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Proceedings of ACM CSCW'94 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM CSCW'94 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Note:Transcending Boundaries
Editors:John B. Smith; F. Don Smith; Thomas W. Malone; Richard Furuta; Christine Neuwirth
Location:Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Dates:1994-Oct-22 to 1994-Oct-26
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-689-1; ACM Order Number 612940; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CSCW94
  1. Workshops
  2. Tutorials
  3. Formal Video Program
  4. Formal Video Program: Prototypes and Enabling Technologies
  5. Formal Video Program: Applications and Methodologies
  6. Formal Video Program: Historical Records and Retrospectives
  7. Formal Video Program: Future Visions
  8. Formal Video Program: References
  9. From Video Phoning to Video Interacting
  10. Tailoring CSCW Systems to Organizations
  11. Models of Cooperative Work
  12. Workflow and Information Sharing
  13. Collaborative Editing and Reviewing
  14. Sharing Information and Creating Meaning
  15. Technologies for Sharing I
  16. Studies of Cooperative Work I
  17. Studies of Cooperative Work II
  18. Technologies for Sharing II
  19. Supporting Meetings
  20. Video Conferencing
  21. Ethnographic Methodologies
  22. Special Session Panel
  23. Panels
  24. Plenary Panel
  25. Panels


CSCW'94 Workshops BIBAPDF 1
  Prasun Dewan
Workflow = Office Information Systems? BIBAPDF 1
  Dirk Mahling; Carson Woo
Relationships between CSCW and Software Process BIBAPDF 1
  Balachander Krishnamurthy; K. Narayanaswamy
Collaborative Realtime Process Management BIBAPDF 1
  Yvonne Wærn
Approaches to Work Analysis for CSCW Systems Design BIBAPDF 1-2
  John A. Hughes; Kjeld Schmidt
Scenario-Based Design Workshop BIBAPDF 2
  Wendy E. Mackay; Susanne Bødker
Critical Considerations in the Creation and Control of Personal/Collective Communication Spaces BIBAPDF 2
  Andrew Clement; Lucy Suchman; Ina Wagner
Video-Mediated Communication: Testing, Evaluation, and Design Implications BIBAPDF 2
  Kate Finn; Abi Sellen; Sylvia Wilbur
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Human Interaction Issues in Technology Supported Environments BIBAPDF 2-3
  K. C. Burgess Yakemovic; Michael Harris; Rebecca Stephens; Welyne Thomas
The Cobbler's Children: How Can and Should We Use CSCW Tools in Our Own Work? BIBAPDF 3
  Robert Halperin; Kevin Crowston; Jintae Lee
Collaborative Hypermedia Systems BIBAPDF 3
  Joerg M. Haake; Cathy Marshall; Douglas E. Shackelford; Uffe K. Wiil
Distributed Systems, Multimedia, and Infrastructure Support in CSCW BIBAPDF 3
  Atul Prakash; John Riedl
Software Architectures for Cooperative Systems BIBAPDF 3
  Tom Rodden; Steve Benford; Philip Johnson; Alan Dix; Simon Kaplan


CSCW'94 Tutorials BIBAPDF 5
  Lee Sproull
Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware: A Survey of Systems and the Behavioral and Social Issues that Affect Development and Use BIBAPDF 5
  Jonathan Grudin; Steven Poltrock
Designing Groupware for Realtime Collaboration BIBAPDF 5
  Tom Brinck; Ralph D. Hill
Working Through Meetings: A Framework for Designing Meeting Support BIBAPDF 5
  John L. Bennett; John Karat
Designing and Implementing Collaborative Applications BIBAPDF 5-6
  Prasun Dewan
Applications of Distributed Hypermedia Technology BIBAPDF 6
  Rob Akscyn; Don McCracken
Computer Support for Collaborative Learning: Theoretical Foundations BIBAPDF 6
  Timothy Koschmann; Claire O'Malley
Ethnography and Collaborative Systems Development Part 1: Learning to Work Together BIBAPDF 6
  Dave Randall; Richard Bentley; Michael Twidale
"Bifocals" for Participatory Analysis, Design, and Assessment of Work and Computer Systems BIBAPDF 6
  Michael J. Muller
Computer Supported Cooperative Learning: Making it Happen BIBAPDF 6-7
  Starr Roxanne Hiltz; Murray Turoff
CSCW in the Real World: A Management Information Systems Perspective on CSCW BIBAPDF 7
  M. Lynne Markus; J. D. Eveland
Networking for Collaboration: Video Telephony and Media Conferencing BIBAPDF 7
  Robert S. Fish
Collaborative Writing: Practical Problems and Prospective Solutions BIBAPDF 7
  Jolene Galegher; Christine Neuwirth
Computer Support for Collaborative Learning: Applications BIBAPDF 7
  Timothy Koschmann; Claire O'Malley
Ethnography and Collaborative Systems Development Part 2: Practical Application in a Commercial Context BIBAPDF 7-8
  Dave Randall; Richard Bentley; Michael Twidale
Behavioral Evaluation of CSCW Technologies BIBAPDF 8
  Gary M. Olson; Judith S. Olson; Tom Finholt
Strategies for Encouraging Adoption of Group Technologies BIBAPDF 8
  Susan E. Rudman; Ellen Francik
The Law of Computer Communications and Networked Communities BIBAPDF 8
  David Johnson

Formal Video Program

CSCW'94 Formal Video Program BIBAPDF 9
  Saul Greenberg; Beverly Harrison

Formal Video Program: Prototypes and Enabling Technologies

Montage: Multimedia Glances for Distributed Groups BIBAPDF 9
  John C. Tang; Monica Rua
GroupKit -- A Groupware Toolkit BIBAPDF 9
  Saul Greenberg; Mark Roseman
Teleporting -- Making Applications Mobile BIBAPDF 9-10
  Tristan Richardson; Frazer Bennett; Glenford Mapp; Andy Harter; Andy Hopper

Formal Video Program: Applications and Methodologies

Courtyard: Integrating a Shared Large Screen and Individual Screens BIBAPDF 10
  Masayuki Tani; Masato Horita; Kimiya Yamaashi; Koichiro Tanikoshi; Masayasu Futakawa
Combining Reatime Multimedia Conferencing with Hypertext Archives in Distance Education BIBAPDF 10
  Per Einar Dybvik; Hakon W. Lie
CSCW for Government Work: Polikom-Video BIBAPDF 10
  Uta Pankoke-Babatz
Multimedia Folklore: Capturing Design History and Rationale with Raison d'Etre BIBAPDF 10
  John M. Carroll; Mary S. Van Deusen; Geoff Wheeler; Sherman Alpert; John Karat; Mary Beth Rosson

Formal Video Program: Historical Records and Retrospectives

Historic Video: A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect BIBAPDF 11
  Douglas C. Engelbart; William K. English
CAVECAT: Computer Audio Video Enhanced Collaboration at Toronto BIBAPDF 11
  Gifford Louie; Marilyn Mantei

Formal Video Program: Future Visions

Seamless Media Design BIBAPDF 11
  Hiroshi Ishii

Formal Video Program: References


From Video Phoning to Video Interacting

Life and Death of New Technology: Task, Utility and Social Influences on the Use of a Communication Medium BIBAPDF 13-21
  Robert E. Kraut; Colleen Cool; Ronald E. Rice; Robert S. Fish
Supporting Distributed Groups with a Montage of Lightweight Interactions BIBAKPDF 23-34
  John C. Tang; Ellen A. Isaacs; Monica Rua
GestureCam: A Video Communication System for Sympathetic Remote Collaboration BIBAKPDF 35-43
  Hideaki Kuzuoka; Toshio Kosuge; Masatomo Tanaka

Tailoring CSCW Systems to Organizations

From Implementation to Design: Tailoring and the Emergence of Systematization in CSCW BIBAKPDF 45-54
  Randall H. Trigg; Susanne Bødker
Helping CSCW Applications Succeed: The Role of Mediators in the Context of Use BIBAKPDF 55-65
  Kazuo Okamura; Masayo Fujimoto; Wanda J. Orlikowski; JoAnne Yates
Exploring Obstacles: Integrating CSCW in Evolving Organisations BIBAKPDF 67-77
  Yvonne Rogers

Models of Cooperative Work

A Conceptual Model of Groupware BIBAKPDF 79-88
  Clarence (Skip) Ellis; Jacques Wainer
Situating Conversations within the Language/Action Perspective: The Milan Conversation Model BIBAKPDF 89-100
  Giorgio De Michelis; M. Antonietta Grasso
The Organization of Cooperative Work: Beyond the "Leviathan" Conception of the Organization of Cooperative Work BIBAPDF 101-112
  Kjeld Schmidt

Workflow and Information Sharing

Experiences with Workflow Management: Issues for the Next Generation BIBAKPDF 113-120
  Kenneth R. Abbott; Sunil K. Sarin
Interpreted Collaboration Protocols and Their Use in Groupware Prototyping BIBAKPDF 121-131
  Richard Furuta; P. David Stotts
Experience with the Virtual Notebook System: Abstraction in Hypertext BIBAKPDF 133-143
  Jerry Fowler; Donald G. Baker; Ross Dargahi; Vram Kouramajian; Hillary Gilson; Kevin Brook Long; Cynthia Petermann; G. Anthony Gorry

Collaborative Editing and Reviewing

Computer Support for Distributed Collaborative Writing: Defining Parameters of Interaction BIBAKPDF 145-152
  Christine M. Neuwirth; David S. Kaufer; Ravinder Chandhok; James H. Morris
DistView: Support for Building Efficient Collaborative Applications using Replicated Active Objects BIBAKPDF 153-164
  Atul Prakash; Hyong Sop Shim
Duplex: A Distributed Collaborative Editing Environment in Large Scale BIBAKPDF 165-173
  Francois Pacull; Alain Sandoz; Andre Schiper

Sharing Information and Creating Meaning

GroupLens: An Open Architecture for Collaborative Filtering of Netnews BIBAKPDF 175-186
  Paul Resnick; Neophytos Iacovou; Mitesh Suchak; Peter Bergstrom; John Riedl
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Using CLARE: The Approach and Experimental Findings BIBAKPDF 187-198
  Dadong Wan; Philip M. Johnson
Meaning-Making in the Creation of Useful Summary Reports BIBAKPDF 199-206
  Barbara Katzenberg; John McDermott

Technologies for Sharing I

Real Time Groupware as a Distributed System: Concurrency Control and its Effect on the Interface BIBAKPDF 207-217
  Saul Greenberg; David Marwood
The Use of Adapters to Support Cooperative Sharing BIBAKPDF 219-230
  Jonathan Trevor; Tom Rodden; John Mariani
A Flexible Object Merging Framework BIBAKPDF 231-242
  Jonathan P. Munson; Prasun Dewan

Studies of Cooperative Work I

Augmenting the Organizational Memory: A Field Study of Answer Garden BIBAKPDF 243-252
  Mark S. Ackerman
Steps Towards an Ecology of Infrastructure: Complex Problems in Design and Access for Large-Scale Collaborative Systems BIBAKPDF 253-264
  Susan Leigh Star; Karen Ruhleder
The Role of "Help Networks" in Facilitating Use of CSCW Tools BIBAPDF 265-274
  J. D. Eveland; Anita Blanchard; William Brown; Jennifer Mattocks

Studies of Cooperative Work II

Working with "Constant Interruption": CSCW and the Small Office BIBAKPDF 275-286
  Mark Rouncefield; John A. Hughes; Tom Rodden; Stephen Viller
The Work to Make a Network Work: Studying CSCW in Action BIBAPDF 287-298
  John Bowers
The Effects of Interactive Graphics and Text on Social Influence in Computer-Mediated Small Groups BIBAKPDF 299-310
  Jozsef A. Toth

Technologies for Sharing II

Communication Control in Computer Supported Cooperative Work Systems BIBAKPDF 311-321
  Robert Simon; Robert Sclabassi; Taieb Znati
Session Management for Collaborative Applications BIBAKPDF 323-330
  W. Keith Edwards
Integrating Communication, Cooperation and Awareness: The DIVA Virtual Office Environment BIBAKPDF 331-343
  Markus Sohlenkamp; Greg Chwelos

Supporting Meetings

DOLPHIN: Integrated Meeting Support Across Local and Remote Desktop Environments and LiveBoards BIBAKPDF 345-358
  Norbert A. Streitz; Jorg Geissler; Jorg M. Haake; Jeroen Hol
Meet Your Destiny: A Non-Manipulable Meeting Scheduler BIBAKPDF 359-371
  Eithan Ephrati; Gilad Zlotkin; Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
Automated Assistance for the Telemeeting Lifecycle BIBAKPDF 373-384
  Neil W. Bergmann; J. Craig Mudge

Video Conferencing

Multiparty Videoconferencing at Virtual Social Distance: MAJIC Design BIBAKPDF 385-393
  Ken-ichi Okada; Fumihiko Maeda; Yusuke Ichikawaa; Yutaka Matsushita
High Performance Infrastructure for Visually-Intensive CSCW Applications BIBAKPDF 395-403
  Stephen Zabele; Steven L. Rohall; Ralph L. Vinciguerra
A Forum for Supporting Interactive Presentations to Distributed Audiences BIBAKPDF 405-416
  Ellen A. Isaacs; Trevor Morris; Thomas K. Rodriguez

Ethnographic Methodologies

The Limits of Ethnography: Combining Social Sciences for CSCW BIBAKPDF 417-428
  Dan Shapiro
Moving Out from the Control Room: Ethnography in System Design BIBAKPDF 429-439
  John Hughes; Val King; Tom Rodden; Hans Andersen
Situated Evaluation for Cooperative Systems BIBAKPDF 441-452
  Michael Twidale; David Randall; Richard Bentley

Special Session Panel

The Role of CSCW Technology in Ad Hoc Groups BIBPDF 453-454
  Kate Ehrlich; Sara Bly; Jonathan Grudin; Chris Schmandt; Andrea Saveri


Corporate Memory: What Does it Mean in Today's Organizations? BIBPDF 455-456
  Joanne Yates; Jeff Conklin; Marjorie Horton; Gerardine DeSanctis; Peter Rothstein

Plenary Panel

Groupware and Open Information Networks: Are They Ready to Merge or are They Competing for the Same Turf? BIBPDF 457
  Terry Winograd


CSCW and K-12 Education: Will Technology "Take Off" Once it's Used for Collaboration? BIBPDF 459-460
  Irene Greif; Beverly Hunter; D. Midian Kurland; Peter Rowley; Steve Reder