupware
  9. Synchronous Work II
  10. Beyond Workflow Systems
  11. Work Practices
  12. Techniques for Awareness
  13. Concurrency
  14. Setting up Encounters
  15. Places for Collaboration
  16. Work & Records
  17. Virtual Environment
  18. Groupware Usage
  19. Panels
  20. Short Papers
  21. Doctoral Colloquium


CSCW'96 Workshops BIBPDF 1-2
  Simon Kaplan; Lisa Neal
Extending CSCW into Domestic Environments BIBAPDF 1
  Jon O'Brien; John Hughes; Mark Ackerman; Debby Hindus
Approaches for Distributed Learning through Computer Supported Collaborative Learning BIBAPDF 1
  Marla Capozzi; Peter Rothstein; Kathleen Curley
CSCW and Organizational Learning BIBAPDF 1
  Liam Bannon; Giorgio De Michelis; Paal Soergaard
CSCW and the Internet BIBAPDF 1
  Sara Bly; Susan Anderson
Commercial Use of Meetingware BIBAPDF 1
  Michele Cresmen; Robin Lampert; Kathy Ryan
Introducing Groupware into Organizations: What Leads to Successes and Failures? BIBAPDF 2
  Gloria Mark; Wolfgang Prinz; Volker Wulf; Vidar Hepsoe
Integrating Personal and Community Recommendations in Collaborative Filtering BIBAPDF 2
  Joseph A. Konstan; Krishna Bharat
Tacit Knowledge: Icebergs in Collaborative Design BIBAPDF 2
  Brent N. Reeves; Frank Shipman
Strategies for Collaborative Modeling and Simulation BIBAPDF 2
  Albert M. Selvin; Maarten Sierhuis
Design and Use of MUDs for Serious Purposes BIBAPDF 2
  Yvonne Wærn; Daniel Pargman
Widening the Net: The Theory and Practice of Physical and Electronic Communities BIBAPDF 2
  Steve Whittaker; Ellen Isaacs; Vicki O'Day


CSCW'96 Tutorials BIBPDF 3-6
  Lee Sproull; Amy Pearl
An Introduction to the Internet and How It Can be Used for Collaboration for K-12 Teachers BIBAPDF 3
  Nicole Yankelovich
  Jonathan Grudin; Steven E. Poltrock; John Patterson
CSCW, Groupware and Workflow: Experiences, State of Art and Future Trends BIBAPDF 3
  Steven E. Poltrock; Jonathan Grudin
Using the Java Programming Environment to Build Collaborative Applications BIBAPDF 3
  Jim Waldo
Designing and Implementing Collaborative Applications BIBAPDF 4
  Prasun Dewan
Developing Collaborative Applications Using the World Wide Web Shell BIBAPDF 4
  Alison Lee; Andreas Girgensohn
An Introduction to Distributed Cognition: Analyzing the Organizational, the Social and the Cognitive for Designing and Implementing CSCW Applications BIBAPDF 4
  Christine Halverson; Yvonne Rogers
Working through Meetings: A Framework for Designing Meeting Support BIBAPDF 4
  John Bennett; John Karat
Asynchronous Learning Networks: The Theory and Practice of Collaborative Learning Online BIBAPDF 5
  Starr Roxanne Hiltz; Murray Turoff
Ethnography and Systems Development: Bounding the Intersection BIBAPDF 5
  Dave Randall; Mark Roucefield
A Hands-On Introduction to Collaborative Filtering BIBAPDF 5
  Brad Miller; John Riedl
Cooperative Information Systems: A Research Agenda BIBAPDF 5
  Matthais Jarke; John Mylopoulos
Behavioral Evaluation of CSCW Technologies BIBAPDF 5
  Tom Finholt; Gary Olson; Judy Olson
Community Networks BIBAPDF 6
  John Carroll; Carmen Sears
Networking for Collaboration: Video Telephony and Media Conferencing BIBAPDF 6
  Rob Fish; Bob Kraut
Law in Cyberspace BIBAPDF 6
  David Post
Business Process Reengineering and its Role in Developing CSCW Applications BIBAPDF 6
  Frank von Martial

Video Program

GroupWeb: A Groupware Web Browser BIBAPDF 7
  Saul Greenberg; Mark Roseman
ARGUS: An Active Awareness System Using Computer-Controlled Multiple Cameras BIBAPDF 7
  Tomoaki Kawai; Yuichi Bannai; Hideyuki Tamura
InterSpace Project -- CyberCampus BIBAPDF 7
  Shohei Sugawara; Norihiko Matsuura; Yoichi Kato; Keiichi Sasaki; Michita Imai; Takashi Yamana; Yasuyuki Kiyosue; Kazunori Shimamura; Tomoaki Tanaka; Takashi Nishimura; Carol Leick; Tim Takeuchi; Gen Suzuki
Prairie: A Conceptual Framework for a Virtual Organization BIBAPDF 8
  Stephen H. Sato; Anatole V. Gershman; Kishore S. Swaminathan
Supporting Workspace Awareness in Groupware BIBAPDF 8
  Carl Gutwin; Saul Greenberg; Mark Roseman
Applying Distortion-Oriented Displays to Groupware BIBAPDF 8-9
  Saul Greenberg; Carl Gutwin; Andrew Cockburn
GestureCam: A Video Communication System to Support Spatial Workspace Collaboration BIBAPDF 9
  Hideaki Kuzuoka; Gen Ishimoda; Yushi Nishimura; Yoshihiro Nakada
MAJIC and DesktopMAJIC Conferencing System BIBAPDF 9
  Ken-ichi Okada; Shunsuke Tanaka; Yutaka Matsushita
Collaborative Wearable Systems Research and Evaluation BIBAPDF 9-10
  Jane Siegel; Robert E. Kraut; Mark D. Miller; David J. Kaplan; Malcolm Bauer
The MIT Design Studio of the Future: Virtual Design Review BIBAPDF 10
  Seraj Bharwani
From Electronic Whiteboards to Distributed Meetings: Extending the Scope of DOLPHIN BIBAPDF 10
  Ajit Bapat; Jorg Geisler; David Hicks; Norbert Streitz; Daniel Tietze

Language Support for Groupware

Policies and Roles in Collaborative Applications BIBAKPDF 11-20
  W. Keith Edwards
DCWPL: A Programming Language for Describing Collaborative Work BIBAKPDF 21-29
  Mauricio Cortes; Prateek Mishra
Designing Object-Oriented Synchronous Groupware with COAST BIBAKPDF 30-38
  Christian Schuckmann; Lutz Kirchner; Jan Schummer; Jorg M. Haake

Synchronous Work I

Identifying and Analyzing Multiple Threads in Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Conversations BIBAKPDF 39-47
  Susan E. McDaniel; Gary M. Olson; Joseph C. Magee
Voice Loops as Cooperative Aids in Space Shuttle Mission Control BIBAKPDF 48-56
  Jennifer C. Watts; David D. Woods; James M. Corban; Emily S. Patterson; Ronald L. Kerr; LaDessa C. Hicks
Collaboration in Performance of Physical Tasks: Effects on Outcomes and Communication BIBAKPDF 57-66
  Robert E. Kraut; Mark D. Miller; Jane Siegel

Learning from Space and Place

Re-Place-ing Space: The Roles of Place and Space in Collaborative Systems BIBAKPDF 67-76
  Steve Harrison; Paul Dourish
Shared Spaces: Transportation, Artificiality, and Spatiality BIBAKPDF 77-86
  Steve Benford; Chris Brown; Gail Reynard; Chris Greenhalgh
Populating the Application: A Model of Awareness for Cooperative Applications BIBAKPDF 87-96
  Tom Rodden

Filtering & Sharing

Answer Garden 2: Merging Organizational Memory with Collaborative Help BIBAKPDF 97-105
  Mark S. Ackerman; David W. McDonald
Using Frequency-of-Mention in Public Conversations for Social Filtering BIBAKPDF 106-112
  Will Hill; Loren Terveen
CLUES: Dynamic Personalized Message Filtering BIBAKPDF 113-121
  Matthew Marx; Chris Schmandt

Protocols for Groupware

Notification Servers for Synchronous Groupware BIBAKPDF 122-129
  John F. Patterson; Mark Day; Jakov Kucan
A Protocol for User Awareness on the World Wide Web BIBAKPDF 130-139
  Kevin Palfreyman; Tom Rodden
Corona: A Communication Service for Scalable, Reliable Group Collaboration Systems BIBAKPDF 140-149
  Robert W. Hall; Amit Mathur; Farnam Jahanian; Atul Prakash; Craig Rasmussen

Synchronous Work II

Evolutionary Engagement in an Ongoing Collaborative Work Process: A Case Study BIBAKPDF 150-159
  Thomas P. Moran; Patrick Chiu; Steve Harrison; Gordon Kurtenbach; Scott Minneman; William van Melle
The Social-Technical Design Circle BIBAK 160-169
  Vicki L. O'Day; Daniel G. Bobrow; Mark Shirley
Hypermedia Structures and the Division of Labor in Meeting Room Collaboration BIBAKPDF 170-179
  Gloria Mark; Jorg M. Haake; Norbert A. Streitz

Beyond Workflow Systems

Generalized Process Structure Grammars (GPSG) for Flexible Representations of Work BIBAPDF 180-189
  Natalie S. Glance; Daniele S. Pagani; Remo Pareschi
Freeflow: Mediating Between Representation and Action in Workflow Systems BIBAKPDF 190-198
  Paul Dourish; Jim Holmes; Allan MacLean; Pernille Marqvardsen; Alex Zbyslaw
Support for Workflows in a Ministerial Environment BIBAKPDF 199-208
  Wolfgang Prinz; Sabine Kolvenbach

Work Practices

Walking Away from the Desktop Computer: Distributed Collaboration and Mobility in a Product Design Team BIBAKPDF 209-218
  Victoria Bellotti; Sara Bly
Getting Others to Get It Right: An Ethnography of Design Work in the Fashion Industry BIBAKPDF 219-228
  James Pycock; John Bowers
Back to Labor: Returning to Labor Process Discussions in the Study of Work BIBAKPDF 229-237
  Joan Greenbaum

Techniques for Awareness

Thunderwire: A Field Study of an Audio-Only Media Space BIBAKPDF 238-247
  Debby Hindus; Mark S. Ackerman; Scott Mainwaring; Brian Starr
Techniques for Addressing Fundamental Privacy and Disruption Tradeoffs in Awareness Support Systems BIBAKPDF 248-257
  Scott E. Hudson; Ian Smith
A Usability Study of Awareness Widgets in a Shared Workspace Groupware System BIBAKPDF 258-267
  Carl Gutwin; Mark Roseman; Saul Greenberg


Consistency Guarantees: Exploiting Application Semantics for Consistency Management in a Collaboration Toolkit BIBAKPDF 268-277
  Paul Dourish
A Concurrency Control Framework for Collaborative Systems BIBAKPDF 278-287
  Jonathan Munson; Prasun Dewan
An Integrating, Transformation-Oriented Approach to Concurrency Control and Undo in Group Editors BIBAKPDF 288-297
  Matthias Ressel; Doris Nitsche-Ruhland; Rul Gunzenhauser

Setting up Encounters

Supporting Social Awareness @ Work, Design, and Experience BIBAKPDF 298-307
  Konrad Tollmar; Ovidiu Sandor; Anna Schomer
FreeWalk: Supporting Casual Meetings in a Network BIBAKPDF 308-314
  Hideyuki Nakanishi; Chikara Yoshida; Toshikazu Nishimura; Toru Ishida
Piazza: A Desktop Environment Supporting Impromptu and Planned Interactions BIBAKPDF 315-324
  Ellen Isaacs; John C. Tang; Trevor Morris

Places for Collaboration

TeamRooms: Network Places for Collaboration BIBAKPDF 325-333
  Mark Roseman; Saul Greenberg
Physical Spaces, Virtual Places and Social Worlds: A Study of Work in the Virtual BIBAKPDF 334-343
  Geraldine Fitzpatrick; Simon Kaplan; Tim Mansfield
Supporting Multi-User, Multi-Applet Workspaces in CBE BIBAKPDF 344-353
  Jang Ho Lee; Atul Prakash; Trent Jaeger; Gwobaw Wu

Work & Records

Documents and Professional Practice: 'Bad' Organizational Reasons for 'Good' Clinical Records BIBAKPDF 354-363
  Christian Heath; Paul Luff
Computer Support for Clinical Practice: Embedding and Evolving Protocols of Care BIBAKPDF 364-369
  Barbara Katzenberg; Fred Pickard; John McDermott
Paperwork At 78kph BIBAKPDF 370-379
  Esa Auramaki; Mike Robinson; Anne Aaltonen; Mikko Kovalainen; Arja Liinamaa; Taina Tuuna-Vaiska

Virtual Environment

Practically Accomplishing Immersion: Cooperation In and For Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 380-389
  John Bowers; Jon O'Brien; James Pycock
Cooperative Virtual Environments: Lessons from 2D Multi User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 390-398
  Gareth Smith
My Partner is a Real Dog: Cooperation with Social Agents BIBAKPDF 399-408
  Salvatore Parise; Sara Kiesler; Lee Sproull; Keith Waters

Groupware Usage

Talking to Strangers: An Evaluation of the Factors Affecting Electronic Collaboration BIBAKPDF 409-418
  Steve Whittaker
Groupware in the Wild: Lessons Learned from a Year of Virtual Collocation BIBAKPDF 419-427
  Judith S. Olson; Stephanie Teasley
Groupware Implementation: Reinvention in the Sociotechnical Frame BIBAKPDF 428-437
  Tora K. Bikson; J. D. Eveland


Groupware at Work: It's Here Now, But Do We Know What It Is Yet? BIBAPDF 438-439
  Gianfranco Bazzigaluppi; Shoshana Zuboff; Claudio Ciborra; Wanda J. Orlikowski; Eleanor Wynn; Tora Bikson
From Retrospective to Prospective: The Next Research Agenda for CSCW BIBAPDF 440
  Liam Bannon; Lucy Suchman; Terry Winograd; Giorgio de Michelis; John Bowers
Peopled Online Virtual Worlds: A New Home for Cooperating Communities, a New Frontier for Interaction Design BIBAKPDF 441-442
  Bruce Damer; Amy Bruckman

Short Papers

Red Light, Green Light: Using Peripheral Awareness of Availability to Improve the Timing of Spontaneous Communication BIBPDF 443
  Trace Wax
A Group-Oriented Method of Interaction for Informal Communication BIBPDF 443
  Akihiko Obata; Kazuo Sasaki; Yoshiharu Sato; Hideo Ueno
Desktopconferencing System Using Multiple Still-Pictures: Desktop MAJIC BIBPDF 443
  Shunsuke Tanaka; Ken-ichi Okada; Shukei Kurihara; Yutaka Matsushita
Facilitating Collaborative Problem Solving with Distant Mentor BIBPDF 443
  Patricia Schank; Mark Schlager
Video Contact Affects the Learning of Organizational Routines in Laboratory Studies BIBPDF 443
  Daniel B. Horn; Michael Cohen
COBRA-Based Cooperative Learning System Using Three-Dimensional Shared Space BIBPDF 443
  Katsumi Hosoya; Akihisa Kawanobe; Susumu Kakuta
Prairie: Supporting Navigation and Social Networks in a Virtualized Organization BIBPDF 443
  Stephen H. Sato; Anatole V. Gershman; Kishore S. Swaminathan
Enhanced Mailing Lists Server: Active Circulation of Comments on Web Pages BIBPDF 443
  Shinichi Hiraiwa; Youji Kohda
Patterns of Communication between Reporters and University PR Professionals: The Role of New Communication Technologies in the Rhetorical Practice of Institutional Agents BIBPDF 443
  Jolene Galegher; Gilbert Wilkes
Medicine in the Dark: Obtaining Design Requirements for a Medical Collaboratory from Observation of Radiologists at Work BIBPDF 444
  Elizabeth Yakel; Stephane Cote; Thomas Finholt; Michael Cohen
Collaborative Interfaces for Customer Service BIBPDF 444
  Catherine Wolf; Shuang Chen; Shahrokh Daijavad; Tong Fin; Tetsu Fujiasaki; Eric Roffman; Maroun Touma
Experiences with Distributed, Asynchronous Software Inspection BIBPDF 444
  Michael Stein; Vahid Mashayekhi; John Riedl; Soren Harner
To Cook or Not to Cook: A Case Study of Decision Aiding in Quick-Service Restaurant Environments BIBPDF 444
  Ann M. Bisantz; Sally M. Cohen; Michael Gravelle
Towards the Definition of a Design Space for Collaborative Systems BIBPDF 444
  M. Teresa Soriano; Jesus Favela
Feather, Scent, and Shaker: Supporting Simple Intimacy BIBPDF 444
  Rob Strong; Bill Gaver
An Active Microphone Method for CSCW Systems -- Toward Open Co-Operative Work Space BIBPDF 444
  Takashi Endo; Masayuki Nakazawa; Toshiro Mukai; Shigeki Nagaya; Ryuichi Oka
CSCW'96 Doctoral Colloquium BIBPDF 445-447
  JoAnne Yates; Barbara Dickmann

Doctoral Colloquium

Conflict and Cooperation in the Courts: Case Study of How CSCW Alters Work BIBAPDF 445
  Margaret S. Elliott
Group Memories: A Knowledge Medium for Communities of Practice BIBAPDF 445
  Stefanie N. Lindstaedt
Metonymy as an Organising Principle of IT Communities BIBAPDF 445
  Olaf Boettger
How Organizational Structure and Culture Shape CSCW BIBAPDF 446
  Angela Lin
Providing Awareness Information in Remote Computer-Mediated Collaboration BIBAPDF 446
  Susan E. McDaniel
Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Clinical Practice BIBAPDF 446
  Jakob E. Bardram
The Language of Coordination: A Method for the Distributed Design of Complex Organizations BIBAPDF 446
  George M. Wyner
Temporal Interface Issues and Software Architecture for Remote Cooperative Work BIBAPDF 447
  Devina Ramduny
Groupware Support for Workspace Awareness BIBAPDF 447
  Carl Gutwin
Research in Communication Services for Collaborative Systems BIBAPDF 447
  Robert W. Hall