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Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems
Editors:Myriam Lewkowicz; Parina Hassanaly; Markus Rohde; Volker Wulf
Location:Aix-en-Provence, France
Dates:2010-May-18 to 2010-May-21
Standard No:ISBN: SBN 978-1-84996-210-0; hcibib: COOP10
Links:Online Proceedings
Trends in Scholarly Collaboration BIBAPDF 1-2
  Gary M. Olson
Distributed Design and Distributed Social Awareness: Exploring Inter-subjective Dimensions of Roles BIBAPDF 3-24
  Flore Barcellini; Françoise Détienne; Jean-Marie Burkhardt
Faithful to the Earth: Reporting Experiences of Artifact-Centered Design in Healthcare BIBAPDF 25-44
  Federico Cabitza
A Reformulation of the Semantic Gap Problem in Content-Based Image Retrieval Scenarios BIBAPDF 45-56
  Tommaso Colombino; Dave Martin; Antonietta Grasso; Luca Marchesotti
Design of a Collaborative Disaster Response Process Management System BIBAPDF 57-78
  Jörn Franke; François Charoy
Supporting Collaborative Workflows of Digital Multimedia Annotation BIBAPDF 79-100
  Cristian Hofmann; Dieter W. Fellner
Change Awareness for Collaborative Video Annotation BIBAPDF 101-118
  Cristian Hofmann; Uwe Boettcher; Dieter W. Fellner
Rethinking Laboratory Notebooks BIBAPDF 119-140
  Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose; Pär Ola Zander
Supporting Reflection in Software Development with Everyday Working Tools BIBAPDF 141-162
  Birgit Krogstie; Monica Divitini
Collocated Social Practices Surrounding Photo Usage in Archaeology BIBAPDF 163-182
  Marco P. Locatelli; Carla Simone; Viviana Ardesia
Direct Deliberative Governance and the Web: The Collaborative Work of Democratic Decision-Making Mediated by an Online Social Environment BIBAPDF 183-202
  Rean van der Merwe; Anthony Meehan
How Creative Groups Structure Tasks Through Negotiating Resources BIBAPDF 203-222
  Christopher Paul Middup; Tim Coughlan; Peter Johnson
The Role of Social Capital and Cooperation Infrastructures Within Microfinance BIBAPDF 223-244
  Simon Plogmann; Muhammad Adeel; Bernhard Nett; Volker Wulf
Computer Enabled Social Movements? Usage of a Collaborative Web Platform within the European Social Forum BIBAPDF 245-264
  Saqib Saeed; Markus Rohde
'Keep Up the Good Work!': The Concept of 'Work' in CSCW BIBAPDF 265-286
  Kjeld Schmidt
Appropriation of the Eclipse Ecosystem: Local Integration of Global Network Production BIBAPDF 287-308
  Gunnar Stevens; Sebastian Draxler
Practices Analysis and Digital Platform Design: An Interdisciplinary Study of Social Support BIBAPDF 309-330
  Matthieu Tixier; Myriam Lewkowicz; Michel Marcoccia; Hassan Atifi; Aurélien Bénel; Gérald Gaglio; Nadia Gauducheau
Creative Collective Efficacy in Scientific Communities BIBAPDF 331-352
  Jing Wang; Umer Farooq; John M. Carroll