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Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

Fullname:Proceedings of the 20th ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management
Editors:Bettina Berendt; Arjen de Vries; Wenfei Fan; Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis; Ian Ruthven
Location:Glasgow, Scotland
Dates:2011-Oct-24 to 2011-Oct-28
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-0717-8; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: CIKM11
Links:Conference Website
  1. Keynote address
  2. Retrieval models
  3. Techniques for the Web
  4. Exploiting query logs
  5. Sparse data and difficult queries
  6. Type and structure
  7. Machine learning for information retrieval
  8. Information retrieval implementation techniques
  9. Language technology and information retrieval
  10. Results in context
  11. Algorithms
  12. Image retrieval
  13. Social media
  14. Personalization and advertising
  15. Evaluation and analysis
  16. Classification and evaluation
  17. Information filtering
  18. Topics and events
  19. Temporal, stream and spatial information
  20. Text mining
  21. Privacy
  22. Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning
  23. Social networks and communities
  24. Sentiments and other perspectives
  25. Classification and clustering: large-scale statistical techniques
  26. Link prediction
  27. Link, graph and relation mining
  28. Science, the past, and the future
  29. Information extraction and entities
  30. Queries, questions and tags mining
  31. Preparing, mining and evaluating with and for different views
  32. Information extraction and semantic techniques
  33. Data on the web
  34. Query processing and optimization
  35. Semantic web and information retrieval
  36. Query answering and social search
  37. Distributed data management and data integration
  38. Keyword search and ranked queries
  39. Data cleaning and analysis
  40. Graph management and queries
  41. Social, search, and other behaviour
  42. Applications in different areas
  43. Poster session: information retrieval
  44. Poster session: knowledge management
  45. Poster session: databases
  46. Demonstration session 1
  47. Demonstration session 2
  48. Demonstration session 3
  49. Co-located tutorial summaries
  50. Co-located workshop summaries
  51. Panel

Keynote address

Creating user interfaces that entice people to manage better information BIBAFull-Text 1-2
  David R. Karger
Data, health, and algorithmics: computational challenges for biomedicine BIBAFull-Text 3-4
  Justin Zobel
Ontology-based data management BIBAFull-Text 5-6
  Maurizio Lenzerini

Retrieval models

Lower-bounding term frequency normalization BIBAFull-Text 7-16
  Yuanhua Lv; ChengXiang Zhai
A quasi-synchronous dependence model for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 17-26
  Jae Hyun Park; W. Bruce Croft; David A. Smith
Improving retrieval accuracy of difficult queries through generalizing negative document language models BIBAFull-Text 27-36
  Maryam Karimzadehgan; ChengXiang Zhai
S3K: seeking statement-supporting top-K witnesses BIBAFull-Text 37-46
  Steffen Metzger; Shady Elbassuoni; Katja Hose; Ralf Schenkel
Finding relevant information of certain types from enterprise data BIBAFull-Text 47-56
  Xitong Liu; Hui Fang; Cong-Lei Yao; Min Wang

Techniques for the Web

Unsupervised transactional query classification based on webpage form understanding BIBAFull-Text 57-66
  Yuchen Liu; Xiaochuan Ni; Jian-Tao Sun; Zheng Chen
Assigning documents to master sites in distributed search BIBAFull-Text 67-76
  Roi Blanco; B. Barla Cambazoglu; Flavio P. Junqueira; Ivan Kelly; Vincent Leroy
Discovering URLs through user feedback BIBAFull-Text 77-86
  Xiao Bai; B. Barla Cambazoglu; Flavio P. Junqueira
User browsing behavior-driven web crawling BIBAFull-Text 87-92
  Minghai Liu; Rui Cai; Ming Zhang; Lei Zhang
Diversifying search results of controversial queries BIBAFull-Text 93-98
  Mouna Kacimi; Johann Gamper
Relevance weighting using within-document term statistics BIBAFull-Text 99-104
  Kai Hui; Ben He; Tiejian Luo; Bin Wang

Exploiting query logs

Suggestion set utility maximization using session logs BIBAFull-Text 105-114
  Umut Ozertem; Emre Velipasaoglu; Larry Lai
Improving context-aware query classification via adaptive self-training BIBAFull-Text 115-124
  Minmin Chen; Jian-Tao Sun; Xiaochuan Ni; Yixin Chen
A task level metric for measuring web search satisfaction and its application on improving relevance estimation BIBAFull-Text 125-134
  Ahmed Hassan; Yang Song; Li-wei He
Multi-view random walk framework for search task discovery from click-through log BIBAFull-Text 135-140
  Jianwei Cui; Hongyan Liu; Jun Yan; Lei Ji; Ruoming Jin; Jun He; Yingqin Gu; Zheng Chen; Xiaoyong Du
Query sampling for learning data fusion BIBAFull-Text 141-146
  Ting-Chu Lin; Pu-Jen Cheng
Query session detection as a cascade BIBAFull-Text 147-152
  Matthias Hagen; Benno Stein; Tino Rüb

Sparse data and difficult queries

Discovering missing click-through query language information for web search BIBAFull-Text 153-162
  Xing Yi; James Allan
Interactive sense feedback for difficult queries BIBAFull-Text 163-172
  Alexander Kotov; ChengXiang Zhai
Reranking search results for sparse queries BIBAFull-Text 173-182
  Elif Aktolga; James Allan
Searching microblogs: coping with sparsity and document quality BIBAFull-Text 183-188
  Nasir Naveed; Thomas Gottron; Jérôme Kunegis; Arifah Che Alhadi
Finding images of difficult entities in the long tail BIBAFull-Text 189-194
  Bilyana Taneva; Mouna Kacimi; Gerhard Weikum
Learning to rank user intent BIBAFull-Text 195-200
  Giorgos Giannopoulos; Ulf Brefeld; Theodore Dalamagas; Timos Sellis

Type and structure

Learning to aggregate vertical results into web search results BIBAFull-Text 201-210
  Jaime Arguello; Fernando Diaz; Jamie Callan
Coreference aware web object retrieval BIBAFull-Text 211-220
  Jeffrey Dalton; Roi Blanco; Peter Mika
Tag clouds revisited BIBAFull-Text 221-230
  Dimitrios Skoutas; Mohammad Alrifai
Ranking-based processing of SQL queries BIBAFull-Text 231-236
  Hany Azzam; Thomas Roelleke; Sirvan Yahyaei
Keyword search over RDF graphs BIBAFull-Text 237-242
  Shady Elbassuoni; Roi Blanco
Frequency-aware similarity measures: why Arnold Schwarzenegger is always a duplicate BIBAFull-Text 243-248
  Dustin Lange; Felix Naumann

Machine learning for information retrieval

A probabilistic method for inferring preferences from clicks BIBAFull-Text 249-258
  Katja Hofmann; Shimon Whiteson; Maarten de Rijke
Intent-aware query similarity BIBAFull-Text 259-268
  Jiafeng Guo; Xueqi Cheng; Gu Xu; Xiaofei Zhu
Semi-supervised learning to rank with preference regularization BIBAFull-Text 269-278
  Martin Szummer; Emine Yilmaz
Simultaneous clustering of multi-type relational data via symmetric nonnegative matrix tri-factorization BIBAFull-Text 279-284
  Hua Wang; Heng Huang; Chris Ding
Collaborative online learning of user generated content BIBAFull-Text 285-290
  Guangxia Li; Kuiyu Chang; Steven C. H. Hoi; Wenting Liu; Ramesh Jain
Structured learning of two-level dynamic rankings BIBAFull-Text 291-296
  Karthik Raman; Thorsten Joachims; Pannaga Shivaswamy

Information retrieval implementation techniques

Efficiency optimizations for interpolating subqueries BIBAFull-Text 297-306
  Marc-Allen Cartright; James Allan
Efficiently encoding term co-occurrences in inverted indexes BIBAFull-Text 307-316
  Marcus Fontoura; Maxim Gurevich; Vanja Josifovski; Sergei Vassilvitskii
SIMD-based decoding of posting lists BIBAFull-Text 317-326
  Alexander A. Stepanov; Anil R. Gangolli; Daniel E. Rose; Ryan J. Ernst; Paramjit S. Oberoi
Factorization-based lossless compression of inverted indices BIBAFull-Text 327-332
  George Beskales; Marcus Fontoura; Maxim Gurevich; Sergei Vassilvitskii; Vanja Josifovski
TOPSIG: topology preserving document signatures BIBAFull-Text 333-338
  Shlomo Geva; Christopher M. De Vries
Implementation techniques for large-scale latent semantic indexing applications BIBAFull-Text 339-344
  Roger B. Bradford

Language technology and information retrieval

Statistical source expansion for question answering BIBAFull-Text 345-354
  Nico Schlaefer; Jennifer Chu-Carroll; Eric Nyberg; James Fan; Wlodek Zadrozny; David Ferrucci
Passage retrieval for incorporating global evidence in sequence labeling BIBAFull-Text 355-364
  Jeffrey Dalton; James Allan; David A. Smith
Effective and efficient polarity estimation in blogs based on sentence-level evidence BIBAFull-Text 365-374
  Jose M. Chenlo; David E. Losada
Sentiment classification based on supervised latent n-gram analysis BIBAFull-Text 375-382
  Dmitriy Bespalov; Bing Bai; Yanjun Qi; Ali Shokoufandeh
Legal document clustering with built-in topic segmentation BIBAFull-Text 383-392
  Qiang Lu; Jack G. Conrad; Khalid Al-Kofahi; William Keenan

Results in context

What and how children search on the web BIBAFull-Text 393-402
  Sergio Duarte Torres; Ingmar Weber
Personalizing web search results by reading level BIBAFull-Text 403-412
  Kevyn Collins-Thompson; Paul N. Bennett; Ryen W. White; Sebastian de la Chica; David Sontag
Location-aware click prediction in mobile local search BIBAFull-Text 413-422
  Dimitrios Lymberopoulos; Peixiang Zhao; Christian Konig; Klaus Berberich; Jie Liu
Text vs. space: efficient geo-search query processing BIBAFull-Text 423-432
  Maria Christoforaki; Jinru He; Constantinos Dimopoulos; Alexander Markowetz; Torsten Suel


One is enough: distributed filtering for duplicate elimination BIBAFull-Text 433-442
  Georgia Koloniari; Nikos Ntarmos; Evaggelia Pitoura; Dimitris Souravlias
Duplicate detection through structure optimization BIBAFull-Text 443-452
  Luís Leitão; Pável Calado
SISP: a new framework for searching the informative subgraph based on PSO BIBAFull-Text 453-462
  Chen Chen; Guoren Wang; Huilin Liu; Junchang Xin; Ye Yuan
Indexes for highly repetitive document collections BIBAFull-Text 463-468
  Francisco Claude; Antonio Fariña; Miguel A. Martínez-Prieto; Gonzalo Navarro
Partial duplicate detection for large book collections BIBAFull-Text 469-474
  Ismet Zeki Yalniz; Ethem F. Can; R. Manmatha

Image retrieval

This image smells good: effects of image information scent in search engine results pages BIBAFull-Text 475-484
  Faidon Loumakis; Simone Stumpf; David Grayson
Retrieving and ranking unannotated images through collaboratively mining online search results BIBAFull-Text 485-494
  Songhua Xu; Hao Jiang; Francis Chi-Moon Lau
Adaptive parallel approximate similarity search for responsive multimedia retrieval BIBAFull-Text 495-504
  George Teodoro; Eduardo Valle; Nathan Mariano; Ricardo Torres; Wagner, Jr. Meira
A linear-time approximation of the earth mover's distance BIBAFull-Text 505-514
  Min-Hee Jang; Sang-Wook Kim; Christos Faloutsos; Sunju Park

Social media

Towards a framework for attribute retrieval BIBAFull-Text 515-524
  Arlind Kopliku; Mohand Boughanem; Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat
Building directories for social tagging systems BIBAFull-Text 525-534
  Denis Helic; Markus Strohmaier
Workload-aware indexing for keyword search in social networks BIBAFull-Text 535-544
  Truls A. Bjørklund; Michaela Götz; Johannes Gehrke; Nils Grimsmo
Effective retrieval of resources in folksonomies using a new tag similarity measure BIBAFull-Text 545-550
  Giovanni Quattrone; Licia Capra; Pasquale De Meo; Emilio Ferrara; Domenico Ursino
Content-driven detection of campaigns in social media BIBAFull-Text 551-556
  Kyumin Lee; James Caverlee; Zhiyuan Cheng; Daniel Z. Sui
Exploring categorization property of social annotations for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 557-562
  Peng Li; Bin Wang; Wei Jin; Jian-Yun Nie; Zhiwei Shi; Ben He

Personalization and advertising

Context-aware search personalization with concept preference BIBAFull-Text 563-572
  Di Jiang; Kenneth Wai-Ting Leung; Wilfred Ng
A framework for personalized and collaborative clustering of search results BIBAFull-Text 573-582
  David C. Anastasiu; Byron J. Gao; David Buttler
Using query log and social tagging to refine queries based on latent topics BIBAFull-Text 583-592
  Lidong Bing; Wai Lam; Tak-Lam Wong
Retrieval models for audience selection in display advertising BIBAFull-Text 593-598
  Sarah K. Tyler; Sandeep Pandey; Evgeniy Gabrilovich; Vanja Josifovski
A language model approach to capture commercial intent and information relevance for sponsored search BIBAFull-Text 599-604
  Lei Wang; Mingjiang Ye; Yu Zou
Learning to rank audience for behavioral targeting in display ads BIBAFull-Text 605-610
  Jian Tang; Ning Liu; Jun Yan; Yelong Shen; Shaodan Guo; Bin Gao; Shuicheng Yan; Ming Zhang

Evaluation and analysis

Simulating simple user behavior for system effectiveness evaluation BIBAFull-Text 611-620
  Ben Carterette; Evangelos Kanoulas; Emine Yilmaz
Click the search button and be happy: evaluating direct and immediate information access BIBAFull-Text 621-630
  Tetsuya Sakai; Makoto P. Kato; Young-In Song
Local computation of PageRank: the ranking side BIBAFull-Text 631-640
  Marco Bressan; Luca Pretto
Prioritizing relevance judgments to improve the construction of IR test collections BIBAFull-Text 641-646
  Mehdi Hosseini; Ingemar J. Cox; Natasa Milic-Frayling; Trevor Sweeting; Vishwa Vinay
Evaluating an associative browsing model for personal information BIBAFull-Text 647-652
  Jinyoung Kim; W. Bruce Croft; David Smith; Anton Bakalov

Classification and evaluation

Semi-supervised SVMs for classification with unknown class proportions and a small labeled dataset BIBAFull-Text 653-662
  Sathiya Keerthi Selvaraj; Bigyan Bhar; Sundararajan Sellamanickam; Shirish Shevade
A pairwise ranking based approach to learning with positive and unlabeled examples BIBAFull-Text 663-672
  Sundararajan Sellamanickam; Priyanka Garg; Sathiya Keerthi Selvaraj
Robust nonnegative matrix factorization using L21-norm BIBAFull-Text 673-682
  Deguang Kong; Chris Ding; Heng Huang
TAKES: a fast method to select features in the kernel space BIBAFull-Text 683-692
  Ye Xu; Furao Shen; Wei Ping; Jinxi Zhao
Designing an ensemble classifier over subspace classifiers using iterative convergence routine BIBAFull-Text 693-698
  Bhanukiran Vinzamuri; Kamalakar Karlapalem

Information filtering

Bayesian latent variable models for collaborative item rating prediction BIBAFull-Text 699-708
  Morgan Harvey; Mark J. Carman; Ian Ruthven; Fabio Crestani
Timing when to buy BIBAFull-Text 709-718
  Rakesh Agrawal; Samuel Ieong; Raja Velu
Assisting web search users by destination reachability BIBAFull-Text 719-728
  Chi-Hoon Lee; Alpa Jain; Larry Lai
Modeling personalized email prioritization: classification-based and regression-based approaches BIBAFull-Text 729-738
  Shinjae Yoo; Yiming Yang; Jaime Carbonell
Diversification and refinement in collaborative filtering recommender BIBAFull-Text 739-744
  Rubi Boim; Tova Milo; Slava Novgorodov

Topics and events

Emerging topic detection using dictionary learning BIBAFull-Text 745-754
  Shiva Prasad Kasiviswanathan; Prem Melville; Arindam Banerjee; Vikas Sindhwani
Focusing on novelty: a crawling strategy to build diverse language models BIBAFull-Text 755-764
  Luciano Barbosa; Srinivas Bangalore
Natural event summarization BIBAFull-Text 765-774
  Yexi Jiang; Chang-Shing Perng; Tao Li
Transferring topical knowledge from auxiliary long texts for short text clustering BIBAFull-Text 775-784
  Ou Jin; Nathan N. Liu; Kai Zhao; Yong Yu; Qiang Yang
LogSig: generating system events from raw textual logs BIBAFull-Text 785-794
  Liang Tang; Tao Li; Chang-Shing Perng

Temporal, stream and spatial information

Coupling or decoupling for KNN search on road networks?: a hybrid framework on user query patterns BIBAFull-Text 795-804
  Ying-Ju Chen; Kun-Ta Chuang; Ming-Syan Chen
Toward traffic-driven location-based web search BIBAFull-Text 805-814
  Zhiyuan Cheng; James Caverlee; Krishna Yeswanth Kamath; Kyumin Lee
CLUES: a unified framework supporting interactive exploration of density-based clusters in streams BIBAFull-Text 815-824
  Di Yang; Zhenyu Guo; Elke A. Rundensteiner; Matthew O. Ward
e-NSP: efficient negative sequential pattern mining based on identified positive patterns without database rescanning BIBAFull-Text 825-830
  Xiangjun Dong; Zhigang Zheng; Longbing Cao; Yanchang Zhao; Chengqi Zhang; Jinjiu Li; Wei Wei; Yuming Ou
Optimising ontology stream reasoning with truth maintenance system BIBAFull-Text 831-836
  Yuan Ren; Jeff Z. Pan

Text mining

Harvesting facts from textual web sources by constrained label propagation BIBAFull-Text 837-846
  Yafang Wang; Bin Yang; Lizhen Qu; Marc Spaniol; Gerhard Weikum
Towards a top-down and bottom-up bidirectional approach to joint information extraction BIBAFull-Text 847-856
  Xiaofeng Yu; Irwin King; Michael R. Lyu
From names to entities using thematic context distance BIBAFull-Text 857-866
  Anja Pilz; Gerhard Paaß
Learning conditional random fields with latent sparse features for acronym expansion finding BIBAFull-Text 867-872
  Jie Liu; Jimeng Chen; Yi Zhang; Yalou Huang
Accounting for data dependencies within a hierarchical dirichlet process mixture model BIBAFull-Text 873-878
  Dongwoo Kim; Alice Oh
Summarizing web forum threads based on a latent topic propagation process BIBAFull-Text 879-884
  Zhaochun Ren; Jun Ma; Shuaiqiang Wang; Yang Liu


Cloning for privacy protection in multiple independent data publications BIBAFull-Text 885-894
  Muzammil M. Baig; Jiuyong Li; Jixue Liu; Hua Wang
Privacy-aware querying over sensitive trajectory data BIBAFull-Text 895-904
  Nikos Pelekis; Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis; Marios Vodas; Despina Kopanaki; Yannis Theodoridis
Privacy preserving indexing for eHealth information networks BIBAFull-Text 905-914
  Yuzhe Tang; Ting Wang; Ling Liu; Shicong Meng; Balaji Palanisamy
Recommendation in the end-to-end encrypted domain BIBAFull-Text 915-924
  Jyh-Ren Shieh; Ching-Yung Lin; Ja-Ling Wu
Privacy preservation by independent component analysis and variance control BIBAFull-Text 925-930
  Chih-Ming Hsu; Ming-Syan Chen

Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning

Can irrelevant data help semi-supervised learning, why and how? BIBAFull-Text 937-946
  Haiqin Yang; Shenghuo Zhu; Irwin King; Michael R. Lyu
Toward interactive training and evaluation BIBAFull-Text 947-956
  Gregory Druck; Andrew McCallum
Semi-supervised multi-task learning of structured prediction models for web information extraction BIBAFull-Text 957-966
  Paramveer S. Dhillon; Sundararajan Sellamanickam; Sathiya Keerthi Selvaraj
Memory-less unsupervised clustering for data streaming by versatile ellipsoidal function BIBAFull-Text 967-972
  Niwan Wattanakitrungroj; Chidchanok Lursinsap
Coupled nominal similarity in unsupervised learning BIBAFull-Text 973-978
  Can Wang; Longbing Cao; Mingchun Wang; Jinjiu Li; Wei Wei; Yuming Ou
Feature selection using hierarchical feature clustering BIBAFull-Text 979-984
  Huawen Liu; Xindong Wu; Shichao Zhang

Social networks and communities

Discovering top-k teams of experts with/without a leader in social networks BIBAFull-Text 985-994
  Mehdi Kargar; Aijun An
Content based social behavior prediction: a multi-task learning approach BIBAFull-Text 995-1000
  Hongliang Fei; Ruoyi Jiang; Yuhao Yang; Bo Luo; Jun Huan
Improving user interest inference from social neighbors BIBAFull-Text 1001-1006
  Zhen Wen; Ching-Yung Lin
CASINO: towards conformity-aware social influence analysis in online social networks BIBAFull-Text 1007-1012
  Hui Li; Sourav S. Bhowmick; Aixin Sun
Mining direct antagonistic communities in explicit trust networks BIBAFull-Text 1013-1018
  David Lo; Didi Surian; Kuan Zhang; Ee-Peng Lim
Connecting users with similar interests via tag network inference BIBAFull-Text 1019-1024
  Xufei Wang; Huan Liu; Wei Fan
Do all birds tweet the same?: characterizing Twitter around the world BIBAFull-Text 1025-1030
  Barbara Poblete; Ruth Garcia; Marcelo Mendoza; Alejandro Jaimes

Sentiments and other perspectives

Topic sentiment analysis in Twitter: a graph-based hashtag sentiment classification approach BIBAFull-Text 1031-1040
  Xiaolong Wang; Furu Wei; Xiaohua Liu; Ming Zhou; Ming Zhang
Language-independent sentiment classification using three common words BIBAFull-Text 1041-1046
  Zheng Lin; Songbo Tan; Xueqi Cheng
A cross-domain adaptation method for sentiment classification using probabilistic latent analysis BIBAFull-Text 1047-1052
  Sheng Gao; Haizhou Li
Using games with a purpose and bootstrapping to create domain-specific sentiment lexicons BIBAFull-Text 1053-1060
  Albert Weichselbraun; Stefan Gindl; Arno Scharl
Polarity analysis of texts using discourse structure BIBAFull-Text 1061-1070
  Bas Heerschop; Frank Goossen; Alexander Hogenboom; Flavius Frasincar; Uzay Kaymak; Franciska de Jong
A query-based multi-document sentiment summarizer BIBAFull-Text 1071-1076
  Maria Soledad Pera; Rani Qumsiyeh; Yiu-Kai Ng

Classification and clustering: large-scale statistical techniques

Scalable density-based subspace clustering BIBAFull-Text 1077-1086
  Emmanuel Müller; Ira Assent; Stephan Günnemann; Thomas Seidl
Correlated multi-label feature selection BIBAFull-Text 1087-1096
  Quanquan Gu; Zhenhui Li; Jiawei Han
Pattern change discovery between high dimensional data sets BIBAFull-Text 1097-1106
  Yi Xu; Zhongfei Zhang; Philips Yu; Bo Long
MTopS: scalable processing of continuous top-k multi-query workloads BIBAFull-Text 1107-1116
  Avani Shastri; Yang Di; Elke A. Rundensteiner; Matthew O. Ward
Probabilistic near-duplicate detection using simhash BIBAFull-Text 1117-1126
  Sadhan Sood; Dmitri Loguinov

Link prediction

Collective prediction with latent graphs BIBAFull-Text 1127-1136
  Xiaoxiao Shi; Yao Li; Philip Yu
Who will follow you back?: reciprocal relationship prediction BIBAFull-Text 1137-1146
  John Hopcroft; Tiancheng Lou; Jie Tang
Link prediction: the power of maximal entropy random walk BIBAFull-Text 1147-1156
  Rong-Hua Li; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Jianquan Liu
Exploiting longer cycles for link prediction in signed networks BIBAFull-Text 1157-1162
  Kai-Yang Chiang; Nagarajan Natarajan; Ambuj Tewari; Inderjit S. Dhillon
Structural link analysis and prediction in microblogs BIBAFull-Text 1163-1168
  Dawei Yin; Liangjie Hong; Brian D. Davison
Temporal link prediction by integrating content and structure information BIBAFull-Text 1169-1174
  Sheng Gao; Ludovic Denoyer; Patrick Gallinari

Link, graph and relation mining

Towards feature selection in network BIBAFull-Text 1175-1184
  Quanquan Gu; Jiawei Han
Practical representations for web and social graphs BIBAFull-Text 1185-1190
  Francisco Claude; Susana Ladra
Determining the diameter of small world networks BIBAFull-Text 1191-1196
  Frank W. Takes; Walter A. Kosters
Detecting anomalies in graphs with numeric labels BIBAFull-Text 1197-1202
  Michael Davis; Weiru Liu; Paul Miller; George Redpath
Extracting multi-dimensional relations: a generative model of groups of entities in a corpus BIBAFull-Text 1203-1208
  Ching-man Au Yeung; Tomoharu Iwata
Distributed social graph embedding BIBAFull-Text 1209-1214
  Anne-Marie Kermarrec; Vincent Leroy; Gilles Trédan
Classification and annotation in social corpora using multiple relations BIBAFull-Text 1215-1220
  Yann Jacob; Ludovic Denoyer; Patrick Gallinari

Science, the past, and the future

Plagiarism detection based on structural information BIBAFull-Text 1221-1230
  Efstathios Stamatatos
Studying how the past is remembered: towards computational history through large scale text mining BIBAFull-Text 1231-1240
  Ching-man Au Yeung; Adam Jatowt
Combining machine learning and human judgment in author disambiguation BIBAFull-Text 1241-1246
  Yanan Qian; Yunhua Hu; Jianling Cui; Qinghua Zheng; Zaiqing Nie
Citation count prediction: learning to estimate future citations for literature BIBAFull-Text 1247-1252
  Rui Yan; Jie Tang; Xiaobing Liu; Dongdong Shan; Xiaoming Li
Extracting cross references from life science databases for search result ranking BIBAFull-Text 1253-1258
  Anja Bachmann; Rene Schult; Matthias Lange; Myra Spiliopoulou
Extracting collective expectations about the future from large text collections BIBAFull-Text 1259-1264
  Adam Jatowt; Ching-man Au Yeung

Information extraction and entities

Towards a unified solution: data record region detection and segmentation BIBAFull-Text 1265-1274
  Lidong Bing; Wai Lam; Yuan Gu
Fast metadata-driven multiresolution tensor decomposition BIBAFull-Text 1275-1284
  Claudio Schifanella; K. Selçuk Candan; Maria Luisa Sapino
Enabling information extraction by inference of regular expressions from sample entities BIBAFull-Text 1285-1294
  Falk Brauer; Robert Rieger; Adrian Mocan; Wojciech M. Barczynski
Mining entity translations from comparable corpora: a holistic graph mapping approach BIBAFull-Text 1295-1304
  Jinhan Kim; Long Jiang; Seung-won Hwang; Young-In Song; Ming Zhou
Max margin learning on domain-independent web information extraction BIBAFull-Text 1305-1310
  Bin Zhao; Xiaoxin Yin; Eric P. Xing

Queries, questions and tags mining

Finding dimensions for queries BIBAFull-Text 1311-1320
  Zhicheng Dou; Sha Hu; Yulong Luo; Ruihua Song; Ji-Rong Wen
Large-scale question classification in cQA by leveraging Wikipedia semantic knowledge BIBAFull-Text 1321-1330
  Li Cai; Guangyou Zhou; Kang Liu; Jun Zhao
Hierarchical tag visualization and application for tag recommendations BIBAFull-Text 1331-1340
  Yang Song; Baojun Qiu; Umer Farooq
Perspective hierarchical dirichlet process for user-tagged image modeling BIBAFull-Text 1341-1346
  Xin Chen; Xiaohua Hu; Yuan An; Zunyan Xiong; Tingting He; E. K. Park
Asking what no one has asked before: using phrase similarities to generate synthetic web search queries BIBAFull-Text 1347-1352
  Marius Pasca

Preparing, mining and evaluating with and for different views

Simultaneous joint and conditional modeling of documents tagged from two perspectives BIBAFull-Text 1353-1362
  Pradipto Das; Rohini Srihari; Yun Fu
External evaluation measures for subspace clustering BIBAFull-Text 1363-1372
  Stephan Günnemann; Ines Färber; Emmanuel Müller; Ira Assent; Thomas Seidl
Behavior-driven clustering of queries into topics BIBAFull-Text 1373-1382
  Luca Maria Aiello; Debora Donato; Umut Ozertem; Filippo Menczer
Discovering customer intent in real-time for streamlining service desk conversations BIBAFull-Text 1383-1388
  Ullas Nambiar; Tanveer Faruquie; L. Venkata Subramaniam; Sumit Negi; Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Sparse structured probabilistic projections for factorized latent spaces BIBAFull-Text 1389-1394
  Xinquan Qu; Xinlei Chen

Information extraction and semantic techniques

Automated feature generation from structured knowledge BIBAFull-Text 1395-1404
  Weiwei Cheng; Gjergji Kasneci; Thore Graepel; David Stern; Ralf Herbrich
Filtering and clustering relations for unsupervised information extraction in open domain BIBAFull-Text 1405-1414
  Wei Wang; Romaric Besançon; Olivier Ferret; Brigitte Grau
Facilitating pattern discovery for relation extraction with semantic-signature-based clustering BIBAFull-Text 1415-1424
  Yunyao Li; Vivian Chu; Sebastian Blohm; Huaiyu Zhu; Howard Ho
Finding all justifications of OWL entailments using TMS and MapReduce BIBAFull-Text 1425-1434
  Gang Wu; Guilin Qi; Jianfeng Du

Data on the web

Estimating selectivity for joined RDF triple patterns BIBAFull-Text 1435-1444
  Hai Huang; Chengfei Liu
Efficient resource attribute retrieval in RDF triple stores BIBAFull-Text 1445-1454
  Andreas Brodt; Oliver Schiller; Bernhard Mitschang
Effective stratification for low selectivity queries on deep web data sources BIBAFull-Text 1455-1464
  Fan Wang; Gagan Agrawal
Finding information nebula over large networks BIBAFull-Text 1465-1474
  Lijun Chang; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Lu Qin; Yuanyuan Zhu; Haixun Wang
Efficient methods for finding influential locations with adaptive grids BIBAFull-Text 1475-1484
  Da Yan; Raymond Chi-Wing Wong; Wilfred Ng

Query processing and optimization

Semi-indexing semi-structured data in tiny space BIBAFull-Text 1485-1494
  Giuseppe Ottaviano; Roberto Grossi
Evaluation of set-based queries with aggregation constraints BIBAFull-Text 1495-1504
  Quoc Trung Tran; Chee-Yong Chan; Guoping Wang
Index structures and top-k join algorithms for native keyword search databases BIBAFull-Text 1505-1514
  Günter Ladwig; Thanh Tran
Optimized processing of multiple aggregate continuous queries BIBAFull-Text 1515-1524
  Shenoda Guirguis; Mohamed A. Sharaf; Panos K. Chrysanthis; Alexandros Labrinidis
XQuery optimization based on program slicing BIBAFull-Text 1525-1534
  Jesus M. Almendros-Jimenez; Josep Silva; Salvador Tamarit

Semantic web and information retrieval

Learning-based relevance feedback for web-based relation completion BIBAFull-Text 1535-1540
  Zhixu Li; Laurianne Sitbon; Xiaofang Zhou
Categorising logical differences between OWL ontologies BIBAFull-Text 1541-1546
  Rafael S. Gonçalves; Bijan Parsia; Ulrike Sattler
ReDRIVE: result-driven database exploration through recommendations BIBAFull-Text 1547-1552
  Marina Drosou; Evaggelia Pitoura
Information re-finding by context: a brain memory inspired approach BIBAFull-Text 1553-1558
  Tangjian Deng; Liang Zhao; Ling Feng; Wenwei Xue
Semantic data markets: a flexible environment for knowledge management BIBAFull-Text 1559-1564
  Roberto De Virgilio; Giorgio Orsi; Letizia Tanca; Riccardo Torlone
Advancing the discovery of unique column combinations BIBAFull-Text 1565-1570
  Ziawasch Abedjan; Felix Naumann
Continuously monitoring the correlations of massive discrete streams BIBAFull-Text 1571-1576
  Yueguo Chen; Wei Wang; Xiaoyong Du; Xiaofang Zhou

Query answering and social search

Multiple keyword-based queries over XML streams BIBAFull-Text 1577-1582
  Felipe C. Hummel; Altigran S. da Silva; Mirella M. Moro; Alberto H. F. Laender
Authentication of location-based skyline queries BIBAFull-Text 1583-1588
  Xin Lin; Jianliang Xu; Haibo Hu
Matching query processing in high-dimensional space BIBAFull-Text 1589-1594
  Chunyang Ma; Yongluan Zhou; Lidan Shou; Dan Dai; Gang Chen
Answering label-constraint reachability in large graphs BIBAFull-Text 1595-1600
  Kun Xu; Lei Zou; Jeffery Xu Yu; Lei Chen; Yanghua Xiao; Dongyan Zhao
The list Viterbi training algorithm and its application to keyword search over databases BIBAFull-Text 1601-1606
  Silvia Rota; Sonia Bergamaschi; Francesco Guerra
Context-based people search in labeled social networks BIBAFull-Text 1607-1612
  Cheng-Te Li; Man-Kwan Shan; Shou-De Lin
On benchmarking data translation systems for semantic-web ontologies BIBAFull-Text 1613-1618
  Carlos R. Rivero; Inma Hernández; David Ruiz; Rafael Corchuelo

Distributed data management and data integration

I/O-efficient algorithms for answering pattern-based aggregate queries in a sequence OLAP system BIBAFull-Text 1619-1628
  Chun Kit Chui; Ben Kao; Eric Lo; Reynold Cheng
Tractable XML data exchange via relations BIBAFull-Text 1629-1638
  Rada Chirkova; Leonid Libkin; Juan L. Reutter
A parallel algorithm for computing borders BIBAFull-Text 1639-1648
  Nicolas Hanusse; Sofian Maabout
Supporting queries spanning across phases of evolving artifacts using Steiner forests BIBAFull-Text 1649-1658
  Siarhei Bykau; John Mylopoulos; Flavio Rizzolo; Yannis Velegrakis
Provenance-based refresh in data-oriented workflows BIBAFull-Text 1659-1668
  Robert Ikeda; Semih Salihoglu; Jennifer Widom

Keyword search and ranked queries

Ranking support for keyword search on structured data using relevance models BIBAFull-Text 1669-1678
  Veli Bicer; Thanh Tran; Radoslav Nedkov
Efficient similarity search: arbitrary similarity measures, arbitrary composition BIBAFull-Text 1679-1688
  Dustin Lange; Felix Naumann
Learning to rank results in relational keyword search BIBAFull-Text 1689-1698
  Joel Coffman; Alfred C. Weaver
Adding structure to top-k: from items to expansions BIBAFull-Text 1699-1708
  Xueyao Liang; Min Xie; Laks V. S. Lakshmanan
TEXplorer: keyword-based object search and exploration in multidimensional text databases BIBAFull-Text 1709-1718
  Bo Zhao; Xide Lin; Bolin Ding; Jiawei Han

Data cleaning and analysis

The quality of the XML web BIBAFull-Text 1719-1724
  Steven Grijzenhout; Maarten Marx
Context-based entity description rule for entity resolution BIBAFull-Text 1725-1730
  Lingli Li; Jianzhong Li; Hongzhi Wang; Hong Gao
Cost-efficient repair in inconsistent probabilistic databases BIBAFull-Text 1731-1736
  Xiang Lian; Yincheng Lin; Lei Chen
Approximate tensor decomposition within a tensor-relational algebraic framework BIBAFull-Text 1737-1742
  Mijung Kim; Kasim Selçuk Candan
RFID data analysis using tensor calculus for supply chain management BIBAFull-Text 1743-1748
  Roberto De Virgilio; Franco Milicchio
Spreadsheet-based complex data transformation BIBAFull-Text 1749-1754
  Vu Hung; Boualem Benatallah; Regis Saint-Paul

Graph management and queries

High efficiency and quality: large graphs matching BIBAFull-Text 1755-1764
  Yuanyuan Zhu; Lu Qin; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Yiping Ke; Xuemin Lin
DELTA: indexing and querying multi-labeled graphs BIBAFull-Text 1765-1774
  Jiong Yang; Shijie Zhang; Wei Jin
Skynets: searching for minimum trees in graphs with incomparable edge weights BIBAFull-Text 1775-1784
  Huiping Cao; K. Selçuk Candan; Maria Luisa Sapino
Fast fully dynamic landmark-based estimation of shortest path distances in very large graphs BIBAFull-Text 1785-1794
  Konstantin Tretyakov; Abel Armas-Cervantes; Luciano García-Bañuelos; Jaak Vilo; Marlon Dumas
CP-index: on the efficient indexing of large graphs BIBAFull-Text 1795-1804
  Yan Xie; Philip S. Yu

Social, search, and other behaviour

Learning to target: what works for behavioral targeting BIBAFull-Text 1805-1814
  Sandeep Pandey; Mohamed Aly; Abraham Bagherjeiran; Andrew Hatch; Peter Ciccolo; Adwait Ratnaparkhi; Martin Zinkevich
Large-scale behavioral targeting with a social twist BIBAFull-Text 1815-1824
  Kun Liu; Lei Tang
Evolving social search based on bookmarks and status messages from social networks BIBAFull-Text 1825-1834
  Bastian Karweg; Christian Huetter; Klemens Böhm
Social ranking for spoken web search BIBAFull-Text 1835-1840
  Shrey Sahay; Nitendra Rajput; Niketan Pansare
Effects of search success on search engine re-use BIBAFull-Text 1841-1846
  Victor Hu; Maria Stone; Jan Pedersen; Ryen W. White

Applications in different areas

Enriching textbooks with images BIBAFull-Text 1847-1856
  Rakesh Agrawal; Sreenivas Gollapudi; Anitha Kannan; Krishnaram Kenthapadi
Exploring the corporate ecosystem with a semi-supervised entity graph BIBAFull-Text 1857-1866
  Hassan H. Malik; Ian MacGillivray; Måns Olof-Ors; Siming Sun; Shailesh Saroha
Generating links to background knowledge: a case study using narrative radiology reports BIBAFull-Text 1867-1876
  Jiyin He; Maarten de Rijke; Merlijn Sevenster; Rob van Ommering; Yuechen Qian
Information extraction from pathology reports in a hospital setting BIBAFull-Text 1877-1882
  David Martinez; Yue Li
Extract knowledge from semi-structured websites for search task simplification BIBAFull-Text 1883-1888
  Yingqin Gu; Jun Yan; Hongyan Liu; Jun He; Lei Ji; Ning Liu; Zheng Chen
Privacy protected knowledge management in services with emphasis on quality data BIBAFull-Text 1889-1894
  Debapriyo Majumdar; Rose Catherine; Shajith Ikbal; Karthik Visweswariah

Poster session: information retrieval

Search result diversification for enterprise data BIBAFull-Text 1901-1904
  Wei Zheng; Hui Fang; Conglei Yao; Min Wang
Diversification for multi-domain result sets BIBAFull-Text 1905-1908
  Alessandro Bozzon; Marco Brambilla; Piero Fraternali; Marco Tagliasacchi
A peer's-eye view: network term clouds in a peer-to-peer system BIBAFull-Text 1909-1912
  Raynor Vliegendhart; Martha Larson; Christoph Kofler; Johan Pouwelse
RerankEverything: a reranking interface for exploring search results BIBAFull-Text 1913-1916
  Takehiro Yamamoto; Satoshi Nakamura; Katsumi Tanaka
HealthTrust: trust-based retrieval of you tube's diabetes channels BIBAFull-Text 1917-1920
  Luis Fernandez-Luque; Randi Karlsen; Genevieve B. Melton
Item categorization in the e-commerce domain BIBAFull-Text 1921-1924
  Dan Shen; Jean David Ruvini; Manas Somaiya; Neel Sundaresan
An efficient method for using machine translation technologies in cross-language patent search BIBAFull-Text 1925-1928
  Walid Magdy; Gareth J. F. Jones
Understanding the types of information humans associate with geographic objects BIBAFull-Text 1929-1932
  Ahmet Aker; Robert Gaizauskas
Google, bing and a new perspective on ranking similarity BIBAFull-Text 1933-1936
  Bruno Cardoso; João Magalhães
Effectiveness beyond the first crawl tier BIBAFull-Text 1937-1940
  Rodrygo L. T. Santos; Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis
Worker types and personality traits in crowdsourcing relevance labels BIBAFull-Text 1941-1944
  Gabriella Kazai; Jaap Kamps; Natasa Milic-Frayling
A nugget-based test collection construction paradigm BIBAFull-Text 1945-1948
  Shahzad Rajput; Virgil Pavlu; Peter B. Golbus; Javed A. Aslam
Recency ranking by diversification of result set BIBAFull-Text 1949-1952
  Andrey Styskin; Fedor Romanenko; Fedor Vorobyev; Pavel Serdyukov
Patent query reduction using pseudo relevance feedback BIBAFull-Text 1953-1956
  Debasis Ganguly; Johannes Leveling; Walid Magdy; Gareth J. F. Jones
Relevance feedback exploiting query-specific document manifolds BIBAFull-Text 1957-1960
  Chang Wang; Emine Yilmaz; Martin Szummer
Insights into explicit semantic analysis BIBAFull-Text 1961-1964
  Thomas Gottron; Maik Anderka; Benno Stein
On bias problem in relevance feedback BIBAFull-Text 1965-1968
  Qianli Xing; Yi Zhang; Lanbo Zhang
Selecting related terms in query-logs using two-stage SimRank BIBAFull-Text 1969-1972
  Yunlong Ma; Hongfei Lin; Yuan Lin
On relevance, time and query expansion BIBAFull-Text 1973-1976
  Giuseppe Amodeo; Giambattista Amati; Giorgio Gambosi
Diverse retrieval via greedy optimization of expected 1-call@k in a latent subtopic relevance model BIBAFull-Text 1977-1980
  Scott Sanner; Shengbo Guo; Thore Graepel; Sadegh Kharazmi; Sarvnaz Karimi
Hybrid models for future event prediction BIBAFull-Text 1981-1984
  Giuseppe Amodeo; Roi Blanco; Ulf Brefeld
Adaptive term frequency normalization for BM25 BIBAFull-Text 1985-1988
  Yuanhua Lv; ChengXiang Zhai
An unsupervised ranking method based on a technical difficulty terrain BIBAFull-Text 1989-1992
  Shoaib Jameel; Wai Lam; Ching-man Au Yeung; Sheaujiun Chyan
When close enough is good enough: approximate positional indexes for efficient ranked retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1993-1996
  Tamer Elsayed; Jimmy Lin; Donald Metzler
Index tuning for query-log based on-line index maintenance BIBAFull-Text 1997-2000
  Sairam Gurajada; A Sreenivasa Kumar P.
Efficient phrase querying with flat position index BIBAFull-Text 2001-2004
  Dongdong Shan; Wayne Xin Zhao; Jing He; Rui Yan; Hongfei Yan; Xiaoming Li
Trained trigger language model for sentence retrieval in QA: bridging the vocabulary gap BIBAFull-Text 2005-2008
  Saeedeh Momtazi; Dietrich Klakow
Topic modeling for named entity queries BIBAFull-Text 2009-2012
  Xiaobing Xue; Xiaoxin Yin
Semantic convolution kernels over dependency trees: smoothed partial tree kernel BIBAFull-Text 2013-2016
  Danilo Croce; Alessandro Moschitti; Roberto Basili
Recommending citations with translation model BIBAFull-Text 2017-2020
  Yang Lu; Jing He; Dongdong Shan; Hongfei Yan
Extracting adjective facets from community Q&A corpus BIBAFull-Text 2021-2024
  Takehiro Yamamoto; Satoshi Nakamura; Katsumi Tanaka
A novel framework of training hidden Markov support vector machines from lightly-annotated data BIBAFull-Text 2025-2028
  Deyu Zhou; Yulan He
Learning to recommend questions based on public interest BIBAFull-Text 2029-2032
  Jun Wang; Xia Hu; Zhoujun Li; Wenhan Chao; Biyun Hu
CQC: classifying questions in CQA websites BIBAFull-Text 2033-2036
  Amit Singh; Karthik Visweswariah
Automatic query reformulation with syntactic operators to alleviate search difficulty BIBAFull-Text 2037-2040
  Huizhong Duan; Rui Li; ChengXiang Zhai
Question routing in community question answering: putting category in its place BIBAFull-Text 2041-2044
  Baichuan Li; Irwin King; Michael R. Lyu
Fact-based question decomposition for candidate answer re-ranking BIBAFull-Text 2045-2048
  Aditya Kalyanpur; Siddharth Patwardhan; Branimir Boguraev; Adam Lally; Jennifer Chu-Carroll
CoDet: sentence-based containment detection in news corpora BIBAFull-Text 2049-2052
  Emre Varol; Fazli Can; Cevdet Aykanat; Oguz Kaya
Smoothing NDCG metrics using tied scores BIBAFull-Text 2053-2056
  Andrey Kustarev; Yury Ustinovsky; Yury Logachev; Evgeny Grechnikov; Ilya Segalovich; Pavel Serdyukov
Learning to rank with cross entropy BIBAFull-Text 2057-2060
  Yuan Lin; Hongfei Lin; Jiajin Wu; Kan Xu
Predicting document effectiveness in pseudo relevance feedback BIBAFull-Text 2061-2064
  Mostafa Keikha; Jangwon Seo; W. Bruce Croft; Fabio Crestani
Learning to rank categories for web queries BIBAFull-Text 2065-2068
  Prashant V. Ullegaddi; Vasudeva Varma
Supervised language modeling for temporal resolution of texts BIBAFull-Text 2069-2072
  Abhimanu Kumar; Matthew Lease; Jason Baldridge
Context-aware query recommendation by learning high-order relation in query logs BIBAFull-Text 2073-2076
  Xiaohui Yan; Jiafeng Guo; Xueqi Cheng
Efficient lp-norm multiple feature metric learning for image categorization BIBAFull-Text 2077-2080
  Shuhui Wang; Qingming Huang; Shuqiang Jiang; Qi Tian
Re-ranking by local re-scoring for video indexing and retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2081-2084
  Bahjat Safadi; Georges Quénot
Tightly coupling visual and linguistic features for enriching audio-based web browsing experience BIBAFull-Text 2085-2088
  Muhammad Asiful Islam; Faisal Ahmed; Yevgen Borodin; I. V. Ramakrishnan
Robust video fingerprinting based on hierarchical symmetric difference feature BIBAFull-Text 2089-2092
  Jungho Lee; Seungjae Lee; Yongseok Seo; Wonyoung Yoo
Image clustering fusion technique based on BFS BIBAFull-Text 2093-2096
  Luca Costantini; Raffaele Nicolussi
Efficient retrieval of 3D building models using embeddings of attributed subgraphs BIBAFull-Text 2097-2100
  Raoul Wessel; Sebastian Ochmann; Richard Vock; Ina Blümel; Reinhard Klein
Constructing seminal paper genealogy BIBAFull-Text 2101-2104
  Duck-Ho Bae; Se-Mi Hwang; Sang-Wook Kim; Christos Faloutsos
Leveraging Wikipedia concept and category information to enhance contextual advertising BIBAFull-Text 2105-2108
  Zongda Wu; Guandong Xu; Rong Pan; Yanchun Zhang; Zhiwen Hu; Jianfeng Lu
Beyond relevance in marketplace search BIBAFull-Text 2109-2112
  Nish Parikh; Neel Sundaresan
Relative effect of spam and irrelevant documents on user interaction with search engines BIBAFull-Text 2113-2116
  Timothy Jones; David Hawking; Paul Thomas; Ramesh Sankaranarayana
Inferring query aspects from reformulations using clustering BIBAFull-Text 2117-2120
  Van Dang; Xiaobing Xue; W. Bruce Croft
Advertiser-centric approach to understand user click behavior in sponsored search BIBAFull-Text 2121-2124
  Sungchul Kim; Tao Qin; Hwanjo Yu; Tie-Yan Liu
Supervised matching of comments with news article segments BIBAFull-Text 2125-2128
  Dyut Kumar Sil; Srinivasan H. Sengamedu; Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
User action interpretation for personalized content optimization in recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 2129-2132
  Anlei Dong; Jiang Bian; Xiaofeng He; Srihari Reddy; Yi Chang
A personalized recommendation system on scholarly publications BIBAFull-Text 2133-2136
  Maria Soledad Pera; Yiu-Kai Ng
Collaborative exploratory search in real-world context BIBAFull-Text 2137-2140
  Naoki Tani; Danushka Bollegala; Naiwala Chandrasiri; Keisuke Okamoto; Kazunari Nawa; Shuhei Iitsuka; Yutaka Matsuo
Beyond precision@10: clustering the long tail of web search results BIBAFull-Text 2141-2144
  Benno Stein; Tim Gollub; Dennis Hoppe

Poster session: knowledge management

Spectral analysis of a blogosphere BIBAFull-Text 2145-2148
  Sang-Wook Kim; Ki-Nam Kim; Christos Faloutsos; Joon-Ho Lee
Citation chain aggregation: an interaction model to support citation cycling BIBAFull-Text 2149-2152
  Timothy F. Cribbin
Collaborative blacklist generation via searches-and-clicks BIBAFull-Text 2153-2156
  Lung-Hao Lee; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Attention prediction on social media brand pages BIBAFull-Text 2157-2160
  Himabindu Lakkaraju; Jitendra Ajmera
Do they belong to the same class: active learning by querying pairwise label homogeneity BIBAFull-Text 2161-2164
  Yifan Fu; Bin Li; Xingquan Zhu; Chengqi Zhang
Structured data classification by means of matrix factorization BIBAFull-Text 2165-2168
  Paolo Garza
Transfer active learning BIBAFull-Text 2169-2172
  Zhenfeng Zhu; Xingquan Zhu; Yangdong Ye; Yue-Fei Guo; Xiangyang Xue
A probabilistic approach to nearest-neighbor classification: naive hubness Bayesian kNN BIBAFull-Text 2173-2176
  Nenad Tomasev; Miloa Radovanovic; Dunja Mladenic; Mirjana Ivanovic
Representing document as dependency graph for document clustering BIBAFull-Text 2177-2180
  Yujing Wang; Xiaochuan Ni; Jian-Tao Sun; Yunhai Tong; Zheng Chen
Finding redundant and complementary communities in multidimensional networks BIBAFull-Text 2181-2184
  Michele Berlingerio; Michele Coscia; Fosca Giannotti
Promotional subspace mining with EProbe framework BIBAFull-Text 2185-2188
  Yan Zhang; Yiyu Jia; Wei Jin
A partitioning method for symbolic interval data based on kernelized metric BIBAFull-Text 2189-2192
  Bruno Pimentel; Anderson Costa; Renata Souza
Hierarchy evolution for improved classification BIBAFull-Text 2193-2196
  Xiaoguang Qi; Brian D. Davison
Using random walks for multi-label classification BIBAFull-Text 2197-2200
  Chaokun Wang; Wei Zheng; Zhang Liu; Yiyuan Bai; Jianmin Wang
Latent feature encoding using dyadic and relational data BIBAFull-Text 2201-2204
  Shin Ando
Learning kernels with upper bounds of leave-one-out error BIBAFull-Text 2205-2208
  Yong Liu; Shizhong Liao; Yuexian Hou
KLEAP: an efficient cleaning method to remove cross-reads in RFID streams BIBAFull-Text 2209-2212
  Guoqiong Liao; Jing Li; Lei Chen; Changxuan Wan
A diversity measure leveraging domain specific auxiliary information BIBAFull-Text 2213-2216
  Narayan Bhamidipati; Nagaraj Kota
Mining query structure from click data: a case study of product queries BIBAFull-Text 2217-2220
  Julia Kiseleva; Eugene Agichtein; Daniel Billsus
Towards expert finding by leveraging relevant categories in authority ranking BIBAFull-Text 2221-2224
  Hengshu Zhu; Huanhuan Cao; Hui Xiong; Enhong Chen; Jilei Tian
Joint inference for cross-document information extraction BIBAFull-Text 2225-2228
  Qi Li; Sam Anzaroot; Wen-Pin Lin; Xiang Li; Heng Ji
Building a generic debugger for information extraction pipelines BIBAFull-Text 2229-2232
  Anish Das Sarma; Alpa Jain; Philip Bohannon
Fast supervised feature extraction by term discrimination information pooling BIBAFull-Text 2233-2236
  Amara Tariq; Asim Karim
Constructing efficient information extraction pipelines BIBAFull-Text 2237-2240
  Henning Wachsmuth; Benno Stein; Gregor Engels
CoRankBayes: Bayesian learning to rank under the co-training framework and its application in keyphrase extraction BIBAFull-Text 2241-2244
  Chen Wang; Sujian Li
Discovering trending phrases on information streams BIBAFull-Text 2245-2248
  Krishna Y. Kamath; James Caverlee
Review recommendation: personalized prediction of the quality of online reviews BIBAFull-Text 2249-2252
  Samaneh Moghaddam; Mohsen Jamali; Martin Ester
Improving k-nearest neighbors algorithms: practical application of dataset analysis BIBAFull-Text 2253-2256
  Fidel Cacheda; Victor Carneiro; Diego Fernández; Vreixo Formoso
Structured collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 2257-2260
  Alejandro Bellogin; Jun Wang; Pablo Castells
User oriented tweet ranking: a filtering approach to microblogs BIBAFull-Text 2261-2264
  Ibrahim Uysal; W. Bruce Croft
A semi-supervised hybrid system to enhance the recommendation of channels in terms of campaign roi BIBAFull-Text 2265-2268
  Julie Séguéla; Gilbert Saporta
YANA: an efficient privacy-preserving recommender system for online social communities BIBAFull-Text 2269-2272
  Dongsheng Li; Qin Lv; Li Shang; Ning Gu
More influence means less work: fast latent dirichlet allocation by influence scheduling BIBAFull-Text 2273-2276
  Mirwaes Wahabzada; Kristian Kersting; Anja Pilz; Christian Bauckhage
Utility-driven anonymization in data publishing BIBAFull-Text 2277-2280
  Mingqiang Xue; Panagiotis Karras; Chedy Raïssi; Hung Keng Pung
Privacy preserving feature selection for distributed data using virtual dimension BIBAFull-Text 2281-2284
  Madhushri Banerjee; Sumit Chakravarty
Switch detector: an activity spotting system for desktop BIBAFull-Text 2285-2288
  Hamid Turab Mirza; Ling Chen; Gencai Chen; Ibrar Hussain; Xufeng He
LSH based outlier detection and its application in distributed setting BIBAFull-Text 2289-2292
  Madhuchand Rushi Pillutla; Nisarg Raval; Piyush Bansal; Kannan Srinathan; C. V. Jawahar
Authormagic: an approach to author disambiguation in large-scale digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 2293-2296
  Henning Weiler; Klaus Meyer-Wegener; Salvatore Mele
DIGRank: using global degree to facilitate ranking in an incomplete graph BIBAFull-Text 2297-2300
  Xiang Niu; Lusong Li; Ke Xu
On selection of objective functions in multi-objective community detection BIBAFull-Text 2301-2304
  Chuan Shi; Philip S. Yu; Yanan Cai; Zhenyu Yan; Bin Wu
Suggesting ghost edges for a smaller world BIBAFull-Text 2305-2308
  Manos Papagelis; Francesco Bonchi; Aristides Gionis
Examining the "leftness" property of Wikipedia categories BIBAFull-Text 2309-2312
  Karl Gyllstrom; Marie-Francine Moens
Detection of text quality flaws as a one-class classification problem BIBAFull-Text 2313-2316
  Maik Anderka; Benno Stein; Nedim Lipka
Two birds with one stone: learning semantic models for text categorization and word sense disambiguation BIBAFull-Text 2317-2320
  Roberto Navigli; Stefano Faralli; Aitor Soroa; Oier de Lacalle; Eneko Agirre
More or better: on trade-offs in compacting textual problem solution repositories BIBAFull-Text 2321-2324
  A Deepak P.; Sutanu Chakraborti; Deepak Khemani
Mining frequent patterns across multiple data streams BIBAFull-Text 2325-2328
  Jing Guo; Peng Zhang; Jianlong Tan; Li Guo
SILA: a spatial instance learning approach for deep webpages BIBAFull-Text 2329-2332
  Ermelinda Oro; Massimo Ruffolo
A geographic study of tie strength in social media BIBAFull-Text 2333-2336
  Jeffrey McGee; James A. Caverlee; Zhiyuan Cheng
Named entity recognition using a modified Pegasos algorithm BIBAFull-Text 2337-2340
  Changki Lee; Pum-Mo Ryu; HyunKi Kim
WikiLabel: an encyclopedic approach to labeling documents en masse BIBAFull-Text 2341-2344
  Tadashi Nomoto
Towards noise-resilient document modeling BIBAFull-Text 2345-2348
  Tao Yang; Dongwon Lee
Probabilistic model for discovering topic based communities in social networks BIBAFull-Text 2349-2352
  Mrinmaya Sachan; Danish Contractor; Tanveer Faruquie; Venkata Subramaniam

Poster session: databases

Scalable entity matching computation with materialization BIBAFull-Text 2353-2356
  Sanghoon Lee; Jongwuk Lee; Seung-won Hwang
Predicting the optimal ad-hoc index for reachability queries on graph databases BIBAFull-Text 2357-2360
  Jintian Deng; Fei Liu; Yun Peng; Byron Choi; Jianliang Xu
Collection-based compression using discovered long matching strings BIBAFull-Text 2361-2364
  Andrew Peel; Anthony Wirth; Justin Zobel
A robust index for regular expression queries BIBAFull-Text 2365-2368
  Dominic Tsang; Sanjay Chawla
Integrating and querying web databases and documents BIBAFull-Text 2369-2372
  Carlos Garcia-Alvarado; Carlos Ordonez
Processing the signature quadratic form distance on many-core GPU architectures BIBAFull-Text 2373-2376
  Martin Kruliš; Jakub Lokoc; Christian Beecks; Tomáš Skopal; Thomas Seidl
Top-k most influential locations selection BIBAFull-Text 2377-2380
  Jin Huang; Zeyi Wen; Jianzhong Qi; Rui Zhang; Jian Chen; Zhen He
Defining isochrones in multimodal spatial networks BIBAFull-Text 2381-2384
  Johann Gamper; Michael Böhlen; Willi Cometti; Markus Innerebner
On the elasticity of NoSQL databases over cloud management platforms BIBAFull-Text 2385-2388
  Ioannis Konstantinou; Evangelos Angelou; Christina Boumpouka; Dimitrios Tsoumakos; Nectarios Koziris
Continuous data stream query in the cloud BIBAFull-Text 2389-2392
  Jun Li; Peng Zhang; Jianlong Tan; Ping Liu; Li Guo
A cluster based mobile peer to peer architecture in wireless ad hoc networks BIBAFull-Text 2393-2396
  He Li; KyoungSoo Bok; JaeSoo Yoo
Block-based load balancing for entity resolution with MapReduce BIBAFull-Text 2397-2400
  Lars Kolb; Andreas Thor; Erhard Rahm
PCMLogging: reducing transaction logging overhead with PCM BIBAFull-Text 2401-2404
  Shen Gao; Jianliang Xu; Bingsheng He; Byron Choi; Haibo Hu
A continuous query evaluation scheme for a detection-only query over data streams BIBAFull-Text 2405-2408
  Hong Kyu Park; Won Suk Lee
Subject-oriented top-k hot region queries in spatial dataset BIBAFull-Text 2409-2412
  Junling Liu; Ge Yu; Huanliang Sun
k-Nearest neighbor query processing method based on distance relation pattern BIBAFull-Text 2413-2416
  Yonghun Park; Dongmin Seo; Kyoungsoo Bok; Jaesoo Yoo
Efficient query rewrite for structured web queries BIBAFull-Text 2417-2420
  Sreenivas Gollapudi; Samuel Ieong; Alexandros Ntoulas; Stelios Paparizos
Rule-based construction of matching processes BIBAFull-Text 2421-2424
  Eric Peukert; Julian Eberius; Erhard Rahm
A taxonomy of local search: semi-supervised query classification driven by information needs BIBAFull-Text 2425-2428
  Jiang Bian; Yi Chang
ONTOCUBE: efficient ontology extraction using OLAP cubes BIBAFull-Text 2429-2432
  Carlos Garcia-Alvarado; Zhibo Chen; Carlos Ordonez
An algorithm for axiom pinpointing in EL+ and its incremental variant BIBAFull-Text 2433-2436
  Xiaojun Cheng; Guilin Qi
Folksonomy-based term extraction for word cloud generation BIBAFull-Text 2437-2440
  David Carmel; Erel Uziel; Ido Guy; Yosi Mass; Haggai Roitman
Efficient association discovery with keyword-based constraints on large graph data BIBAFull-Text 2441-2444
  Mo Zhou; Yifan Pan; Yuqing Wu
AWETO: efficient incremental update and querying in rdf storage system BIBAFull-Text 2445-2448
  Xu Pu; Jianyong Wang; Ping Luo; Min Wang
Insert-friendly XML containment labeling scheme BIBAFull-Text 2449-2452
  Canwei Zhuang; Ziyu Lin; Shaorong Feng
A pretopological framework for the automatic construction of lexical-semantic structures from texts BIBAFull-Text 2453-2456
  Guillaume Cleuziou; Davide Buscaldi; Vincent Levorato; Gaël Dias
Leveraging web 2.0 data for scalable semi-supervised learning of domain-specific sentiment lexicons BIBAFull-Text 2457-2460
  Raymond Yiu Keung Lau; Chun Lam Lai; Peter B. Bruza; Kam F. Wong
Classifying trending topics: a typology of conversation triggers on Twitter BIBAFull-Text 2461-2464
  Arkaitz Zubiaga; Damiano Spina; Víctor Fresno; Raquel Martínez
Enhancing accessibility of microblogging messages using semantic knowledge BIBAFull-Text 2465-2468
  Xia Hu; Lei Tang; Huan Liu
Imbalanced sentiment classification BIBAFull-Text 2469-2472
  Shoushan Li; Guodong Zhou; Zhongqing Wang; Sophia Yat Mei Lee; Rangyang Wang
The where in the tweet BIBAFull-Text 2473-2476
  Wen Li; Pavel Serdyukov; Arjen P. de Vries; Carsten Eickhoff; Martha Larson
Question identification on Twitter BIBAFull-Text 2477-2480
  Baichuan Li; Xiance Si; Michael R. Lyu; Irwin King; Edward Y. Chang
OpinioNetIt: understanding the opinions-people network for politically controversial topics BIBAFull-Text 2481-2484
  Rawia Awadallah; Maya Ramanath; Gerhard Weikum
Predicting the uncertainty of sentiment adjectives in indirect answers BIBAFull-Text 2485-2488
  Mitra Mohtarami; Hadi Amiri; Man Lan; Chew Lim Tan
Sentiment classification via l2-norm deep belief network BIBAFull-Text 2489-2492
  Tao Liu; Minghui Li; Shusen Zhou; Xiaoyong Du
Domain customization for aspect-oriented opinion analysis with multi-level latent sentiment clues BIBAFull-Text 2493-2496
  Honglei Guo; Huijia Zhu; Zhili Guo; Zhong Su
Accurate information extraction for quantitative financial events BIBAFull-Text 2497-2500
  Hassan H. Malik; Vikas S. Bhardwaj; Huascar Fiorletta
A machine-learned proactive moderation system for auction fraud detection BIBAFull-Text 2501-2504
  Liang Zhang; Jie Yang; Wei Chu; Belle Tseng
Simultaneously improving CSAT and profit in a retail banking organization BIBAFull-Text 2505-2508
  Sameep Mehta; Ullas Nambiar; Vishal Batra; Sumit Negi; Prasad Deshpande; Gyana Praija
Coarse-to-fine classification via parametric and nonparametric models for computer-aided diagnosis BIBAFull-Text 2509-2512
  Le Lu; Meizhu Liu; Xiaojing Ye; Shipeng Yu; Heng Huang

Demonstration session 1

Exploratory search over social-medical data BIBAFull-Text 2513-2516
  Haggai Roitman; Sivan Yogev; Yevgenia Tsimerman; Dae Won Kim; Yossi Mesika
Black swan: augmenting statistics with event data BIBAFull-Text 2517-2520
  Johannes Lorey; Felix Naumann; Benedikt Forchhammer; Andrina Mascher; Peter Retzlaff; Armin ZamaniFarahani; Soeren Discher; Cindy Faehnrich; Stefan Lemme; Thorsten Papenbrock; Robert Christoph Peschel; Stephan Richter; Thomas Stening; Sven Viehmeier
A data mining system based on SQL queries and UDFs for relational databases BIBAFull-Text 2521-2524
  Carlos Ordonez; Carlos Garcia-Alvarado
Data-thirsty business analysts need SODA: search over data warehouse BIBAFull-Text 2525-2528
  Lukas Blunschi; Claudio Jossen; Donald Kossmann; Magdalini Mori; Kurt Stockinger
An integrated environment for semantic knowledge work BIBAFull-Text 2529-2532
  Aba-Sah Dadzie; Victoria Uren; Ziqi Zhang; Philip Webster
Editing knowledge resources: the wiki way BIBAFull-Text 2533-2536
  Francesco Ronzano; Andrea Marchetti; Maurizio Tesconi
Marco Polo: a system for brand-based shopping and exploration BIBAFull-Text 2537-2540
  Nish Parikh; Neel Sundaresan

Demonstration session 2

Jasmine: a real-time local-event detection system based on geolocation information propagated to microblogs BIBAFull-Text 2541-2544
  Kazufumi Watanabe; Masanao Ochi; Makoto Okabe; Rikio Onai
Scalable similarity search of timeseries with variable dimensionality BIBAFull-Text 2545-2548
  Omar U. Florez; Curtis Dyreson
RoSeS: a continuous query processor for large-scale RSS filtering and aggregation BIBAFull-Text 2549-2552
  Jordi Creus; Bernd Amann; Nicolas Travers; Dan Vodislav
Conkar: constraint keyword-based association discovery BIBAFull-Text 2553-2556
  Mo Zhou; Yifan Pan; Yuqing Wu
Interactive reasoning in uncertain RDF knowledge bases BIBAFull-Text 2557-2560
  Timm Meiser; Maximilian Dylla; Martin Theobald
Fu-Finder: a game for studying querying behaviours BIBAFull-Text 2561-2564
  Carly O'Neil; James Purvis; Leif Azzopardi
PDFMeat: managing publications on the semantic desktop BIBAFull-Text 2565-2568
  David Aumüller; Erhard Rahm

Demonstration session 3

MEMSCALE: in-cluster-memory databases BIBAFull-Text 2569-2572
  Héctor Montaner; Federico Silla; Holger Fröning; José Duato
H-DB: a hybrid quantitative-structural sql optimizer BIBAFull-Text 2573-2576
  Lucantonio Ghionna; Gianluigi Greco; Francesco Scarcello
Health conversational system based on contextual matching of community-driven question-answer pairs BIBAFull-Text 2577-2580
  Wilson Wong; John Thangarajah; Lin Padgham
Annotating knowledge work lifelog: term extraction from sensor and operation history BIBAFull-Text 2581-2584
  Masayuki Okamoto; Nayuko Watanabe; Shinichi Nagano; Kenta Cho
Entity timelines: visual analytics and named entity evolution BIBAFull-Text 2585-2588
  Arturas Mazeika; Tomasz Tylenda; Gerhard Weikum
PICASSO: automated soundtrack suggestion for multi-modal data BIBAFull-Text 2589-2592
  Aleksandar Stupar; Sebastian Michel
P2Prec: a social-based P2P recommendation system BIBAFull-Text 2593-2596
  Fady Draidi; Esther Pacitti; Didier Parigot; Guillaume Verger

Co-located tutorial summaries

Computational geography BIBAFull-Text 2597-2598
  Vanessa Murdock; Gary Gale
Large-scale array analytics: taming the data tsunami BIBAFull-Text 2599-2600
  Peter Baumann
Large-scale information retrieval experimentation with terrier BIBAFull-Text 2601-2602
  Rodrygo L. T. Santos; Richard McCreadie; Vassilis Plachouras
Statistical information retrieval modelling: from the probability ranking principle to recent advances in diversity, portfolio theory, and beyond BIBAFull-Text 2603-2604
  Jun Wang; Kevyn Collins-Thompson
Web-based open-domain information extraction BIBAFull-Text 2605-2606
  Marius Pasca
Advances in data stream mining for mobile and ubiquitous environments BIBAFull-Text 2607-2608
  Shonali Krishnaswamy; Joao Gama; Mohamed Medhat Gaber
Information diffusion in social networks: observing and affecting what society cares about BIBAFull-Text 2609-2610
  Divyakant Agrawal; Ceren Budak; Amr El Abbadi
Information retrieval challenges in computational advertising BIBFull-Text 2611-2612
  Andrei Broder; Evgeniy Gabrilovich; Vanja Josifovski
Object ranking BIBAFull-Text 2613-2614
  Roelof van Zwol; Srinivas Vadrevu
Uncertain schema matching: the power of not knowing BIBFull-Text 2615-2616
  Avigdor Gal

Co-located workshop summaries

DTMBIO 2011: international workshop on data and textmining in biomedical informatics BIBAFull-Text 2617-2618
  Sophia Ananiadou; Doheon Lee; Shamkant Navathe; Min Song
BooksOnline'11: 4th workshop on online books, complementary social media, and crowdsourcing BIBAFull-Text 2619-2620
  Gabriella Kazai; Carsten Eickhoff; Peter Brusilovsky
Detect'11: international workshop on DETecting and Exploiting Cultural diversiTy on the social web BIBFull-Text 2621-2622
  Sergej Sizov; Stefan Siersdorfer; Thomas Gottron; Philipp Sorg
4th international workshop on patent information retrieval (PaIR'11) BIBAFull-Text 2623-2624
  Mihai Lupu; Allan Hanbury; Andreas Rauber
Overview of the third international workshop on search and mining user-generated contents BIBAFull-Text 2625-2626
  Ivan Cantador; José C. Cortizo; Francisco Carrero; Jose A. Troyano; Paolo Rosso; Markus Schedl
Web science and information exchange in the medical web BIBAFull-Text 2627-2628
  Kerstin Denecke; Peter Dolog
3rd international workshop on collaborative information retrieval (CIR2011) BIBAFull-Text 2629-2630
  Gene Golovchinsky; Juan M. Fernández-Luna; Juan F. Huete; Meredith Ringel Morris; Jeremy Pickens; Julio C. Rodríguez-Cano
DESIRE 2011: first international workshop on data infrastructures for supporting information retrieval evaluation BIBAFull-Text 2631-2632
  Maristella Agosti; Nicola Ferro; Costantino Thanos
PIKM 2011: the 4th ACM workshop for Ph.D. students in information and knowledge management BIBAFull-Text 2633-2634
  Anisoara Nica; Fabian M. Suchanek
Managing interoperability and complexity inhealth systems: MIXHS'11 workshop summary BIBAFull-Text 2635-2636
  Matt-Mouley Bouamrane; Cui Tao
Report on the third international workshop on cloud data-management (CloudDB 2011) BIBFull-Text 2637-2638
  Xiaofeng Meng; Zhiming Ding; Haibo Hu
Search and mining entity-relationship data BIBAFull-Text 2639-2640
  Haggai Roitman; Ralf Schenkel; Marko Grobelnik
Fourth workshop on exploiting semantic annotations in information retrieval (ESAIR) BIBAFull-Text 2641-2642
  Omar Alonso; Jaap Kamps; Jussi Karlgren
LSDS-IR'11: the 9th workshop on large-scale and distributed systems for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2643-2644
  Claudio Lucchese; B. Barla Cambazoglu
DOLAP 2011: overview of the 14th international workshop on data warehousing and olap BIBAFull-Text 2645-2646
  Alfredo Cuzzocrea; Karen C. Davis; Il-Yeol Song


Social and collaborative information seeking: panel BIBAFull-Text 2647-2648
  Jeremy Pickens