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Proceedings of ACM CSCW'10 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM CSCW'10 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Kori Inkpen; Carl Gutwin; John Tang
Location:Savannah, Georgia
Dates:2010-Feb-06 to 2010-Feb-10
Standard No:ISBN: 1-60558-795-8, 978-1-60558-795-0; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CSCW10
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Won't get fooled again: honesty and trust online
  2. He said she said: analyzing interaction patterns
  3. Helping hands: communities and volunteers
  4. Meeting in the middle
  5. Wikipedia as a collaboration culture
  6. Wish you were here: communication in families
  7. Groupware technologies
  8. Me, us and them: affiliation, reputation and social media use
  9. Social software engineering
  10. Participating online
  11. Collaboration in place
  12. A bug's life: collaborative debugging
  13. Everyday healthcare
  14. Crossing cultures
  15. All in the family: living and playing together
  16. What's that?: collaborative visual sense-making
  17. Communication technologies for social inclusion

Won't get fooled again: honesty and trust online

"on my way": deceptive texting and interpersonal awareness narratives BIBAKFull-Text 1-4
  Jeremy Birnholtz; Jamie Guillory; Jeff Hancock; Natalya Bazarova
Reading between the lines: linguistic cues to deception in online dating profiles BIBAKFull-Text 5-8
  Catalina L. Toma; Jeffrey T. Hancock
Warrants and deception in computer mediated communication BIBAKFull-Text 9-12
  Darcy Warkentin; Michael Woodworth; Jeffrey T. Hancock; Nicole Cormier
Perceptions of trustworthiness online: the role of visual and textual information BIBAKFull-Text 13-22
  Catalina L. Toma

He said she said: analyzing interaction patterns

Social language network analysis BIBAKFull-Text 23-26
  Andrew J. Scholand; Yla R. Tausczik; James W. Pennebaker
Notifications and awareness: a field study of alert usage and preferences BIBAKFull-Text 27-30
  Shamsi T. Iqbal; Eric Horvitz
Receptionist or information kiosk: how do people talk with a robot? BIBAKFull-Text 31-40
  Min Kyung Lee; Sara Kiesler; Jodi Forlizzi
Same places, same things, same people?: mining user similarity on social media BIBAKFull-Text 41-50
  Ido Guy; Michal Jacovi; Adam Perer; Inbal Ronen; Erel Uziel

Helping hands: communities and volunteers

Interorganizational coordination and awareness in a nonprofit ecosystem BIBAKFull-Text 51-60
  Jennifer Stoll; W. Keith Edwards; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Eliciting and focusing geographic volunteer work BIBAKFull-Text 61-70
  Reid Priedhorsky; Mikhil Masli; Loren Terveen
An empirical study of critical mass and online community survival BIBAKFull-Text 71-80
  Daphne R. Raban; Mihai Moldovan; Quentin Jones

Meeting in the middle

Lessons from thoughtswap-ing: increasing participants' coordinative agency in facilitated discussions BIBAKFull-Text 81-90
  Margaret Dickey-Kurdziolek; Matthew Schaefer; Deborah Tatar; Ian P. Renga
Throwing voices: the psychological impact of the spatial height of projected voices BIBAKFull-Text 91-94
  Leila Takayama; Clifford Nass
Exploring spatialized audio & video for distributed conversations BIBAKFull-Text 95-98
  Kori Inkpen; Rajesh Hegde; Mary Czerwinski; Zhengyou Zhang
Catchup: a useful application of time-travel in meetings BIBAKFull-Text 99-102
  Simon Tucker; Ofer Bergman; Anand Ramamoorthy; Steve Whittaker
Idea expander: supporting group brainstorming with conversationally triggered visual thinking stimuli BIBAKFull-Text 103-106
  Hao-Chuan Wang; Dan Cosley; Susan R. Fussell

Wikipedia as a collaboration culture

Socialization tactics in wikipedia and their effects BIBAKFull-Text 107-116
  Boreum Choi; Kira Alexander; Robert E. Kraut; John M. Levine
The work of sustaining order in wikipedia: the banning of a vandal BIBAKFull-Text 117-126
  R. Stuart Geiger; David Ribes
Readers are not free-riders: reading as a form of participation on wikipedia BIBAKFull-Text 127-130
  Judd Antin; Coye Cheshire
Egalitarians at the gate: one-sided gatekeeping practices in social media BIBAKFull-Text 131-134
  Brian Keegan; Darren Gergle

Wish you were here: communication in families

Home video communication: mediating 'closeness' BIBAKFull-Text 135-144
  David S. Kirk; Abigail Sellen; Xiang Cao
Making love in the network closet: the benefits and work of family videochat BIBAKFull-Text 145-154
  Morgan G. Ames; Janet Go; Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye; Mirjana Spasojevic
Understanding family communication across time zones BIBAKFull-Text 155-158
  Xiang Cao; Abigail Sellen; A. J. Bernheim Brush; David Kirk; Darren Edge; Xianghua Ding

Groupware technologies

A sequence transformation algorithm for supporting cooperative work on mobile devices BIBAKFull-Text 159-168
  Bin Shao; Du Li; Ning Gu
Multiple mouse text entry for single-display groupware BIBAKFull-Text 169-178
  Saleema Amershi; Meredith Ringel Morris; Neema Moraveji; Ravin Balakrishnan; Kentaro Toyama
Gone but not forgotten: designing for disconnection in synchronous groupware BIBAKFull-Text 179-188
  Carl Gutwin; T. C. Nicholas Graham; Chris Wolfe; Nelson Wong; Brian de Alwis

Me, us and them: affiliation, reputation and social media use

Is it really about me?: message content in social awareness streams BIBAKFull-Text 189-192
  Mor Naaman; Jeffrey Boase; Chih-Hui Lai
Student athletes on facebook BIBAKFull-Text 193-196
  Cliff Lampe; Nicole B. Ellison
Sending mixed signals: multilevel reputation effects in peer-to-peer lending markets BIBAKFull-Text 197-206
  Benjamin C. Collier; Robert Hampshire

Social software engineering

API peer reviews: a method for evaluating usability of application programming interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 207-210
  Umer Farooq; Dieter Zirkler
Are you having difficulty? BIBAKFull-Text 211-214
  Jason Carter; Prasun Dewan
Beyond Wikipedia: coordination and conflict in online production groups BIBAKFull-Text 215-224
  Aniket Kittur; Robert E. Kraut

Participating online

Understanding deja reviewers BIBAKFull-Text 225-228
  Eric Gilbert; Karrie Karahalios
On the "localness" of user-generated content BIBAKFull-Text 229-232
  Brent J. Hecht; Darren Gergle
Determinants of wikipedia quality: the roles of global and local contribution inequality BIBAKFull-Text 233-236
  Ofer Arazy; Oded Nov
Inspired by the audience: a topic suggestion system for blog writers and readers BIBAKFull-Text 237-240
  Werner Geyer; Casey Dugan
Chatter on the red: what hazards threat reveals about the social life of microblogged information BIBAKFull-Text 241-250
  Kate Starbird; Leysia Palen; Amanda L. Hughes; Sarah Vieweg

Collaboration in place

Telling the whole story: anticipation, inspiration and reputation in a field deployment of TellTable BIBAKFull-Text 251-260
  Xiang Cao; Siân E. Lindley; John Helmes; Abigail Sellen
Opening up the family archive BIBAKFull-Text 261-270
  David S. Kirk; Shahram Izadi; Abigail Sellen; Stuart Taylor; Richard Banks; Otmar Hilliges
Three's company: understanding communication channels in three-way distributed collaboration BIBAKFull-Text 271-280
  Anthony Tang; Michel Pahud; Kori Inkpen; Hrvoje Benko; John C. Tang; Bill Buxton

A bug's life: collaborative debugging

Sources of errors in distributed development projects: implications for collaborative tools BIBAKFull-Text 281-290
  Marcelo Cataldo
Communication, collaboration, and bugs: the social nature of issue tracking in small, collocated teams BIBAKFull-Text 291-300
  Dane Bertram; Amy Voida; Saul Greenberg; Robert Walker
Information needs in bug reports: improving cooperation between developers and users BIBAKFull-Text 301-310
  Silvia Breu; Rahul Premraj; Jonathan Sillito; Thomas Zimmermann

Everyday healthcare

Invisible emotion: information and interaction in an emergency room BIBAKFull-Text 311-320
  Helena M. Mentis; Madhu Reddy; Mary Beth Rosson
Understanding together: sensemaking in collaborative information seeking BIBAKFull-Text 321-330
  Sharoda A. Paul; Madhu C. Reddy
Why the plan doesn't hold: a study of situated planning, articulation and coordination work in a surgical ward BIBAFull-Text 331-340
  Jakob E. Bardram; Thomas Riisgaard Hansen

Crossing cultures

What's it worth to you?: the costs and affordances of CMC tools to Asian and American users BIBAKFull-Text 341-350
  Leslie D. Setlock; Susan R. Fussell
Groups in groups: conversational similarity in online multicultural multiparty brainstorming BIBAKFull-Text 351-360
  Hao-Chuan Wang; Susan Fussell
Street fighter IV: braggadocio off and on-line BIBAKFull-Text 361-370
  Norman Makoto Su

All in the family: living and playing together

The individual and the group in console gaming BIBAKFull-Text 371-380
  Amy Voida; Sheelagh Carpendale; Saul Greenberg
The roles that make the domestic work BIBAKFull-Text 381-390
  Jennifer A. Rode
Sonic souvenirs: exploring the paradoxes of recorded sound for family remembering BIBAKFull-Text 391-400
  Lina Dib; Daniela Petrelli; Steve Whittaker

What's that?: collaborative visual sense-making

WeSearch: supporting collaborative search and sensemaking on a tabletop display BIBAKFull-Text 401-410
  Meredith Ringel Morris; Jarrod Lombardo; Daniel Wigdor
Pitfalls of information access with visualizations in remote collaborative analysis BIBAKFull-Text 411-420
  Aruna D. Balakrishnan; Susan R. Fussell; Sara Kiesler; Aniket Kittur
Pictionaire: supporting collaborative design work by integrating physical and digital artifacts BIBAKFull-Text 421-424
  Björn Hartmann; Meredith Ringel Morris; Hrvoje Benko; Andrew D. Wilson

Communication technologies for social inclusion

Social use of computer-mediated communication by adults on the autism spectrum BIBAKFull-Text 425-434
  Moira Burke; Robert Kraut; Diane Williams
Characteristics of shared health reflections in a local community BIBAKFull-Text 435-444
  Andrea Grimes; Brian M. Landry; Rebecca E. Grinter
Survival needs and social inclusion: technology use among the homeless BIBAKFull-Text 445-448
  Jahmeilah Roberson; Bonnie Nardi