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Proceedings of ACM CSCW'00 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM CSCW'00 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Wendy Kellogg; Steve Whittaker; Paul Dourish; Sarah Kiesler; David Durand
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Dates:2000-Dec-02 to 2000-Dec-06
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-222-0; ACM Order Number 612000; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CSCW00
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  1. Video in Collaboration
  2. Lawyers, Help, & Money: Three Cases
  3. Infrastructure: Privacy and Data Management
  4. Making Contact
  5. Component Based Infrastructures
  6. Instruction and Learning
  7. Remote Guidance
  8. Operational Transformation and Consistency
  9. Mobility
  10. Expertise and Explanation
  11. Flexibility and Constraint
  12. Facilitation
  13. Distance and Proximity
  14. Video Presentations
  15. Opening Plenary
  16. Invited Talk
  17. Closing Plenary
  18. Panels

Video in Collaboration

The Effects of Filtered Video on Awareness and Privacy BIBAKPDF 1-10
  Michael Boyle; Christopher Edwards; Saul Greenberg
Impact of Video Frame Rate on Communicative Behaviour in Two and Four Party Groups BIBAKPDF 11-20
  Matthew Jackson; Anne H. Anderson; Rachel McEwan; Jim Mullin
Coordination of Communication: Effects of Shared Visual Context on Collaborative Work BIBAKPDF 21-30
  Susan R. Fussell; Robert E. Kraut; Jane Siegel

Lawyers, Help, & Money: Three Cases

Designing to Support Adversarial Collaboration BIBAKPDF 31-39
  Andrew L. Cohen; Debra Cash; Michael J. Muller
Evolution of Contact Point: A Case Study of a Help Desk and its Users BIBAKPDF 41-48
  Lena Mamykina; Catherine G. Wolf
Machinery in the New Factories: Interaction and Technology in a Bank's Telephone Call Centre BIBAKPDF 49-58
  John Bowers; David Martin

Infrastructure: Privacy and Data Management

Ensuring Privacy in Presence Awareness: An Automated Verification Approach BIBAKPDF 59-68
  Patrice Godefroidy; James D. Herbsleb; Lalita Jategaonkar Jagadeesany; Du Li
Data Management Support for Asynchronous Groupware BIBAKPDF 69-78
  Nuno Preguica; J. Legatheaux Martins; Henrique Domingos; Sergio Duarte

Making Contact

Interaction and Outeraction: Instant Messaging in Action BIBAKPDF 79-88
  Bonnie A. Nardi; Steve Whittaker; Erin Bradner
Providing Presence Cues to Telephone Users BIBAKPDF 89-96
  Allen E. Milewski; Thomas M. Smith
Conversation Trees and Threaded Chats BIBAKPDF 97-105
  Marc Smith; J. J. Cadiz; Byron Burkhalter

Component Based Infrastructures

Developing Adaptive Groupware Applications using a Mobile Component Framework BIBAKPDF 107-116
  Radu Litiu; Atul Parakash
Composable Collaboration Infrastructures Based on Programming Patterns BIBAPDF 117-126
  Vassil Roussev; Prasun Dewan; Vibhor Jain

Instruction and Learning

Designing Presentations for On-Demand Viewing BIBAKPDF 127-134
  Liwei He; Jonathan Grudin; Anoop Gupta
Distance Learning through Distributed Collaborative Video Viewing BIBAKPDF 135-144
  J. J. Cadiz; Anand Balachandran; Elizabeth Sanocki; Anoop Gupta; Jonathan Grudin; Gavin Jancke
Algebra Jam: Supporting Teamwork and Managing Roles in a Collaborative Learning Environment BIBAKPDF 145-154
  Mark K. Singley; Monindar Singh; Peter Fairweather; Robert Farrell; Steven Swerling

Remote Guidance

GestureMan: A Mobile Robot that Embodies a Remote Instructor's Actions BIBAKPDF 155-162
  Hideaki Kuzuoka; Shinya Oyama; Keiichi Yamazaki; Kenji Suzuki; Mamoru Mitsuishi
Shared Walk Environment using Locomotion Interfaces BIBAKPDF 163-170
  Hiroaki Yano; Haruo Noma; Hiroo Iwata; Tsutomu Miyasato

Operational Transformation and Consistency

Copies Convergence in a Distributed Real-Time Collaborative Environment BIBAKPDF 171-180
  Nicolas Vidot; Michelle Cart; Jean Ferrie; Maher Suleiman
Consistency in Replicated Continuous Interactive Media BIBAKPDF 181-190
  Martin Mauve
Undo Any Operation at Any Time in Group Editors BIBAKPDF 191-200
  Chengzheng Sun


Going Wireless: Behavior & Practice of New Mobile Phone Users BIBAKPDF 201-210
  Leysia Palen; Marilyn Salzman; Ed Youngs
FieldWise: A Mobile Knowledge Management Architecture BIBAKPDF 211-220
  Henrik Fagrell; Kerstin Forsberg; Johan Sanneblad
WebSplitter: A Unified XML Framework for Multi-Device Collaborative Web Browsing BIBAKPDF 221-230
  Richard Han; Veronique Perret; Mahmoud Naghshineh

Expertise and Explanation

Expertise Recommender: A Flexible Recommendation System and Architecture BIBAKPDF 231-240
  David W. McDonald; Mark S. Ackerman
Explaining Collaborative Filtering Recommendations BIBAKPDF 241-250
  Jonathan L. Herlocker; Joseph A. Konstan; John Riedl
Interpersonal Trust and Common Ground in Electronically Mediated Communication BIBAKPDF 251-260
  Steve Greenspan; David Goldberg; David Weimer; Andrea Basso

Flexibility and Constraint

Recognizing and Supporting Roles in CSCW BIBAKPDF 261-268
  Mark Guzdial; Jochen Rick; Bolot Kerimbaev
Coping with Errors: The Importance of Process Data in Robust Sociotechnical Systems BIBAKPDF 269-278
  Michael B. Twidale; Paul F. Marty
How Can Cooperative Work Tools Support Dynamic Group Process? Bridging the Specificity Frontier BIBAKPDF 279-288
  Abraham Bernstein


Supporting Collaborative Interpretation in Distributed Groupware BIBAKPDF 289-298
  Donald Cox; Saul Greenberg
Structured Online Interactions: Improving the Decision-Making of Small Discussion Groups BIBAKPDF 299-308
  Shelly Farnham; Harry R. Chesley; Debbie E. McGhee; Reena Kawal; Jennifer Landau
Using Web Annotations for Asynchronous Collaboration Around Documents BIBAKPDF 309-318
  J. J. Cadiz; Anoop Gupta; Jonathan Grudin

Distance and Proximity

Distance, Dependencies, and Delay in a Global Collaboration BIBAKPDF 319-328
  James D. Herbsleb; Audris Mockus; Thomas A. Finholt; Rebecca E. Grinter
Collaboration with Lean Media: How Open-Source Software Succeeds BIBAKPDF 329-338
  Yutaka Yamauchi; Makoto Yokozawa; Takeshi Shinohara; Toru Ishida
How does Radical Collocation Help a Team Succeed? BIBAKPDF 339-346
  Stephanie Teasley; Lisa Covi; M. S. Krishnan; Judith S. Olson

Video Presentations

CSCW 2000 Video Program BIBPDF 347
  Andreas Girgensohn; Alison Lee
MUSICFX: An Arbiter of Group Preferences for Computer Supported Collaborative Workouts BIBPDF 348
  Joseph E. McCarthy; Theodore D. Anagnost
Talking in Circles: A Spatially-Grounded Social Environment BIBPDF 349
  Roy A. Rodenstein; Judith S. Donath
StickyChats: Remote Conversations Over Digital Documents BIBPDF 350
  Elizabeth Churchill; Jonathan Trevor; Sara Bly; Les Nelson
Sun SharedShell Tool BIBPDF 351
  Nicole Yankelovich; James "Bo" Begole; John C. Tang
User Experience of CLIVE/mbanx Solution BIBPDF 352
  Shahrokh Daijavad; Tong-Haing Fin; Tom Frauenhofer; Tetsu Fujisaki; Alison Lee; Maroun Touma; Catherine G. Wolf
Enabling Distributed Collaborative Science BIBPDF 353
  Tom Hudson; Diane Sonnenwald; Kelly Maglaughlin; Mary Whitton; Ronald Bergquist
GestureMan: A Mobile Robot that Embodies a Remote Instructor's Actions BIBPDF 354
  Hideaki Kuzuoka; Shinya Oyama; Keiichi Yamazaki; Akiko Yamazaki; Mamoru Mitsuishi; Kenji Suzuki
Supporting Real-Time Collaboration Over Wide Area Networks BIB 355
  Hye-Chung (Monica) Kum; Prasun Dewan

Opening Plenary

Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community BIB 357
  Robert D. Putnam

Invited Talk

IT2: An Information Technology Initiative for the Twenty-First Century -- NSF Plans for Implementation BIB 359
  Ruzena Bajcsy

Closing Plenary

Got a Minute? How Technology Affects the Economy of AttentionInstant Messaging: Products Meet Workplace Users BIB 361363
  Warren Thorngate; John C. Tang; Austina de Bonte; Mary Beth Raven; Ellen Isaacs


Research at Internet Speed: Is it Necessary? BIB 363
  Irene Greif
The Children's Challenge: New Technologies to Support Co-Located and Distributed Collaboration BIB 363
  Allison Druin; Steve Benford; Amy Bruckman; Kori Inkpen; Shelia O'Rouke
Beyond Bowling Together BIB 363
  Paul Resnick; Tora Bikson; Elizabeth Mynatt; Robert Puttnam; Lee Sproull; Barry Wellman