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Proceedings of ACM CSCW 2015 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing

Fullname:Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing
Editors:Dan Cosley; Andrea Forte; Luigina Ciolfi; David McDonald
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Dates:2015-Mar-14 to 2015-Mar-18
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-2922-4; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: CSCW15-1
Links:Conference Website
  1. CSCW 2015-02-28 Volume 1
    1. Keynote Address
    2. Crowdfunding
    3. Hacking and Making
    4. Aging Gracefully and Collaboratively
    5. Policy and the Legislative Context
    6. Mood and Emotion
    7. Framing Collaboration: Systems and Analysis
    8. Understanding Deviance in Collaboration
    9. Urban Environments
    10. All in the Family
    11. Trust & Anonymity
    12. Computer Supported Happiness
    13. Annotation Systems and Approaches
    14. Scientific Domains
    15. Leveraging the Crowd
    16. Mobile Collaboration
    17. Studies of Coordination
    18. Young Adults and Online Behavior
    19. Crowd Work and Crowd Process
    20. Volunteerism
    21. Teamwork Challenges
    22. Politics and Social Networks
    23. Motivating Peer Production
    24. My Mobile, My Friends
    25. Is There a Doctor in the Room?
    26. Leveraging Language
    27. Collaboration in a Globalised World
    28. Technologies in the Workplace
    29. Creative Collaborating
    30. Collaborating Around Crisis
    31. Location, Location, Location
    32. Communities for Individual Behavior Change
    33. Wikipedia: Structure & Function
    34. Collaboration in the Open Classroom
    35. Journalism and Politics
    36. Gender and Sexual Identity
    37. Social Dynamics and My Phone
    38. Recommender Systems
    39. Systems in Support of Health & Wellness
    40. Collaborative Counseling
    41. Community-Based Participatory Research
    42. Collaborative Software Development
    43. Influence and the Social Network
    44. Temporality and Rhythms of Work
    45. Collaborating through Social Media
    46. Managing Chronic Illness through Collaboration
    47. Distance Still Matters
    48. The Powers of Co-location
    49. Collaborative Design Approaches
    50. Collaborating Under Constraints
    51. Civic Participation
    52. Experiencing Social Media
    53. Children and Families
    54. Motivating Crowdwork
    55. There's Just Something About Hands
    56. Games and Virtual Worlds
    57. Motivation and Dynamics of the Open Classroom
    58. Closing Keynote

CSCW 2015-02-28 Volume 1

Keynote Address

The Facebook Study: A Personal Account of Data Science, Ethics and Change BIBAFull-Text 1
  Jeff T. Hancock


Understanding the Effects of Crowdfunding on Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy BIBAFull-Text 3-16
  Emily Harburg; Julie Hui; Michael Greenberg; Elizabeth M. Gerber
Crowds on Wall Street: Extracting Value from Collaborative Investing Platforms BIBAFull-Text 17-30
  Gang Wang; Tianyi Wang; Bolun Wang; Divya Sambasivan; Zengbin Zhang; Haitao Zheng; Ben Y. Zhao
Crowdfunding Science: Sharing Research with an Extended Audience BIBAFull-Text 31-43
  Julie S. Hui; Elizabeth M. Gerber

Hacking and Making

Reliving the Past & Making a Harmonious Society Today: A Study of Elderly Electronic Hackers in China BIBAFull-Text 44-55
  Yuling Sun; Silvia Lindtner; Xianghua Ding; Tun Lu; Ning Gu
Hacking Culture, Not Devices: Access and Recognition in Feminist Hackerspaces BIBAFull-Text 56-68
  Sarah Fox; Rachel Rose Ulgado; Daniela Rosner
Worship, Faith, and Evangelism: Religion as an Ideological Lens for Engineering Worlds BIBAFull-Text 69-81
  Morgan G. Ames; Daniela K. Rosner; Ingrid Erickson

Aging Gracefully and Collaboratively

Authenticity, Relatability and Collaborative Approaches to Sharing Knowledge about Assistive Living Technology BIBAFull-Text 82-94
  John Vines; Peter C. Wright; David Silver; Maggie Winchcombe; Patrick Olivier
To Risk or Not to Risk?: Improving Financial Risk Taking of Older Adults by Online Social Information BIBAFull-Text 95-104
  Jason Chen Zhao; Wai-Tat Fu; Hanzhe Zhang; Shengdong Zhao; Henry Duh

Policy and the Legislative Context

Wireless Visions: Infrastructure, Imagination, and US Spectrum Policy BIBAFull-Text 105-115
  Richmond Y. Wong; Steven J. Jackson
Understanding Copyright Law in Online Creative Communities BIBAFull-Text 116-129
  Casey Fiesler; Jessica L. Feuston; Amy S. Bruckman

Mood and Emotion

Emotion Map: A Location-based Mobile Social System for Improving Emotion Awareness and Regulation BIBAFull-Text 130-142
  Yun Huang; Ying Tang; Yang Wang
MoodLight: Exploring Personal and Social Implications of Ambient Display of Biosensor Data BIBAFull-Text 143-153
  Jaime Snyder; Mark Matthews; Jacqueline Chien; Pamara F. Chang; Emily Sun; Saeed Abdullah; Geri Gay
Social Sharing of Emotions on Facebook: Channel Differences, Satisfaction, and Replies BIBAFull-Text 154-164
  Natalya N. Bazarova; Yoon Hyung Choi; Victoria Schwanda Sosik; Dan Cosley; Janis Whitlock

Framing Collaboration: Systems and Analysis

Coordination-Artifacts Suiting: When Plans are in the Midst of Ordering Systems BIBAFull-Text 165-178
  Ilaria Redaelli; Antonella Carassa
From The Matrix to a Model of Coordinated Action (MoCA): A Conceptual Framework of and for CSCW BIBAFull-Text 179-194
  Charlotte P. Lee; Drew Paine
The Effects of View Portals on Performance and Awareness in Co-Located Tabletop Groupware BIBAFull-Text 195-206
  David Pinelle; Carl Gutwin

Understanding Deviance in Collaboration

The Perverse Effects of Social Transparency on Online Advice Taking BIBAFull-Text 207-217
  Duyen T. Nguyen; Laura A. Dabbish; Sara Kiesler
An Agent for Deception Detection in Discussion Based Environments BIBAFull-Text 218-227
  Amos Azaria; Ariella Richardson; Sarit Kraus
Characterizing Online Rumoring Behavior Using Multi-Dimensional Signatures BIBAFull-Text 228-241
  Jim Maddock; Kate Starbird; Haneen J. Al-Hassani; Daniel E. Sandoval; Mania Orand; Robert M. Mason

Urban Environments

Capture the Moment: "In the Wild" Longitudinal Case Study of Situated Snapshots Captured Through an Urban Screen in a Community Setting BIBAFull-Text 242-253
  Nemanja Memarovic; Ava Fatah gen Schieck; Holger M. Schnädelbach; Efstathia Kostopoulou; Steve North; Lei Ye
Measuring Urban Deprivation from User Generated Content BIBAFull-Text 254-264
  Alessandro Venerandi; Giovanni Quattrone; Licia Capra; Daniele Quercia; Diego Saez-Trumper
Avoiding the South Side and the Suburbs: The Geography of Mobile Crowdsourcing Markets BIBAFull-Text 265-275
  Jacob Thebault-Spieker; Loren G. Terveen; Brent Hecht

All in the Family

Connecting in the Kitchen: An Empirical Study of Physical Interactions while Cooking Together at Home BIBAFull-Text 276-287
  Jeni Paay; Jesper Kjeldskov; Mikael B. Skov
Taking our Time: Chronic Illness and Time-Based Objects in Families BIBAFull-Text 288-301
  Andrea Barbarin; Tiffany C. Veinot; Predrag Klasnja
"Preventative" vs. "Reactive": How Parental Mediation Influences Teens' Social Media Privacy Behaviors BIBAFull-Text 302-316
  Pamela Wisniewski; Haiyan Jia; Heng Xu; Mary Beth Rosson; John M. Carroll

Trust & Anonymity

"This is a Throwaway Account": Temporary Technical Identities and Perceptions of Anonymity in a Massive Online Community BIBAFull-Text 317-327
  Alex Leavitt
Models and Patterns of Trust BIBAFull-Text 328-338
  Bran Knowles; Mark Rouncefield; Mike Harding; Nigel Davies; Lynne Blair; James Hannon; John Walden; Ding Wang
Privacy as Articulation Work in HIV Health Services BIBAFull-Text 339-348
  Chrysanthi Papoutsi; Ian Brown

Computer Supported Happiness

Designing for Discomfort: Supporting Critical Reflection through Interactive Tools BIBAFull-Text 349-360
  Helen Halbert; Lisa P. Nathan
Collective Smile: Measuring Societal Happiness from Geolocated Images BIBAFull-Text 361-374
  Saeed Abdullah; Elizabeth L. Murnane; Jean M. R. Costa; Tanzeem Choudhury
Engagement and Well-being on Social Network Sites BIBAFull-Text 375-382
  A. K. M. Najmul Islam; Sameer Patil

Annotation Systems and Approaches

PaperChains: Dynamic Sketch+Voice Annotations BIBAFull-Text 383-392
  Jennifer Pearson; Simon Robinson; Matt Jones
Piloting TrACE: Exploring Spatiotemporal Anchored Collaboration in Asynchronous Learning BIBAFull-Text 393-403
  Brian Dorn; Larissa B. Schroeder; Adam Stankiewicz
Learnersourcing Subgoal Labels for How-to Videos BIBAFull-Text 405-416
  Sarah Weir; Juho Kim; Krzysztof Z. Gajos; Robert C. Miller

Scientific Domains

From Personal Tool to Community Resource: What's the Extra Work and Who Will Do It? BIBAFull-Text 417-430
  Erik H. Trainer; Chalalai Chaihirunkarn; Arun Kalyanasundaram; James D. Herbsleb
(Re)defining Land Change Science through Synthetic Research Practices BIBAFull-Text 431-442
  Alyson L. Young; Wayne G. Lutters
Anticipation Work: Cultivating Vision in Collective Practice BIBAFull-Text 443-453
  Stephanie B. Steinhardt; Steven J. Jackson

Leveraging the Crowd

Social Eye Tracking: Gaze Recall with Online Crowds BIBAFull-Text 454-463
  Shiwei Cheng; Zhiqiang Sun; Xiaojuan Ma; Jodi L. Forlizzi; Scott E. Hudson; Anind Dey
Strategic Voting Behavior in Doodle Polls BIBAFull-Text 464-472
  James Zou; Reshef Meir; David Parkes
Structuring, Aggregating, and Evaluating Crowdsourced Design Critique BIBAFull-Text 473-485
  Kurt Luther; Jari-Lee Tolentino; Wei Wu; Amy Pavel; Brian P. Bailey; Maneesh Agrawala; Björn Hartmann; Steven P. Dow

Mobile Collaboration

Back in Sight, Back in Mind: Picture-Centric Support for Mobile Counseling Sessions BIBAFull-Text 486-495
  Tobias Giesbrecht; Tino Comes; Gerhard Schwabe
Designing Mobile Experiences for Collocated Interaction BIBAFull-Text 496-507
  Sus Lundgren; Joel E. Fischer; Stuart Reeves; Olof Torgersson
Searchable Objects: Search in Everyday Conversation BIBAFull-Text 508-517
  Barry Brown; Moira McGregor; Donald McMillan

Studies of Coordination

Supporting Developers' Coordination in the IDE BIBAFull-Text 518-532
  Anja Guzzi; Alberto Bacchelli; Yann Riche; Arie van Deursen
'Is' to 'Was': Coordination and Commemoration in Posthumous Activity on Wikipedia Biographies BIBAFull-Text 533-546
  Brian C. Keegan; Jed R. Brubaker
Don't Wait!: How Timing Affects Coordination of Crowdfunding Donations BIBAFull-Text 547-556
  Jacob Solomon; Wenjuan Ma; Rick Wash

Young Adults and Online Behavior

Manifestation of Depression and Loneliness on Social Networks: A Case Study of Young Adults on Facebook BIBAFull-Text 557-570
  Sungkyu Park; Inyeop Kim; Sang Won Lee; Jaehyun Yoo; Bumseok Jeong; Meeyoung Cha
Coming of Age (Digitally): An Ecological View of Social Media Use among College Students BIBAFull-Text 571-582
  Yiran Wang; Melissa Niiya; Gloria Mark; Stephanie M. Reich; Mark Warschauer
Risk-taking as a Learning Process for Shaping Teen's Online Information Privacy Behaviors BIBAFull-Text 583-599
  Haiyan Jia; Pamela J. Wisniewski; Heng Xu; Mary Beth Rosson; John M. Carroll

Crowd Work and Crowd Process

Flock: Hybrid Crowd-Machine Learning Classifiers BIBAFull-Text 600-611
  Justin Cheng; Michael S. Bernstein
Bridge the Gap!: What Can Work Design in Crowdwork Learn from Work Design Theories? BIBAFull-Text 612-627
  Obinna Anya
And Now for Something Completely Different: Improving Crowdsourcing Workflows with Micro-Diversions BIBAFull-Text 628-638
  Peng Dai; Jeffrey M. Rzeszotarski; Praveen Paritosh; Ed H. Chi


CURIOS: Connecting Community Heritage through Linked Data BIBAFull-Text 639-648
  Gemma Webster; Hai Nguyen; David E. Beel; Chris Mellish; Claire D. Wallace; Jeff Pan
Restructuring Human Infrastructure: The Impact of EHR Deployment in a Volunteer-Dependent Clinic BIBAFull-Text 649-661
  Charlotte Tang; Yunan Chen; Bryan C. Semaan; Jahmeilah A. Roberson

Teamwork Challenges

Expertise in the Wired Wild West BIBAFull-Text 662-675
  Joanne I. White; Leysia Palen
Exiting the Design Studio: Leveraging Online Participants for Early-Stage Design Feedback BIBAFull-Text 676-685
  Xiaojuan Ma; Li Yu; Jodi L. Forlizzi; Steven P. Dow
Procid: Bridging Consensus Building Theory with the Practice of Distributed Design Discussions BIBAFull-Text 686-699
  Roshanak Zilouchian Moghaddam; Zane Nicholson; Brian P. Bailey

Politics and Social Networks

Content and Network Dynamics Behind Egyptian Political Polarization on Twitter BIBAFull-Text 700-711
  Javier Borge-Holthoefer; Walid Magdy; Kareem Darwish; Ingmar Weber
Exploring the Ownership and Persistent Value of Facebook Content BIBAFull-Text 712-723
  Catherine C. Marshall; Frank M. Shipman
Participatory Militias: An Analysis of an Armed Movement's Online Audience BIBAFull-Text 724-733
  Saiph Savage; Andrés Monroy-Hernández

Motivating Peer Production

MoodBar: Increasing New User Retention in Wikipedia through Lightweight Socialization BIBAFull-Text 734-742
  Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia; Dario Taraborelli
The Success and Failure of Quality Improvement Projects in Peer Production Communities BIBAFull-Text 743-756
  Morten Warncke-Wang; Vladislav R. Ayukaev; Brent Hecht; Loren G. Terveen
The Effects of Visualizing Activity History on Attitudes and Behaviors in a Peer Production Context BIBAFull-Text 757-764
  Jennifer Marlow; Laura A. Dabbish

My Mobile, My Friends

"You Never Call, You Never Write": Call and SMS Logs Do Not Always Indicate Tie Strength BIBAFull-Text 765-774
  Jason Wiese; Jun-Ki Min; Jason I. Hong; John Zimmerman
Dwelling Places in KakaoTalk: Understanding the Roles and Meanings of Chatrooms in Mobile Instant Messengers BIBAFull-Text 775-784
  Da-jung Kim; Youn-kyung Lim

Is There a Doctor in the Room?

Collaborative Affordances of Hybrid Patient Record Technologies in Medical Work BIBAFull-Text 785-797
  Steven Houben; Mads Frost; Jakob E. Bardram
Visible but Unseen?: A Workplace Study of Blood-Test Icons on Electronic Emergency-Department Whiteboards BIBAFull-Text 798-807
  Arnvør á Torkilsheyggi; Morten Hertzum
Comparing Health Information Sharing Preferences of Cancer Patients, Doctors, and Navigators BIBAFull-Text 808-818
  Maia L. Jacobs; James Clawson; Elizabeth D. Mynatt

Leveraging Language

They Said What?: Exploring the Relationship Between Language Use and Member Satisfaction in Communities BIBAFull-Text 819-825
  Tara Matthews; Jalal U. Mahmud; Jilin Chen; Michael Muller; Eben Haber; Hernan Badenes
Turkers, Scholars, "Arafat" and "Peace": Cultural Communities and Algorithmic Gold Standards BIBAFull-Text 826-838
  Shilad Sen; Margaret E. Giesel; Rebecca Gold; Benjamin Hillmann; Matt Lesicko; Samuel Naden; Jesse Russell; Zixiao (Ken) Wang; Brent Hecht
Dissecting a Social Botnet: Growth, Content and Influence in Twitter BIBAFull-Text 839-851
  Norah Abokhodair; Daisy Yoo; David W. McDonald

Collaboration in a Globalised World

Two is Better Than One: Improving Multilingual Collaboration by Giving Two Machine Translation Outputs BIBAFull-Text 852-863
  Ge Gao; Bin Xu; David C. Hau; Zheng Yao; Dan Cosley; Susan R. Fussell
In the Flow, Being Heard, and Having Opportunities: Sources of Power and Power Dynamics in Global Teams BIBAFull-Text 864-875
  Pamela Hinds; Daniela Retelny; Catherine Cramton
Why Replacing Legacy Systems Is So Hard in Global Software Development: An Information Infrastructure Perspective BIBAFull-Text 876-890
  Stina Matthiesen; Pernille Bjørn

Technologies in the Workplace

Mood Squeezer: Lightening up the Workplace through Playful and Lightweight Interactions BIBAFull-Text 891-902
  Sarah Gallacher; Jenny O'Connor; Jon Bird; Yvonne Rogers; Licia Capra; Daniel Harrison; Paul Marshall
Focused, Aroused, but so Distractible: Temporal Perspectives on Multitasking and Communications BIBAFull-Text 903-916
  Gloria Mark; Shamsi Iqbal; Mary Czerwinski; Paul Johns
The Importance of Publicly Available Social Networking Sites (SNSs) to Entrepreneurs BIBAFull-Text 917-928
  Toni Ferro

Creative Collaborating

Toward Collaborative Ideation at Scale: Leveraging Ideas from Others to Generate More Creative and Diverse Ideas BIBAFull-Text 937-945
  Pao Siangliulue; Kenneth C. Arnold; Krzysztof Z. Gajos; Steven P. Dow
Towards an Appropriable CSCW Tool Ecology: Lessons from the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen BIBAFull-Text 946-957
  Joseph A. Gonzales; Casey Fiesler; Amy Bruckman
Digital Entanglements: Craft, Computation and Collaboration in Fine Art Furniture Production BIBAFull-Text 958-968
  Amy Cheatle; Steven J. Jackson

Collaborating Around Crisis

Connected Through Crisis: Emotional Proximity and the Spread of Misinformation Online BIBAFull-Text 969-980
  Y. Linlin Huang; Kate Starbird; Mania Orand; Stephanie A. Stanek; Heather T. Pedersen
Think Local, Retweet Global: Retweeting by the Geographically-Vulnerable during Hurricane Sandy BIBAFull-Text 981-993
  Marina Kogan; Leysia Palen; Kenneth M. Anderson
What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens: Social Media Communications Across Crises BIBAFull-Text 994-1009
  Alexandra Olteanu; Sarah Vieweg; Carlos Castillo

Location, Location, Location

Do Birds of a Feather Watch Each Other?: Homophily and Social Surveillance in Location Based Social Networks BIBAFull-Text 1010-1020
  Shion Guha; Stephen B. Wicker
There's No Such Thing as the Perfect Map: Quantifying Bias in Spatial Crowd-sourcing Datasets BIBAFull-Text 1021-1032
  Giovanni Quattrone; Licia Capra; Pasquale De Meo
Monetizing Network Hospitality: Hospitality and Sociability in the Context of Airbnb BIBAFull-Text 1033-1044
  Tapio Ikkala; Airi Lampinen

Communities for Individual Behavior Change

Snack Buddy: Supporting Healthy Snacking in Low Socioeconomic Status Families BIBAFull-Text 1045-1057
  Christopher L. Schaefbauer; Danish U. Khan; Amy Le; Garrett Sczechowski; Katie A. Siek
I Would Like To..., I Shouldn't..., I Wish I...: Exploring Behavior-Change Goals for Social Networking Sites BIBAFull-Text 1058-1069
  Manya Sleeper; Alessandro Acquisti; Lorrie Faith Cranor; Patrick Gage Kelley; Sean A. Munson; Norman Sadeh
Understanding the Roles and Influences of Mediators from Multiple Social Channels for Health Behavior Change BIBAFull-Text 1070-1079
  Yeoreum Lee; Youn-kyung Lim

Wikipedia: Structure & Function

Is It Good to Be Like Wikipedia?: Exploring the Trade-offs of Introducing Collaborative Editing Model to Q&A Sites BIBAFull-Text 1080-1091
  Guo Li; Haiyi Zhu; Tun Lu; Xianghua Ding; Ning Gu
Functional Roles and Career Paths in Wikipedia BIBAFull-Text 1092-1105
  Ofer Arazy; Felipe Ortega; Oded Nov; Lisa Yeo; Adam Balila
The Virtuous Circle of Wikipedia: Recursive Measures of Collaboration Structures BIBAFull-Text 1106-1115
  Maximilian Klein; Thomas Maillart; John Chuang

Collaboration in the Open Classroom

Talkabout: Making Distance Matter with Small Groups in Massive Classes BIBAFull-Text 1116-1128
  Chinmay Kulkarni; Julia Cambre; Yasmine Kotturi; Michael S. Bernstein; Scott R. Klemmer
Massive Open Online Proctor: Protecting the Credibility of MOOCs certificates BIBAFull-Text 1129-1137
  Xuanchong Li; Kai-min Chang; Yueran Yuan; Alexander Hauptmann
Structuring Interactions for Large-Scale Synchronous Peer Learning BIBAFull-Text 1139-1152
  D. Coetzee; Seongtaek Lim; Armando Fox; Bjorn Hartmann; Marti A. Hearst

Journalism and Politics

The Editor's Eye: Curation and Comment Relevance on the New York Times BIBAFull-Text 1153-1157
  Nicholas A. Diakopoulos
Navigating Imagined Audiences: Motivations for Participating in the Online Public Sphere BIBAFull-Text 1158-1169
  Bryan Semaan; Heather Faucett; Scott Robertson; Misa Maruyama; Sara Douglas
Content, Context, and Critique: Commenting on a Data Visualization Blog BIBAFull-Text 1170-1175
  Jessica Hullman; Nicholas Diakopoulos; Elaheh Momeni; Eytan Adar

Gender and Sexual Identity

Disclosure, Stress, and Support During Gender Transition on Facebook BIBAFull-Text 1176-1190
  Oliver L. Haimson; Jed R. Brubaker; Lynn Dombrowski; Gillian R. Hayes
Simulating Marriage: Gender Roles and Emerging Intimacy in an Online Game BIBAFull-Text 1191-1200
  Guo Freeman; Jeffrey Bardzell; Shaowen Bardzell; Susan C. Herring
Outnumbered but Well-Spoken: Female Commenters in the New York Times BIBAFull-Text 1201-1213
  Emma Pierson

Social Dynamics and My Phone

Predicting a Community's Flu Dynamics with Mobile Phone Data BIBAFull-Text 1214-1221
  Katayoun Farrahi; Rémi Emonet; Manuel Cebrian
Spending Time with Money: From Shared Values to Social Connectivity BIBAFull-Text 1222-1234
  Jennifer Ferreira; Mark Perry; Sriram Subramanian
NUGU: A Group-based Intervention App for Improving Self-Regulation of Limiting Smartphone Use BIBAFull-Text 1235-1245
  Minsam Ko; Subin Yang; Joonwon Lee; Christian Heizmann; Jinyoung Jeong; Uichin Lee; Daehee Shin; Koji Yatani; Junehwa Song; Kyong-Mee Chung

Recommender Systems

Studying and Modeling the Connection between People's Preferences and Content Sharing BIBAFull-Text 1246-1257
  Amit Sharma; Dan Cosley
Using Groups of Items to Bootstrap New Users in Recommender Systems BIBAFull-Text 1258-1269
  Shuo Chang; F. Maxwell Harper; Loren Terveen
Understanding Online Reviews: Funny, Cool or Useful? BIBAFull-Text 1270-1276
  Saeideh Bakhshi; Partha Kanuparthy; David A. Shamma

Systems in Support of Health & Wellness

Shared Calendars for Home Health Management BIBAFull-Text 1277-1288
  Jordan Eschler; Logan Kendall; Kathleen O'Leary; Lisa M. Vizer; Paula Lozano; Jennifer B. McClure; Wanda Pratt; James D. Ralston
Collaboration in-between: The Care Hotel and Designing for Flexible Use BIBAFull-Text 1289-1301
  Claus Bossen; Erik Grönvall
The Modern Day Baby Book: Enacting Good Mothering and Stewarding Privacy on Facebook BIBAFull-Text 1302-1312
  Priya Kumar; Sarita Schoenebeck

Collaborative Counseling

Computer Support for Financial Advisors and Their Clients: Co-creating an Investment Plan BIBAFull-Text 1313-1323
  Susanna Heyman; Henrik Artman
Coercing into Completeness in Financial Advisory Service Encounters BIBAFull-Text 1324-1335
  Mehmet Kilic; Peter Heinrich; Gerhard Schwabe
On Becoming a Counsellor: Challenges and Opportunities to Support Interpersonal Skills Training BIBAFull-Text 1336-1347
  Petr Slovák; Anja Thieme; Paul Tennent; Patrick Olivier; Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Community-Based Participatory Research

Strangers at the Gate: Gaining Access, Building Rapport, and Co-Constructing Community-Based Research BIBAFull-Text 1348-1358
  Christopher A. Le Dantec; Sarah Fox
Increasing the Reach of Snowball Sampling: The Impact of Fixed versus Lottery Incentives BIBAFull-Text 1359-1363
  Aditya Vashistha; Edward Cutrell; William Thies
LabintheWild: Conducting Large-Scale Online Experiments With Uncompensated Samples BIBAFull-Text 1364-1378
  Katharina Reinecke; Krzysztof Z. Gajos

Collaborative Software Development

Social Barriers Faced by Newcomers Placing Their First Contribution in Open Source Software Projects BIBAFull-Text 1379-1392
  Igor Steinmacher; Tayana Conte; Marco Aurélio Gerosa; David Redmiles
Mudslinging and Manners: Unpacking Conflict in Free and Open Source Software BIBAFull-Text 1393-1403
  Anna Filippova; Hichang Cho

Influence and the Social Network

Towards Understanding Relational Orientation: Attachment Theory and Facebook Activities BIBAFull-Text 1404-1415
  Bumsoo Kang; Sujin Lee; Alice Oh; Seungwoo Kang; Inseok Hwang; Junehwa Song
The Role of Social Influence in Security Feature Adoption BIBAFull-Text 1416-1426
  Sauvik Das; Adam D. I. Kramer; Laura A. Dabbish; Jason I. Hong
Give Social Network Users the Privacy They Want BIBAFull-Text 1427-1441
  Pamela Wisniewski; A. K. M. Najmul Islam; Bart P. Knijnenburg; Sameer Patil

Temporality and Rhythms of Work

Making Time BIBAFull-Text 1442-1452
  Siân E. Lindley
Circumscribed Time and Porous Time: Logics as a Way of Studying Temporality BIBAFull-Text 1453-1464
  Melissa Mazmanian; Ingrid Erickson; Ellie Harmon
Designing for Temporal Awareness: The Role of Temporality in Time-Critical Medical Teamwork BIBAFull-Text 1465-1476
  Diana S. Kusunoki; Aleksandra Sarcevic

Collaborating through Social Media

Friendship Maintenance in the Digital Age: Applying a Relational Lens to Online Social Interaction BIBAFull-Text 1477-1487
  Irina Shklovski; Louise Barkhuus; Nis Bornoe; Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye
Clinical Questions in Online Health Communities: The Case of "See your doctor" Threads BIBAFull-Text 1488-1499
  Jina Huh
Creating Value Together: The Emerging Design Space of Peer-to-Peer Currency and Exchange BIBAFull-Text 1500-1510
  John M. Carroll; Victoria Bellotti

Managing Chronic Illness through Collaboration

Forum77: An Analysis of an Online Health Forum Dedicated to Addiction Recovery BIBAFull-Text 1511-1526
  Diana MacLean; Sonal Gupta; Anna Lembke; Christopher Manning; Jeffrey Heer
"I'm Not Like My Friends": Understanding How Children with a Chronic Illness Use Technology to Maintain Normalcy BIBAFull-Text 1527-1539
  Leslie S. Liu; Kori M. Inkpen; Wanda Pratt
Individual and Social Recognition: Challenges and Opportunities in Migraine Management BIBAFull-Text 1540-1551
  Sun Young Park; Yunan Chen

Distance Still Matters

A Framework for Understanding and Designing Telepresence BIBAFull-Text 1552-1566
  Irene Rae; Gina Venolia; John C. Tang; David Molnar
Not Really There: Understanding Embodied Communication Affordances in Team Perception and Participation BIBAFull-Text 1567-1575
  Jacob T. Biehl; Daniel Avrahami; Anthony Dunnigan
Making Decisions From a Distance: The Impact of Technological Mediation on Riskiness and Dehumanization BIBAFull-Text 1576-1589
  Min Kyung Lee; Nathaniel Fruchter; Laura Dabbish

The Powers of Co-location

Engaging Around Neighborhood Issues: How Online Communication Affects Offline Behavior BIBAFull-Text 1590-1601
  Sheena L. Erete
The Group Context Framework: An Extensible Toolkit for Opportunistic Grouping and Collaboration BIBAFull-Text 1602-1611
  Adrian A. de Freitas; Anind K. Dey
Using Multiple Contexts to Detect and Form Opportunistic Groups BIBAFull-Text 1612-1621
  Adrian A. de Freitas; Anind K. Dey

Collaborative Design Approaches

From "nobody cares" to "way to go!": A Design Framework for Social Sharing in Personal Informatics BIBAFull-Text 1622-1636
  Daniel A. Epstein; Bradley H. Jacobson; Elizabeth Bales; David W. McDonald; Sean A. Munson
A Classroom Study of Using Crowd Feedback in the Iterative Design Process BIBAFull-Text 1637-1648
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From Awareness to Empowerment: Using Design Fiction to Explore Paths towards a Sustainable Energy Future BIBAFull-Text 1649-1658
  Sebastian Prost; Elke Mattheiss; Manfred Tscheligi

Collaborating Under Constraints

Paper-Digital Workflows in Global Development Organizations BIBAFull-Text 1659-1669
  Nicola Dell; Trevor Perrier; Neha Kumar; Mitchell Lee; Rachel Powers; Gaetano Borriello
KrishiPustak: A Social Networking System for Low-Literate Farmers BIBAFull-Text 1670-1681
  Indrani Medhi-Thies; Pedro Ferreira; Nakull Gupta; Jacki O'Neill; Edward Cutrell
Accessible Crowdwork?: Understanding the Value in and Challenge of Microtask Employment for People with Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 1682-1693
  Kathryn Zyskowski; Meredith Ringel Morris; Jeffrey P. Bigham; Mary L. Gray; Shaun K. Kane

Civic Participation

Illegitimate Civic Participation: Supporting Community Activists on the Ground BIBAFull-Text 1694-1703
  Mariam Asad; Christopher A. Le Dantec
(Infra)structures of Volunteering BIBAFull-Text 1704-1716
  Amy Voida; Zheng Yao; Matthias Korn
Planning with Crowdsourced Data: Rhetoric and Representation in Transportation Planning BIBAFull-Text 1717-1727
  Christopher A. Le Dantec; Mariam Asad; Aditi Misra; Kari E. Watkins

Experiencing Social Media

"I LOVE THIS SITE!" vs. "It's a little girly": Perceptions of and Initial User Experience with Pinterest BIBAFull-Text 1728-1740
  Hannah J. Miller; Shuo Chang; Loren G. Terveen
The Diffusion of Support in an Online Social Movement: Evidence from the Adoption of Equal-Sign Profile Pictures BIBAFull-Text 1741-1750
  Bogdan State; Lada Adamic
Do I Need To Follow You?: Examining the Utility of The Pinterest Follow Mechanism BIBAFull-Text 1751-1762
  Bluma Gelley; Ajita John

Children and Families

Transition and Reflection in the Use of Health Information: The Case of Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Caregivers BIBAFull-Text 1763-1774
  Elizabeth Kaziunas; Ayse G. Buyuktur; Jasmine Jones; Sung W. Choi; David A. Hanauer; Mark S. Ackerman
Spaceship Launch: Designing a Collaborative Exergame for Families BIBAFull-Text 1776-1787
  Herman Saksono; Ashwini Ranade; Geeta Kamarthi; Carmen Castaneda-Sceppa; Jessica A. Hoffman; Cathy Wirth; Andrea G. Parker
Making "Safe": Community-Centered Practices in a Virtual World Dedicated to Children with Autism BIBAFull-Text 1788-1800
  Kathryn E. Ringland; Christine T. Wolf; Lynn Dombrowski; Gillian R. Hayes

Motivating Crowdwork

The Effects of Pay-to-Quit Incentives on Crowdworker Task Quality BIBAFull-Text 1801-1812
  Christopher G. Harris
Motivating Multi-Generational Crowd Workers in Social-Purpose Work BIBAFull-Text 1813-1824
  Masatomo Kobayashi; Shoma Arita; Toshinari Itoko; Shin Saito; Hironobu Takagi

There's Just Something About Hands

Handheld or Handsfree?: Remote Collaboration via Lightweight Head-Mounted Displays and Handheld Devices BIBAFull-Text 1825-1836
  Steven Johnson; Madeleine Gibson; Bilge Mutlu
A User-Powered American Sign Language Dictionary BIBAFull-Text 1837-1848
  Danielle Bragg; Kyle Rector; Richard E. Ladner

Games and Virtual Worlds

Enhancing Evaluation of Potential Dates Online Through Paired Collaborative Activities BIBAFull-Text 1849-1859
  Doug Zytko; Guo Freeman; Sukeshini A. Grandhi; Susan C. Herring; Quentin (Gad) Jones
Games for Crowds: A Crowdsourcing Game Platform for the Enterprise BIBAFull-Text 1860-1871
  Ido Guy; Anat Hashavit; Yaniv Corem
Collective Intelligence or Group Think?: Engaging Participation Patterns in World without Oil BIBAFull-Text 1872-1881
  Nassim JafariNaimi; Eric M. Meyers

Motivation and Dynamics of the Open Classroom

Understanding Student Motivation, Behaviors and Perceptions in MOOCs BIBAFull-Text 1882-1895
  Saijing Zheng; Mary Beth Rosson; Patrick C. Shih; John M. Carroll
Open Education in the Wild: The Dynamics of Course Production in the Peer 2 Peer University BIBAFull-Text 1896-1905
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The Emergence of GitHub as a Collaborative Platform for Education BIBAFull-Text 1906-1917
  Alexey Zagalsky; Joseph Feliciano; Margaret-Anne Storey; Yiyun Zhao; Weiliang Wang

Closing Keynote

Algorithms in our Midst: Information, Power and Choice when Software is Everywhere BIBAFull-Text 1918
  Zeynep Tufekci