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CRIWG 2004: Groupware: Design, Implementation, and Use 2004-09-05

Fullname:CRIWG 2004: Groupware: Design, Implementation, and Use: 10th International Workshop
Editors:Gert-Jan de Vreede; Luis A. Guerrero; Gabriela Marín Raventós
Location:San Carlos, Costa Rica
Dates:2004-Sep-05 to 2004-Sep-09
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3198
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/b100403; ISBN: 978-3-540-23016-8 (print), 978-3-540-30112-7 (online); hcibib: CRIWG04
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. Key Note
  2. Knowledge Management
  3. Awareness
  4. Support for Collaboration Processes
  5. Collaboration Applications
  6. Groupware Infrastructure
  7. Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  8. Mobile Collaborative Work

Key Note

On Theory-Driven Design of Collaboration Technology and Process BIBAFull-Text 1-16
  Robert O. Briggs

Knowledge Management

Divergence Occurrences in Knowledge Sharing Communities BIBAFull-Text 17-24
  Alicia Díaz; Gérôme Canals
On the Convergence of Knowledge Management and Groupware BIBAFull-Text 25-33
  Sajda Qureshi; Vlatka Hlupic; Robert O. Briggs
Applying Group Storytelling in Knowledge Management BIBAFull-Text 34-41
  Raphael Perret; Marcos R. S. Borges; Flávia Maria Santoro
Ranking the Web Collaboratively and Categorising It to Produce Digital Collections BIBAFull-Text 42-51
  Vidal A. Rodríguez; David A. Fuller
Understanding and Supporting Knowledge Flows in a Community of Software Developers BIBAFull-Text 52-66
  Oscar M. Rodríguez; Ana I. Martínez-Garcia; Jesús Favela; Aurora Vizcaíno; Mario Piattini


A Framework for Asynchronous Change Awareness in Collaboratively-Constructed Documents BIBAFull-Text 67-83
  James Tam; Saul Greenberg
Increasing Awareness in Distributed Software Development Workspaces BIBAFull-Text 84-91
  Marco A. S. Mangan; Marcos R. S. Borges; Cláudia Maria Lima Werner
Ariane: An Awareness Mechanism for Shared Databases BIBAFull-Text 92-104
  Vaninha Vieira; Marco A. S. Mangan; Cláudia Maria Lima Werner; Marta Mattoso
Design of Awareness Interface for Distributed Teams in Display-Rich Advanced Collaboration Environments BIBAFull-Text 105-120
  Kyoung Shin Park; Jason Leigh; Andrew E. Johnson; Yongjoo Cho

Support for Collaboration Processes

Combining Communication and Coordination Toward Articulation of Collaborative Activities BIBAFull-Text 121-136
  Alberto Barbosa Raposo; Marco Aurélio Gerosa; Hugo Fuks
ThinkLets as Building Blocks for Collaboration Processes: A Further Conceptualization BIBAFull-Text 137-152
  Gwendolyn L. Kolfschoten; Robert O. Briggs; Jaco H. Appelman; Gert-Jan de Vreede
Bridging the Gap Between Decisions and Their Implementations BIBAFull-Text 153-165
  Marcos R. S. Borges; José A. Pino; Renata Mendes de Araujo
CreEx: A Framework for Creativity in Cooperative Problem Solving BIBAFull-Text 166-174
  Adriana Santarosa Vivacqua; Jano Moreira de Souza

Collaboration Applications

SaGISC: A Geo-Collaborative System BIBAFull-Text 175-191
  Paula André; Pedro Antunes
Blind to Sighted Children Interaction Through Collaborative Environments BIBAFull-Text 192-205
  Jaime Sánchez; Nelson A. Baloian; Tiago Hassler
Implementing Stick-Ons for Spreadsheets BIBAFull-Text 206-214
  Shermann S.-M. Chan; José A. Pino
Empirical Evaluation of Collaborative Support for Distributed Pair Programming BIBAFull-Text 215-222
  Jesús Favela; Hiroshi Natsu; Cynthia B. Pérez; Omar Robles; Alberto L. Morán; Raul Romero; Ana María Martínez Enríquez; Dominique Decouchant

Groupware Infrastructure

Communicating Design Knowledge with Groupware Technology Patterns: The Case of Shared Object Management BIBAFull-Text 223-237
  Stephan Lukosch; Till Schümmer
Adaptable Shared Workspace to Support Multiple Collaboration Paradigms BIBAFull-Text 238-245
  Jang Ho Lee
A Decoupled Architecture for Action-Oriented Coordination and Awareness Management in CSCL/W Frameworks BIBAFull-Text 246-261
  Pablo Orozco; Juan I. Asensio-Pérez; Pedro García López; Yannis A. Dimitriadis; Carles Pairot
Reusing Groupware Applications BIBAFull-Text 262-270
  Sergio F. Ochoa; Luis A. Guerrero; José A. Pino; César A. Collazos
Distributed Dynamic-Locking in Real-Time Collaborative Editing Systems BIBAFull-Text 271-280
  Xianghua Xu; Jiajun Bu; Chun Chen; Yong Li

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

A Model for a Collaborative Recommender System for Multimedia Learning Material BIBAFull-Text 281-288
  Nelson A. Baloian; Patricio Galdames; César A. Collazos; Luis A. Guerrero
An Integrated Approach for Analysing and Assessing the Performance of Virtual Learning Groups BIBAFull-Text 289-304
  Thanasis Daradoumis; Alejandra Martínez-Monés; Fatos Xhafa
A Tailorable Collaborative Learning System That Combines OGSA Grid Services and IMS-LD Scripting BIBAFull-Text 305-321
  Miguel L. Bote-Lorenzo; Luis M. Vaquero-González; Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo; Yannis A. Dimitriadis; Juan I. Asensio-Pérez; Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez; Davinia Hernández Leo
A Model for CSCL Allowing Tailorability: Implementation in the "Electronic Schoolbag" Groupware BIBAFull-Text 322-338
  Christian Martel; Christine Ferraris; Bernard Caron; Thibault Carron; Ghislaine Chabert; Christophe Courtin; Laurence Gagnière; Jean-Charles Marty; Laurence Vignollet

Mobile Collaborative Work

Representing Context for an Adaptative Awareness Mechanism BIBAKFull-Text 339-348
  Manuele Kirsch-Pinheiro; Jérôme Gensel; Hervé Martin
Opportunistic Interaction in P2P Ubiquitous Environments BIBAFull-Text 349-362
  Rolando Menchaca-Mendez; E. Gutierrez-Arias; Jesús Favela
Mobile Support for Collaborative Work BIBAFull-Text 363-375
  Luis A. Guerrero; José A. Pino; César A. Collazos; Andres Inostroza; Sergio F. Ochoa