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Proceedings of ACM CSCW'92 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM CSCW'92 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Note:Sharing Perspectives
Editors:Marilyn Mantei; Ron Baecker; Robert Kraut; Jon Turner
Location:Toronto, Canada
Dates:1992-Oct-31 to 1992-Nov-04
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-542-9 pbk 0-89791-543-7; ACM Order Number 612920; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CSCW92
  1. Opening Plenary
  2. Closing Plenary
  3. Formal Video Program
  4. Panels
  5. Video Spaces
  6. Building Real-Time Groupware
  7. Innovations in E-Mail
  8. The Power of Simple Shared Workspaces
  9. Ethnographically-Informed Design
  10. Collaborative Writing
  11. Conversational Props
  12. CSCW Architectures
  13. Multimedia Systems
  14. Time as an Issue in CSCW
  15. Consistency in Collaborative Systems
  16. Emerging Technologies for Cooperative Work
  17. Field Studies in Coordination
  18. Collaboration in the Real World
  19. Organizational Influences on CSCW Success
  20. Domain Specific Collaborative Tools

Opening Plenary

From Wealth to Wisdom: A Change in the Social Paradigm BIBPDF 3
  Shumpel Kumon

Closing Plenary

Groups Interacting with Technology: The Complex and Dynamic Fit of Group, Task, Technology, and Time BIBPDF 4
  Joseph E. McGrath
CSCW'92 Workshops BIBPDF 5-6
  Raymond Panko
CSCW'92 Tutorials BIBPDF 7-8
  Lee Sproull
CSCW'92 Formal Video Program BIBAPDFHTML 9-10
  Saul Greenberg

Formal Video Program

The PANDORA Multimedia System BIBA 9-10
  Andy Hopper
Enhanced Factory Communications BIBA 9-10
  Burke Magee; Glenna Cox
Coupling the User Interfaces of a Multi-User Program BIBA 9-10
  Prasun Dewan
  Saul Greenberg; Ralph Bohnet
  Tom Brinck
Toward Seamless Collaboration Media: From TEAMWORKSTATION to CLEARBOARD BIBA 9-10
  Hiroshii Ishii; Kazuho Arita; Minuro Kobayashi
Rubber Rocks BIBA 9-10
  Larry Koved
Delft-WIT: Research Issues and Methods for Behavioral Analysis BIBA 9-10
  Jeroen van der Velden
CSCW'92 Demonstrations BIBPDF 11-14
  Michael J. Muller; Aita Salasoo


Controversies about Privacy and Open Information in CSCW BIBAPDF 15
  Rob Kling; Andy Hopper; James Katz
Problem or Solution? CSCW and the Paradox of Stalled Productivity BIBAPDF 16
  Sara Kiesler; Paul Attewell; John King; James Morris
Commercial Products for CSCW BIBAPDF 16
  Esther Dyson; Charles Digate; Irene Greif; Terry Winograd; Michael Zisman

Video Spaces

The Affordances of Media Spaces for Collaboration BIBAKPDF 17-24
  William W. Gaver
Iterative Design of Video Communication Systems BIBAKPDF 25-32
  C. Cool; R. S. Fish; R. E. Kraut; C. M. Lowery
Integration of Inter-Personal Space and Shared Workspace: ClearBoard Design and Experiments BIBAKPDF 33-42
  Hiroshi Ishii; Minoru Kobayashi; Jonathan Grudin

Building Real-Time Groupware

GROUPKIT: A Groupware Toolkit for Building Real-Time Conferencing Applications BIBAKPDF 43-50
  Mark Roseman; Saul Greenberg
Access Control for Collaborative Environments BIBAKPDF 51-58
  HongHai Shen; Prasun Dewan
Relational Views as a Model for Automatic Distributed Implementation of Multi-User Applications BIBAKPDF 59-66
  T. C. Nicholas Graham; Tore Urnes

Innovations in E-Mail

Computational Mail as Network Infrastructure for Computer-Supported Cooperative Work BIBAKPDF 67-74
  Nathaniel S. Borenstein
Active Mail -- A Framework for Implementing Groupware BIBAKPDF 75-83
  Yaron Goldberg; Marilyn Safran; Ehud Shapiro
Supporting Informal Communication via Ephemeral Interest Groups BIBAKPDF 84-90
  Laurence Brothers; Jim Hollan; Jakob Nielsen; Scott Stornetta; Steve Abney; George Furnas; Michael Littman

The Power of Simple Shared Workspaces

How a Group-Editor Changes the Character of a Design Meeting as Well as its Outcome BIBAKPDF 91-98
  Judith S. Olson; Gary M. Olson; Marianne Storrosten; Mark Carter
Unblocking Brainstorming through the Use of a Simple Group Editor BIBAKPDF 99-106
  Charles McLaughlin Hymes; Gary M. Olson
Awareness and Coordination in Shared Workspaces BIBAKPDF 107-114
  Paul Dourish; Victoria Bellotti

Ethnographically-Informed Design

Faltering from Ethnography to Design BIBAKPDF 115-122
  John A. Hughes; David Randall; Dan Shapiro
Ethnographically-Informed Systems Design for Air Traffic Control BIBAKPDF 123-129
  R. Bentley; J. A. Hughes; D. Randall; T. Rodden; P. Sawyer; D. Shapiro; I. Sommerville
Consultants and Apprentices: Observations about Learning and Collaborative Problem Solving BIBAKPDF 130-137
  Lucy M. Berlin; Robin Jeffries

Collaborative Writing

Supporting Collaborative Writing of Hyperdocuments in SEPIA BIBAKPDF 138-146
  Jorg M. Haake; Brian Wilson
Flexible Diff-ing in a Collaborative Writing System BIBAKPDF 147-154
  Christine M. Neuwirth; Ravinder Chandhok; David S. Kaufer; Paul Erion; James Morris; Dale Miller
Computer-Mediated Communication and Collaborative Writing: Media Influence and Adaptation to Communication Constraints BIBAKPDF 155-162
  Jolene Galegher; Robert E. Kraut

Conversational Props

Tasks-in-Interaction: Paper and Screen Based Documentation in Collaborative Activity BIBAPDF 163-170
  Paul Luff; Christian Heath; David Greatbatch
A Collaborative Medium for the Support of Conversational Props BIBAKPDF 171-178
  Tom Brinck; Louis M. Gomez
Groupware Experiences in Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design BIBAKPDF 179-186
  Li Shu; Woodie Flowers

CSCW Architectures

An Architecture for Tailoring Cooperative Multi-User Displays BIBAKPDF 187-194
  Richard Bentley; Tom Rodden; Peter Sawyer; Ian Sommerville
Architecture of the Artifact-Based Collaboration System Matrix BIBAPDF 195-202
  K. Jeffay; J. K. Lin; J. Menges; F. D. Smith; J. B. Smith
System Support for Computer Mediated Multimedia Collaborations BIBAKPDF 203-209
  Harrick M. Vin; P. Venkat Rangan; Mon-Song Chen

Multimedia Systems

Ubiquitous Audio: Capturing Spontaneous Collaboration BIBAKPDF 210-217
  Debby Hindus; Chris Schmandt
HyperVoice: A Phone-Based CSCW Platform BIBAPDF 218-225
  Paul Resnick
Cooperative Work Environment using Virtual Workspace BIBAKPDF 226-232
  Haruo Takemura; Fumio Kishino

Time as an Issue in CSCW

Identifying Potential CSCW Applications by Means of Activity Theory Concepts: A Case Example BIBAKPDF 233-240
  Kari Kuutti; Tuula Arvonen
Collaboration and Constraint: Middle School Teaching Teams BIBAKPDF 241-248
  R. G. (Jerry) Schwab; Sylvia Hart-Landsberg; Stephen Reder; Mark Abel
Time-Management: A Case for CSCW BIBAKPDF 249-256
  Edeltraud Egger; Ina Wagner

Consistency in Collaborative Systems

"Lazy" Consistency: A Basis for Cooperative Software Development BIBAPDF 257-264
  K. Narayanaswamy; Neil Goldman
Implicit Locking in the Ensemble Concurrent Object-Oriented Graphics Editor BIBAKPDF 265-272
  R. E. Newman-Wolfe; M. L. Webb; M. Montes
Undoing Actions in Collaborative Work BIBAKPDF 273-280
  Atul Prakash; Michael J. Knister

Emerging Technologies for Cooperative Work

The Action Workflow Approach to Workflow Management Technology BIBAKPDF 281-288
  Raul Medina-Mora; Terry Winograd; Rodrigo Flores; Fernando Flores
Experiments with Oval: A Radically Tailorable Tool for Cooperative Work BIBAPDF 289-297
  Thomas W. Malone; Kum-Yew Lai; Christopher Fry
Supporting Exploratory CSCW with the EGRET Framework BIBAKPDF 298-305
  Philip Johnson

Field Studies in Coordination

Sharing Perspectives in Distributed Decision Making BIBAKPDF 306-313
  Richard J., Jr. Boland; Anil K. Maheshwari; Dov Te'eni; David G. Schwartz; Ramkrishnan V. Tenkasi
Distributed Facilitation: A Concept Whose Time Has Come? BIBAPDF 314-321
  Shelli Dubs; Stephen C. Hayne
Communication and Information Retrieval with a Pen-Based Meeting Support Tool BIBAKPDF 322-329
  Catherine G. Wolf; James R. Rhyne; Laura K. Briggs

Collaboration in the Real World

Looking at Ourselves: An Examination of the Social Organisation of Two Research Laboratories BIBAKPDF 330-337
  Richard H. R. Harper
CSCW Challenges in Large-Scale Technical Projects -- A Case Study BIBAKPDF 338-345
  Kaj Grønbæk; Morten Kyng; Preben Mogensen
Ghosts in the Network: Distributed Troubleshooting in a Shared Working Environment BIBAKPDF 346-355
  Yvonne Rogers

Organizational Influences on CSCW Success

Hardwiring Weak Ties: Individual and Institutional Issues in Computer Mediated Communication BIBAKPDF 356-361
  Jeanne M. Pickering; John Leslie King
Learning from Notes: Organizational Issues in Groupware Implementation BIBAKPDF 362-369
  Wanda J. Orlikowski
The CSCW Implementation Process: An Interpretative Model and Case Study of the Implementation of a Videoconference System BIBAKPDF 370-377
  Duncan Sanderson

Domain Specific Collaborative Tools

Flexible, Active Support for Collaborative Work with ConversationBuilder BIBAKPDF 378-385
  Simon M. Kaplan; William J. Tolone; Douglas P. Bogia; Celsina Bignoli
BIBDB: A Bibliographic Database for Collaboration BIBAKPDF 386-393
  David J. Musliner; James W. Dolter; Kang G. Shin
Supporting Communication between Designers with Artifact-Centered Evolving Information Spaces BIBAKPDF 394-401
  Brent Reeves; Frank Shipman