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Proceedings of ACM CSCW'90 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM CSCW'90 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Tora Bikson; Frank Halasz; Deborah Tatar
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:1990-Oct-07 to 1990-Oct-10
Standard No:ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CSCW90; ACM ISBN 0-89791-402-3; ACM Order Number 612900
  1. Shared Video Spaces
  2. Experimental Studies in CSCW
  3. Supporting Structured Communication
  4. CSCW Within and Across Organizations
  5. CSCW Applications
  6. Cooperative Support and Customization
  7. Panel Sessions
  8. User Interfaces in the CSCW Context
  9. (CS)CW in the Field
  10. Systems Infrastructure for CSCW
  11. Issues and Perspectives on CSCW

Shared Video Spaces

The VideoWindow System in Informal Communications BIB 1-11
  Robert S. Fish; Robert E. Kraut; Barbara L. Chalfonte
TeamWorkStation: Towards a Seamless Shared Workspace BIBA 13-26
  Hiroshi Ishii
Distributed Multiparty Desktop Conferencing System: MERMAID BIBA 27-38
  Kazuo Watabe; Shiro Sakata; Kazutoshi Maeno; Hideyuki Fukuoka; Toyoko Ohmori

Experimental Studies in CSCW

Determinants and Patterns of Control over Technology in a Computerized Meeting Room BIBA 39-51
  Laurel C. Austin; Jeffrey K. Liker; Poppy L. McLeod
Collaborative Technology and Group Process Feedback: Their Impact on Interactive Sequences in Meetings BIBA 53-64
  Marcial Losada; Pedro Sanchez; Elizabeth E. Noble
Computer-Mediated Communication for Intellectual Teamwork: A Field Experiment in Group Writing BIB 65-78
  Jolene Galegher; Robert E. Kraut

Supporting Structured Communication

SIBYL: A Tool for Managing Group Decision Rationale BIBA 79-92
  Jintae Lee
Strudel - An Extensible Electronic Conversation Toolkit BIBA 93-104
  Allan Shepherd; Niels Mayer; Allan Kuchinsky
Report on a Development Project Use of an Issue-Based Information System BIBA 105-118
  K. C. Burgess Yakemovic; E. Jeffrey Conklin

CSCW Within and Across Organizations

Some Social and Economic Consequences of Groupware for Flight Crew BIB 119-129
  Ian Benson; Claudio Ciborra; Steven Proffitt
Computer Integration: A Co-Requirement for Effective Inter-Organization Computer Network Implementation BIBA 131-142
  Paul Hart; Deborah Estrin
Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System BIB 143-156
  Douglas C. Engelbart

CSCW Applications

Coordinating Concurrent Development BIBA 157-168
  William H. Harrison; Harold Ossher; Peter F. Sweeney
ICICLE: Groupware for Code Inspection BIBA 169-181
  L. Brothers; V. Sembugamoorthy; M. Muller
Issues in the Design of Computer Support for Co-Authoring and Commenting BIBA 183-195
  Christine M. Neuwirth; David S. Kaufer; Ravinder Chandhok; James H. Morris

Cooperative Support and Customization

An Ethnographic Study of Distributed Problem Solving in Spreadsheet Development BIBA 197-208
  Bonnie A. Nardi; James R. Miller
Patterns of Sharing Customizable Software BIBA 209-221
  Wendy E. Mackay
Cooperative Support for Computer Work: A Social Perspective on the Empowering of End Users BIB 223-236
  Andrew Clement

Panel Sessions

Commercial CSCW or How to Get Group Software Out of the Labs and into Real Use BIBA 237-238
  Irene Greif; Esther Dyson; Barry James Folsom; John Landry; Sheldon Laube
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work in Science BIBA 239-240
  Sara Kiesler; Robert Heinmiller; James Ostell; Sharon Traweek; Keith Uncapher

User Interfaces in the CSCW Context

Animating Interfaces BIBA 241-254
  Wendie Wulff; Shelley Evenson; John Rheinfrank
User Support: Illustrating Computer Use in Collaborative Work Contexts BIBA 255-267
  Riitta Hellman
Interface BIBK 269-278
  Jonathan Grudin

(CS)CW in the Field

A Visual Calendar for Scheduling Group Meetings BIBA 279-290
  David Beard; Murugappan Palaniappan; Alan Humm; David Banks; Anil Nair; Yen-Ping Shan
Learning from User Experience with Groupware BIB 291-302
  Christine V. Bullen; John L. Bennett
The Temporal Structure of Cooperative Activity BIB 303-316
  Stephen Reder; Robert G. Schwab

Systems Infrastructure for CSCW

Rendezvous: An Architecture for Synchronous Multi-User Applications BIBA 317-328
  John F. Patterson; Ralph D. Hill; Steven L. Rohall; W. Scott Meeks
MMConf: An Infrastructure for Building Shared Multimedia Applications BIB 329-342
  Terrence Crowley; Paul Milazzo; Ellie Baker; Harry Forsdick; Raymond Tomlinson
DistEdit: A Distributed Toolkit for Supporting Multiple Group Editors BIBAK 343-355
  Michael J. Knister; Atul Prakash

Issues and Perspectives on CSCW

What is Coordination Theory and How Can It Help Design Cooperative Work Systems? BIB 357-370
  Thomas W. Malone; Kevin Crowston
Why CSCW Applications Fail: Problems in the Adoption of Interdependent Work Tools BIB 371-380
  M. Lynne Markus; Terry Connolly
The Workaday World as a Paradigm for CSCW Design BIB 381-393
  Thomas P. Moran; R. J. Anderson