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Proceedings of the 2012 ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

Fullname:Proceedings of the 21st ACM international Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
Editors:Xuewen Chen; Guy Lebanon; Haixun Wang; Mohammed J. Zaki
Location:Maui, Hawaii
Dates:2012-Oct-29 to 2012-Nov-02
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-1156-4; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: CIKM12
Links:Conference Website
  1. Keynote address
  2. KM track: recommender systems
  3. KM track: pattern mining
  4. IR track: evaluation methodologies
  5. IR track: social media search
  6. KM track: link and graph mining
  7. IR track: language technologies
  8. DB track: graph and knowledge base
  9. DB track: temporal, spatial and multimedia databases
  10. KM track: matrix methods and anomaly detection
  11. KM track: social networks
  12. IR track: advertising
  13. IR track: system architecture, distributed IR, scalability
  14. KM track: advertisement and products
  15. KM track: clustering
  16. IR track: recommendation systems
  17. IR track: digital libraries and citation analysis
  18. KM track: text mining
  19. IR track: formal retrieval models and learning to rank
  20. DB track: probabilistic and uncertain data
  21. DB track: top-k and nearest neighbor queries
  22. KM track: spatial and temporal methods
  23. IR track: web search
  24. DB track: web data management
  25. KM track: information extraction
  26. IR track: topic modeling and content and sentiment analysis
  27. DB track: query processing, optimization and performance
  28. KM track: classification and semantic methods
  29. IR track: multimedia and user feedback
  30. DB track: emerging and advanced topics
  31. KM track: novel applications
  32. IR track: social networks
  33. Knowledge management short paper session
  34. Information retrieval short paper session
  35. Databases short paper session
  36. Knowledge management poster session
  37. Information retrieval poster session
  38. Databases poster session
  39. Knowledge management demonstration session
  40. Information retrieval demonstration session
  41. Databases demonstration session
  42. Workshop summaries

Keynote address

User engagement: the network effect matters! BIBAFull-Text 1-2
  Ricardo Baeza-Yates; Mounia Lalmas
Learning similarity measures based on random walks BIBAFull-Text 3
  Willia W. Cohen
Compressed data structures with relevance BIBAFull-Text 4-5
  Jeffrey Scott Vitter

KM track: recommender systems

LogUCB: an explore-exploit algorithm for comments recommendation BIBAFull-Text 6-15
  Dhruv Kumar Mahajan; Rajeev Rastogi; Charu Tiwari; Adway Mitra
DQR: a probabilistic approach to diversified query recommendation BIBAFull-Text 16-25
  Ruirui Li; Ben Kao; Bin Bi; Reynold Cheng; Eric Lo
Dynamic covering for recommendation systems BIBAFull-Text 26-34
  Ioannis Antonellis; Anish Das Sarma; Shaddin Dughmi
MEET: a generalized framework for reciprocal recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 35-44
  Lei Li; Tao Li
Social contextual recommendation BIBAFull-Text 45-54
  Meng Jiang; Peng Cui; Rui Liu; Qiang Yang; Fei Wang; Wenwu Zhu; Shiqiang Yang

KM track: pattern mining

Mining high utility itemsets without candidate generation BIBAFull-Text 55-64
  Mengchi Liu; Junfeng Qu
A general framework to encode heterogeneous information sources for contextual pattern mining BIBAFull-Text 65-74
  Weishan Dong; Wei Fan; Lei Shi; Changjin Zhou; Xifeng Yan
Incorporating occupancy into frequent pattern mining for high quality pattern recommendation BIBAFull-Text 75-84
  Linpeng Tang; Lei Zhang; Ping Luo; Min Wang
PARMA: a parallel randomized algorithm for approximate association rules mining in MapReduce BIBAFull-Text 85-94
  Matteo Riondato; Justin A. DeBrabant; Rodrigo Fonseca; Eli Upfal
Interactive pattern mining on hidden data: a sampling-based solution BIBAFull-Text 95-104
  Mansurul Bhuiyan; Snehasis Mukhopadhyay; Mohammad Al Hasan

IR track: evaluation methodologies

An analysis of systematic judging errors in information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 105-114
  Gabriella Kazai; Nick Craswell; Emine Yilmaz; S. M. M. Tahaghoghi
On caption bias in interleaving experiments BIBAFull-Text 115-124
  Katja Hofmann; Fritz Behr; Filip Radlinski
Alternative assessor disagreement and retrieval depth BIBAFull-Text 125-134
  William Webber; Praveen Chandar; Ben Carterette
Incorporating variability in user behavior into systems based evaluation BIBAFull-Text 135-144
  Ben Carterette; Evangelos Kanoulas; Emine Yilmaz
Constructing test collections by inferring document relevance via extracted relevant information BIBAFull-Text 145-154
  Shahzad Rajput; Matthew Ekstrand-Abueg; Virgil Pavlu; Javed A. Aslam

IR track: social media search

Twevent: segment-based event detection from tweets BIBAFull-Text 155-164
  Chenliang Li; Aixin Sun; Anwitaman Datta
Making your interests follow you on Twitter BIBAFull-Text 165-174
  Marco Pennacchiotti; Fabrizio Silvestri; Hossein Vahabi; Rossano Venturini
Generating event storylines from microblogs BIBAFull-Text 175-184
  Chen Lin; Chun Lin; Jingxuan Li; Dingding Wang; Yang Chen; Tao Li
Social book search: comparing topical relevance judgements and book suggestions for evaluation BIBAFull-Text 185-194
  Marijn Koolen; Jaap Kamps; Gabriella Kazai
Content-based crowd retrieval on the real-time web BIBAFull-Text 195-204
  Krishna Y. Kamath; James Caverlee

KM track: link and graph mining

Graph classification: a diversified discriminative feature selection approach BIBAFull-Text 205-214
  Yuanyuan Zhu; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Hong Cheng; Lu Qin
Multi-scale link prediction BIBAFull-Text 215-224
  Donghyuk Shin; Si Si; Inderjit S. Dhillon
An analysis of how ensembles of collective classifiers improve predictions in graphs BIBAFull-Text 225-234
  Hoda Eldardiry; Jennifer Neville
Density index and proximity search in large graphs BIBAFull-Text 235-244
  Nan Li; Xifeng Yan; Zhen Wen; Arijit Khan
Gelling, and melting, large graphs by edge manipulation BIBAFull-Text 245-254
  Hanghang Tong; B. Aditya Prakash; Tina Eliassi-Rad; Michalis Faloutsos; Christos Faloutsos

IR track: language technologies

One seed to find them all: mining opinion features via association BIBAFull-Text 255-264
  Zhen Hai; Kuiyu Chang; Gao Cong
Topic-driven reader comments summarization BIBAFull-Text 265-274
  Zongyang Ma; Aixin Sun; Quan Yuan; Gao Cong
Visualizing timelines: evolutionary summarization via iterative reinforcement between text and image streams BIBAFull-Text 275-284
  Rui Yan; Xiaojun Wan; Mirella Lapata; Wayne Xin Zhao; Pu-Jen Cheng; Xiaoming Li
Fast multi-task learning for query spelling correction BIBAFull-Text 285-294
  Xu Sun; Anshumali Shrivastava; Ping Li
Cross-argument inference for implicit discourse relation recognition BIBAFull-Text 295-304
  Yu Hong; Xiaopei Zhou; Tingting Che; Jianmin Yao; Qiaoming Zhu; Guodong Zhou

DB track: graph and knowledge base

Interpreting keyword queries over web knowledge bases BIBAFull-Text 305-314
  Jeffrey Pound; Alexander K. Hudek; Ihab F. Ilyas; Grant Weddell
RDF pattern matching using sortable views BIBAFull-Text 315-324
  Zhihong Chong; He Chen; Zhenjie Zhang; Hu Shu; Guilin Qi; Aoying Zhou
Efficient algorithms for generalized subgraph query processing BIBAFull-Text 325-334
  Wenqing Lin; Xiaokui Xiao; James Cheng; Sourav S. Bhowmick
G-SPARQL: a hybrid engine for querying large attributed graphs BIBAFull-Text 335-344
  Sherif Sakr; Sameh Elnikety; Yuxiong He
A graph-based approach for ontology population with named entities BIBAFull-Text 345-354
  Wei Shen; Jianyong Wang; Ping Luo; Min Wang

DB track: temporal, spatial and multimedia databases

Decomposition-by-normalization (DBN): leveraging approximate functional dependencies for efficient tensor decomposition BIBAFull-Text 355-364
  Mijung Kim; K. Selçuk Candan
A filter-based protocol for continuous queries over imprecise location data BIBAFull-Text 365-374
  Yifan Jin; Reynold Cheng; Ben Kao; Kam-Yiu Lam; Yinuo Zhang
Leveraging read rates of passive RFID tags for real-time indoor location tracking BIBAFull-Text 375-384
  Da Yan; Zhou Zhao; Wilfred Ng
Location-aware instant search BIBAFull-Text 385-394
  Ruicheng Zhong; Ju Fan; Guoliang Li; Kian-Lee Tan; Lizhu Zhou
Indexing uncertain spatio-temporal data BIBAFull-Text 395-404
  Tobias Emrich; Hans-Peter Kriegel; Nikos Mamoulis; Matthias Renz; Andreas Züfle

KM track: matrix methods and anomaly detection

Local anomaly descriptor: a robust unsupervised algorithm for anomaly detection based on diffusion space BIBAFull-Text 405-414
  Hao Huang; Hong Qin; Shinjae Yoo; Dantong Yu
Fast and reliable anomaly detection in categorical data BIBAFull-Text 415-424
  Leman Akoglu; Hanghang Tong; Jilles Vreeken; Christos Faloutsos
TALMUD: transfer learning for multiple domains BIBAFull-Text 425-434
  Orly Moreno; Bracha Shapira; Lior Rokach; Guy Shani
Utilizing common substructures to speedup tensor factorization for mining dynamic graphs BIBAFull-Text 435-444
  Wei Liu; Jeffrey Chan; James Bailey; Christopher Leckie; Ramamohanarao Kotagiri

KM track: social networks

Predicting emerging social conventions in online social networks BIBAFull-Text 445-454
  Farshad Kooti; Winter A. Mason; Krishna P. Gummadi; Meeyoung Cha
Collective intelligence in the online social network of yahoo!answers and its implications BIBAFull-Text 455-464
  Ze Li; Haiying Shen; Joseph Edward Grant
From face-to-face gathering to social structure BIBAFull-Text 465-474
  Chunyan Wang; Mao Ye; Wang-chien Lee
Delineating social network data anonymization via random edge perturbation BIBAFull-Text 475-484
  Mingqiang Xue; Panagiotis Karras; Raissi Chedy; Panos Kalnis; Hung Keng Pung

IR track: advertising

Multiview hierarchical Bayesian regression model and application to online advertising BIBAFull-Text 485-494
  Tianbing Xu; Ruofei Zhang; Zhen Guo
Visual appearance of display ads and its effect on click through rate BIBAFull-Text 495-504
  Javad Azimi; Ruofei Zhang; Yang Zhou; Vidhya Navalpakkam; Jianchang Mao; Xiaoli Fern
The wisdom of advertisers: mining subgoals via query clustering BIBAFull-Text 505-514
  Takehiro Yamamoto; Tetsuya Sakai; Mayu Iwata; Chen Yu; Ji-Rong Wen; Katsumi Tanaka
Sequential selection of correlated ads by POMDPs BIBAFull-Text 515-524
  Shuai Yuan; Jun Wang

IR track: system architecture, distributed IR, scalability

Diversity in blog feed retrieval BIBAFull-Text 525-534
  Mostafa Keikha; Fabio Crestani; W. Bruce Croft
Efficient retrieval of recommendations in a matrix factorization framework BIBAFull-Text 535-544
  Noam Koenigstein; Parikshit Ram; Yuval Shavitt
KORE: keyphrase overlap relatedness for entity disambiguation BIBAFull-Text 545-554
  Johannes Hoffart; Stephan Seufert; Dat Ba Nguyen; Martin Theobald; Gerhard Weikum
Shard ranking and cutoff estimation for topically partitioned collections BIBAFull-Text 555-564
  Anagha Kulkarni; Almer S. Tigelaar; Djoerd Hiemstra; Jamie Callan

KM track: advertisement and products

Daily-deal selection for revenue maximization BIBAFull-Text 565-574
  Theodoros Lappas; Evimaria Terzi
Enabling direct interest-aware audience selection BIBAFull-Text 575-584
  Ariel Fuxman; Anitha Kannan; Zhenhui Li; Panayiotis Tsaparas
Influence propagation in adversarial setting: how to defeat competition with least amount of investment BIBAFull-Text 585-594
  Shahrzad Shirazipourazad; Brian Bogard; Harsh Vachhani; Arunabha Sen; Paul Horn
Large-scale item categorization for e-commerce BIBAFull-Text 595-604
  Dan Shen; Jean-David Ruvini; Badrul Sarwar
Matching product titles using web-based enrichment BIBAFull-Text 605-614
  Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan; Suresh Parthasarathy Iyengar; Amit Madaan; Rajeev Rastogi; Srinivasan Sengamedu

KM track: clustering

Scalable clustering of signed networks using balance normalized cut BIBAFull-Text 615-624
  Kai-Yang Chiang; Joyce Jiyoung Whang; Inderjit S. Dhillon
Maximum margin clustering on evolutionary data BIBAFull-Text 625-634
  Xuhui Fan; Lin Zhu; Longbing Cao; Xia Cui; Yew-Soon Ong
Document-topic hierarchies from document graphs BIBAFull-Text 635-644
  Tim Weninger; Yonatan Bisk; Jiawei Han
Improving document clustering using automated machine translation BIBAFull-Text 645-653
  Xiang Wang; Buyue Qian; Ian Davidson
Right-protected data publishing with hierarchical clustering preservation BIBAFull-Text 654-663
  Michail Vlachos; Aleksander Wieczorek; Johannes Schneider

IR track: recommendation systems

Metaphor: a system for related search recommendations BIBAFull-Text 664-673
  Azarias Reda; Yubin Park; Mitul Tiwari; Christian Posse; Sam Shah
Exploring personal impact for group recommendation BIBAFull-Text 674-683
  Xingjie Liu; Yuan Tian; Mao Ye; Wang-Chien Lee
The efficient imputation method for neighborhood-based collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 684-693
  Yongli Ren; Gang Li; Jun Zhang; Wanlei Zhou
Multi-faceted ranking of news articles using post-read actions BIBAFull-Text 694-703
  Deepak Agarwal; Bee-Chung Chen; Xuanhui Wang
A decentralized recommender system for effective web credibility assessment BIBAFull-Text 704-713
  Thanasis G. Papaioannou; Jean-Eudes Ranvier; Alexandra Olteanu; Karl Aberer

IR track: digital libraries and citation analysis

Towards an effective and unbiased ranking of scientific literature through mutual reinforcement BIBAFull-Text 714-723
  Xiaorui Jiang; Xiaoping Sun; Hai Zhuge
A math-aware search engine for math question answering system BIBAFull-Text 724-733
  Tam T. Nguyen; Kuiyu Chang; Siu Cheung Hui
Contextualization using hyperlinks and internal hierarchical structure of Wikipedia documents BIBAFull-Text 734-743
  Muhammad Ali Norozi; Paavo Arvola; Arjen P. de Vries
Understanding book search behavior on the web BIBAFull-Text 744-753
  Jin Young Kim; Henry Feild; Marc Cartright
Temporal corpus summarization using submodular word coverage BIBAFull-Text 754-763
  Ruben Sipos; Adith Swaminathan; Pannaga Shivaswamy; Thorsten Joachims

KM track: text mining

TCSST: transfer classification of short & sparse text using external data BIBAFull-Text 764-772
  Guodong Long; Ling Chen; Xingquan Zhu; Chengqi Zhang
The generalized dirichlet distribution in enhanced topic detection BIBAFull-Text 773-782
  Karla L. Caballero; Joel Barajas; Ram Akella
Modeling topic hierarchies with the recursive Chinese restaurant process BIBAFull-Text 783-792
  Joon Hee Kim; Dongwoo Kim; Suin Kim; Alice Oh
Two-part segmentation of text documents BIBAFull-Text 793-802
  A Deepak P.; Karthik Visweswariah; Nirmalie Wiratunga; Sadiq Sani
On the design of IDA models for aspect-based opinion mining BIBAFull-Text 803-812
  Samaneh Moghaddam; Martin Ester

IR track: formal retrieval models and learning to rank

Predicting query performance for fusion-based retrieval BIBAFull-Text 813-822
  Gad Markovits; Anna Shtok; Oren Kurland; David Carmel
Back to the roots: a probabilistic framework for query-performance prediction BIBAFull-Text 823-832
  Oren Kurland; Anna Shtok; Shay Hummel; Fiana Raiber; David Carmel; Ofri Rom
Learning to rank for robust question answering BIBAFull-Text 833-842
  Arvind Agarwal; Hema Raghavan; Karthik Subbian; Prem Melville; Richard D. Lawrence; David C. Gondek; James Fan
Learning to rank by aggregating expert preferences BIBAFull-Text 843-851
  Maksims N. Volkovs; Hugo Larochelle; Richard S. Zemel
Learning to rank duplicate bug reports BIBAFull-Text 852-861
  Jian Zhou; Hongyu Zhang

DB track: probabilistic and uncertain data

A model-based approach for RFID data stream cleansing BIBAFull-Text 862-871
  Zhou Zhao; Wilfred Ng
What is the IQ of your data transformation system? BIBAFull-Text 872-881
  Giansalvatore Mecca; Paolo Papotti; Salvatore Raunich; Donatello Santoro
On the foundations of probabilistic information integration BIBAFull-Text 882-891
  Fereidoon Sadri
GPU acceleration of probabilistic frequent itemset mining from uncertain databases BIBAFull-Text 892-901
  Yusuke Kozawa; Toshiyuki Amagasa; Hiroyuki Kitagawa
Completeness of queries over SQL databases BIBAFull-Text 902-911
  Werner Nutt; Simon Razniewski

DB track: top-k and nearest neighbor queries

Being picky: processing top-k queries with set-defined selections BIBAFull-Text 912-921
  Aleksandar Stupar; Sebastian Michel
Finding top k most influential spatial facilities over uncertain objects BIBAFull-Text 922-931
  Liming Zhan; Ying Zhang; Wenjie Zhang; Xuemin Lin
Efficient safe-region construction for moving top-K spatial keyword queries BIBAFull-Text 932-941
  Weihuang Huang; Guoliang Li; Kian-Lee Tan; Jianhua Feng
Monochromatic and bichromatic reverse nearest neighbor queries on land surfaces BIBAFull-Text 942-951
  Da Yan; Zhou Zhao; Wilfred Ng
Pay-as-you-go maintenance of precomputed nearest neighbors in large graphs BIBAFull-Text 952-961
  Tom Crecelius; Ralf Schenkel

KM track: spatial and temporal methods

Spatial influence vs. community influence: modeling the global spread of social media BIBAFull-Text 962-971
  Krishna Y. Kamath; James Caverlee; Zhiyuan Cheng; Daniel Z. Sui
TUT: a statistical model for detecting trends, topics and user interests in social media BIBAFull-Text 972-981
  Xuning Tang; Christopher C. Yang
Predicting aggregate social activities using continuous-time stochastic process BIBAFull-Text 982-991
  Shu Huang; Min Chen; Bo Luo; Dongwon Lee
Acquiring temporal constraints between relations BIBAFull-Text 992-1001
  Partha Pratim Talukdar; Derry Wijaya; Tom Mitchell

IR track: web search

Towards optimum query segmentation: in doubt without BIBAFull-Text 1015-1024
  Matthias Hagen; Martin Potthast; Anna Beyer; Benno Stein
Leaving so soon?: understanding and predicting web search abandonment rationales BIBAFull-Text 1025-1034
  Abdigani Diriye; Ryen White; Georg Buscher; Susan Dumais
Click patterns: an empirical representation of complex query intents BIBAFull-Text 1035-1044
  Huizhong Duan; Emre Kiciman; ChengXiang Zhai
Domain dependent query reformulation for web search BIBAFull-Text 1045-1054
  Van Dang; Giridhar Kumaran; Adam Troy

DB track: web data management

An automatic blocking mechanism for large-scale de-duplication tasks BIBAFull-Text 1055-1064
  Anish Das Sarma; Ankur Jain; Ashwin Machanavajjhala; Philip Bohannon
Processing continuous text queries featuring non-homogeneous scoring functions BIBAFull-Text 1065-1074
  Nelly Vouzoukidou; Bernd Amann; Vassilis Christophides
Comprehension-based result snippets BIBAFull-Text 1075-1084
  Abhijith Kashyap; Vagelis Hristidis
An effective rule miner for instance matching in a web of data BIBAFull-Text 1085-1094
  Xing Niu; Shu Rong; Haofen Wang; Yong Yu

KM track: information extraction

Non-stationary Bayesian networks based on perfect simulation BIBAFull-Text 1095-1104
  Yi Jia; Wenrong Zeng; Jun Huan
Active learning for relation type extension with local and global data views BIBAFull-Text 1105-1112
  Ang Sun; Ralph Grishman
Segmenting web-domains and hashtags using length specific models BIBAFull-Text 1113-1122
  Sriram Srinivasan; Sourangshu Bhattacharya; Rudrasis Chakraborty
Crosslingual distant supervision for extracting relations of different complexity BIBAFull-Text 1123-1132
  Andre Blessing; Hinrich Schütze
Labeling by landscaping: classifying tokens in context by pruning and decorating trees BIBAFull-Text 1133-1142
  Siddharth Patwardhan; Branimir Boguraev; Apoorv Agarwal; Alessandro Moschitti; Jennifer Chu-Carroll

IR track: topic modeling and content and sentiment analysis

G-WSTD: a framework for geographic web search topic discovery BIBAFull-Text 1143-1152
  Di Jiang; Jan Vosecky; Kenneth Wai-Ting Leung; Wilfred Ng
Supporting factual statements with evidence from the web BIBAFull-Text 1153-1162
  Chee Wee Leong; Silviu Cucerzan
Role-explicit query identification and intent role annotation BIBAFull-Text 1163-1172
  Haitao Yu; Fuji Ren
Joint topic modeling for event summarization across news and social media streams BIBAFull-Text 1173-1182
  Wei Gao; Peng Li; Kareem Darwish

DB track: query processing, optimization and performance

CGStream: continuous correlated graph query for data streams BIBAFull-Text 1183-1192
  Shirui Pan; Xingquan Zhu
Efficient influence-based processing of market research queries BIBAFull-Text 1193-1202
  Anastasios Arvanitis; Antonios Deligiannakis; Yannis Vassiliou
Deco: declarative crowdsourcing BIBAFull-Text 1203-1212
  Aditya Ganesh Parameswaran; Hyunjung Park; Hector Garcia-Molina; Neoklis Polyzotis; Jennifer Widom
Predicting the effectiveness of keyword queries on databases BIBAFull-Text 1213-1222
  Shiwen Cheng; Arash Termehchy; Vagelis Hristidis
You can stop early with COLA: online processing of aggregate queries in the cloud BIBAFull-Text 1223-1232
  Yingjie Shi; Xiaofeng Meng; Fusheng Wang; Yantao Gan

KM track: classification and semantic methods

A novel local patch framework for fixing supervised learning models BIBAFull-Text 1233-1242
  Yilei Wang; Bingzheng Wei; Jun Yan; Yang Hu; Zhi-Hong Deng; Zheng Chen
Automated feature weighting in naive Bayes for high-dimensional data classification BIBAFull-Text 1243-1252
  Lifei Chen; Shengrui Wang
Learning to discover complex mappings from web forms to ontologies BIBAFull-Text 1253-1262
  Yuan An; Xiaohua Hu; Il-Yeol Song
Modeling semantic relations between visual attributes and object categories via dirichlet forest prior BIBAFull-Text 1263-1272
  Xin Chen; Xiaohua Hu; Zhongna Zhou; Yuan An; Tingting He; E. K. Park
CoNet: feature generation for multi-view semi-supervised learning with partially observed views BIBAFull-Text 1273-1282
  Brian Quanz; Jun Huan

IR track: multimedia and user feedback

Generating facets for phone-based navigation of structured data BIBAFull-Text 1283-1292
  Krishna Kummamuru; Ajith Jujjuru; Mayuri Duggirala
The effect of aggregated search coherence on search behavior BIBAFull-Text 1293-1302
  Jaime Arguello; Robert Capra
Improving bag-of-visual-words model with spatial-temporal correlation for video retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1303-1312
  Lei Wang; Dawei Song; Eyad Elyan
Exploring and predicting search task difficulty BIBAFull-Text 1313-1322
  Jingjing Liu; Chang Liu; Michael Cole; Nicholas J. Belkin; Xiangmin Zhang
Iterative relevance feedback with adaptive exploration/exploitation trade-off BIBAFull-Text 1323-1331
  Nicolae Suditu; François Fleuret

DB track: emerging and advanced topics

A practical concurrent index for solid-state drives BIBAFull-Text 1332-1341
  Risi Thonangi; Shivnath Babu; Jun Yang
Robust distributed indexing for locality-skewed workloads BIBAFull-Text 1342-1351
  Mu-Woong Lee; Seung-won Hwang
Efficient provenance storage for relational queries BIBAFull-Text 1352-1361
  Zhifeng Bao; Henning Köhler; Liwei Wang; Xiaofang Zhou; Shazia Sadiq
Generically extending anonymization algorithms to deal with successive queries BIBAFull-Text 1362-1371
  Manuel Barbosa; Alexandre Pinto; Bruno Gomes
Authentication of moving range queries BIBAFull-Text 1372-1381
  Duncan Yung; Eric Lo; Man Lung Yiu

KM track: novel applications

Model the complex dependence structures of financial variables by using canonical vine BIBAFull-Text 1382-1391
  Wei Wei; Xuhui Fan; Jinyan Li; Longbing Cao
A unified learning framework for auto face annotation by mining web facial images BIBAFull-Text 1392-1401
  Dayong Wang; Steven Chu Hong Hoi; Ying He
Efficient jaccard-based diversity analysis of large document collections BIBAFull-Text 1402-1411
  Fan Deng; Stefan Siersdorfer; Sergej Zerr
Knowing where and how criminal organizations operate using web content BIBAFull-Text 1412-1421
  Michele Coscia; Viridiana Rios

IR track: social networks

Social recommendation across multiple relational domains BIBAFull-Text 1422-1431
  Meng Jiang; Peng Cui; Fei Wang; Qiang Yang; Wenwu Zhu; Shiqiang Yang
Mining competitive relationships by learning across heterogeneous networks BIBAFull-Text 1432-1441
  Yang Yang; Jie Tang; Jacklyne Keomany; Yanting Zhao; Juanzi Li; Ying Ding; Tian Li; Liangwei Wang
Evaluating geo-social influence in location-based social networks BIBAFull-Text 1442-1451
  Chao Zhang; Lidan Shou; Ke Chen; Gang Chen; Yijun Bei
The walls have ears: optimize sharing for visibility and privacy in online social networks BIBAFull-Text 1452-1461
  Thang N. Dinh; Yilin Shen; My T. Thai

Knowledge management short paper session

Influence and similarity on heterogeneous networks BIBAFull-Text 1462-1466
  Guan Wang; Qingbo Hu; Philip S. Yu
GRAFT: an approximate graphlet counting algorithm for large graph analysis BIBAFull-Text 1467-1471
  Mahmudur Rahman; Mansurul Bhuiyan; Mohammad Al Hasan
Hierarchical co-clustering based on entropy splitting BIBAFull-Text 1472-1476
  Wei Cheng; Xiang Zhang; Feng Pan; Wei Wang
Mining long-lasting exploratory user interests from search history BIBAFull-Text 1477-1481
  Bin Tan; Yuanhua Lv; ChengXiang Zhai
Feature selection based on term frequency and T-test for text categorization BIBAFull-Text 1482-1486
  Deqing Wang; Hui Zhang; Rui Liu; Weifeng Lv
Adapting vector space model to ranking-based collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 1487-1491
  Shuaiqiang Wang; Jiankai Sun; Byron J. Gao; Jun Ma
Joint relevance and answer quality learning for question routing in community QA BIBAFull-Text 1492-1496
  Guangyou Zhou; Kang Liu; Jun Zhao
Fast approximation of steiner trees in large graphs BIBAFull-Text 1497-1501
  Andrey Gubichev; Thomas Neumann
Automatically embedding newsworthy links to articles BIBAFull-Text 1502-1506
  Hakan Ceylan; Ioannis Arapakis; Pinar Donmez; Mounia Lalmas
Learning spectral embedding via iterative eigenvalue thresholding BIBAFull-Text 1507-1511
  Fanhua Shang; L. C. Jiao; Yuanyuan Liu; Fei Wang
Measuring robustness of complex networks under MVC attack BIBAFull-Text 1512-1516
  Rong-Hua Li; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Xin Huang; Hong Cheng; Zechao Shang
A simple approach to the design of site-level extractors using domain-centric principles BIBAFull-Text 1517-1521
  Chong Long; Xiubo Geng; Chang Xu; Sathiya Keerthi
Extraction of topic evolutions from references in scientific articles and its GPU acceleration BIBAFull-Text 1522-1526
  Tomonari Masada; Atsuhiro Takasu
Graph-based workflow recommendation: on improving business process modeling BIBAFull-Text 1527-1531
  Bin Cao; Jianwei Yin; Shuiguang Deng; Dongjing Wang; Zhaohui Wu
Reconciling ontologies and the web of data BIBAFull-Text 1532-1536
  Ziawasch Abedjan; Johannes Lorey; Felix Naumann
Efficient extraction of ontologies from domain specific text corpora BIBAFull-Text 1537-1541
  Tianyu Li; Pirooz Chubak; Laks V. S. Lakshmanan; Rachel Pottinger
Effective and efficient?: bilingual sentiment lexicon extraction using collocation alignment BIBAFull-Text 1542-1546
  Zheng Lin; Songbo Tan; Xueqi Cheng; Xueke Xu; Weisong Shi
Exploiting latent relevance for relational learning of ubiquitous things BIBAFull-Text 1547-1551
  Lina Yao; Quan Z. Sheng
Discovering personally semantic places from GPS trajectories BIBAFull-Text 1552-1556
  Mingqi Lv; Ling Chen; Gencai Chen
Mining coherent anomaly collections on web data BIBAFull-Text 1557-1561
  Hanbo Dai; Feida Zhu; Ee-Peng Lim; HweeHwa Pang
Mining topic-level opinion influence in microblog BIBAFull-Text 1562-1566
  Daifeng Li; Xin Shuai; Guozheng Sun; Jie Tang; Ying Ding; Zhipeng Luo
Meta path-based collective classification in heterogeneous information networks BIBAFull-Text 1567-1571
  Xiangnan Kong; Philip S. Yu; Ying Ding; David J. Wild
Discretionary social network data revelation with a user-centric utility guarantee BIBAFull-Text 1572-1576
  Yi Song; Panagiotis Karras; Sadegh Nobari; Giorgos Cheliotis; Mingqiang Xue; Stéphane Bressan
Empirical validation of the Buckley-Osthus model for the web host graph: degree and edge distributions BIBAFull-Text 1577-1581
  Maxim Zhukovskiy; Dmitry Vinogradov; Yuri Pritykin; Liudmila Ostroumova; Evgeniy Grechnikov; Gleb Gusev; Pavel Serdyukov; Andrei Raigorodskii
gSCorr: modeling geo-social correlations for new check-ins on location-based social networks BIBAFull-Text 1582-1586
  Huiji Gao; Jiliang Tang; Huan Liu
Swimming against the Streamz: search and analytics over the enterprise activity stream BIBAFull-Text 1587-1591
  Ido Guy; Tal Steier; Maya Barnea; Inbal Ronen; Tal Daniel
What is happening right now ... that interests me?: online topic discovery and recommendation in Twitter BIBAFull-Text 1592-1596
  Ernesto Diaz-Aviles; Lucas Drumond; Zeno Gantner; Lars Schmidt-Thieme; Wolfgang Nejdl
Frequent grams based embedding for privacy preserving record linkage BIBAFull-Text 1597-1601
  Luca Bonomi; Li Xiong; Rui Chen; Benjamin C. M. Fung
If you are happy and you know it... tweet BIBAFull-Text 1602-1606
  A Amir Asiaee T.; Mariano Tepper; Arindam Banerjee; Guillermo Sapiro
PRemiSE: personalized news recommendation via implicit social experts BIBAFull-Text 1607-1611
  Chen Lin; Runquan Xie; Lei Li; Zhenhua Huang; Tao Li
Hierarchical topic integration through semi-supervised hierarchical topic modeling BIBAFull-Text 1612-1616
  Xian-Ling Mao; Jing He; Hongfei Yan; Xiaoming Li
Exploiting enriched contextual information for mobile app classification BIBAFull-Text 1617-1621
  Hengshu Zhu; Huanhuan Cao; Enhong Chen; Hui Xiong; Jilei Tian
Incorporating word correlation into tag-topic model for semantic knowledge acquisition BIBAFull-Text 1622-1626
  Fang Li; Tingting He; Xinhui Tu; Xiaohua Hu
PriSM: discovering and prioritizing severe technical issues from product discussion forums BIBAFull-Text 1627-1631
  Rashmi Gangadharaiah; Rose Catherine
Preprocessing of informal mathematical discourse in context of controlled natural language BIBAFull-Text 1632-1636
  Raúl Ernesto Gutiérrez de Piñerez Reyes; Juan Francisco Díaz Frías
PathRank: a novel node ranking measure on a heterogeneous graph for recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 1637-1641
  Sangkeun Lee; Sungchan Park; Minsuk Kahng; Sang-goo Lee
Unsupervised discovery of opposing opinion networks from forum discussions BIBAFull-Text 1642-1646
  Yue Lu; Hongning Wang; ChengXiang Zhai; Dan Roth
Exploring the existing category hierarchy to automatically label the newly-arising topics in cQA BIBAFull-Text 1647-1651
  Guangyou Zhou; Li Cai; Kang Liu; Jun Zhao
Query-focused multi-document summarization based on query-sensitive feature space BIBAFull-Text 1652-1656
  Wenpeng Yin; Yulong Pei; Fan Zhang; Lian'en Huang
Time-aware topic recommendation based on micro-blogs BIBAFull-Text 1657-1661
  Huizhi Liang; Yue Xu; Dian Tjondronegoro; Peter Christen
Topic-sensitive probabilistic model for expert finding in question answer communities BIBAFull-Text 1662-1666
  Guangyou Zhou; Siwei Lai; Kang Liu; Jun Zhao
iSampling: framework for developing sampling methods considering user's interest BIBAFull-Text 1667-1671
  Jinoh Oh; Hwanjo Yu
WiSeNet: building a wikipedia-based semantic network with ontologized relations BIBAFull-Text 1672-1676
  Andrea Moro; Roberto Navigli
Shaping communities out of triangles BIBAFull-Text 1677-1681
  Arnau Prat-Pérez; David Dominguez-Sal; Josep M. Brunat; Josep-Lluis Larriba-Pey
The early-adopter graph and its application to web-page recommendation BIBAFull-Text 1682-1686
  Ida Mele; Francesco Bonchi; Aristides Gionis
Relational co-clustering via manifold ensemble learning BIBAFull-Text 1687-1691
  Ping Li; Jiajun Bu; Chun Chen; Zhanying He
SemaFor: semantic document indexing using semantic forests BIBAFull-Text 1692-1696
  George Tsatsaronis; Iraklis Varlamis; Kjetil Nørvåg
Measuring website similarity using an entity-aware click graph BIBAFull-Text 1697-1701
  Pablo N. Mendes; Peter Mika; Hugo Zaragoza; Roi Blanco
Community-based classification of noun phrases in Twitter BIBAFull-Text 1702-1706
  Freddy Chong Tat Chua; William W. Cohen; Justin Betteridge; Ee-Peng Lim
Real-time bid optimization for group-buying ads BIBAFull-Text 1707-1711
  Raju Balakrishnan; Rushi P. Bhatt
Degree relations of triangles in real-world networks and graph models BIBAFull-Text 1712-1716
  Nurcan Durak; Ali Pinar; Tamara G. Kolda; C. Seshadhri
A probabilistic approach to mining geospatial knowledge from social annotations BIBAFull-Text 1717-1721
  Suradej Intagorn; Kristina Lerman
Providing grades and feedback for student summaries by ontology-based information extraction BIBAFull-Text 1722-1726
  Fernando Gutierrez; Dejing Dou; Stephen Fickas; Gina Griffiths
Joint bilingual name tagging for parallel corpora BIBAFull-Text 1727-1731
  Qi Li; Haibo Li; Heng Ji; Wen Wang; Jing Zheng; Fei Huang
Using program synthesis for social recommendations BIBAFull-Text 1732-1736
  Alvin Cheung; Armando Solar-Lezama; Samuel Madden
Web-scale multi-task feature selection for behavioral targeting BIBAFull-Text 1737-1741
  Amr Ahmed; Mohamed Aly; Abhimanyu Das; Alexander J. Smola; Tasos Anastasakos
Balanced coverage of aspects for text summarization BIBAFull-Text 1742-1746
  Takuya Makino; Hiroya Takamura; Manabu Okumura
Dynamic effects of ad impressions on commercial actions in display advertising BIBAFull-Text 1747-1751
  Joel Barajas; Ram Akella; Marius Holtan; Jaimie Kwon; Aaron Flores; Victor Andrei
A hybrid approach for efficient provenance storage BIBAFull-Text 1752-1756
  Yulai Xie; Dan Feng; Zhipeng Tan; Lei Chen; Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy; Yan Li; Darrell D. E. Long

Information retrieval short paper session

Content-based relevance estimation on the web using inter-document similarities BIBAFull-Text 1769-1773
  Fiana Raiber; Oren Kurland; Moshe Tennenholtz
Trust prediction via aggregating heterogeneous social networks BIBAFull-Text 1774-1778
  Jin Huang; Feiping Nie; Heng Huang; Yi-Cheng Tu
Estimating interleaved comparison outcomes from historical click data BIBAFull-Text 1779-1783
  Katja Hofmann; Shimon Whiteson; Maarten de Rijke
Automatic image annotation using tag-related random search over visual neighbors BIBAFull-Text 1784-1788
  Zijia Lin; Guiguang Ding; Mingqing Hu; Jianmin Wang; Jiaguang Sun
Diversionary comments under political blog posts BIBAFull-Text 1789-1793
  Jing Wang; Clement T. Yu; Philip S. Yu; Bing Liu; Weiyi Meng
Discover breaking events with popular hashtags in Twitter BIBAFull-Text 1794-1798
  Anqi Cui; Min Zhang; Yiqun Liu; Shaoping Ma; Kuo Zhang
Query likelihood with negative query generation BIBAFull-Text 1799-1803
  Yuanhua Lv; ChengXiang Zhai
On the connections between explicit semantic analysis and latent semantic analysis BIBAFull-Text 1804-1808
  Chao Liu; Yi-Min Wang
Variance maximization via noise injection for active sampling in learning to rank BIBAFull-Text 1809-1813
  Wenbin Cai; Ya Zhang
More than relevance: high utility query recommendation by mining users' search behaviors BIBAFull-Text 1814-1818
  Xiaofei Zhu; Jiafeng Guo; Xueqi Cheng; Yanyan Lan
Finding nuggets in IP portfolios: core patent mining through textual temporal analysis BIBAFull-Text 1819-1823
  Po Hu; Minlie Huang; Peng Xu; Weichang Li; Adam K. Usadi; Xiaoyan Zhu
Interest-matching information propagation in multiple online social networks BIBAFull-Text 1824-1828
  Yilin Shen; Thang N. Dinh; Huiyuan Zhang; My T. Thai
Customizing search results for non-native speakers BIBAFull-Text 1829-1833
  Theodoros Lappas; Michail Vlachos
Quality models for microblog retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1834-1838
  Jaeho Choi; W. Bruce Croft; Jin Young Kim
Do ads compete or collaborate?: designing click models with full relationship incorporated BIBAFull-Text 1839-1843
  Xin Xin; Irwin King; Ritesh Agrawal; Michael R. Lyu; Heyan Huang
Exploiting concept hierarchy for result diversification BIBAFull-Text 1844-1848
  Wei Zheng; Hui Fang; Conglei Yao
Ranking news events by influence decay and information fusion for media and users BIBAFull-Text 1849-1853
  Liang Kong; Shan Jiang; Rui Yan; Shize Xu; Yan Zhang
Leveraging tagging for neighborhood-aware probabilistic matrix factorization BIBAFull-Text 1854-1858
  Le Wu; Enhong Chen; Qi Liu; Linli Xu; Tengfei Bao; Lei Zhang
Semantic context learning with large-scale weakly-labeled image set BIBAFull-Text 1859-1863
  Yao Lu; Wei Zhang; Ke Zhang; Xiangyang Xue
Sketch-based indexing of n-words BIBAFull-Text 1864-1868
  Samuel Huston; J. Shane Culpepper; W. Bruce Croft
Interactive and context-aware tag spell check and correction BIBAFull-Text 1869-1873
  Francesco Bonchi; Ophir Frieder; Franco Maria Nardini; Fabrizio Silvestri; Hossein Vahabi
Federated search in the wild: the combined power of over a hundred search engines BIBAFull-Text 1874-1878
  Dong Nguyen; Thomas Demeester; Dolf Trieschnigg; Djoerd Hiemstra
From sBoW to dCoT marginalized encoders for text representation BIBAFull-Text 1879-1884
  Zhixiang (Eddie) Xu; Minmin Chen; Kilian Q. Weinberger; Fei Sha
Task tours: helping users tackle complex search tasks BIBAFull-Text 1885-1889
  Ahmed Hassan; Ryen W. White
Structured query reformulations in commerce search BIBAFull-Text 1890-1894
  Sreenivas Gollapudi; Samuel Ieong; Anitha Kannan
Towards jointly extracting aspects and aspect-specific sentiment knowledge BIBAFull-Text 1895-1899
  Xueke Xu; Songbo Tan; Yue Liu; Xueqi Cheng; Zheng Lin
Collaborative ranking: improving the relevance for tail queries BIBAFull-Text 1900-1904
  Ke Zhou; Xin Li; Hongyuan Zha
BiasTrust: teaching biased users about controversial topics BIBAFull-Text 1905-1909
  V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran; ChengXiang Zhai; Dan Roth; Peter Pirolli
Recommending citations: translating papers into references BIBAFull-Text 1910-1914
  Wenyi Huang; Saurabh Kataria; Cornelia Caragea; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles; Lior Rokach
Query-biased learning to rank for real-time Twitter search BIBAFull-Text 1915-1919
  Xin Zhang; Ben He; Tiejian Luo; Baobin Li
Discovering logical knowledge for deep question answering BIBAFull-Text 1920-1924
  Zhao Liu; Xipeng Qiu; Ling Cao; Xuanjing Huang
Mining noisy tagging from multi-label space BIBAFull-Text 1925-1929
  Zhongang Qi; Ming Yang; Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang; Zhengyou Zhang
Learning from mistakes: towards a correctable learning algorithm BIBAFull-Text 1930-1934
  Karthik Raman; Krysta M. Svore; Ran Gilad-Bachrach; Chris J. C. Burges
CONSENTO: a new framework for opinion based entity search and summarization BIBAFull-Text 1935-1939
  Jaehoon Choi; Donghyeon Kim; Seongsoon Kim; Junkyu Lee; Sangrak Lim; Sunwon Lee; Jaewoo Kang
Search result presentation based on faceted clustering BIBAFull-Text 1940-1944
  Benno Stein; Tim Gollub; Dennis Hoppe
PolariCQ: polarity classification of political quotations BIBAFull-Text 1945-1949
  Rawia Awadallah; Maya Ramanath; Gerhard Weikum
A comprehensive analysis of parameter settings for novelty-biased cumulative gain BIBAFull-Text 1950-1954
  Teerapong Leelanupab; Guido Zuccon; Joemon M. Jose
Entity centric query expansion for enterprise search BIBAFull-Text 1955-1959
  Xitong Liu; Hui Fang; Fei Chen; Min Wang
Location-sensitive resources recommendation in social tagging systems BIBAFull-Text 1960-1964
  Chang Wan; Ben Kao; David W. Cheung
Differences in effectiveness across sub-collections BIBAFull-Text 1965-1969
  Mark Sanderson; Andrew Turpin; Ying Zhang; Falk Scholer
Map to humans and reduce error: crowdsourcing for deduplication applied to digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 1970-1974
  Mihai Georgescu; Dang Duc Pham; Claudiu S. Firan; Wolfgang Nejdl; Julien Gaugaz
Full-text citation analysis: enhancing bibliometric and scientific publication ranking BIBAFull-Text 1975-1979
  Xiaozhong Liu; Jinsong Zhang; Chun Guo
Detecting offensive tweets via topical feature discovery over a large scale Twitter corpus BIBAFull-Text 1980-1984
  Guang Xiang; Bin Fan; Ling Wang; Jason Hong; Carolyn Rose
Automatic query expansion based on tag recommendation BIBAFull-Text 1985-1989
  Vitor Oliveira; Guilherme Gomes; Fabiano Belém; Wladmir Brandão; Jussara Almeida; Nivio Ziviani; Marcos Gonçalves
The downside of markup: examining the harmful effects of CSS and javascript on indexing today's web BIBAFull-Text 1990-1994
  Karl Gyllstrom; Carsten Eickhoff; Arjen P. de Vries; Marie-Francine Moens
You should read this! let me explain you why: explaining news recommendations to users BIBAFull-Text 1995-1999
  Roi Blanco; Diego Ceccarelli; Claudio Lucchese; Raffaele Perego; Fabrizio Silvestri
Characterizing web search queries that match very few or no results BIBAFull-Text 2000-2004
  Ismail Sengor Altingovde; Roi Blanco; Berkant Barla Cambazoglu; Rifat Ozcan; Erdem Sarigil; Özgür Ulusoy
A unified optimization framework for auction and guaranteed delivery in online advertising BIBAFull-Text 2005-2009
  Konstantin Salomatin; Tie-Yan Liu; Yiming Yang
Query recommendation for children BIBAFull-Text 2010-2014
  Sergio Duarte Torres; Djoerd Hiemstra; Ingmar Weber; Pavel Serdyukov
Modeling browsing behavior for click analysis in sponsored search BIBAFull-Text 2015-2019
  Azin Ashkan; Charles L. A. Clarke
Sentiment-focused web crawling BIBAFull-Text 2020-2024
  A. Gural Vural; B. Barla Cambazoglu; Pinar Senkul
User guided entity similarity search using meta-path selection in heterogeneous information networks BIBAFull-Text 2025-2029
  Xiao Yu; Yizhou Sun; Brandon Norick; Tiancheng Mao; Jiawei Han
User activity profiling with multi-layer analysis BIBAFull-Text 2030-2034
  Hongxia Jin
GTE: a distributional second-order co-occurrence approach to improve the identification of top relevant dates in web snippets BIBAFull-Text 2035-2039
  Ricardo Campos; Gaël Dias; Alípio Jorge; Célia Nunes
Stochastic simulation of time-biased gain BIBAFull-Text 2040-2044
  Mark D. Smucker; Charles L. A. Clarke
SonetRank: leveraging social networks to personalize search BIBAFull-Text 2045-2049
  Abhijith Kashyap; Reza Amini; Vagelis Hristidis
Predicting web search success with fine-grained interaction data BIBAFull-Text 2050-2054
  Qi Guo; Dmitry Lagun; Eugene Agichtein
Multi-session re-search: in pursuit of repetition and diversification BIBAFull-Text 2055-2059
  Sarah K. Tyler; Yi Zhang
Mining sentiment terminology through time BIBAFull-Text 2060-2064
  Hadi Amiri; Tat-Seng Chua
Theme chronicle model: chronicle consists of timestamp and topical words over each theme BIBAFull-Text 2065-2069
  Noriaki Kawamae
Fast top-k similarity queries via matrix compression BIBAFull-Text 2070-2074
  Yucheng Low; Alice X. Zheng

Databases short paper session

Top-k retrieval using conditional preference networks BIBAFull-Text 2075-2079
  Hongbing Wang; Xuan Zhou; Wujin Chen; Peisheng Ma
Sort-based query-adaptive loading of R-trees BIBAFull-Text 2080-2084
  Daniar Achakeev; Bernhard Seeger; Peter Widmayer
Efficient logging for enterprise workloads on column-oriented in-memory databases BIBAFull-Text 2085-2089
  Johannes Wust; Joos-Hendrick Boese; Frank Renkes; Sebastian Blessing; Jens Krueger; Hasso Plattner
Schema-free structured querying of DBpedia data BIBAFull-Text 2090-2093
  Lushan Han; Tim Finin; Anupam Joshi
Discovering conditional inclusion dependencies BIBAFull-Text 2094-2098
  Jana Bauckmann; Ziawasch Abedjan; Ulf Leser; Heiko Müller; Felix Naumann
Diversifying query results on semi-structured data BIBAFull-Text 2099-2103
  Mahbub Hasan; Abdullah Mueen; Vassilis Tsotras; Eamonn Keogh
LINDA: distributed web-of-data-scale entity matching BIBAFull-Text 2104-2108
  Christoph Böhm; Gerard de Melo; Felix Naumann; Gerhard Weikum
SliceSort: efficient sorting of hierarchical data BIBAFull-Text 2109-2113
  Quoc Trung Tran; Chee-Yong Chan
Efficient buffer management for piecewise linear representation of multiple data streams BIBAFull-Text 2114-2118
  Qing Xie; Jia Zhu; Mohamed A. Sharaf; xiaofang zhou; Chaoyi Pang
On skyline groups BIBAFull-Text 2119-2123
  Chengkai Li; Nan Zhang; Naeemul Hassan; Sundaresan Rajasekaran; Gautam Das
Finding the optimal path over multi-cost graphs BIBAFull-Text 2124-2128
  Yajun Yang; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Hong Gao; Jianzhong Li
An efficient index for massive IOT data in cloud environment BIBAFull-Text 2129-2133
  Youzhong Ma; Jia Rao; Weisong Hu; Xiaofeng Meng; Xu Han; Yu Zhang; Yunpeng Chai; Chunqiu Liu
Clustering Wikipedia infoboxes to discover their types BIBAFull-Text 2134-2138
  Thanh Hoang Nguyen; Huong Dieu Nguyen; Viviane Moreira; Juliana Freire
CloST: a hadoop-based storage system for big spatio-temporal data analytics BIBAFull-Text 2139-2143
  Haoyu Tan; Wuman Luo; Lionel M. Ni
Keyword-based k-nearest neighbor search in spatial databases BIBAFull-Text 2144-2148
  Guoliang Li; Jing Xu; Jianhua Feng
Credibility-based product ranking for C2C transactions BIBAFull-Text 2149-2153
  Rong Zhang; Chao Feng Sha; Min Qi Zhou; Ao Ying Zhou
Location selection for utility maximization with capacity constraints BIBAFull-Text 2154-2158
  Yu Sun; Jin Huang; Yueguo Chen; Rui Zhang; Xiaoyong Du
Efficient estimation of dynamic density functions with an application to outlier detection BIBAFull-Text 2159-2163
  Abdulhakim Ali Qahtan; Xiangliang Zhang; Suojin Wang
A positional access method for relational databases BIBAFull-Text 2164-2168
  Dongzhe Ma; Jianhua Feng; Guoliang Li
Real-time aggregate monitoring with differential privacy BIBAFull-Text 2169-2173
  Liyue Fan; Li Xiong
Efficient distributed locality sensitive hashing BIBAFull-Text 2174-2178
  Bahman Bahmani; Ashish Goel; Rajendra Shinde
Author-conference topic-connection model for academic network search BIBAFull-Text 2179-2183
  Jianwen Wang; Xiaohua Hu; Xinhui Tu; Tingting He
Impact neighborhood indexing (INI) in diffusion graphs BIBAFull-Text 2184-2188
  Jung Hyun Kim; K. Selçuk Candan; Maria Luisa Sapino
Loyalty-based selection: retrieving objects that persistently satisfy criteria BIBAFull-Text 2189-2193
  Zhitao Shen; Muhammad Aamir Cheema; Xuemin Lin
Star-Join: spatio-textual similarity join BIBAFull-Text 2194-2198
  Sitong Liu; Guoliang Li; Jianhua Feng
Adapt: adaptive database schema design for multi-tenant applications BIBAFull-Text 2199-2203
  Jiacai Ni; Guoliang Li; Jun Zhang; Lei Li; Jianhua Feng
Optimizing data migration for cloud-based key-value stores BIBAFull-Text 2204-2208
  Xiulei Qin; Wenbo Zhang; Wei Wang; Jun Wei; Xin Zhao; Tao Huang
Applying weighted queries on probabilistic databases BIBAFull-Text 2209-2213
  Sebastian Lehrack
A new tool for multi-level partitioning in teradata BIBAFull-Text 2214-2218
  Young-Kyoon Suh; Ahmad Ghazal; Alain Crolotte; Pekka Kostamaa
Fast PCA computation in a DBMS with aggregate UDFs and LAPACK BIBAFull-Text 2219-2223
  Carlos Ordonez; Naveen Mohanam; Carlos Garcia-Alvarado; Predrag T. Tosic; Edgar Martinez
Scaling multiple-source entity resolution using statistically efficient transfer learning BIBAFull-Text 2224-2228
  Sahand N. Negahban; Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein; Jim Gemmell Gemmell
A probabilistic approach to correlation queries in uncertain time series data BIBAFull-Text 2229-2233
  Mahsa Orang; Nematollaah Shiri
On bundle configuration for viral marketing in social networks BIBAFull-Text 2234-2238
  De-Nian Yang; Wang-Chien Lee; Nai-Hui Chia; Mao Ye; Hui-Ju Hung

Knowledge management poster session

Learning to rank for hybrid recommendation BIBAFull-Text 2239-2242
  Jiankai Sun; Shuaiqiang Wang; Byron J. Gao; Jun Ma
Importance weighted passive learning BIBAFull-Text 2243-2246
  Shuaiqiang Wang; Xiaoming Xi; Yilong Yin
A tag-centric discriminative model for web objects classification BIBAFull-Text 2247-2250
  Lina Yao; Quan Z. Sheng
Outlier detection using centrality and center-proximity BIBAFull-Text 2251-2254
  Duck-Ho Bae; Seo Jeong; Sang-Wook Kim; Minsoo Lee
An effective category classification method based on a language model for question category recommendation on a cQA service BIBAFull-Text 2255-2258
  Kyoungman Bae; Youngjoong Ko
Clustering short text using Ncut-weighted non-negative matrix factorization BIBAFull-Text 2259-2262
  Xiaohui Yan; Jiafeng Guo; Shenghua Liu; Xue-qi Cheng; Yanfeng Wang
Polygene-based evolution: a novel framework for evolutionary algorithms BIBAFull-Text 2263-2266
  Shuaiqiang Wang; Byron J. Gao; Shuangling Wang; Guibao Cao; Yilong Yin
A tensor encoding model for semantic processing BIBAFull-Text 2267-2270
  Michael Symonds; Peter D. Bruza; Laurianne Sitbon; Ian Turner
Accelerating locality preserving nonnegative matrix factorization BIBAFull-Text 2271-2274
  Guanhong Yao; Cai Deng
The twitaholic next door.: scalable friend recommender system using a concept-sensitive hash function BIBAFull-Text 2275-2278
  Patrick Bamba; Julien Subercaze; Christophe Gravier; Nabil Benmira; Jimi Fontaine
Information propagation in social rating networks BIBAFull-Text 2279-2282
  Priyanka Garg; Irwin King; Michael R. Lyu
Maximizing revenue from strategic recommendations under decaying trust BIBAFull-Text 2283-2286
  Paul Dütting; Monika Henzinger; Ingmar Weber
Weighted linear kernel with tree transformed features for malware detection BIBAFull-Text 2287-2290
  Prakash Mandayam Comar; Lei Liu; Sabyasachi Saha; Antonio Nucci; Pang-Ning Tan
Learning to predict the cost-per-click for your ad words BIBAFull-Text 2291-2294
  Chieh-Jen Wang; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Dual word and document seed selection for semi-supervised sentiment classification BIBAFull-Text 2295-2298
  Shengfeng Ju; Shoushan Li; Yan Su; Guodong Zhou; Yu Hong; Xiaojun Li
On empirical tradeoffs in large scale hierarchical classification BIBAFull-Text 2299-2302
  Rohit Babbar; Ioannis Partalas; Eric Gaussier; Cecile Amblard
An interaction framework of service-oriented ontology learning BIBAFull-Text 2303-2306
  Jingsong Zhang; Yinglin Wang; Hao Wei
Infobox suggestion for Wikipedia entities BIBAFull-Text 2307-2310
  Afroza Sultana; Quazi Mainul Hasan; Ashis Kumer Biswas; Soumyava Das; Habibur Rahman; Chris Ding; Chengkai Li
Time feature selection for identifying active household members BIBAFull-Text 2311-2314
  Pedro G. Campos; Alejandro Bellogin; Fernando Díez; Iván Cantador
Text classification with relatively small positive documents and unlabeled data BIBAFull-Text 2315-2318
  Fumiyo Fukumoto; Takeshi Yamamoto; Suguru Matsuyoshi; Yoshimi Suzuki
On compressing weighted time-evolving graphs BIBAFull-Text 2319-2322
  Wei Liu; Andrey Kan; Jeffrey Chan; James Bailey; Christopher Leckie; Jian Pei; Ramamohanarao Kotagiri
Graph-based collective classification for tweets BIBAFull-Text 2323-2326
  Yajuan Duan; Furu Wei; Ming Zhou; Heung-Yeung Shum
A word-order based graph representation for relevance identification BIBAFull-Text 2327-2330
  Lakshmi Ramachandran; Edward F. Gehringer
Tracing clusters in evolving graphs with node attributes BIBAFull-Text 2331-2334
  Brigitte Boden; Stephan Günnemann; Thomas Seidl
Prediction of retweet cascade size over time BIBAFull-Text 2335-2338
  Andrey Kupavskii; Liudmila Ostroumova; Alexey Umnov; Svyatoslav Usachev; Pavel Serdyukov; Gleb Gusev; Andrey Kustarev
An efficient and simple under-sampling technique for imbalanced time series classification BIBAFull-Text 2339-2342
  Guohua Liang; Chengqi Zhang
Top-N recommendation through belief propagation BIBAFull-Text 2343-2346
  Jiwoon Ha; Soon-Hyoung Kwon; Sang-Wook Kim; Christos Faloutsos; Sunju Park
Mining advices from weblogs BIBAFull-Text 2347-2350
  Alfan Farizki Wicaksono; Sung-Hyon Myaeng
Parallel proximal support vector machine for high-dimensional pattern classification BIBAFull-Text 2351-2354
  Zhenfeng Zhu; Xingquan Zhu; Yangdong Ye; Yue-Fei Guo; Xiangyang Xue
On using category experts for improving the performance and accuracy in recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 2355-2358
  Won-Seok Hwang; Ho-Jong Lee; Sang-Wook Kim; Minsoo Lee
Finding influential products on social domination game BIBAFull-Text 2359-2362
  Jinyoung Yeo; Jin-woo Park; Seung-won Hwang
Entity resolution using search engine results BIBAFull-Text 2363-2366
  Madian Khabsa; Pucktada Treeratpituk; C. Lee Giles
Tweet classification based on their lifetime duration BIBAFull-Text 2367-2370
  Hikaru Takemura; Keishi Tajima
Scalable collaborative filtering using incremental update and local link prediction BIBAFull-Text 2371-2374
  Xiao Yang; Zhaoxin Zhang; Ke Wang
Composing activity groups in social networks BIBAFull-Text 2375-2378
  Cheng-Te Li; Man-Kwan Shan
A co-training based method for Chinese patent semantic annotation BIBAFull-Text 2379-2382
  Xu Chen; Zhiyong Peng; Cheng Zeng
Automatic labeling hierarchical topics BIBAFull-Text 2383-2386
  Xian-Ling Mao; Zhao-Yan Ming; Zheng-Jun Zha; Tat-Seng Chua; Hongfei Yan; Xiaoming Li
An unsupervised method for author extraction from web pages containing user-generated content BIBAFull-Text 2387-2390
  Jing Liu; Xinying Song; Jingtian Jiang; Chin-Yew Lin
Hierarchical target type identification for entity-oriented queries BIBAFull-Text 2391-2394
  Krisztian Balog; Robert Neumayer
Dictionary based sparse representation for domain adaptation BIBAFull-Text 2395-2398
  Rishabh Mehrotra; Rushabh Agrawal; Syed Aqueel Haider

Information retrieval poster session

Selecting expansion terms as a set via integer linear programming BIBAFull-Text 2399-2402
  Qi Zhang; Yan Wu; Xuanjing Huang
An evaluation and enhancement of densitometric fragmentation for content slicing reuse BIBAFull-Text 2403-2406
  Killian Levacher; Seamus Lawless; Vincent Wade
Mathematical equation retrieval using plain words as a query BIBAFull-Text 2407-2410
  Shinil Kim; Seon Yang; Youngjoong Ko
Serial position effects of clicking behavior on result pages returned by search engines BIBAFull-Text 2411-2414
  Mingda Wu; Shan Jiang; Yan Zhang
Towards measuring the visualness of a concept BIBAFull-Text 2415-2418
  Jin-Woo Jeong; Xin-Jing Wang; Dong-Ho Lee
Fast candidate generation for two-phase document ranking: postings list intersection with bloom filters BIBAFull-Text 2419-2422
  Nima Asadi; Jimmy Lin
Semantically coherent image annotation with a learning-based keyword propagation strategy BIBAFull-Text 2423-2426
  Chaoran Cui; Jun Ma; Shuaiqiang Wang; Shuai Gao; Tao Lian
Language processing for Arabic microblog retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2427-2430
  Kareem Darwish; Walid Magdy; Ahmed Mourad
Hierarchical image annotation using semantic hierarchies BIBAFull-Text 2431-2434
  Hichem Bannour; Céline Hudelot
On the inference of average precision from score distributions BIBAFull-Text 2435-2438
  Ronan Cummins
An evaluation of corpus-driven measures of medical concept similarity for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2439-2442
  Bevan Koopman; Guido Zuccon; Peter Bruza; Laurianne Sitbon; Michael Lawley
A constraint to automatically regulate document-length normalisation BIBAFull-Text 2443-2446
  Ronan Cummins; Colm O'Riordan
Bridging offline and online social graph dynamics BIBAFull-Text 2447-2450
  Manuel Gomez Rodriguez; Monica Rogati
Predicting the performance of passage retrieval for question answering BIBAFull-Text 2451-2454
  Eyal Krikon; David Carmel; Oren Kurland
Coarse-to-fine sentence-level emotion classification based on the intra-sentence features and sentential context BIBAFull-Text 2455-2458
  Jun Xu; Ruifeng Xu; Qin Lu; Xiaolong Wang
Query-performance prediction and cluster ranking: two sides of the same coin BIBAFull-Text 2459-2462
  Oren Kurland; Fiana Raiber; Anna Shtok
Learning to rank search results for time-sensitive queries BIBAFull-Text 2463-2466
  Nattiya Kanhabua; Kjetil Nørvåg
On active learning in hierarchical classification BIBAFull-Text 2467-2470
  Yu Cheng; Kunpeng Zhang; Yusheng Xie; Ankit Agrawal; Alok Choudhary
Question-answer topic model for question retrieval in community question answering BIBAFull-Text 2471-2474
  Zongcheng Ji; Fei Xu; Bin Wang; Ben He
How do humans distinguish different people with identical names on the web? BIBAFull-Text 2475-2478
  Harumi Murakami; Yuki Miyake
Enhancing product search by best-selling prediction in e-commerce BIBAFull-Text 2479-2482
  Bo Long; Jiang Bian; Anlei Dong; Yi Chang
Survival analysis for freshness in microblogging search BIBAFull-Text 2483-2486
  Gianni Amati; Giuseppe Amodeo; Carlo Gaibisso
Information preservation in static index pruning BIBAFull-Text 2487-2490
  Ruey-Cheng Chen; Chia-Jung Lee; Chiung-Min Tsai; Jieh Hsiang
Temporal models for microblogs BIBAFull-Text 2491-2494
  Jaeho Choi; W. Bruce Croft
I want what i need!: analyzing subjectivity of online forum threads BIBAFull-Text 2495-2498
  Prakhar Biyani; Cornelia Caragea; Amit Singh; Prasenjit Mitra
Improving the performance of the reinforcement learning model for answering complex questions BIBAFull-Text 2499-2502
  Yllias Chali; Sadid A. Hasan; Kaisar Imam
Relation regularized subspace recommending for related scientific articles BIBAFull-Text 2503-2506
  Qing Zhang; Jianwu Li; Zhiping Zhang; Li Wang
Exploring the cluster hypothesis, and cluster-based retrieval, over the web BIBAFull-Text 2507-2510
  Fiana Raiber; Oren Kurland
A picture paints a thousand words: a method of generating image-text timelines BIBAFull-Text 2511-2514
  Shize Xu; Liang Kong; Yan Zhang
Short-text domain specific key terms/phrases extraction using an n-gram model with wikipedia BIBAFull-Text 2515-2518
  M. Atif Qureshi; Colm O'Riordan; Gabriella Pasi
A new probabilistic model for top-k ranking problem BIBAFull-Text 2519-2522
  Shuzi Niu; Yanyan Lan; Jiafeng Guo; Xueqi Cheng
Large scale analysis of changes in English vocabulary over recent time BIBAFull-Text 2523-2526
  Adam Jatowt; Katsumi Tanaka
Climbing the app wall: enabling mobile app discovery through context-aware recommendations BIBAFull-Text 2527-2530
  Alexandros Karatzoglou; Linas Baltrunas; Karen Church; Matthias Böhmer
TwiSent: a multistage system for analyzing sentiment in Twitter BIBAFull-Text 2531-2534
  Subhabrata Mukherjee; Akshat Malu; A Balamurali A. R.; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Twitter hyperlink recommendation with user-tweet-hyperlink three-way clustering BIBAFull-Text 2535-2538
  Dehong Gao; Renxian Zhang; Wenjie Li; Yuexian Hou
Concavity in IR models BIBAFull-Text 2539-2542
  Stéphane Clinchant
Extracting interesting association rules from toolbar data BIBAFull-Text 2543-2546
  Ilaria Bordino; Debora Donato; Barbara Poblete
Predicting CTR of new ads via click prediction BIBAFull-Text 2547-2550
  Alexander Kolesnikov; Yury Logachev; Valeriy Topinskiy
An examination of content farms in web search using crowdsourcing BIBAFull-Text 2551-2554
  Richard McCreadie; Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis; Jim Giles; Ferris Jabr
Demographic context in web search re-ranking BIBAFull-Text 2555-2558
  Eugene Kharitonov; Pavel Serdyukov
On the usefulness of query features for learning to rank BIBAFull-Text 2559-2562
  Craig Macdonald; Rodrygo L. T. Santos; Iadh Ounis
Session-based query performance prediction BIBAFull-Text 2563-2566
  Andrey Kustarev; Yury Ustinovskiy; Anna Mazur; Pavel Serdyukov
A latent pairwise preference learning approach for recommendation from implicit feedback BIBAFull-Text 2567-2570
  Yi Fang; Luo Si
Topic based pose relevance learning in dance archives BIBAFull-Text 2571-2574
  Reede Ren; John Collomosse; Joemon Jose
PhotoFall: discovering weblog stories through photographs BIBAFull-Text 2575-2578
  Christopher Wienberg; Andrew S. Gordon
RESQ: rank-energy selective query forwarding for distributed search systems BIBAFull-Text 2579-2582
  Amin Teymorian; Xiao Qin; Ophir Frieder
The face of quality in crowdsourcing relevance labels: demographics, personality and labeling accuracy BIBAFull-Text 2583-2586
  Gabriella Kazai; Jaap Kamps; Natasa Milic-Frayling
Data filtering in humor generation: comparative analysis of hit rate and co-occurrence rankings as a method to choose usable pun candidates BIBAFull-Text 2587-2590
  Pawel Dybala; Rafal Rzepka; Kenji Araki; Kohichi Sayama
Predicting primary categories of business listings for local search BIBAFull-Text 2591-2594
  Changsung Kang; Jeehaeng Lee; Yi Chang
Where do the query terms come from?: an analysis of query reformulation in collaborative web search BIBAFull-Text 2595-2598
  Zhen Yue; Jiepu Jiang; Shuguang Han; Daqing He
Learning to recommend with social relation ensemble BIBAFull-Text 2599-2602
  Lei Guo; Jun Ma; Zhumin Chen; Haoran Jiang
A scalable approach for performing proximal search for verbose patent search queries BIBAFull-Text 2603-2606
  Sumit Bhatia; Bin He; Qi He; Scott Spangler
Is Wikipedia too difficult?: comparative analysis of readability of Wikipedia, simple Wikipedia and Britannica BIBAFull-Text 2607-2610
  Adam Jatowt; Katsumi Tanaka
Finding food entity relationships using user-generated data in recipe service BIBAFull-Text 2611-2614
  Young-joo Chung
SRGSIS: a novel framework based on social relationship graph for social image search BIBAFull-Text 2615-2618
  Bo Lu; Ye Yuan; Guoren Wang
Exploring simultaneous keyword and key sentence extraction: improve graph-based ranking using wikipedia BIBAFull-Text 2619-2622
  Xun Wang; Lei Wang; Jiwei Li; Sujian Li
Estimating query difficulty for news prediction retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2623-2626
  Nattiya Kanhabua; Kjetil Nørvåg
Recency-sensitive model of web page authority BIBAFull-Text 2627-2630
  Maxim Zhukovskiy; Dmitry Vinogradov; Gleb Gusev; Pavel Serdyukov; Andrei Raigorodskii
Evaluating reward and risk for vertical selection BIBAFull-Text 2631-2634
  Ke Zhou; Ronan Cummins; Mounia Lalmas; Joemon M. Jose
Contextual evaluation of query reformulations in a search session by user simulation BIBAFull-Text 2635-2638
  Jiepu Jiang; Daqing He; Shuguang Han; Zhen Yue; Chaoqun Ni

Databases poster session

Information-complete and redundancy-free keyword search over large data graphs BIBAFull-Text 2639-2642
  Byron J. Gao; Zhumin Chen; Qi Kang
Spatial-aware interest group queries in location-based social networks BIBAFull-Text 2643-2646
  Yafei Li; Dingming Wu; Jianliang Xu; Byron Choi; Weifeng Su
Probabilistic ranking in fuzzy object databases BIBAFull-Text 2647-2650
  Thomas Bernecker; Tobias Emrich; Hans-Peter Kriegel; Matthias Renz; Andreas Züfle
Enabling ontology based semantic queries in biomedical database systems BIBAFull-Text 2651-2654
  Shuai Zheng; Fusheng Wang; James Lu; Joel Saltz
Similarity search in 3D object-based video data BIBAFull-Text 2655-2658
  Jakub Lokoc; Jürgen Wünschmann; Tomáš Skopal; Albrecht Rothermel
Continuous top-k query for graph streams BIBAFull-Text 2659-2662
  Shirui Pan; Xingquan Zhu
Latent topics in graph-structured data BIBAFull-Text 2663-2666
  Christoph Böhm; Gjergji Kasneci; Felix Naumann
Fast and accurate incremental entity resolution relative to an entity knowledge base BIBAFull-Text 2667-2670
  Michael J. Welch; Aamod Sane; Chris Drome

Knowledge management demonstration session

LUKe and MIKe: learning from user knowledge and managing interactive knowledge extraction BIBAFull-Text 2671-2673
  Steffen Metzger; Michael Stoll; Katja Hose; Ralf Schenkel
PRAVDA-live: interactive knowledge harvesting BIBAFull-Text 2674-2676
  Yafang Wang; Maximilian Dylla; Zhaochun Ren; Marc Spaniol; Gerhard Weikum
4Is of social bully filtering: identity, inference, influence, and intervention BIBAFull-Text 2677-2679
  Yunfei Chen; Lanbo Zhang; Aaron Michelony; Yi Zhang
Lonomics Atlas: a tool to explore interconnected ionomic, genomic and environmental data BIBFull-Text 2680-2682
  Eduard C. Dragut; Mourad Ouzzani; Amgad Madkour; Nabeel Mohamed; Peter Baker; David E. Salt
CarbonDB: a semantic life cycle inventory database BIBAFull-Text 2683-2685
  Benjamin Bertin; Vasile-Marian Scuturici; Jean-Marie Pinon; Emmanuel Risler
Supporting temporal analytics for health-related events in microblogs BIBAFull-Text 2686-2688
  Nattiya Kanhabua; Sara Romano; Avaré Stewart; Wolfgang Nejdl
InCaToMi: integrative causal topic miner between textual and non-textual time series data BIBAFull-Text 2689-2691
  Hyun Duk Kim; ChengXiang Zhai; Thomas A. Rietz; Daniel Diermeier; Meichun Hsu; Malu Castellanos; Carlos A. Ceja Limon
A tool for automated evaluation of algorithms BIBAFull-Text 2692-2694
  Philipp Kranen; Stephan Wels; Tim Rohlfs; Sebastian Raubach; Thomas Seidl

Information retrieval demonstration session

A summarization tool for time-sensitive social media BIBAFull-Text 2695-2697
  Walid Magdy; Ahmed Ali; Kareem Darwish
CrowdTiles: presenting crowd-based information for event-driven information needs BIBAFull-Text 2698-2700
  Stewart Whiting; Ke Zhou; Joemon Jose; Omar Alonso; Teerapon Leelanupab
ESA: emergency situation awareness via microbloggers BIBAFull-Text 2701-2703
  Jie Yin; Sarvnaz Karimi; Bella Robinson; Mark Cameron
Cager: a framework for cross-page search BIBAFull-Text 2704-2706
  Zhumin Chen; Byron J. Gao; Qi Kang
Mixed-initiative conversational system using question-answer pairs mined from the web BIBAFull-Text 2707-2709
  Wilson Wong; Lawrence Cavedon; John Thangarajah; Lin Padgham
PicAlert!: a system for privacy-aware image classification and retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2710-2712
  Sergej Zerr; Stefan Siersdorfer; Jonathon Hare
TASE: a time-aware search engine BIBAFull-Text 2713-2715
  Sheng Lin; Peiquan Jin; Xujian Zhao; Lihua Yue
Gumshoe quality toolkit: administering programmable search BIBAFull-Text 2716-2718
  Zhuowei Bao; Benny Kimelfeld; Yunyao Li; Sriram Raghavan; Huahai Yang
Simultaneous realization of page-centric communication and search BIBAFull-Text 2719-2721
  Yuhki Shiraishi; Jianwei Zhang; Yukiko Kawai; Toyokazu Akiyama
MOUNA: mining opinions to unveil neglected arguments BIBAFull-Text 2722-2724
  Mouna Kacimi; Johann Gamper

Databases demonstration session

MAGIK: managing completeness of data BIBAFull-Text 2725-2727
  Ognjen Savkovic; Mirza Paramita; Sergey Paramonov; Werner Nutt
Exploration of Monte-Carlo based probabilistic query processing in uncertain graphs BIBAFull-Text 2728-2730
  Tobias Emrich; Hans-Peter Kriegel; Johannes Niedermayer; Matthias Renz; André Suhartha; Andreas Züfle
The nautilus analyzer: understanding and debugging data transformations BIBAFull-Text 2731-2733
  Melanie Herschel; Hanno Eichelberger
Demonstrating ProApproX 2.0: a predictive query engine for probabilistic XML BIBAFull-Text 2734-2736
  Asma Souihli; Pierre Senellart
HadoopXML: a suite for parallel processing of massive XML data with multiple twig pattern queries BIBAFull-Text 2737-2739
  Hyebong Choi; Kyong-Ha Lee; Soo-Hyong Kim; Yoon-Joon Lee; Bongki Moon
MADden: query-driven statistical text analytics BIBAFull-Text 2740-2742
  Christan Earl Grant; Joir-dan Gumbs; Kun Li; Daisy Zhe Wang; George Chitouras
STFMap: query- and feature-driven visualization of large time series data sets BIBAFull-Text 2743-2745
  K. Selçuk Candan; Rosaria Rossini; Maria Luisa Sapino; Xiaolan Wang
Primates: a privacy management system for social networks BIBAFull-Text 2746-2748
  Imen Ben Dhia; Talel Abdessalem; Mauro Sozio
AMADA: web data repositories in the amazon cloud BIBAFull-Text 2749-2751
  Andrés Aranda-Andújar; Francesca Bugiotti; Jesús Camacho-Rodríguez; Dario Colazzo; François Goasdoué; Zoi Kaoudi; Ioana Manolescu

Workshop summaries

DUBMMSM'12: international workshop on data-driven user behavioral modeling and mining from social media BIBAFull-Text 2752-2753
  Jalal Mahmud; James Caverlee; Jeffrey Nichols; John O' Donovan; Michelle Zhou
CloudDB 2012: fourth international workshop on cloud data management BIBAFull-Text 2754-2755
  Xiaofeng Meng; Adam Silberstein; Fusheng Wang
CDMW 2012 -- city data management workshop: workshop summary BIBAFull-Text 2756-2757
  Veli Bicer; Thanh Tran; Fatma Ozcan; Opher Etzion
Managing interoperability and compleXity in health systems -- MIXHS'12 BIBAFull-Text 2758-2759
  Cui Tao; Matt-Mouley Bouamrane
The 2012 international workshop on web-scale knowledge representation, retrieval, and reasoning BIBAFull-Text 2760-2761
  Spyros Kotoulas; Yi Zeng; Zhisheng Huang
SHB 2012: international workshop on smart health and wellbeing BIBAFull-Text 2762-2763
  Christopher C. Yang; Hsinchun Chen; Howard Wactlar; Carlo K. Combi; Xuning Tang
BooksOnline'12: 5th workshop on online books, complementary social media and their impact BIBAFull-Text 2764-2765
  Gabriella Kazai; Monica Landoni; Carsten Eickhoff; Peter Brusilovsky
DTMBIO 2012: international workshop on data and text mining in biomedical informatics BIBAFull-Text 2766-2767
  Min Song; Doheon Lee; Hua Xu; Sophia Ananiadou
PLEAD 2012: politics, elections and data BIBAFull-Text 2768-2769
  Ingmar Weber; Ana-Maria Popescu; Marco Pennacchiotti
Workshop on multimodal crowd sensing (CrowdSens 2012) BIBAFull-Text 2770-2771
  Haggai Roitman; Iván Cantador; Miriam Fernández
Fifth workshop on exploiting semantic annotations in information retrieval: ESAIR''12) BIBAFull-Text 2772-2773
  Jaap Kamps; Jussi Karlgren; Peter Mika; Vanessa Murdock
First international workshop on information and knowledge management for developing region BIBAFull-Text 2774-2775
  Rakesh Agrawal; Douglas W. Oard; Nitendra Rajput
PIKM 2012: 5th ACM workshop for PhD students in information and knowledge management BIBAFull-Text 2776-2777
  Aparna Varde; Fabian M. Suchanek
WIDM 2012: the 12th international workshop on web information and data management BIBAFull-Text 2778-2779
  George H. L. Fletcher; Prasenjit Mitra
DOLAP 2012 workshop summary BIBAFull-Text 2780-2781
  Matteo Golfarelli; Il-Yeol Song