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Proceedings of the 2009 ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

Fullname:Proceedings of the 18th ACM conference on Information and knowledge management
Editors:David Cheung; Il-Yeol Song; Wesley Chu; Xiaohua Hu; Jimmy Lin
Location:Hong Kong, China
Dates:2009-Nov-02 to 2009-Nov-06
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-60558-512-3; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: CIKM09
Links:Conference Website
  1. KM information extraction I
  2. IR web search
  3. DB XML data processing, filtering, routing, & algorithms
  4. IR domain specific retrieval II
  5. KM information extraction II
  6. IR personalization & social search II
  7. DB string databases, blogs, & social search
  8. KM advance mining techniques
  9. KM text mining
  10. IR crawling & indexing
  11. DB novel data management & data mining tools
  12. KM semantic techniques & applications
  13. KM graph mining
  14. IR evaluation
  15. DB information integration, data provenance, probabilistic databases
  16. Industry information retrieval
  17. KM information filtering and recommender systems
  18. IR ranking and retrieval models I
  19. DB streams, network databases
  20. Panel information extraction meets relational databases: where are we heading?
  21. KM classification and clustering II
  22. IR domain-specific retrieval I
  23. DB data warehousing and OLAP
  24. Industry data mining framework and applications
  25. KM link analysis and social computing
  26. KM data summarization
  27. Industry data and query similarity
  28. IR personalization and social search I
  29. IR ranking and retrieval models II
  30. KM classification and clustering II
  31. Industry call and web center, e-commerce related technologies
  32. Poster session 1: DB track
  33. Poster session 2: DB track
  34. Poster session 3: IR track
  35. Poster session 4: KM track
  36. Poster session 5: KM track
  37. Poster session 6: IR track
  38. Poster session 7: IR track
  39. Poster session 8: IR track
  40. Demo session 1: stream data management and OLAP
  41. Demo session 2: semantic web, information extraction & knowledge management
  42. Demo session 3: advanced techniques & applications
  43. Demo session 4: XML data processing & system architecture
  44. CIKM 2009 co-located workshop overviews
DB-IR integration and its application to a massively-parallel search engine BIBAFull-Text 1-2
  Kyu-Young Whang
Confucius and "its" intelligent disciples BIBAFull-Text 3
  Edward Y. Chang
Advanced metasearch engines BIBAFull-Text 5
  Clement T. Yu

KM information extraction I

StereoTrust: a group based personalized trust model BIBAFull-Text 7-16
  Xin Liu; Anwitaman Datta; Krzysztof Rzadca; Ee-Peng Lim
An empirical study on using hidden Markov model for search interface segmentation BIBAFull-Text 17-26
  Ritu Khare; Yuan An
Query by analogical example: relational search using web search engine indices BIBAFull-Text 27-36
  Makoto P. Kato; Hiroaki Ohshima; Satoshi Oyama; Katsumi Tanaka
Semi-supervised learning of semantic classes for query understanding: from the web and for the web BIBAFull-Text 37-46
  Ye-Yi Wang; Raphael Hoffmann; Xiao Li; Jakub Szymanski
Efficient record-level wrapper induction BIBAFull-Text 47-56
  Shuyi Zheng; Ruihua Song; Ji-Rong Wen; C. Lee Giles

IR web search

What happens after an ad click?: quantifying the impact of landing pages in web advertising BIBAFull-Text 57-66
  Hila Becker; Andrei Broder; Evgeniy Gabrilovich; Vanja Josifovski; Bo Pang
Characterizing commercial intent BIBAFull-Text 67-76
  Azin Ashkan; Charles L. A. Clarke
Analyzing and evaluating query reformulation strategies in web search logs BIBAFull-Text 77-86
  Jeff Huang; Efthimis N. Efthimiadis
Characterizing and predicting search engine switching behavior BIBAFull-Text 87-96
  Ryen W. White; Susan T. Dumais
Clustering and exploring search results using timeline constructions BIBAFull-Text 97-106
  Omar Alonso; Michael Gertz; Ricardo Baeza-Yates

DB XML data processing, filtering, routing, & algorithms

Effective, design-independent XML keyword search BIBAFull-Text 107-116
  Arash Termehchy; Marainne Winslett
Efficient processing of twig pattern matching in fuzzy XML BIBAFull-Text 117-126
  Jian Liu; Z. M. Ma; Li Yan
Dissemination of heterogeneous XML data in publish/subscribe systems BIBAFull-Text 127-136
  Yuan Ni; Chee Yong Chan
Linear inclusion for XML regular expression types BIBAFull-Text 137-146
  Dario Colazzo; Giorgio Ghelli; Luca Pardini; Carlo Sartiani
Effective XML content and structure retrieval with relevance ranking BIBAFull-Text 147-156
  Xiping Liu; Changxuan Wan; Lei Chen

IR domain specific retrieval II

Intention-focused active reranking for image object retrieval BIBAFull-Text 157-166
  Jen-Hao Hsiao; Ming-Syan Chen
A translation model for matching reviews to objects BIBAFull-Text 167-176
  Nilesh Dalvi; Ravi Kumar; Bo Pang; Andrew Tomkins
Learning better transliterations BIBAFull-Text 177-186
  Jeff Pasternack; Dan Roth
Supervised semantic indexing BIBAFull-Text 187-196
  Bing Bai; Jason Weston; David Grangier; Ronan Collobert; Kunihiko Sadamasa; Yanjun Qi; Olivier Chapelle; Kilian Weinberger
Ranking model adaptation for domain-specific search BIBAFull-Text 197-206
  Bo Geng; Linjun Yang; Chao Xu; Xian-Sheng Hua

KM information extraction II

Data-driven compound splitting method for English compounds in domain names BIBAFull-Text 207-214
  Sanjeet Khaitan; Arumay Das; Sandeep Gain; Adithi Sampath
Named entity disambiguation by leveraging wikipedia semantic knowledge BIBAFull-Text 215-224
  Xianpei Han; Jun Zhao
Helping editors choose better seed sets for entity set expansion BIBAFull-Text 225-234
  Vishnu Vyas; Patrick Pantel; Eric Crestan
Using multiple ontologies in information extraction BIBAFull-Text 235-244
  Daya C. Wimalasuriya; Dejing Dou

IR personalization & social search II

Computational community interest for ranking BIBAFull-Text 245-254
  Xiaozhong Liu; Vadim von Brzeski
Adaptive relevance feedback in information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 255-264
  Yuanhua Lv; ChengXiang Zhai
The use of categorization information in language models for question retrieval BIBAFull-Text 265-274
  Xin Cao; Gao Cong; Bin Cui; Christian Søndergaard Jensen; Ce Zhang
Improving search engines using human computation games BIBAFull-Text 275-284
  Hao Ma; Raman Chandrasekar; Chris Quirk; Abhishek Gupta

DB string databases, blogs, & social search

Space-economical partial gram indices for exact substring matching BIBAFull-Text 285-294
  Nan Tang; Lefteris Sidirourgos; Peter Boncz
AS-index: a structure for string search using n-grams and algebraic signatures BIBAFull-Text 295-304
  Cédric du Mouza; Witold Litwin; Philippe Rigaux; Thomas Schwarz
Robust record linkage blocking using suffix arrays BIBAFull-Text 305-314
  Timothy de Vries; Hui Ke; Sanjay Chawla; Peter Christen
Efficient algorithms for approximate member extraction using signature-based inverted lists BIBAFull-Text 315-324
  Jiaheng Lu; Jialong Han; Xiaofeng Meng

KM advance mining techniques

An integrated discriminative probabilistic approach to information extraction BIBAFull-Text 325-334
  Xiaofeng Yu; Wai Lam; Bo Chen
Mining linguistic cues for query expansion: applications to drug interaction search BIBAFull-Text 335-344
  Sheng Guo; Naren Ramakrishnan
Message family propagation for ising mean field based on iteration tree BIBAFull-Text 345-354
  Yarui Chen; Shizhong Liao
Efficient itemset generator discovery over a stream sliding window BIBAFull-Text 355-364
  Chuancong Gao; Jianyong Wang

KM text mining

Learning document aboutness from implicit user feedback and document structure BIBAFull-Text 365-374
  Deepa Paranjpe
Joint sentiment/topic model for sentiment analysis BIBAFull-Text 375-384
  Chenghua Lin; Yulan He
Generating comparative summaries of contradictory opinions in text BIBAFull-Text 385-394
  Hyun Duk Kim; ChengXiang Zhai
sDoc: exploring social wisdom for document enhancement in web mining BIBAFull-Text 395-404
  Xiaoxun Zhang; Lichun Yang; Xian Wu; Honglei Guo; Zhili Guo; Shenghua Bao; Yong Yu; Zhong Su
Terminology mining in social media BIBAFull-Text 405-414
  Magnus Sahlgren; Jussi Karlgren

IR crawling & indexing

Compact full-text indexing of versioned document collections BIBAFull-Text 415-424
  Jinru He; Hao Yan; Torsten Suel
On the feasibility of multi-site web search engines BIBAFull-Text 425-434
  Ricardo Baeza-Yates; Aristides Gionis; Flavio Junqueira; Vassilis Plachouras; Luca Telloli
On-line index maintenance using horizontal partitioning BIBAFull-Text 435-444
  Sairam Gurajada; Sreenivasa Kumar P
Adaptive geospatially focused crawling BIBAFull-Text 445-454
  Dirk Ahlers; Susanne Boll
Low-cost management of inverted files for online full-text search BIBAFull-Text 455-464
  Giorgos Margaritis; Stergios V. Anastasiadis

DB novel data management & data mining tools

Bitmap indexes for relational XML twig query processing BIBAFull-Text 465-474
  Kyong-Ha Lee; Bongki Moon
Answering XML queries using materialized views revisited BIBAFull-Text 475-484
  Xiaoying Wu; Dimitri Theodoratos; Wendy Hui Wang
A query language for analyzing networks BIBAFull-Text 485-494
  Anton Dries; Siegfried Nijssen; Luc De Raedt
Probabilistic models for topic learning from images and captions in online biomedical literatures BIBAFull-Text 495-504
  Xin Chen; Caimei Lu; Yuan An; Palakorn Achananuparp
Learning to rank with a novel kernel perceptron method BIBAFull-Text 505-512
  Xue-wen Chen; Haixun Wang; Xiaotong Lin

KM semantic techniques & applications

Towards a universal wordnet by learning from combined evidence BIBAFull-Text 513-522
  Gerard de Melo; Gerhard Weikum
Event detection from flickr data through wavelet-based spatial analysis BIBAFull-Text 523-532
  Ling Chen; Abhishek Roy
Msuggest: a semantic recommender framework for traditional Chinese medicine book search engine BIBAFull-Text 533-542
  Shi Shaomin; Wei Baogang; Yang Yan
Interactive, topic-based visual text summarization and analysis BIBAFull-Text 543-552
  Shixia Liu; Michelle X. Zhou; Shimei Pan; Weihong Qian; Weijia Cai; Xiaoxiao Lian

KM graph mining

P-Rank: a comprehensive structural similarity measure over information networks BIBAFull-Text 553-562
  Peixiang Zhao; Jiawei Han; Yizhou Sun
Independent informative subgraph mining for graph information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 563-572
  Bingjun Sun; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles
Graph classification based on pattern co-occurrence BIBAFull-Text 573-582
  Ning Jin; Calvin Young; Wei Wang
Frequent subgraph pattern mining on uncertain graph data BIBAFull-Text 583-592
  Zhaonian Zou; Jianzhong Li; Hong Gao; Shuo Zhang
L2 norm regularized feature kernel regression for graph data BIBAFull-Text 593-600
  Hongliang Fei; Jun Huan

IR evaluation

Improvements that don't add up: ad-hoc retrieval results since 1998 BIBAFull-Text 601-610
  Timothy G. Armstrong; Alistair Moffat; William Webber; Justin Zobel
Empirical justification of the gain and discount function for nDCG BIBAFull-Text 611-620
  Evangelos Kanoulas; Javed A. Aslam
Expected reciprocal rank for graded relevance BIBAFull-Text 621-630
  Olivier Chapelle; Donald Metlzer; Ya Zhang; Pierre Grinspan
Usage based effectiveness measures: monitoring application performance in information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 631-640
  Leif Azzopardi
Post-rank reordering: resolving preference misalignments between search engines and end users BIBAFull-Text 641-650
  Chao Liu; Mei Li; Yi-Min Wang

DB information integration, data provenance, probabilistic databases

Probabilistic skyline queries BIBAFull-Text 651-660
  Christian Böhm; Frank Fiedler; Annahita Oswald; Claudia Plant; Bianca Wackersreuther
Density-based clustering using graphics processors BIBAFull-Text 661-670
  Christian Böhm; Robert Noll; Claudia Plant; Bianca Wackersreuther
Scalable continuous range monitoring of moving objects in symbolic indoor space BIBAFull-Text 671-680
  Bin Yang; Hua Lu; Christian S. Jensen
Provenance query evaluation: what's so special about it? BIBAFull-Text 681-690
  Anastasios Kementsietsidis; Min Wang
Navigational path privacy protection: navigational path privacy protection BIBAFull-Text 691-700
  Ken C. K. Lee; Wang-Chien Lee; Hong Va Leong; Baihua Zheng

Industry information retrieval

Automatic retrieval of similar content using search engine query interface BIBAFull-Text 701-710
  Ali Dasdan; Paolo D'Alberto; Santanu Kolay; Chris Drome
Mashup-based information retrieval for domain experts BIBAFull-Text 711-720
  Anand Ranganathan; Anton Riabov; Octavian Udrea
A study of information retrieval on accumulative social descriptions using the generation features BIBAFull-Text 721-730
  Lichun Yang; Shengliang Xu; Shenghua Bao; Dingyi Han; Zhong Su; Yong Yu
iMecho: an associative memory based desktop search system BIBAFull-Text 731-740
  Jidong Chen; Hang Guo; Wentao Wu; Wei Wang
Product query classification BIBAFull-Text 741-750
  Dou Shen; Ying Li; Xiao Li; Dengyong Zhou

KM information filtering and recommender systems

Learning to recommend questions based on user ratings BIBAFull-Text 751-758
  Ke Sun; Yunbo Cao; Xinying Song; Young-In Song; Xiaolong Wang; Chin-Yew Lin
Probabilistic latent preference analysis for collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 759-766
  Nathan N. Liu; Min Zhao; Qiang Yang
Semi-nonnegative matrix factorization with global statistical consistency for collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 767-776
  Hao Ma; Haixuan Yang; Irwin King; Michael R. Lyu
Voting in social networks BIBAFull-Text 777-786
  Paolo Boldi; Francesco Bonchi; Carlos Castillo; Sebastiano Vigna
User-induced links in collaborative tagging systems BIBAFull-Text 787-796
  Ching-man Au Yeung; Nicholas Gibbins; Nigel Shadbolt

IR ranking and retrieval models I

A signal-to-noise approach to score normalization BIBAFull-Text 797-806
  Avi Arampatzis; Jaap Kamps
Nonlinear static-rank computation BIBAFull-Text 807-816
  Shuming Shi; Bin Lu; Yunxiao Ma; Ji-Rong Wen
A general magnitude-preserving boosting algorithm for search ranking BIBAFull-Text 817-826
  Chenguang Zhu; Weizhu Chen; Zeyuan Allen Zhu; Gang Wang; Dong Wang; Zheng Chen
Learning to rank from Bayesian decision inference BIBAFull-Text 827-836
  Jen-Wei Kuo; Pu-Jen Cheng; Hsin-Min Wang
Reducing the risk of query expansion via robust constrained optimization BIBAFull-Text 837-846
  Kevyn Collins-Thompson

DB streams, network databases

A code generation approach to optimizing high-performance distributed data stream processing BIBAFull-Text 847-856
  Bugra Gedik; Henrique Andrade; Kun-Lung Wu
Efficient join processing on uncertain data streams BIBAFull-Text 857-866
  Xiang Lian; Lei Chen
Fast shortest path distance estimation in large networks BIBAFull-Text 867-876
  Michalis Potamias; Francesco Bonchi; Carlos Castillo; Aristides Gionis
Evaluating top-k queries over incomplete data streams BIBAFull-Text 877-886
  Parisa Haghani; Sebastian Michel; Karl Aberer
Mining data streams with periodically changing distributions BIBAFull-Text 887-896
  Yingying Tao; M. Tamer Ozsu

Panel information extraction meets relational databases: where are we heading?

Information extraction meets relation databases BIBAFull-Text 897
  Davood Rafiei; Andrei Broder; Edward Chang; Patrick Pantel

KM classification and clustering II

Clustering web queries BIBAFull-Text 899-908
  John S. Whissell; Charles L. A. Clarke; Azin Ashkan
Evidence of quality of textual features on the web 2.0 BIBAFull-Text 909-918
  Flavio Figueiredo; Fabiano Belém; Henrique Pinto; Jussara Almeida; Marcos Gonçalves; David Fernandes; Edleno Moura; Marco Cristo
Exploiting internal and external semantics for the clustering of short texts using world knowledge BIBAFull-Text 919-928
  Xia Hu; Nan Sun; Chao Zhang; Tat-Seng Chua
SELC: a self-supervised model for sentiment classification BIBAFull-Text 929-936
  Likun Qiu; Weishi Zhang; Changjian Hu; Kai Zhao
Graph-based transfer learning BIBAFull-Text 937-946
  Jingrui He; Yan Liu; Richard Lawrence

IR domain-specific retrieval I

A unified relevance model for opinion retrieval BIBAFull-Text 947-956
  Xuanjing Huang; W. Bruce Croft
Detecting topic evolution in scientific literature: how can citations help? BIBAFull-Text 957-966
  Qi He; Bi Chen; Jian Pei; Baojun Qiu; Prasenjit Mitra; Lee Giles
Efficient information retrieval in mobile peer-to-peer networks BIBAFull-Text 967-976
  Lijiang Chen; Bin Cui; Heng Tao Shen; Wei Lu; Xiaofang Zhou
Language-model-based ranking for queries on RDF-graphs BIBAFull-Text 977-986
  Shady Elbassuoni; Maya Ramanath; Ralf Schenkel; Marcin Sydow; Gerhard Weikum
Heterogeneous cross domain ranking in latent space BIBAFull-Text 987-996
  Bo Wang; Jie Tang; Wei Fan; Songcan Chen; Zi Yang; Yanzhu Liu

DB data warehousing and OLAP

Supporting ranking pattern-based aggregate queries in sequence data cubes BIBAFull-Text 997-1006
  Chun Kit Chui; Eric Lo; Ben Kao; Wai-Shing Ho
Fuzzy semantic web ontology learning from fuzzy UML model BIBAFull-Text 1007-1016
  Fu Zhang; Z. M. Ma; Jingwei Cheng; Xiangfu Meng
Efficient joins with compressed bitmap indexes BIBAFull-Text 1017-1026
  Kamesh Madduri; Kesheng Wu
A framework for semantic link discovery over relational data BIBAFull-Text 1027-1036
  Oktie Hassanzadeh; Anastasios Kementsietsidis; Lipyeow Lim; Renée J. Miller; Min Wang
POkA: identifying Pareto-optimal k-anonymous nodes in a domain hierarchy lattice BIBAFull-Text 1037-1046
  Rinku Dewri; Indrajit Ray; Indrakshi Ray; Darrell Whitley

Industry data mining framework and applications

Practical lessons of data mining at Yahoo! BIBAFull-Text 1047-1056
  Ye Chen; Dmitry Pavlov; Pavel Berkhin; Aparna Seetharaman; Albert Meltzer
Domain driven data mining to improve promotional campaign ROI and select marketing channels BIBAFull-Text 1057-1066
  Thomas Piton; Julien Blanchard; Henri Briand; Fabrice Guillet
Framework for timely and accurate ads on mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 1067-1076
  Alex Penev; Raymond K. Wong
Improving web page classification by label-propagation over click graphs BIBAFull-Text 1077-1086
  Soo-Min Kim; Patrick Pantel; Lei Duan; Scott Gaffney
Product feature categorization with multilevel latent semantic association BIBAFull-Text 1087-1096
  Honglei Guo; Huijia Zhu; Zhili Guo; XiaoXun Zhang; Zhong Su

KM link analysis and social computing

Completing wikipedia's hyperlink structure through dimensionality reduction BIBAFull-Text 1097-1106
  Robert West; Doina Precup; Joelle Pineau
Scalable learning of collective behavior based on sparse social dimensions BIBAFull-Text 1107-1116
  Lei Tang; Huan Liu
Blog cascade affinity: analysis and prediction BIBAFull-Text 1117-1126
  Hui Li; Sourav S. Bhowmick; Aixin Sun
Socializing or knowledge sharing?: characterizing social intent in community question answering BIBAFull-Text 1127-1136
  Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues; Natasa Milic-Frayling

KM data summarization

Time sequence summarization to scale up chronology-dependent applications BIBAFull-Text 1137-1146
  Quang-Khai Pham; Guillaume Raschia; Noureddine Mouaddib; Regis Saint-Paul; Boualem Benatallah
Compressing tags to find interesting media groups BIBAFull-Text 1147-1156
  Matthijs van Leeuwen; Francesco Bonchi; Börkur Sigurbjörnsson; Arno Siebes
Efficient feature weighting methods for ranking BIBAFull-Text 1157-1166
  Hwanjo Yu; Jinoh Oh; Wook-Shin Han
Fast and effective histogram construction BIBAFull-Text 1167-1176
  Felix Halim; Panagiotis Karras; Roland H. C. Yap

Industry data and query similarity

Characterizing, constructing and managing resource usage profiles of system S applications: challenges and experience BIBAFull-Text 1177-1186
  Sujay Parekh; Kirsten W. Hildrum; Deepak Rajan; Joel L. Wolf; Kun-Lung Wu
Generating SQL/XML query and update statements BIBAFull-Text 1187-1196
  Matthias Nicola; Tim Kiefer
A system for detecting xml similarity in content and structure using relational database BIBAFull-Text 1197-1206
  Waraporn Viyanon; Sanjay Kumar Madria
Characteristics of document similarity measures for compliance analysis BIBAFull-Text 1207-1216
  Asad Sayeed; Soumitra Sarkar; Yu Deng; Rafah Hosn; Ruchi Mahindru; Nithya Rajamani

IR personalization and social search I

PQC: personalized query classification BIBAFull-Text 1217-1226
  Bin Cao; Jian-Tao Sun; Evan Wei Xiang; Derek Hao Hu; Qiang Yang; Zheng Chen
Personalized social search based on the user's social network BIBAFull-Text 1227-1236
  David Carmel; Naama Zwerdling; Ido Guy; Shila Ofek-Koifman; Nadav Har'el; Inbal Ronen; Erel Uziel; Sivan Yogev; Sergey Chernov
Beyond hyperlinks: organizing information footprints in search logs to support effective browsing BIBAFull-Text 1237-1246
  Xuanhui Wang; Bin Tan; Azadeh Shakery; ChengXiang Zhai
A social recommendation framework based on multi-scale continuous conditional random fields BIBAFull-Text 1247-1256
  Xin Xin; Irwin King; Hongbo Deng; Michael R. Lyu
Enhancing recommender systems under volatile user interest drifts BIBAFull-Text 1257-1266
  Huanhuan Cao; Enhong Chen; Jie Yang; Hui Xiong

IR ranking and retrieval models II

A term dependency-based approach for query terms ranking BIBAFull-Text 1267-1276
  Chia-Jung Lee; Ruey-Cheng Chen; Shao-Hang Kao; Pu-Jen Cheng
Classification-based resource selection BIBAFull-Text 1277-1286
  Jaime Arguello; Jamie Callan; Fernando Diaz
Probabilistic models of ranking novel documents for faceted topic retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1287-1296
  Ben Carterette; Praveen Chandar
Retrieval experiments using pseudo-desktop collections BIBAFull-Text 1297-1306
  Jinyoung Kim; W. Bruce Croft
Incident threading for news passages BIBAFull-Text 1307-1316
  Ao Feng; James Allan

KM classification and clustering II

Detection of orthogonal concepts in subspaces of high dimensional data BIBAFull-Text 1317-1326
  Stephan Günnemann; Emmanuel Müller; Ines Färber; Thomas Seidl
Large margin transductive transfer learning BIBAFull-Text 1327-1336
  Brian Quanz; Jun Huan
Subspace maximum margin clustering BIBAFull-Text 1337-1346
  Quanquan Gu; Jie Zhou
A risk minimization framework for domain adaptation BIBAFull-Text 1347-1356
  Bo Long; Sudarshan Lamkhede; Srinivas Vadrevu; Ya Zhang; Belle Tseng

Industry call and web center, e-commerce related technologies

ExSearch: a novel vertical search engine for online barter business BIBAFull-Text 1357-1366
  Lei Ji; Jun Yan; Ning Liu; Wen Zhang; Weiguo Fan; Zheng Chen
iLoc: a framework for incremental location-state acquisition and prediction based on mobile sensors BIBAFull-Text 1367-1376
  Yiming Ma; Rich Hankins; David Racz
Predicting the conversion probability for items on C2C ecommerce sites BIBAFull-Text 1377-1386
  Xiaoyuan Wu; Alvaro Bolivar
Towards real-time measurement of customer satisfaction using automatically generated call transcripts BIBAFull-Text 1387-1396
  Youngja Park; Stephen C. Gates
ROSE: retail outlet site evaluation by learning with both sample and feature preference BIBAFull-Text 1397-1404
  Bin Zhang; Ming Xie; Jinyan Shao; Wenjun Yin; Jin Dong

Poster session 1: DB track

3se: a semi-structured search engine for heterogeneous data in graph model BIBAFull-Text 1405-1408
  Ming Zhong; Mengchi Liu
Minimal common container of tree patterns BIBAFull-Text 1409-1412
  Junhu Wang; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Chaoyi Pang; Chengfei Liu
Probabilistic moving range query over RFID spatio-temporal data streams BIBAFull-Text 1413-1416
  Yu Gu; Ge Yu; Na Guo; Yueguo Chen
Suffix trees for very large genomic sequences BIBAFull-Text 1417-1420
  Marina Barsky; Ulrike Stege; Alex Thomo; Chris Upton
Discovering matching dependencies BIBAFull-Text 1421-1424
  Shaoxu Song; Lei Chen
Workload-aware trie indices for XML BIBAFull-Text 1425-1428
  Yuqing Wu; Sofia Brenes; Hyungdae Yi
Rank-aware clustering of structured datasets BIBAFull-Text 1429-1432
  Julia Stoyanovich; Sihem Amer-Yahia
Group-by skyline query processing in relational engines BIBAFull-Text 1433-1436
  Ming-Hay Luk; Man Lung Yiu; Eric Lo
Supporting context-based query in personal DataSpace BIBAFull-Text 1437-1440
  Yukun Li; Xiaofeng Meng
Walking in the crowd: anonymizing trajectory data for pattern analysis BIBAFull-Text 1441-1444
  Noman Mohammed; Benjamin C. M. Fung; Mourad Debbabi
Progressive skyline query evaluation and maintenance in wireless sensor networks BIBAFull-Text 1445-1448
  Baichen Chen; Weifa Liang; Jeffrey Xu Yu
Incremental similarity joins with edit distance constraints BIBAFull-Text 1449-1452
  Dongbo Dai; Gang Zhao
Structure-aware indexing for keyword search in databases BIBAFull-Text 1453-1456
  Guoliang Li; Jianhua Feng; Jianyong Wang
RS-Wrapper: random write optimization for solid state drive BIBAFull-Text 1457-1460
  Da Zhou; Xiaofeng Meng
Label correspondence learning for part-of-speech annotation transformation BIBAFull-Text 1461-1464
  Muhua Zhu; Huizhen Wang; Jingbo Zhu
Effective anonymization of query logs BIBAFull-Text 1465-1468
  Yuan Hong; Xiaoyun He; Jaideep Vaidya; Nabil Adam; Vijayalakshmi Atluri
A framework for safely publishing communication traces BIBAFull-Text 1469-1472
  Abhinav Parate; Gerome Miklau
Diverging patterns: discovering significant frequency change dissimilarities in large databases BIBAFull-Text 1473-1476
  Aijun An; Qian Wan; Jiashu Zhao; Xiangji Huang

Poster session 2: DB track

Matching stream patterns of various lengths and tolerances BIBAFull-Text 1477-1480
  Huanliang Sun; Ke Deng; Fanyu Meng; Junling Liu
Efficient processing of group-oriented connection queries in a large graph BIBAFull-Text 1481-1484
  James Cheng; Yiping Ke; Wilfred Ng
Dynamic in-page logging for flash-aware B-tree index BIBAFull-Text 1485-1488
  Gap-Joo Na; Sang-Won Lee; Bongki Moon
Multidimensional routing indices for efficient distributed query processing BIBAFull-Text 1489-1492
  Christos Doulkeridis; Akrivi Vlachou; Kjetil Nørvåg; Yannis Kotidis; Michalis Vazirgiannis
Cluster based rank query over multidimensional data streams BIBAFull-Text 1493-1496
  Dengcheng He; Yongluan Zhou; Lidan Shou; Gang Chen
Online anonymity for personalized web services BIBAFull-Text 1497-1500
  Yabo Xu; Ke Wang; Guoliang Yang; Ada W. C. Fu
Towards non-directional Xpath evaluation in a RDBMS BIBAFull-Text 1501-1504
  Sourav S. Bhowmick; Curtis Dyreson; Erwin Leonardi; Zhifeng Ng
Semantic queries in databases: problems and challenges BIBAFull-Text 1505-1508
  Lipyeow Lim; Haixun Wang; Min Wang
Inverted indexes vs. bitmap indexes in decision support systems BIBAFull-Text 1509-1512
  Truls A. Bjørklund; Nils Grimsmo; Johannes Gehrke; Øystein Torbjørnsen
Scalable indexing of RDF graphs for efficient join processing BIBAFull-Text 1513-1516
  George H. L. Fletcher; Peter W. Beck
Privacy without noise BIBAFull-Text 1517-1520
  Yitao Duan
Mining frequent itemsets in time-varying data streams BIBAFull-Text 1521-1524
  Yingying Tao; M. Tamer Özsu
The gardener's problem for web information monitoring BIBAFull-Text 1525-1528
  Byron J. Gao; Mingji Xia; Walter Cai; David C. Anastasiu
Extraction of a latent blog community based on subject BIBAFull-Text 1529-1532
  Seok-Ho Yoon; Jung-Hwan Shin; Sang-Wook Kim; Sunju Park
Context-sensitive document ranking BIBAFull-Text 1533-1536
  Lijun Chang; Jeffrey Xu Yu; Lu Qin
(Not) yet another matcher BIBAFull-Text 1537-1540
  Fabien Duchateau; Remi Coletta; Zohra Bellahsene; Renée J. Miller
Injecting purpose and trust into data anonymisation BIBAFull-Text 1541-1544
  Xiaoxun Sun; Hua Wang; Jiuyong Li
Exploit the tripartite network of social tagging for web clustering BIBAFull-Text 1545-1548
  Caimei Lu; Xin Chen; E. K. Park

Poster session 3: IR track

Multi-task learning for learning to rank in web search BIBAFull-Text 1549-1552
  Jing Bai; Ke Zhou; Guirong Xue; Hongyuan Zha; Gordon Sun; Belle Tseng; Zhaohui Zheng; Yi Chang
Text segmentation via topic modeling: an analytical study BIBAFull-Text 1553-1556
  Hemant Misra; François Yvon; Joemon M. Jose; Olivier Cappe
iRANK: an interactive ranking framework and its application in query-focused summarization BIBAFull-Text 1557-1560
  Furu Wei; Wenjie Li; Wei Wang; Yanxiang He
Adaptive web mining of bilingual lexicons for cross language information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1561-1564
  Lei Shi
Similarity-aware indexing for real-time entity resolution BIBAFull-Text 1565-1568
  Peter Christen; Ross Gayler; David Hawking
Clustering queries for better document ranking BIBAFull-Text 1569-1572
  Yi Liu; Liangjie Zhang; Ruihua Song; Jian-Yun Nie; Ji-Rong Wen
Effective and efficient structured retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1573-1576
  Le Zhao; Jamie Callan
Who tags the tags?: a framework for bookmark weighting BIBAFull-Text 1577-1580
  David Carmel; Haggai Roitman; Elad Yom-Tov
Web search result summarization: title selection algorithms and user satisfaction BIBAFull-Text 1581-1584
  Tapas Kanungo; Nadia Ghamrawi; Ki Yuen Kim; Lawrence Wai
Context sensitive synonym discovery for web search queries BIBAFull-Text 1585-1588
  Xing Wei; Fuchun Peng; Huihsin Tseng; Yumao Lu; Benoit Dumoulin
Text summarization model based on the budgeted median problem BIBAFull-Text 1589-1592
  Hiroya Takamura; Manabu Okumura
Instance- and bag-level manifold regularization for aggregate outputs classification BIBAFull-Text 1593-1596
  Shuo Chen; Bin Liu; Mingjie Qian; Changshui Zhang
Utilizing inter-passage and inter-document similarities for re-ranking search results BIBAFull-Text 1597-1600
  Eyal Krikon; Oren Kurland; Michael Bendersky
On domain similarity and effectiveness of adapting-to-rank BIBAFull-Text 1601-1604
  Keke Chen; Jing Bai; Srihari Reddy; Belle Tseng
An effective model of using negative relevance feedback for information filtering BIBAFull-Text 1605-1608
  Abdulmohsen Algarni; Yuefeng Li; Yue Xu; Raymond Y. K. Lau
Topic analysis for topic-focused multi-document summarization BIBAFull-Text 1609-1612
  Xiaojun Wan
MatchSim: a novel neighbor-based similarity measure with maximum neighborhood matching BIBAFull-Text 1613-1616
  Zhenjiang Lin; Michael R. Lyu; Irwin King
Using opinion-based features to boost sentence retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1617-1620
  Ronald T. Fernández; David E. Losada
Exploring multimedia databases via optimization-based relevance feedback and the earth mover's distance BIBAFull-Text 1621-1624
  Marc Wichterich; Christian Beecks; Martin Sundermeyer; Thomas Seidl
A hybrid index structure for geo-textual searches BIBAFull-Text 1625-1628
  Richard Göbel; Andreas Henrich; Raik Niemann; Daniel Blank
Feature engineering on event-centric surrogate documents to improve search results BIBAFull-Text 1629-1632
  Wenhui Liao; Isabelle Moulinier

Poster session 4: KM track

Clustering object moving patterns for prediction-based object tracking sensor networks BIBAFull-Text 1633-1636
  Chih-Chieh Hung; Wen-Chih Peng
Exploiting term relationship to boost text classification BIBAFull-Text 1637-1640
  Dou Shen; Jianmin Wu; Bin Cao; Jian-Tao Sun; Qiang Yang; Zheng Chen; Ying Li
Consistent on-line classification of dbs workload events BIBAFull-Text 1641-1644
  Marc Holze; Claas Gaidies; Norbert Ritter
Automatic web data extraction using tree alignment BIBAFull-Text 1645-1648
  Yingju Xia; Hao Yu; Shu Zhang
LoOP: local outlier probabilities BIBAFull-Text 1649-1652
  Hans-Peter Kriegel; Peer Kröger; Erich Schubert; Arthur Zimek
MING: mining informative entity relationship subgraphs BIBAFull-Text 1653-1656
  Gjergji Kasneci; Shady Elbassuoni; Gerhard Weikum
Experiments on pattern-based relation learning BIBAFull-Text 1657-1660
  Willy Yap; Timothy Baldwin
Identifying comparable entities on the web BIBAFull-Text 1661-1664
  Alpa Jain; Patrick Pantel
Efficient multi-class unlabeled constrained semi-supervised SVM BIBAFull-Text 1665-1668
  Mingjie Qian; Feiping Nie; Changshui Zhang
Modeling context-dependent information BIBAFull-Text 1669-1672
  Jie Hu; Mengchi Liu
iPoG: fast interactive proximity querying on graphs BIBAFull-Text 1673-1676
  Hanghang Tong; Huiming Qu; Hani Jamjoom; Christos Faloutsos
Using domain ontology for semantic web usage mining and next page prediction BIBAFull-Text 1677-1680
  Nizar R. Mabroukeh; Christie I. Ezeife
Using negative voting to diversify answers in non-factoid question answering BIBAFull-Text 1681-1684
  Palakorn Achananuparp; Christopher C. Yang; Xin Chen
A fast and simple method for extracting relevant content from news webpages BIBAFull-Text 1685-1688
  Eduardo Sany Laber; Críston Pereira de Souza; Iam Vita Jabour; Evelin Carvalho Freire de Amorim; Eduardo Teixeira Cardoso; Raúl Pierre Rentería; Lúcio Cunha Tinoco; Caio Dias Valentim
Real-word spelling correction using Google web 1Tn-gram data set BIBAFull-Text 1689-1692
  Aminul Islam; Diana Inkpen
Acronym extraction and disambiguation in large-scale organizational web pages BIBAFull-Text 1693-1696
  Shicong Feng; Yuhong Xiong; Conglei Yao; Liwei Zheng; Wei Liu
Constrained multi-aspect expertise matching for committee review assignment BIBAFull-Text 1697-1700
  Maryam Karimzadehgan; ChengXiang Zhai
Automatic link detection: a sequence labeling approach BIBAFull-Text 1701-1704
  James J. Gardner; Li Xiong
MagicCube: choosing the best snippet for each aspect of an entity BIBAFull-Text 1705-1708
  Yexin Wang; Li Zhao; Yan Zhang
Mining and ranking streams of news stories using cross-stream sequential patterns BIBAFull-Text 1709-1712
  Robert Gwadera; Fabio Crestani
Mining tourist information from user-supplied collections BIBAFull-Text 1713-1716
  Adrian Popescu; Gregory Grefenstette; Pierre-Alain Moëllic
Cross-domain sentiment classification using a two-stage method BIBAFull-Text 1717-1720
  Kang Liu; Jun Zhao

Poster session 5: KM track

Kernel latent semantic analysis using an information retrieval based kernel BIBAFull-Text 1721-1724
  Laurence A. F. Park; Kotagiri Ramamohanarao
The impact of document structure on keyphrase extraction BIBAFull-Text 1725-1728
  Katja Hofmann; Manos Tsagkias; Edgar Meij; Maarten de Rijke
XCFS: an XML documents clustering approach using both the structure and the content BIBAFull-Text 1729-1732
  Sangeetha Kutty; Richi Nayak; Yuefeng Li
Enhancing expertise retrieval using community-aware strategies BIBAFull-Text 1733-1736
  Hongbo Deng; Irwin King; Michael R. Lyu
Combining labeled and unlabeled data with word-class distribution learning BIBAFull-Text 1737-1740
  Yanjun Qi; Ronan Collobert; Pavel Kuksa; Koray Kavukcuoglu; Jason Weston
Finding the topical anchors of a context using lexical cooccurrence data BIBAFull-Text 1741-1744
  Aditya Ramana Rachakonda; Srinath Srinivasa
Vetting the links of the web BIBAFull-Text 1745-1748
  Na Dai; Brian D. Davison
Building domain-oriented sentiment lexicon by improved information bottleneck BIBAFull-Text 1749-1752
  Weifu Du; Songbo Tan
Agglomerating local patterns hierarchically with ALPHA BIBAFull-Text 1753-1756
  Loïc Cerf; Pierre-Nicolas Mougel; Jean-François Boulicaut
Topic and keyword re-ranking for LDA-based topic modeling BIBAFull-Text 1757-1760
  Yangqiu Song; Shimei Pan; Shixia Liu; Michelle X. Zhou; Weihong Qian
Spatio-temporal association rule mining framework for real-time sensor network applications BIBAFull-Text 1761-1764
  Hamed Chok; Le Gruenwald
Predicting the volume of comments on online news stories BIBAFull-Text 1765-1768
  Manos Tsagkias; Wouter Weerkamp; Maarten de Rijke
ComprehEnRank: estimating comprehension in classroom by absorbing random walks on a cognitive graph BIBAFull-Text 1769-1772
  Nimit Pattanasri; Masayuki Mukunoki; Michihiko Minoh
Interpretable and reconfigurable clustering of document datasets by deriving word-based rules BIBAFull-Text 1773-1776
  Vipin Balachandran; Deepak P; Deepak Khemani
CAOFES: an ontological framework for web service retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1777-1782
  Sourish Dasgupta; Satish Bhat; Yugyung Lee
Active learning in partially supervised classification BIBAFull-Text 1783-1786
  Priyanka Garg; S. Sundararajan
Identifying interesting assertions from the web BIBAFull-Text 1787-1790
  Thomas Lin; Oren Etzioni; James Fogarty
Opinion classification with tree kernel SVM using linguistic modality analysis BIBAFull-Text 1791-1794
  Takeshi S. Kobayakawa; Tadashi Kumano; Hideki Tanaka; Naoaki Okazaki; Jin-Dong Kim; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Fragment-based clustering ensembles BIBAFull-Text 1795-1798
  Ou Wu; Mingliang Zhu; Weiming Hu
Multi-aspect opinion polling from textual reviews BIBAFull-Text 1799-1802
  Jingbo Zhu; Huizhen Wang; Benjamin K. Tsou; Muhua Zhu
Blogger-centric contextual advertising BIBAFull-Text 1803-1806
  Teng-Kai Fan; Chia-Hui Chang
A co-classification framework for detecting web spam and spammers in social media web sites BIBAFull-Text 1807-1810
  Feilong Chen; Pang-Ning Tan; Anil K. Jain

Poster session 6: IR track

A machine learning approach for improved BM25 retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1811-1814
  Krysta M. Svore; Christopher J. C. Burges
Incremental query evaluation for support vector machines BIBAFull-Text 1815-1818
  Danzhou Liu; Kien A. Hua
To obtain orthogonal feature extraction using training data selection BIBAFull-Text 1819-1822
  Ye Xu; Shen Furao; Jinxi Zhao; Osamu Hasegawa
User interests in social media sites: an exploration with micro-blogs BIBAFull-Text 1823-1826
  Nilanjan Banerjee; Dipanjan Chakraborty; Koustuv Dasgupta; Sumit Mittal; Anupam Joshi; Seema Nagar; Angshu Rai; Sameer Madan
The effect of negation on sentiment analysis and retrieval effectiveness BIBAFull-Text 1827-1830
  Lifeng Jia; Clement Yu; Weiyi Meng
Dynamic hyperparameter optimization for Bayesian topical trend analysis BIBAFull-Text 1831-1834
  Tomonari Masada; Daiji Fukagawa; Atsuhiro Takasu; Tsuyoshi Hamada; Yuichiro Shibata; Kiyoshi Oguri
A general Markov framework for page importance computation BIBAFull-Text 1835-1838
  Bin Gao; Tie-Yan Liu; Zhiming Ma; Taifeng Wang; Hang Li
Exploiting bidirectional links: making spamming detection easier BIBAFull-Text 1839-1842
  Yan Zhang; Qiancheng Jiang; Lei Zhang; Yizhen Zhu
What's behind topic formation and development: a perspective of community core groups BIBAFull-Text 1843-1846
  Tieyun Qian; Qing Li; Bing Liu; Hui Xiong; Jaideep Srivastava; Phillip Sheu
Exploring relevance for clicks BIBAFull-Text 1847-1850
  Rongwei Cen; Yiqun Liu; Min Zhang; Bo Zhou; Liyun Ru; Shaoping Ma
An efficient clustering algorithm for large-scale topical web pages BIBAFull-Text 1851-1854
  Lei Wang; Peng Chen; Lian'en Huang
HyperSum: hypergraph based semi-supervised sentence ranking for query-oriented summarization BIBAFull-Text 1855-1858
  Wei Wang; Furu Wei; Wenjie Li; Sujian Li
Relying on topic subsets for system ranking estimation BIBAFull-Text 1859-1862
  Claudia Hauff; Djoerd Hiemstra; Franciska de Jong; Leif Azzopardi
Improving retrievability of patents with cluster-based pseudo-relevance feedback documents selection BIBAFull-Text 1863-1866
  Shariq Bashir; Andreas Rauber
Learning from past queries for resource selection BIBAFull-Text 1867-1870
  Suleyman Cetintas; Luo Si; Hao Yuan
Learning to rank graphs for online similar graph search BIBAFull-Text 1871-1874
  Bingjun Sun; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles
Matching person names through name transformation BIBAFull-Text 1875-1878
  Jun Gong; Lidan Wang; Douglas W. Oard
Learning to rank using evolutionary computation: immune programming or genetic programming? BIBAFull-Text 1879-1882
  Shuaiqiang Wang; Jun Ma; Jiming Liu
To divide and conquer search ranking by learning query difficulty BIBAFull-Text 1883-1886
  Zeyuan Allen Zhu; Weizhu Chen; Tao Wan; Chenguang Zhu; Gang Wang; Zheng Chen
Maximal metric margin partitioning for similarity search indexes BIBAFull-Text 1887-1890
  Hisashi Kurasawa; Daiji Fukagawa; Atsuhiro Takasu; Jun Adachi

Poster session 7: IR track

What makes categories difficult to classify?: a study on predicting classification performance for categories BIBAFull-Text 1891-1894
  Aixin Sun; Ee-Peng Lim; Ying Liu
A comparative study of methods for estimating query language models with pseudo feedback BIBAFull-Text 1895-1898
  Yuanhua Lv; ChengXiang Zhai
Translating relevance scores to probabilities for contextual advertising BIBAFull-Text 1899-1902
  Deepak Agarwal; Evgeniy Gabrilovich; Robert Hall; Vanja Josifovski; Rajiv Khanna
A query model based on normalized log-likelihood BIBAFull-Text 1903-1906
  Edgar Meij; Wouter Weerkamp; Maarten de Rijke
Online community search using thread structure BIBAFull-Text 1907-1910
  Jangwon Seo; W. Bruce Croft; David A. Smith
A word clustering approach for language model-based sentence retrieval in question answering systems BIBAFull-Text 1911-1914
  Saeedeh Momtazi; Dietrich Klakow
Pure spreading activation is pointless BIBAFull-Text 1915-1918
  Michael R. Berthold; Ulrik Brandes; Tobias Kötter; Martin Mader; Uwe Nagel; Kilian Thiel
Collaborative resource discovery in social tagging systems BIBAFull-Text 1919-1922
  Bin Bi; Lifeng Shang; Ben Kao
Smoothing DCG for learning to rank: a novel approach using smoothed hinge functions BIBAFull-Text 1923-1926
  Mingrui Wu; Yi Chang; Zhaohui Zheng; Hongyuan Zha
A collaborative filtering approach to ad recommendation using the query-ad click graph BIBAFull-Text 1927-1930
  Tasos Anastasakos; Dustin Hillard; Sanjay Kshetramade; Hema Raghavan
Pseudo relevance feedback using semantic clustering in relevance language model BIBAFull-Text 1931-1934
  Qiang Pu; Daqing He
A proactive personalised retrieval system BIBAFull-Text 1935-1938
  Desmond Elliott; Joemon M. Jose
Data extraction from the web using wild card queries BIBAFull-Text 1939-1942
  Davood Rafiei; Haobin Li
Smoothing document language model with local word graph BIBAFull-Text 1943-1946
  Yunping Huang; Le Sun; Jian-Yun Nie
Aging effects on query flow graphs for query suggestion BIBAFull-Text 1947-1950
  Ranieri Baraglia; Carlos Castillo; Debora Donato; Franco Maria Nardini; Raffaele Perego; Fabrizio Silvestri
Exploiting query views for static index pruning in web search engines BIBAFull-Text 1951-1954
  Ismail Sengor Altingovde; Rifat Ozcan; Özgür Ulusoy
Answer typing for information retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1955-1958
  Christopher Pinchak; Davood Rafiei; Dekang Lin
Exploring path query results through relevance feedback BIBAFull-Text 1959-1962
  Huiping Cao; Yan Qi; K. Selçuk Candan; Maria Luisa Sapino
Comparative document summarization via discriminative sentence selection BIBAFull-Text 1963-1966
  Dingding Wang; Shenghuo Zhu; Tao Li; Yihong Gong
Graph-based seed selection for web-scale crawlers BIBAFull-Text 1967-1970
  Shuyi Zheng; Pavel Dmitriev; C. Lee Giles
An improved feedback approach using relevant local posts for blog feed retrieval BIBAFull-Text 1971-1974
  Yeha Lee; Seung-Hoon Na; Jong-Hyeok Lee

Poster session 8: IR track

Retrieval constraints and word frequency distributions: a log-logistic model for IR BIBAFull-Text 1975-1978
  Stéphane Clinchant; Eric Gaussier
A scalable and effective full-text search in P2P networks BIBAFull-Text 1979-1982
  Yosi Mass; Yehoshua Sagiv; Michal Shmueli-Scheuer
The influence of the document ranking in expert search BIBAFull-Text 1983-1986
  Craig Macdonald; Iadh Ounis
URL normalization for de-duplication of web pages BIBAFull-Text 1987-1990
  Amit Agarwal; Hema Swetha Koppula; Krishna P. Leela; Krishna Prasad Chitrapura; Sachin Garg; Pavan Kumar; Chittaranjan Haty; Anirban Roy; Amit Sasturkar
An analysis framework for search sequences BIBAFull-Text 1991-1994
  Qiaozhu Mei; Kristina Klinkner; Ravi Kumar; Andrew Tomkins
Location cache for web queries BIBAFull-Text 1995-1998
  Mauricio Marin; Flavio Ferrarotti; Marcelo Mendoza; Carlos Gomez-Pantoja; Veronica Gil-Costa
A study of selective collection enrichment for enterprise search BIBAFull-Text 1999-2002
  Jie Peng; Craig Macdonald; Ben He; Iadh Ounis
Generating synopses for document-element search BIBAFull-Text 2003-2006
  Sumit Bhatia; Shibamouli Lahiri; Prasenjit Mitra
Incorporating robustness into web ranking evaluation BIBAFull-Text 2007-2010
  Xin Li; Fan Li; Shihao Ji; Zhaohui Zheng; Yi Chang; Anlei Dong
Finding good feedback documents BIBAFull-Text 2011-2014
  Ben He; Iadh Ounis
Ensembles in adversarial classification for spam BIBAFull-Text 2015-2018
  Deepak Chinavle; Pranam Kolari; Tim Oates; Tim Finin
Improving binary classification on text problems using differential word features BIBAFull-Text 2019-2024
  Justin Martineau; Tim Finin; Anupam Joshi; Shamit Patel
Feature selection for ranking using boosted trees BIBAFull-Text 2025-2028
  Feng Pan; Tim Converse; David Ahn; Franco Salvetti; Gianluca Donato
Evaluation of methods for relative comparison of retrieval systems based on clickthroughs BIBAFull-Text 2029-2032
  Jing He; Chengxiang Zhai; Xiaoming Li
Measuring system performance and topic discernment using generalized adaptive-weight mean BIBAFull-Text 2033-2036
  Chung Tong Lee; Vishwa Vinay; Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues; Gabriella Kazai; Nataša Milic-Frayling; Aleksandar Ignjatovic
Automatic query generation for patent search BIBAFull-Text 2037-2040
  Xiaobing Xue; W. Bruce Croft
Boosting KNN text classification accuracy by using supervised term weighting schemes BIBAFull-Text 2041-2044
  Iyad Batal; Milos Hauskrecht
Multidimensional political spectrum identification and analysis BIBAFull-Text 2045-2048
  Leilei Zhu; Prasenjit Mitra
Automatic generation of topic pages using query-based aspect models BIBAFull-Text 2049-2052
  Niranjan Balasubramanian; Silviu Cucerzan
Interactive relevance feedback with graded relevance and sentence extraction: simulated user experiments BIBAFull-Text 2053-2056
  Kalervo Järvelin
Easiest-first search: towards comprehension-based web search BIBAFull-Text 2057-2060
  Makoto Nakatani; Adam Jatowt; Katsumi Tanaka
Stochastic gradient boosted distributed decision trees BIBAFull-Text 2061-2064
  Jerry Ye; Jyh-Herng Chow; Jiang Chen; Zhaohui Zheng

Demo session 1: stream data management and OLAP

M-COPE: a multiple continuous query processing engine BIBAFull-Text 2065-2066
  Hong Kyu Park; Se Jung Shin; Sang Hyuck Na; Won Suk Lee
DS-Cuber: an integrated OLAP environment for data streams BIBAFull-Text 2067-2068
  Ho Jin Woo; Se Jung Shin; Woo Sock Yang; Won Suk Lee
A novel distributed P2P simulator architecture: D-P2P-sim BIBAFull-Text 2069-2070
  Spyros Sioutas; George Papaloukopoulos; Evangelos Sakkopoulos; Kostas Tsichlas; Yannis Manolopoulos
Demonstration of an RFID middleware: LIT ALE manager BIBAFull-Text 2071-2072
  Qiang Wang; Wooseok Ryu; Soohan Kim; Bonghee Hong
OLAP with UDFs in digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 2073-2074
  Carlos Garcia-Alvarado; Zhibo Chen; Carlos Ordonez
HDDBrs middleware for implementing highly available distributed databases BIBAFull-Text 2075-2076
  Rim Moussa

Demo session 2: semantic web, information extraction & knowledge management

OfCourse: web content discovery, classification and information extraction for online course materials BIBAFull-Text 2077-2078
  Yuhong Xiong; Ping Luo; Yong Zhao; Fen Lin; Shicong Feng; Baoyao Zhou; Liwei Zheng
YAM: a schema matcher factory BIBAFull-Text 2079-2080
  Fabien Duchateau; Remi Coletta; Zohra Bellahsene; Renée J. Miller
VRIFA: a nonlinear SVM visualization tool using nomogram and localized radial basis function (LRBF) kernels BIBAFull-Text 2081-2082
  Ngo Anh Vien; Nguyen Hoang Viet; TaeChoong Chung; Hwanjo Yu; Sungchul Kim; Baek Hwan Cho
LuposDate: a semantic web database system BIBAFull-Text 2083-2084
  Jinghua Groppe; Sven Groppe; Andreas Schleifer; Volker Linnemann
Constructing evolutionary taxonomy of collaborative tagging systems BIBAFull-Text 2085-2086
  Junjie Yao; Yuxin Huang; Bin Cui
SPIDER: a system for scalable, parallel / distributed evaluation of large-scale RDF data BIBAFull-Text 2087-2088
  Hyunsik Choi; Jihoon Son; YongHyun Cho; Min Kyoung Sung; Yon Dohn Chung

Demo session 3: advanced techniques & applications

AnchorWoman: top-k structured mobile web search engine BIBAFull-Text 2089-2090
  Wookey Lee; James Jung-Hoon Lee; Young-Kuk Kim; Carson Kai-Sang Leung
OSSOBOOK: database and knowledge-management techniques for archaeozoology BIBAFull-Text 2091-2092
  Hans-Peter Kriegel; Peer Kröger; Henriette Obermaier; Joris Peters; Matthias Renz; Christiaan Hendrikus van der Meijden
A flexible simulation environment for flash-aware algorithms BIBAFull-Text 2093-2094
  Peiquan Jin; Xuan Su; Zhi Li; Lihua Yue
Helping people to choose for whom to vote. a web information system for the 2009 European elections BIBAFull-Text 2095-2096
  Arjan Nusselder; Hendrike Peetz; Anne Schuth; Maarten Marx
RSS watchdog: an instant event monitor on real online news streams BIBAFull-Text 2097-2098
  Chih-Lin Hu; Chung-Kuang Chou
RefMed: relevance feedback retrieval system for PubMed BIBAFull-Text 2099-2100
  Hwanjo Yu; Taehoon Kim; Jinoh Oh; Ilhwan Ko; Sungchul Kim

Demo session 4: XML data processing & system architecture

SOIRE: a service-oriented IR evaluation architecture BIBAFull-Text 2101-2102
  Michael Dittenbach; Bernhard Pflugfelder; Andreas Pesenhofer; Giovanna Roda; Helmut Berger
MRM: an adaptive framework for XML searching BIBAFull-Text 2103-2104
  Ho Lam Lau; Wilfred Ng
Efficient and reliable merging of XML documents BIBAFull-Text 2105-2106
  Sebastian Rönnau; Geraint Philipp; Uwe M. Borghoff
A graphical browser for XML schema documents BIBAFull-Text 2107-2108
  Jihyeon Yeom; Hyeokman Kim
XQGen: an algebra-based XPath query generator for micro-benchmarking BIBAFull-Text 2109-2110
  Yuqing Wu; Namrata Lele; Rashmi Aroskar; Sharanya Chinnusamy; Sofia Brenes
ASIC: algebra-based structural index comparison BIBAFull-Text 2111-2112
  Yuqing Wu; Sofia Brenes; Tejas Totade; Shijin Joshua; Dhaval Damani; Michel Salim

CIKM 2009 co-located workshop overviews

Bridging the gap: complex networks meet information and knowledge management BIBAFull-Text 2113-2114
  Jun Wang; Shi Zhou; Dell Zhang
TSA'09 workshop summary: topic-sentiment analysis BIBAFull-Text 2115-2116
  Bei Yu; Maojin Jiang
Privacy and anonymization for very large datasets BIBAFull-Text 2117-2118
  Victor Muntés-Mulero; Jordi Nin
CloudDB workshop summary BIBAFull-Text 2119-2120
  Xiaofeng Meng; Haixun Wang; Ying Chen