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Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems
Note:From Research to Practice in the Design of Cooperative Systems: Results and Open Challenges
Editors:Julie Dugdale; Cédric Masclet; Maria Antonietta Grasso; Jean-François Boujut; Parina Hassanaly
Location:Marseille, France
Dates:2012-May-30 to 2012-Jun-01
Publisher:Springer London
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4471-4093-1 hcibib: COOP12; ISBN: 978-1-4471-4092-4 (print), 978-1-4471-4093-1 (online)
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  1. Working in Health Care
  2. Social Environments in Support of Work
  3. Understanding Communities and Global Teams
  4. Working with Tangible User Interfaces
  5. Working with Devices
  6. Working at Distance
  7. Understanding Work and Social Settings

Working in Health Care

Establishing a Core Health Record; A Case Study from Norwegian Healthcare BIBAFull-TextPDF 1-15
  Eli Larsen; Gunnar Ellingsen
Standardizing Work in Healthcare Through Architecture, Routines and Technologies BIBAKFull-TextPDF 17-32
  Rune Pedersen
The Clinical Work of Secretaries: Exploring the Intersection of Administrative and Clinical Work in the Diagnosing Process BIBAKFull-TextPDF 33-47
  Naja L. Holten Møller; Signe Vikkelsø

Social Environments in Support of Work

Exploring the Virtual Space of Academia BIBAFull-TextPDF 49-63
  Maria Menendez; Antonella de Angeli; Zeno Menestrina
The Not-So-Open Wikis: Structures of Collaboration At Work BIBAFull-TextPDF 65-80
  Osama Mansour
Harvesting Collective Agreement in Community Oriented Surveys: The Medical Case BIBAFull-TextPDF 81-96
  Federico Cabitza

Understanding Communities and Global Teams

Classifying Communities for Design BIBAFull-TextPDF 97-110
  Sergio Herranz; David Díez; Paloma Díaz; Starr Roxanne Hiltz
The Trouble with 'Knowledge Transfer': On Conduit Metaphors and Semantic Pathologies in Our Understanding of Didactic Practice BIBAFull-TextPDF 111-121
  Lars Rune Christensen
Divergence and Convergence in Global Software Development: Cultural Complexities as Social Worlds BIBAFull-TextPDF 123-136
  Rasmus Eskild Jensen; Pernille Bjørn

Working with Tangible User Interfaces

Creating Metaphors for Tangible User Interfaces in Collaborative Urban Planning: Questions for Designers and Developers BIBAKFull-TextPDF 137-151
  Valérie Maquil; Olivier Zephir; Eric Ras
Collaborative Problem Solving with Objects: Physical Aspects of a Tangible Tabletop in Technology-based Assessment BIBAKFull-TextPDF 153-166
  Valérie Maquil; Eric Ras

Working with Devices

End-users' Integration of Applications and Devices: A Cooperation Based Approach BIBAFull-TextPDF 167-181
  Marco P. Locatelli; Carla Simone
Social Aspects of Place Experience in Mobile Work/Life Practices BIBAFull-TextPDF 183-196
  Luigina Ciolfi; Breda Gray; Anthony D'Andrea
Maintaining the Instant Connection -- Social Media Practices of Smartphone Users BIBAFull-TextPDF 197-211
  Sanna Malinen; Jarno Ojala

Working at Distance

Supporting Collaborative Work in Socio-Physical Environments: A Normative Approach BIBAKFull-TextPDF 213-228
  Catherine Garbay; Fabien Badeig; Jean Caelen
Exploring Collaboration in Group-to-Group Videoconferencing BIBAFull-TextPDF 229-244
  Petr Slovák; Peter Novák; Pavel Troubil; Vít Rusnák; Petr Holub; Erik C. Hofer
Use of Graphical Modality in a Collaborative Design Distant Setting BIBAKFull-TextPDF 245-260
  Stéphane Safin; Roland Juchmes; Pierre Leclercq

Understanding Work and Social Settings

Struggling Against Social Isolation of the Elderly -- The Design of SmartTV Applications BIBAFull-TextPDF 261-275
  Malek Alaoui; Myriam Lewkowicz
Examining Multiactivity Using Multi-camera Recordings: The Use of Text Chat in a Call Center BIBAFull-TextPDF 277-290
  Karine Lan Hing Ting
Agentville: Supporting Situational Awareness and Motivation in Call Centres BIBAKFull-TextPDF 291-307
  Tommaso Colombino; Stefania Castellani; Antonietta Grasso; Jutta Willamowski